After Moses Kuria, this is the politician who appeared in court to support Jacque Maribe during her bail hearing (Photos)

Jacque Maribe’s friends have been attending her court hearings to to show their love and support as she faces murder charges.

She was arrested alongside her fiancé Joseph Irungu, who is the main suspect. Maribe’s parents have been by her side all this while.

Jowie all smiles as he appears in court for his bail hearing in connection to the murder of Monicah Kimani(Photos)


Among other people who have been visiting Maribe include gospel artiste Kambua, Monica Kiragu, Terry Anne Chebet, Moses Kuria, Francis Gachuri, Shix Kapienga and Dennis Itumbi.

During today’s hearing a political figure was present in court and could be seen laughing heartily with Jacque.

‘You’re trying too hard..’ Fans bash Dennis Itumbi after penning this sweet message ahead of Jacque Maribe’s bail hearing

The man in question is none other than Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja.

Below are his photos.





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Rafiki wa kufa kupona! Photo of Moses Kuria in court during Jacque Maribe’s mention over murder case

TV journalist Jacque Maribe and her fiancé Joseph Irungu aka Jowie will remain in custody until October 24.

Judge James Wakiaga asked the two to report back in court on Wednesday for the mention of the murder case.

This time round, more friends were in court to show their support.

Those present included Citizen TV News director Monicah Kiragu, Oliver Mathenge, Francis Gachuri, Dennis Itumbi and  Faiza Maganga.

‘When I am influenced before I hear a case I get upset ‘ admits Judge James Wakiaga as he warns the media to keep off speculating on Jacque Maribe’s case

Also in the crowd was Moses Kuria who had come to show his support

Below are some of the photos



Monicah Kiragu (in black)

‘I met Jowie at a Jubilee party’ Jacque Maribe narrates

Faiza Maganga




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Friends for life! Here is the man who has been visiting Maribe EVERYDAY while in remand

Jacque Maribe has been in remand for almost three weeks after being arrested in connection to the gruesome murder of Monicah Kimani at her posh apartment in Kilimani.

She has been remanded at Langata Womens Prison, and many are wondering who has been visiting her.

One special visitor is Francis Gachuri.

Rafiki wa dhati! Kambua in court to support Jacque Maribe (photo)

Kirigo Ngarua in an earlier photo with Jacque Maribe ,Terry Anne Chebet and a friend
Kirigo Ngarua in an earlier photo with Jacque Maribe ,Terry Anne Chebet and a friend

Gachuri, a senior political affairs reporter, was recently promoted to the position of political editor as Maribe’s boss at Citizen TV.

According to close sources, Francis has been visiting Maribe at the police cells everyday and has attended all her court hearings.

But regardless of whichever reason he is visiting her among the few who have stood by her while others opted to shy away from the drama surrounding her case.

‘Before you judge make sure you know the truth’ Citizen TV director Monicah Kiragu defends Jacque Maribe

Jacque has been charged alongside her fiancé Jospeh Irungu alias Jowie who is the main suspect in the murder.

Maribe on the other hand was charged for majorly being an alibi and trying to cover up for her man.

Francis Gachuri and Jacque Maribe

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Citizen TV’s Francis Gachuri shames club bouncers for nyemelearing peoples’ girlfriends

Citizen TV’s Francis Gachuri a political reporter at citizen TV posted on Facebook how his cousin Tonnie was beaten up by the club bouncers just because they fancied and wanted his girlfriend.

The angry TV manranted about their bad behaviour and also reminded them about Mowzey Radio a Ugandan singer who had scuffle at a club and ended up in hospital and later on was pronounced dead.

He spitefully shamed the club bouncers.

“It’s 2018…why would Club BLEND in Thika town employ SAVAGES for BOUNCERS? Why and how do they beat up a hapless young client just because they want to snatch his girlfriend? Haven’t they learnt from the Uganda incident where popular musician Mowzey Radio was killed by a bouncer? I am very pissed off! Strong my cuz Tonnie. 
To the culpable bouncers; Shame on You!” 

Francis Gachuri

Cruel fans mock Bahati’s newborn

A hash tag was started by his followers saying #resistclubblend. Below are some of the comments from his followers;

Suleiman Mbatiah: It would be better to report to cops and have a social media resist campaign. shame on them

Nelly Warukira: #resistclubblend

Philip Etale: Bouncers have become a menace everywhere. Avoid any kind of confrontation with them.

Nimmoh Waititu: This should trend so that such bouncers of that kind can act right. This is wrong, Mowzey would be alive if it weren’t for such stupid fights.

Halligan Agade: These ones should be reported to the authorities. Who gives them that kind of power to beat up everyone?

Jayneari NF: Gachuri don’t let it slide without action. People must be held responsible for their actions. pole to your cousin

Mary Wavinya Musa: Shame on them indeed!

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