Shameful! Kenyan Married Man DECLINES Romantic Advances Of a ‘Thirsty’ Lady Who Tries To Seduce Him (PHOTO)

In a world where cheating has become a ‘norm’, it’s easy to think that every man is a cheat and a womanizer.

This has made a lot of women think every man is a player and that no man can say no to a woman, especially if it’s a lady who has made the first move on the lad.

Gone are the days when ladies would wait for a man to approach them or make the first move.

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Nowadays, some girls have become very bold that when they see a man they like or are attracted to and he doesn’t approach them, they take it upon themselves to seduce the man.

But it looks like there are still nice and faithful men out there who don’t throw themselves at women who start flirting with them if a recent Whatsapp screenshot is anything to go by.

black couple flirt

The chat was leaked online, where a single lady by the name Esther approached a married man, asking him out for dinner but the man did not jump on the opportunity as some married men would.

The lady was left embarrassed after the man declined to go on a date with her, making it clear that he’s taken and busy by saying that he takes his wife out for dinner after picking his kids from school.

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She doesn’t give up there and asks the man for the second time, and this time round, she invites him to her house, and that’s when she gets a rude shock.

“Listen Mercy, I’m a married man. I love my wife and kids so much, I would never think of hurting them,” reiterates the man, and from the text, you can tell that he was super annoyed.

Check out the screenshots from the conversation below. Ladies, there’s still hope for good and caring men, who would never do anything to hurt their wives.





Check Out 5 VERY Simple Tricks That Will Help You Master The Art Of FLIRTING Successfully

I’m not sure how many of you remember Would Like to Meet?

It was a popular BBC show that taught people who struggled to find a relationship how to flirt, communicate and dress more effectively.

I was the flirting and body language expert and for years studied and taught body language techniques to all different types of people. Of all these techniques, those involving eye contact were the most successful of all.

Which is hardly surprising when you consider we communicate more with our eyes than any other part of our body.


Here’s five tried-and-true techniques that really work.

1. The four-and-a-half second scan
A normal face scan lasts three seconds, scan for four-and-a-half and it’s clear they’ve ‘caught your eye’.

Eye contact of more than 10 seconds between two people means one of two things: you’re about to fight or have sex (well, you want to anyway).

Prolonged eye contact produces intense emotional reactions regardless of whether it’s a fist or a pair of lips heading your way.

It activates the nervous system, raises our heart rate and blood flow and stimulates the production of certain hormones.

Just about everyone knows being watched is a sign someone’s interested, so if you want to subtly make your intentions known, this is the way to do it.

2. The slide and settle
Let your eyes settle on someone so they’re aware you’ve noticed them, then as they’re still watching you, slide your eyes around the room before settling back on them again.

This effectively says, ‘You instantly attracted me and you’re still the pick of the room even after I’ve checked out the competition.’

One other point while we’re on the topic of eye slides – if you’re interested, it’s best to break the very first eye contact made by dropping your eyes straight down, then directly up again to lock eyes after a few seconds.

If someone’s eyes instead slide away from yours to the side or upward and don’t return after a minute or two, they’re almost definitely not interested.

black woman flirt

3. The flirting triangle
Eye movement studies show we look at different parts of other people’s faces depending on the situation and level of attractiveness.

When looking at strangers or in business situations, we make a small triangle by moving our eyes from eye to eye, dipping them as we move across the bridge of the nose. With friends or in more friendly social situations, the triangle widens as our eyes drop below eye level to include the nose and the mouth.

With lovers and people we fancy, the triangle broadens even further, dropping below the mouth to include the breasts and other good bits like the genitals.

4. Blink if you fancy them
It’s easy to see where the term ‘batting your eyelashes’ originated from: if someone looks at us and likes what they see, they tend to blink more.

Because the brain associates rapid blinking with finding someone sexually attractive, the more you blink at someone, the more attracted you feel to them. This, of course, can be manipulated for your benefit! You can increase the blink rate of the person you’re talking to, by blinking more yourself.

If the person likes you, they’ll unconsciously try to match their blink rate to keep in sync with you, which in turn, makes you both feel more attracted to each other! Don’t automatically assume slow blinking means disinterest, however.


5. Wink if you want more
Nudge, nudge, wink, wink jokes and Carry On films have turned a once sexy flirt tool into a bit of a joke.

But, a quiet wink matched with a sexy smile can be incredibly bonding simply because it’s secret and implies the two of you are closer than others present.

So ignore the bad press: delivered at the right moment, a simple wink can be devastatingly effective.

Try a two-eyed wink for variation by blinking in slow motion, consciously slowing it down to half or a third of the normal speed (the average blink lasts one fortieth of a second).

This Will Come In Handy! 4 Things You Should Never Do When Trying To Flirt

When it comes to flirting – some of us are born with the perfect skill set while others have to work hard to get there.

But as much as it’s good to let it come naturally, you can also learn how to flirt. In fact, you can get better at it with practice. So if you’re wondering how you can perfect your flirting, here are some things you should never do, otherwise, it will all be in vain.

Check out these 4 tips:

1. Don’t Be Self-Indulgent
No matter how much you love talking about yourself, restrain from doing so. When you’re flirting with someone, the idea is to make them feel as though the universe revolves around them and special.

That doesn’t mean you don’t give out any information about yourself and remain a mystery man or woman. Just drop in a line or two about yourself when you feel appropriate and shift the focus of the conversation back to them.

man n woman flirting

2. Don’t Bring Up Anything Too Personal
When you start off flirting with someone you fancy, don’t bring up a very personal issue as part of the conversation. This can put people off or make them uncomfortable. So don’t go off and ask them how their grandmother died or what their family’s financial situation is like. Just keep it casual!

3. Don’t Get Distracted
Focus all your attention on the person you’re flirting with. That means not ogling other beautiful women or handsome men around you. This is a turn off to the other person.

It also means not texting someone else while you’re in a conversation with them or checking your Whatsapp chat or work emails. The world must wait for you to finish your business!

flirting (1)

4. Don’t Get Too Serious
Remember that flirting is about having fun and enjoying what you’re doing. Don’t get too serious and coiled up over it, or talk about serious stuff.

If things don’t work out well the first time, don’t worry about it. It’s definitely not the end of the world. Move on and find some other interesting candidates to flirt with. And like anything else, flirting gets better with practice!




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Want To Flirt? Here’s How To Turn It Up

Do you know how to flirt? Or would you like to turn up your flirting skills? Flirting is a way of communication to members of the opposite sex, however if not done correctly it will send the wrong message.

There are five ways of flirting,  Playful, Physical, Polite, Sincere, and Traditional. We all have all the five styles, but use only one or two dominant ones. Many people miss noticing when others are flirting with them due to miscommunication, playing hard to get and being “indirect”. Getting your signals mixed could often land you in awkward situations as you misinterprete someone who’s interested as not interested and vice versa.

For you to be good at flirting you need to be able to communicate clearly your interest or disinterest to someone and you also need to be able to read the same vibe from others. Here’s how to up your flirting skills and turn it up:

1) Practice feeling interested – Flirting is a skill that you either have or you don’t there’s no in between. Many people who know how to flirt failed at their previous attempts before they got it right. You can “feel interested” by accepting and being aware of feeling attracted or interested in someone and letting it affect how you act. Try this: let yourself feel interested in someone you don’t know and probably won’t see again. When you interact with an attractive cashier, barman, waiter, or even conductor take a moment and pause. Smile to yourself, and recognize that you are attracted to them. Then, for the rest of your meal, sale, or interaction, keep that recognition in your head. Embrace feeling interested.

2) Adopt an open mindset – Accept the possibility that someone you know is interested in you. Try imagining they are really interested in you. Accept that interest as if it were completely true. Be open to it. The consequences of this activity should be revelatory. How does that knowledge change you? What does it feel like to believe it? Once you can convince yourself through imagining their interest, you will be much more alert to what it feels like when it actually happens. It might have the happy consequence of finding a partner whose flirting style is more reserved, that is, someone who is switched off.

3) Watch carefully – Start being a people watcher. Notice how women flirt with men. Notice how men flirt with women. Watch couples interact at a bar and try to guess if they are on a first date or already in a relationship. Practice being more aware of flirting in general. People who are switched off lack awareness. They often complain that they are oblivious to the interest of others. By noticing it more in others, you will be less oblivious when it happens to you.


Flirting Mistakes Women Make

Flirting is a harmless way of showing someone you like them but you should be careful how you go about it. There are things that may seem harmless to you but yet could be a definite turn off to the other person. Here’s a list of some of them

Talking about other people who like you – Well, frankly speaking, it`s all about me. Don’t make this fatal mistake. When you tell a guy that he’s the winner among all the other guys who also like you, he may think something like “You may count for our friendship and nothing more. You see, I already have a “partner’s list” to choose from.” He may think you are a light-headed girl who’s not interested in long-term relationships.

Over confidence – When flirting with a shy guy, don’t be too confident and don’t try to show that you don’t have any insecurities. When flirting with a confident guy, though, don’t be too mean. Many girls tend to be mean with confident guys because they think it can help them look more confident too. In fact, this type of behavior can scare any guy away.

Laughing all the time –  Well, laughing at his jokes is a must, but don`t go too far. Don’t start giggling every time he tells a joke, especially if you don`t really find it funny, because it`ll look unnatural and he will understand that you actually don’t like it.

Drinking too much –  Some little alcohol will not spoil your date. What’s more, it can make you feel relaxed and even more confident. However, moderation is always important. You should avoid getting drunk when flirting, as you wouldn’t like him to see you rolling on the floor, moaning and crying. Modern guys are looking for the girls with no bad habits like drinking or smoking.

Lying – Lying is awful and can ruin any type of relationship. Tracing whom you lied to and what you lied about in order not to get caught is a heavy burden. Moreover, it’s a bad idea to start your relationship with a lie. If you want your crush to love you, not your lie, it’s better to tell the truth only. No sweet little lies!

Being too cold – Women love drama and like to test men. I used to follow the strategy “I don’t care about you, so love me” and I must confess that it was a mistake. When you make a man think that you don’t like him just to find out if he’s straightforward enough to deserve your love, it may bring the desirable result. But think twice, would you like to be in a relationship where you’re loved only when you don’t like your partner?

-J.houston/ Womanitely

The Surprising Secret To Flirting Like A Pro

It’s not HOW you flirt … it’s WHO you flirt with, why? The onene key rule when picking who to focus flirtatious attention on is this — flirt with someone of similar attractiveness.

Why? Because research tells us that most successful relationships are between partners of more or less equal good looks. There is some leeway, of course, and other qualities are also important, but statistically, relationships where one partner is much more attractive than the other tend to be less successful. This will also give you the best chance at compatibility, which is a requirement for a new relationship to last long term.

Teena Evert a licensed marriage and family therapist and love relationship coach tells you 3 key things to remember when looking for people of similar attractiveness to flirt with:

1. Attractiveness is not just about good looks or someone’s physical features
Attractiveness is also about one’s attitude and energy, influenced by personality and experiences. Some attitudes are positive and productive, others are negative and unproductive.

Here are a few examples of positive attitudes that can support you in looking for people of similar attractiveness to flirt with:

“Focus on connecting. A partner is someone to love, not an object or a goal.”
“Take responsibility for the outcomes by taking initiative in your life and relationships.”

2. Avoid “the attraction trap”
You interpret a strong physical attraction to someone as a sure sign that the relationship is a good choice and “meant to be.” This happens when our intention to flirt turns into instant infatuation and your choices become unconscious and result in repeating unproductive past patterns.

Your attraction to someone is like a radar system that helps you find your target, but the attraction trap occurs when you mindlessly, blindly follow this radar. You are then no longer flirting for fun, you’ve slipped into the zone of infatuation.

There is nothing wrong with infatuation, however, in the process of finding new love, it can cause you to lose yourself or compromise your goals and values. Thus sabotaging any chance of that flirtatious connection turning into a long-term relationship

3. Don’t fall into the mindset that there’s only a limited supply of equally attractive partners
If you adopt the “I need to take what I can get” mindset, you’re tempted to settle for less right away because you believe you can’t get what you really want. Flirting is fun and fundamental to dating, it is not a numbers game. When you expect less, you get less.

Trust that if you apply yourself, you can get what you really want in your love life. Happiness is absolutely available to you, but must go after what you really want in life and choose to flirt with people of similar attractiveness as you.

What might go wrong while people practice this advice? Well, you won’t get it right every time and you’ll most likely end up attracting some duds who you initially thought had greater potential. But don’t worry, this is part of the dating process.

Use your feelings of attraction as information. The chemistry must exist, you can’t just get together with someone you’re not attracted to. But, please remember that flirting based solely on physical attraction often results in repeating unproductive past patterns and failed relationships.

The 8 awkward stages of flirting

Hair twirling, playful game of back and forth eye tagging, a subtle stroke on the back…what’s your style of flirting? The art of flirting involves a combo of gestures which advertise interest in a potential suitor. There are however different stages in flirting, read the list below

You sit strangely- You go back and forth between sitting with your legs together and crossing them- will he think you’re easy if you part them slightly?

You draw attention to yourself- By offering up things you really want them to know about you- even if they are not true.

You claim to like things you aren’t really all that fussed about- If they like something passionately- suddenly your enthusiasm for it goes up 100%. You see the smile on their face that you agree with them and it’s everything.

You try to be cute- By putting flicking your hair or batting your eyelashes because dainty pretty women always do that right?!

You try to be sensitive- By telling him you have a good relationship with your parents and are great with kids- even though that won’t matter for months or years- if you start dating.

You laugh at EVERYTHING they say- Even if it’s really not all that funny. You dish out compliments like lollipops.

You’re touchy- You get a little bit too tactile and touch him in a way that says ‘stalker’ more than ‘potential date’.

You are nervous- And probably spill something over yourself or spit when you talk- that’s the worst.


Flirting Mistakes Women Make

Flirting  is a natural part of life but it’s easier for men to do it than for women to. However when a woman likes you she will flirt in subtle ways because by nature women are shy.

However there are things that women do while flirting that make them leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Being too confident and mean – When flirting with a shy guy, don’t be too confident and don’t try to show that you don’t have any insecurities. When flirting with a confident guy, though, don’t be too mean. Many girls tend to be mean with confident guys because they think it can help them look more confident too. In fact, this type of behavior can scare off any guy.

Constant laughing – Guys like to make jokes. This way, they try to boost a woman’s mood and show that they are funny. Well, laughing at his jokes is a must, but don`t go too far! Don’t start giggling every time he makes a joke, especially if you don`t really find it funny, because it`ll look unnatural and he will understand that you actually don’t like it.

Drinking too much alcohol – Taking a few shots of something will not spoil your date. What`s more, it can make you feel relaxed and even more confident. However, moderation is always important. You should avoid getting drunk when flirting, as you wouldn`t like him to see you rolling on the floor and speaking up all of your thoughts.

Being too much interested – Express your interest in what he says with questions and attentive listening. You shouldn`t pretend that his words are so much exciting that you are ready to become his girlfriend right now. The art of flirting is hard to master but one of the most important things to remember is to be yourself. After all, you can’t pretend all the time.

Lying – Lying is awful and it can ruin any relationship. Tracing whom you lied and what you lied about in order not to be caught is a heavy burden. Moreover, it’s a bad idea to start your relationship with a lie. If you want your crush to love you, not your lie, it’s better tell the truth only.

Flirting online only – When flirting online you feel so comfortable, brave and confident that you may start avoiding him in a real life. If he doesn’t ask you out on a date, it doesn’t mean he is not interested in you. He may be too shy to do it so be the first to ask him out on a little coffee date. If he rejects you, move on. You deserve a better boyfriend!

Facebook stalking him – Yes, Facebook may show you many interesting things about your crush’s life, but don’t make it a habit to check his account every hour in order to find out what he’s going to do tonight. Avoid commenting too much and sending dozens of messages. There are many better ways to attract his attention.

Being too cold towards him – Women love drama and like to test men. I used to follow the strategy “I don`t care about you, so love me” and I must confess that it was a mistake. When you make a man think you don`t like him just to find out if he`s straightforward enough to deserve your love, it may bring the desirable result. But think twice, would you like to be in a relationship where you`re loved only when you don`t like your partner?






Flirting 101: What to do

Flirting can either get you a woman or make one detest you, it just depends how you are doing it and to whom. The thing with flirting is, a small gesture can make a situation either fun or a complete disaster.

Here are simple ways to flirt.

Make Idle talk Do not underestimate the power of idle banter. It opens the doors to communication, which is the most important point in any relationship. It shows how you’re interested but not a nosy Parker. It also tells you whether there is any chemistry between the two of you. No need to appear all smart and intellectual here. Just talk about anything under the sun!

Use The half-smile Smiling really wide is no good. It makes you look needy and lame. Smirk, instead. It’s a more confident way of acknowledging someone’s presence without making you appear like a simple-minded fool who is looking for approval.

Original compliments As much as women like compliments, nothing is more of a turn-off like a fake, lame compliment. So, if you really want to flirt, make the effort to notice something genuinely nice about the other person. It could be a facial feature that makes the other person look appealing, or some quality about her that is actually true. It goes a long way.

Remember the small things When you first talk with her, remember the small details that she tells you, and keep them in mind. Later, when you’re doing the casual banter, bring these things up. It gives a clear signal that you care and straightaway puts you ahead of other guys who may or may not be trying!

Humour You may get naughty. You may even crack lame jokes. But whatever it is you do, be sure to keep things light. No need to be a stand-up comedian here, but no one likes a morose guy. Also, no use playing the bleeding heart card. It is a major turn-off and you may come off as someone who is looking for a shoulder to cry on and more. Everyone isn’t that kind, but everyone does love a laugh!


How to tell someone is flirting with you in 12 minutes

Are you looking to find a date, how can you tell if someone is interested? Well, fortunately, researchers have worked out the science of flirting, to find out what people do most often if they are attracted in another person. And the results are in: Starting off being encouraging and complimentary, and ending by being expressive and using open palm gestures, is a sure-fire way that someone is interested. You can tell in just 12 minutes if someone is interested, here is a sure way;

1-3 minutes
If someone begins talking to you by dishing out compliments and being encouraging to things you say, it is a good indicator they are interested – according to the researchers. Some people will also give a quick flirtatious glance at the start of the conversation. Crossing legs at any point, though, was a sign that a person was not interested in the other. Also, if a woman doesn’t ask many questions, or shrugs a lot, she probably isn’t interested.

4-6 minutes
If the person is still attracted to you, they will likely be even more affirmative, and also still quite complimentary. They will also begin ‘palming’ – talking using open palm gestures.

7-9 minutes
Now, people start to do-away with compliments. Instead, men will gaze at their partner if they are interested at this point, while women might start to divulge some personal details.

10-12 minutes
At the end of the conversation, women will open up and be joyful, while still palming, if they are still interested. For women, you’ll want to look for a guy who has lowered his pitch from the earlier part of the interaction. This means they are still interested.



Top 15 Male Body Language Flirting Signs to Watch Out For

Body language, especially when flirting, is something that many of us have a problem reading. There are body language flirting signs guys unconsciously give that you should look out for.

1.Eye Contact-  One of the fastest ways to tell if a guy is interested in you is to pay attention to how long he holds an eye contact. If a guy holds an eye contact for a bit longer than the average person, then it is certainly a sign he likes you and really likes what he is looking at!

2. Smiling- A nice smile is always a great sign and it’s another male body language movement to watch out for! If the guy is smiling at you, there is a great chance that he considers you to be beautiful and perhaps he wants to approach you.

3. Fleeting Glimpses- Have you ever caught a man looking at you or even stealing glances whenever both of you were in the same room? If so, you know that this is one of the most obvious male body language signs to watch out for! Unfortunately, most girls ignore teasing glimpses and think that this means nothing, but sometimes it means everything.

4. Head Tilts- Have you ever thought that the way a guy tilts his head can actually signify that he is interested in you? I’m pretty sure that you didn’t know about that. If the guy tilts his head toward you, it’s a good sign that means he is listening attentively to you.

5. He Blushes Around You- Usually, when we think of someone blushing, we think of a shy girl, but a lot of guys do it as well. I’m not talking about shy guys only. Blushing is one of the bodily functions that we cannot control and if the guy blushes around you this is a good sign that he is really into you and can’t hide it!

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