Is It a Phone Challenge? Kenyans ask as Atwoli throws second phone in fit of anger

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli is trending again after throwing in anger his expensive phone.

Atwoli was addressing a press conference, angrily giving his views about the murder of Police officer Kenei who is believed to have escorted former CS Echesa and the two foreigners to the DP’s office where they met in connection with the fake arms deal.

What’s money!? Atwoli throws his Sh.170k IPhone during JKL interview

The topic is rather emotive and Atwoli was so upset that he took his phone and threw it on the floor crushing it, much to the shock of the audience.


The video has gone viral courtesy Daily Nation, and everyone is puzzled if Atwoli is an influencer being paid to make a phone throwing challenge go viral.
Dont worry he obviously got the liquid screen protector
The guy is marketer of liquid screen protector!

francis atwoli
Pride comes before a fall. Childish. This old man should act his age!!
Uyu msee anatupanga hizi iPhones zake kwa mapress conference recklesslySleepy faceSleepy faceSleepy face
Sasa anatuonyesha nini sisi mapeasantsFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

Francis Atwoli’s estranged wife reveals details of his affair

Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy Tupa hadi hio kichwa yako chiniii,,,misused anger
Nobody is starting a #ThrowingPhoneChallenge?

Francis Atwoli on Jeff Koinange's show
Francis Atwoli on Jeff Koinange’s show

Simu trick nanii Rolling on the floor laughing
Atwoli throwing Iphone 11 promax as if it is common Tecno phoneFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy
Don’t disrespect tecno like that my man. Leave
and their phones out of this.

‘I allowed her to come and visit the kid but not spend the night’, Atwoli kicks out wife and son

Hiyo ni rent ya miezi nne.. inarushwa tu ivo?

Mary Kilobi with Francis Atwoli at the graduation ceremony
Mary Kilobi with Francis Atwoli at the graduation ceremony

1st what kind of a phone is that? kama ni infinix na tecno iyo ntakurudishia kwa kukugonga nayo!
2nd kwani hasira za uyu mzee ni kutupa chenye ameshika?Thinking face
3nd mimi huwezi nigonga nayo nikurudishie naiflash ukiionaFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy
Nipewe iyo iPhone nitengenezeshe…ama nirock nayo tu ivo. Kuaribu pesa!Smiling face with sunglasses

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Si Atwoli pekee! Kenyan polygamous relationships that have ended acrimoniously

Polygamy was made legal in 2014 when Uhuru Kenyatta signed the controversial marriage bill. The law made legal what was already being done traditionally for eons.

We here at Classic105 decided to look at the most acrimonious polygamous relationships in Kenya’s history:

They are:

Francis Atwoli

Francis Atwoli is the flavour of the month. The man who is the long-serving COTU secretary general for a long time. But his home theatrics have made him the talk of the town with many. It recently emerged that he had kicked out his second wife and their 13-year-old son from their Kileleshwa home in Nairobi.

Atwoli's second wife Roselinda
Atwoli’s second wife Roselinda

Roselinda Atwoli yesterday filed a complaint with police. She narrated how a visit to see their son on Tuesday evening degenerated into a furious exchange of words, culminating in her being forced out of the house together with the boy at 7 pm. The two acquired the apartment in 2006.


Walter Mongare got two children with Tusker Project Fame winner Linda Muthama. The former Redikyulass member already had a wife at this point and Linda was his second. The relationship lasted fpr 10 years with Linda finally calling it quits in 2015.

Walter Mongare
Walter Mongare and Linda Muthama

She confessed to Drum magazine that being a second wife was hard and that she felt lonely.

Danson Mungatana

The former high-flying political bigwig was involved with Former Miss Kenya Cecilia Mwangi while still married to television personality Mwanaisha Chidzuga.


Mwanaisha Chidzuga
Mwanaisha Chidzuga and Danson Mungatana

The two (Danson and Cecilia) even had a baby girl together. This fact did not the two closer together, it even made their relationship more strained.

Cecilia Mwangi
Cecilia Mwangi

From Cecilia saying that a wedding was on the cards to Danson does not provide for their child, Cherise. Talk about a brutal about-turn.

Gerishon Kirima 

The former MP Gerishon Kirima was a wealthy man, with an estimated wealth of Sh750 million shillings. Drama pitting the Kirima family started about five months before he died in 2010, when daughters from the first wife stormed his home in Kitisuru and demanded that he be taken to hospital.

Teresia Kirima
Teresia Kirima-The second wife

After many fruitless attempts, they were able to get senior government officials to intervene and have him taken to Nairobi hospital.

Once at the hospital, members of Kirima’s first wife sealed all the entries to the hospital to block Mr Kirima’s third wife Teresia, son and daughters from visiting him.

Teresia then moved to court to seek orders to see her husband but it was too late as he had already been flown out to the United Kingdom for treatment. He later died in a South African hospital.

Atwoli and wife Mary Kilobi celebrate glorious occasion (pictures)

Francis Atwoli is one of the most popular men in Kenya. This is because of his long-serving career as the COTU Secretary-General. Not only that, the man is known for his larger than life persona but also his love life that has filled esteemed sites such as this.

This is why I married Kilobi – Atwoli tells captivated crowd

Today is no different as the man is in the news again for a wonderful occasion that has taken place in his wife’s life, Mary Kilobi. The extravagant occasion that the two were sharing was Kilobi achieving a master’s degree which she acquired from the University of Nairobi.

Mary Kilobi graduation photos
Mary Kilobi graduation photos

She received a master’s degree in International Studies on December 20, 2019. Atwoli was proud of his wife’s achievement and said as much on his Instagram account, thanking God for Kilobi’s achievement and also took the opportunity to celebrate his queen.

Mary Kilobi with Francis Atwoli at the graduation ceremony
Mary Kilobi with Francis Atwoli at the graduation ceremony

Some of the photos from the occasion are below;

Mary Kilobi graduation photos
Mary Kilobi graduation photos
Mary Kilobi with Francis Atwoli at the graduation ceremony
Mary Kilobi with Francis Atwoli at the graduation ceremony
Mary Kilobi with Francis Atwoli at the graduation ceremony
Mary Kilobi with Francis Atwoli at the graduation ceremony
Mary Kilobi with Francis Atwoli at the graduation ceremony
Mary Kilobi with Francis at the graduation ceremony

Kilobi has in the past described how Atwoli was able to win her heart saying that he was a responsible man who normally comes home straight from work. The couple lives at their IIbisil home in Kajiado after Atwoli finally won her heart in 2016.

‘He told me he was lonely and needed a wife to live with in Kajiado. I challenged him to visit my parents and make his intentions known if he was serious. He readily responded by sending a delegation to the village.

The COTU boss with his wife
The COTU boss with his wife

The two started living as man and wife after Francis fulfilled the Luhya traditional formalities. ‘Katibu (Atwoli) is very Godly. His commitment to God really attracted me to him. I had never come across a man who fears and loves God like him. He prays every morning for all of us,” she said in a past interview with Nairobian.

Kilobi is Atwoli’s third wife and she said that she had no problem being part of a polygamous family.

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What’s money!? Atwoli throws his Sh.170k IPhone during JKL interview

Francis Atwoli was interviewed yesterday on Jeff Koinange’s JKL show. The man is known for his larger than life persona with his love for the finer thing, is in the headlines again.

This is why I married Kilobi – Atwoli tells captivated crowd

Why? While being interviewed by Jeff, the COTU leader inexplicably took out his expensive iPhone and threw it away! The sound heard after the phone made an impact with a surface was bone-crunching as anyone who has ever seen their phone fall to the floor and gets damaged knows.

Francis Atwoli
Francis Atwoli

What is amazing Kenyans is the cavalier way in which the man threw away a phone that is one of the most expensive in the Kenyan market, with current retail prices not ranging below the 170K mark

Some Kenyans speculate (which I couldn’t independently verify) was that the phone he threw was an iPhone 11 pro-Max which costs Sh.170,000!


Read some responses from shocked Kenyans below;

BIGFISH 🐬 🇰🇪 Whoever tried to call Atwoli while live on TV, I don’t think you wil have his number again 😳😳😂😂😂

Victor Mochere Francis Atwoli just threw his phone away like nothing. 😂

𝐂𝐘𝐌𝐎𝐇 ™ 🇰🇪❁ Atwoli just did this to his phone after Someone called him while on air while having an interview with JK.😂, oh God, i want to he this rich!

samuel oketch By throwing his phone in a middle of an interview Francis has shown simillar qualities as Pombe Magufuli. A leader who finds solutions not excuses.

AmTheOne ..get me the phone Mheshimiwa atwoli threw I will make the cracked screen tafadhali…

Lenny Ogweno Francis throws his phone away. #JKLive Tell him to give me that phone

LeCamelRustler *Atwoli withdraws phone from pocket* *Seems to be switching it off**Gives up* *Hurls it across the studio!*

Ambrose Odhiambo I pity the guy who was calling Francis before he switched and threw away the damn phone 😹😹😹😹😂 20,000,000 gangster points

Bold Atwoli ‘throwing away’ his phone and shrugging off was way too arrogant! #JKLive #ShameofRepresentingKenya

What do you think about the COTU leader’s actions?

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This is why I married Kilobi – Atwoli tells captivated crowd

Francis Atwoli has been the COTU secretary-general for longer than I can remember. The man who is a thunderous speaker when addressing people, can also be a sweetheart but to a select few people.


One of the people who has seen his kinder more personable side is KTN news anchor Mary Kilobi. The trade unionist spoke at Bukwala SDA Church where he was the chief guest at a funds drive and spoke in glowing terms about Mary.

The COTU boss with his wife
The COTU boss with his wife

He said that he didn’t regret marrying the presenter who has been a blessing to his life, and why he needed to marry another woman despite his age.

‘I also want someone that can travel with me. Since I’m getting old, I need medicine and someone who can tell me when I have due meetings. As you know, the mother of my children is in my rural home. If I decide that I want to start travelling around with her, I’ll find no home. Therefore, I must have someone who manages me and another to take care of my home,” he stated.

The COTU boss with his wife
The COTU boss with his wife

The 69-year-old complained that many times wives ignore their husbands for their children and grandchildren.

‘These women are so good. However, when they get children and grandchildren, they begin to see them as you and forget about you. You are left on your own. When you get old, you need someone who can give you medicine.’ Atwoli stated.

Standing By His Girl: Francis Atwoli gifts wife Seychelles vacation on birthday

Mary has been having a tough month of October as her brother was murdered last week by thugs in Thika. Hope Francis is her rock at the this time, the same way she has been supporting him.

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SAD: Francis Atwoli’s brother in law killed

COTU Boss Francis Atwoli’s wife Mary Kilobi has lost her brother.

Mary’s brother, Emmanuel Weyusia was shot dead last night by thugs in Thika.

 Emmanuel Weyusia
Kilobi’s brother Emmanuel Weyusia

The KTN presenter shared the sad news with her followers and she wrote,


Below are messages of condolences from Kenyans to Mary Kilobi’s family

Fredrick Shitubi Just woken up to exceedingly shocking news that a dear friend, Emmanuel Weyusia (left), was gunned down by thugs last night. Death, where is thy sting? Such a sad morning. Rest in peace bro.

Hon Wafula Okumu Emmanuel Weyusia, why you my long-time friend, friend!? and why now!? Why!? I just don’t know how to say RIP! I still don’t believe! It must be a lie!

Wafula Paul How can God let this happen. The killers of Emmanuel Weyusia do not know who they have taken from us. What a dark day. How shocking. What a man. What a cruel world. How do you mourn such a good man?

Lyndah Tabani Aki pole tu sana family anr friends, it is God’s plan. May he rest in peace. Be strong pls.

Etyang Frank This is so shocking. Unimaginable that Emmanuel ‘s life has been ended so fast. REST IN PEACE MY BROTHER. SING WITH THE ANGELS.  Mariah Kilobi Atwoli take heart my dear. It is tough.


We at Classic condole with the family. May he rest in peace.

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Standing By His Girl: Francis Atwoli gifts wife Seychelles vacation on birthday


Atwoli’s fourth wife Mary Kilobi turned a year older Tuesday July 16th.

The KTN TV presenter got married to Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli last year.

Esther Arunga: A timeline of her downfall

Mary is currently in Seychelles for her birthday. She shared a sweet message on her special day, which read,


“Happy Birthday, MKA. Dear GOD, From the deepest part of my heart, I am truly grateful to you Papa for what you have done in me, for me and through me.

“Only You could do! You’ve proven many so wrong! Counting my blessings one by one! I can’t keep calm it’s my Birthday…Typical of 16th July… Happiness…and Love.”

Man bites off wifes lip and ear over vegetables dispute

Atwoli celebrated his birthday last month, and Mary Kilobi shared a heart-warming message.

“May the almighty God continue to bless you, keep you strong, healthy and happy. May He watch over you for us. Unapendwa ajabu. Happy birthday Mr amazing.”


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