Flavour’s Baby Mama Confesses She’s Still In Love With Him

Anna Banner, the baby mama of Igbo highlife musician, Flavour seems to be so much in love with him if her recent comments is anything to go by.

The former beauty queen who spoke to Punch News expressed that she never expected to have a child before marriage but did not regret her decision after getting knocked up for the artiste.

Despite not being married, Banner nurses hope of a better future with the singer while allowing things to unfold on its own accord.


“When you love someone, it is hard to fall out. You cannot fall in love today and fall out of love tomorrow. Love is strong. Before you tell somebody you love him, you have to be sure.

“Flavour was the first man I fell in love with. I still love him as the beautiful soul he has and as the father of my child. I don’t know what the future holds but we are just taking things one step at a time,” she said.


The 2012 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) winner has submitted to fate and has refused to be dragged into the subject of jealousy over Flavour’s other babymama, Sandra Okagbue.

What is most important for her seems to be the happiness of her only child based on her comments, “Why should I be jealous? We are all humans but what will be will be. If you get jealous today, where will it lead you to? All I want is for my child to be happy.”


The on-screen romance between MTN Project Fame WestAfrica winner, Chidinma Ekile and Flavour was at a time a subject of controversy promoted by rumour peddlers but the female singer dismissed it in an interview with Pulse.

She expressed that her relationship with the dreadlocks singer who she described as a very nice person as strictly professional.

Kenya’s Richest Female Singer, Akothee, Gives Her Candid Advice To Ladies Who Pursue ‘Sponsors’

Akothee real name Esther Akoth is listed as one of the richest female singers in the country, and it looks like her music career is at it’s top notch.

The mother of 5 is not your average artist. Apart from looking like a 20-year-old, the Djele Djele hitmaker is also a business woman who owns a tour and taxi company and has three palatial homes.

Akothee has decided to take the Kenyan music industry by storm, dropping three collabos in a span of one year, and we are not talking about local artists.

She teamed up with Tanzania’s mega star, Diamond Platnumz 6 months ago to drop a track by the name, Sweet Love, then 3 months later she worked with one of Nigeria’s biggest artists, Flavour to debut one of her best songs yet, Give It To Me.

The flamboyant singer, who has three daughters and two sons, lives a flashy lifestyle, with top of the class luxury cars, traveling to different parts of the world, wearing designer outfits, bags and shoes, and one thing is clear, money is not a problem to her.

Akothee’s Children

Though many have questioned the source of Akothee’s wealth, claiming that she dates old, rich men who shower her with a lot of money, allegations she vehemently denied, saying that she has worked hard to get all she has.

Talking to Mzazi Willy Tuva of Mambo Mseto, Akothee warned young girls against turning into socialites or getting sponsors (old men who give out money for sexual favors), to become wealthy. She was candid enough to say that one’s hard work is not by using your body, but being smart.

“Hakuna siku mwili yako inaweza kupatia hela ,ni akili yako itakupatia pesa, if you disciplined, you have an ambition, and you have a passion of doing anything God will hold your hands,” she declared.

Akothee recently dropped a new song dubbed ‘Yuko Moyoni’. Just before the video, she released photos in a wedding dress which many assumed was her wedding day pictures. Check it out below.



It’s Not About The Money: Kenya’s Richest Female Singer, Akothee, Shares Her Secret To Happiness

Esther Akoth aka Akothee is one of the most sought after Kenyan female singers at the moment, who has crossed borders to collaborate with some of the biggest artists of the century.

She has some of the biggest songs in Kenya this year, one featuring Tanzania’s finest, Diamond Platnumz, dubbed My Sweet Love and the other big hit, Give To Me, featuring Nigeria’s top artist, Flavour.

Other than being a singer, Akothee is also known to be the richest musician in the country, a globe-trotter running a tour and travel company, plus she owns maisonettes countrywide. She’s also said to drive the most high-priced cars among many other investments.

Her youthful looks could deceive you as Akothee is a mother of 5 children; 3 grown up girls from her previous marriage and two boys from different relationships. Her first-born daughter recently turned 19, and Akothee threw her a classy party in Nairobi and gifted her a car.

Akothee’s Children

The sassy singer is no doubt happy with her life and stays stress-free, and never lets what people say about her affect her life. So what’s the secret to her high spirits and joy? Well, Akothee decided to share this little secret;

Would you like to know the secret behind my happy soul & endless smiles ? It’s because I spend my time making my life better every day & I always have music somewhere in the back ground ,it soothes my heart , which Gospel song gives you goose pimples ? 

There you go people, as they say, music soothes the soul.