Hae Please! Frankie Just Gym It’s powerful purple suit moment


  • He worked the hell out of this suit.

Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant Frankie Just Gym it shared a new image to the social media platform and his latest stylish ensemble was for a maternity shoot for his expectant wife Corazon Kwamboka.

The couple on Friday had a maternity shoot in preparation for their second child.

Corazon is about to pop, and Frankie showed off his bold look while posing seated.

He captioned the moment ‘Purple Rain’



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Corazon Kwamboka does maternity shoot, declares ‘I’m over it already’


Corazon Kwamboka can’t wait to give birth and is exhausted.

The mother of one did a pregnancy shoot on Friday November 20, with baby daddy Frankie Just Gym it and although excited, she said ‘I’m at that point of pregnancy where a day feels like a week. In short, I’m over it already’

The socialite/lawyer was hanging out with makeup artiste Carey Priscilla who did a stunning job for the expectant mum.


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Corazon Kwamboka would be patient with an unemployed partner for 1 month


Corazon Kwamboka in a QnA with her followers gave insight into how she would deal with several relationship issues with her partner.

Corazon told a curious fan who asked her ‘how long can you be patient on unemployed partner especially man wen a woman is working?”

She responded ‘Heh!!! Depends on how deep the relationship is, if it’s not that developed , personally 1 month. If this is someone who’s had ups and uplifted you and is working towards gaining employment  then depends on you’

Corazon was also asked  the right time to marry and move in with a man. ‘when is the tight time to move in with a guy?’

The socialite answered ‘When you feel you’re ready. No one should force you’.

This is very telling of her personal thoughts because she doesn’t live with baby daddy Frankie Just Gym it.

She was also asked ‘Do yo believe marriage is the goal  or living in the moment as breakups do happen?’

The mother of one responded ‘I believe in living in the moment and if the moment says it’s the right time to get married then only then should one get married. But wewe ni kama you mean living in the moment as in don’t commit coz people breakup no! In love you have to trust even if it mean one day your heart will be shuttered’


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Corazon Kwamboka explains why she bought herself a Mercedes Benz

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka was the point of discussion at Edgar Obare’s social media page after she announced that she had acquired herself an expensive machine ‘sleek white Mercedes Benz’.

One fan sent a message to the Tea Master claiming that Corazon is the one who has been doing much to kep the relationship going.

The same fan also claimed that Corazon has been paying for their vacations mentioning that she even took Frankie to Mombasa for his birthday.

Well, Corazon responded to the message saying that she is not being taken advantage of by her baby daddy gym instructor Frankie Kiarie.

Replying on Edgar Obare’s page, she wrote;

“This trolling is now becoming obsessive. I took Frankie to Mombasa for his birthday. He took me to Zanzibar for mine. Now if you guys are the type of women that only want men to do stuff for them and gift them boxers on their birthdays, good for you.”
Frankie and Corazon
Frankie and Corazon

She added

“I take pride in working hard as a woman and being able to buy anything I desire for myself through my blood, sweat and tears.

We are both young trying to make something out of our lives. Frankie compliments and supports me, and that’s all I need. No wonder your men will never grow.

Women are not helpless babies, we can be strong, powerful and independent. Know your worth.”

The two are expecting their second born child.


Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has never slept with her son on her bed

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka says she has never slept on the same bed with her one-year-old son Taiyari.

In a recent social media convos with her fans, Kwamboka said she likes having her space while sleeping.

She added that she is a heavy sleeper and she was scared she would roll over and lay on her son.

She said;

“The reason I did not hire a sleep coach is because Tai Tai has never had a huge problem sleeping. From day one he has always slept in his crib.

I am a very heavy sleeper and I like to have space when I am sleeping so I was scared of having him in bed because I thought I might roll over and lay on him,” she said. 

‘Our baby didn’t make it,’ Size 8 and DJ Mo mourns their unborn child

Corazon Kwamboka carrying her baby son, Taiyari
Corazon Kwamboka carrying her baby son, Taiyari

Corazon who is currently expecting her second child with fitness trainer Frankie said she is now training her son to sleep by his own.

“I am very gentle with Tai. But on the first night we tried the sleep training, Frankie came home early and I remember Tai cried and I almost cried too.

I wanted to go back and hold him but Frankie told me no, because we were doing this, so I timed myself for three minutes, went and checked on him, we did this four times and the fifth time, he just cried and fell asleep, it took them 15 minutes to put him to sleep,” Corazon said.

After how long did you stop sleeping with your baby?

How you can stop being obsessed with food – Frankie Just Gym

Frankie Just Gym It has given another one of his ‘ugly truths’ on his placard.  Frankie asked fans to stop obsessively thinking about food, saying that that is not normal.

Frankie Just Gym IT

Here’s is what the gym enthusiast and fitness guru wants you to understand about your relationship with food.

“Food is essential to human life. We need it to survive. So thinking about food is very normal. However, OBSESSIVELY thinking about food is not normal. Your body is telling your mind that there is something missing. Be it minerals, certain nutrients even emotional stability.

Here are some tips on how you can stop thinking about food ALL THE TIME

* Ask yourself if you’re feeling deprived: For many, setting strict rules regarding what you will or won’t allow yourself to eat doesn’t work in the long term. Allowing yourself to enjoy certain foods you can’t stop thinking about might actually stop the thoughts. Even less nutritious foods can still be part of a healthy diet when consumed in moderation.
* Enjoy healthy meals and snacks: Foods that are high in protein, fiber, and whole grains typically keep you feeling fuller for longer, which can keep thoughts of food at bay.
* Drink enough water: Cravings for water can sometimes be confused with cravings for food.
* Identify your patterns and triggers: Common things that may trigger food thoughts include:
* stress
* boredom
* feeling emotional
* seeing other people eat
* being around hyperpalatable foods
* commercials and advertisements for food

All in all, try understand your relationship with food in order to control your obsession with it. #UGLYTRUTH”

King Kaka tackles police brutality in ‘Tena’

Love lives here! Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka on baecation in Zanzibar

Love birds and influencers Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka are at a vacation in Zanzibar to celebrate Kwamboka’s birthday party.

The two have shared photos and videos touring Mnarani natural aquarium at Nungwi, the Spice farm Zanzibar and Forodhani seaport.

The fitness athusiast shared a photo with his girlfriend and wrote;

“She said she loves the high tides so I took her to Zanzibar! Time to enjoy!”

In another post, he said;

“King & Queen of spice.”

Frankie and Corazon
Frankie and Corazon

Frankie Just Gym It accused of body shaming potential customers 

The advocate also shared a photo revealing that it’s a birthday gift she can’t forget.

“The colours, the atmosphere and the emotions they evoke. Birthday vacation with my love”

The two are blessed with a son. Their relationship came into the limelight with mixed reactions as Frankie had just ended his relationship with Youtuber Maureen Waititu.

Read Frankie JustGymIt’s lovely message to Maureen Waititu on Mother’s Day

Frankie JustGymIt surprised many with his Mother’s Day message yesterday. Why? His message was a celebration of the 3 mothers he holds dear in his life.

Those women are his mother, and the two women he has had children with. But what is surprising about that, you might ask? The fact that Frankie saw fit to celebrate his first baby mama and the mother of his two kids, Maureen Waititu.

Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past before their break-up
Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past before their break-up

Taking to social media, the fitness trainer officially known as Francis Kiarie, reminisced over their good old days, insisting that despite their differences, she was a good mother.

Corazon trolled after Kenyans find out she liked photo of Maureen and Frankie as a couple

His message read, “Throughout the years, we created lasting memories and above all that, beautiful boys. Lexi and Kai are the best gifts you’ve given me and even though we have our differences, you still remain a good mother. Happy Mother’s Day,” said Frankie.

His message showed a level of growth and maturity that he has gone through since their caustic beef last year, especially after Maureen accused the former of not providing for his kids and kicking her out of his mother’s house.

Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past
Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past

His Instagram post was unanimously praised by all Kenyans online with fellow celebs such as Michelle Ntalami commending her. Her lovely message read, “Beautiful message. Such a grown & mature gesture.”

If Maureen received the message, she didn’t let on as she posted her own message celebrating her two sons, writing on her Instagram page, “My angels, my greatest gifts from heaven, I’ll always love, guide and protect you 🙏🏾🙏🏾Yours forever, Mom.”

Whatever happens, I hope that this positivity can be maintained by Frankie in the future.

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I spent 60k on useless gift for my son! Corazon Kwamboka shocks fans

For a long time socialite, Corazon Kwamboka never thought that she would ever be blessed enough to have the precious gift of being called mother.

That was due to the medical condition called endometriosis that had robbed her of her hope of having her own biological children.

But good for her that she was able to meet a man like Frankie Kiarie whose swimmers seemed to have done the trick and now the couple has a 6-month old boy called Taiyari.

As most new mothers, Miss Kwamboka has gone all-in and has done everything within her power to give her new-born the best a child can get.

“If he can’t lift you, he doesn’t deserve you!” Is Corazon Kwamboka right?

That means spending boatloads of money to give her baby the best product available in the market. In a recent Q and A session, the trained lawyer asked her own fans whether they had bought useless stuff for their newborns.

This is after learning that parenting in terms of ‘baby stuff’ is never that serious. The curvy dark-skinned beauty gave her own experience saying that not only had she bought everything she assumed baby Taiyari would need; but added that one of the most expensive gifts she got him is useless – after all.

Using her Instagram page Frankie Just Gym-It’s partner wrote, “I’ll start; A pram/stroller is a total waste of money. Imported mine for a whopping 600$ and can’t even go anywhere with it. It’s just not our culture besides most babies hate staying in them. A complete sham.”

Corazon Kwamboka screenshot 1

And she wasn’t done there, she also added her two cents advising new mums,

“To all incoming mums: my advice is to get whatever the f you like. We are just having fun and venting don’t listen but to you and your babies needs. But don’t buy everything at once…after some time you realize some things are not even necessary.”

Corazon Kwamboka screenshot (1)

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Elani’s Maureen calls Frankie a narcissist after Maureen Waititu exposes him again


The relationship drama between youtuber Maureen Waititu and her baby daddy Frankie has sharply divided Kenyans online and everyone is slamming the others opinion over the drama.

Elani’s Maureen Kunga has waded into the topic, revealing she had insights into the drama that has been playing out on social media. She however has been quiet about it and chose to speak with Maureen’s latest revelation that Frankie is an Instagram dad, who sadly doesn’t know where his kids live.

She blasted Frankie saying he is a narcissist in a hard hitting message below.


Who is more to blame for their relationship dramas? Maureen Waititu or Frankie Kiarie?(Poll)

The trouble was brought on after Frankie accused Maureen his baby mama of denying him access to his sons, and also not being invited for the sons fifth birthday. It turns out that Frankie has not bothered to see his kids,

Maureen said it was Pr and clout chasing

“Frankie does not even know where we live, he has never bothered to know. It’s sad that he had to use a platform to wish my son a happy birthday and dragged my name into it, only for me to be trolled and attacked. When he was leaving home I requested him to buy a small phone for his son Lexxie so that they would be able to communicate. And to make things easier I even allowed that he calls our nanny and check out on the kids’ welfare if at all he did not want to communicate to them through me. Ask him the last time he bought clothes or even toys for the kids.”

Dear Classic 105 fam, what is your opinion? Drop your comments below.