Five Legit Reasons Why You Should Walk Out Of A Date

Just because someone invited you over for a date, doesn’t mean that you are required to put up with them for the whole time especially if you feel irked. This doesn’t also mean that you become rude towards your date for no good reason.

However in some cases, it’s quite understandable for one to walk out of the date as there are some situations that you can’t put up with. Here are some reasons to cancel your date and walk away from him without feeling remorseful:

1. Constantly on the phone: When you invite someone or agree to go on a date it’s important that you cancel all appointments and free up your time for the said person. By asking/agreeing to a date, it means that you want to spend time with the person and would like to engage with them . It is very rude for one to be constantly checking their phone to see who liked their IG pictures, who sent a whatsapp message, twitter , or keep making/ answering calls etc. It’s different if the call is urgent and they excuse themselves to take it. Otherwise continuously texting, calling and checking on social media sites is completely wrong and rude. You are free to excuse yourself from the date as it’s a clear indication you’re not that important.

2. Asking for sex: This is  a complete no go zone especially if it’s the first date. It’s not only disrespectful but rather rude as they consider you an object. You don’t know each other well and yet they want to jump into the sack, be very wary of such.

3. Body Odor It’s really simple, cleanliness is next to godliness. A person who is smelling of sweat, smoke or alcohol is simply dirty. By the time you are agreeing to a date you know that the least you can do is look presentable. Smelling of sweat, smoke and alcohol from last night simply tells you that he has no grip on his life and didn’t bother preparing for the date. Deodorant is as cheap as Sh 100 and you can get gum for as little as 5 bob, so you have no excuse to smell bad. 

4. They are in a hurry If your date is in a hurry and keeps pestering you to finish your meal so that they may leave, then let them go. Set them free and continue to enjoy your meal, after all they have more important things to do than talk to you right? There’s no point putting up with such conduct. Sit and enjoy your meal and wave them goodbye.

5. Tells you what to order – First things first if you choose a venue make sure you can afford it. You cannot ask someone to choose what they can eat based on what you think. If you will make them choose then they have a right to walk away from the date. Unless there was prior communication on the financial situation in which case a change of venue would do. 

Top Five High Fashion Female Models

In a seemingly cut throat industry, unique looks,  beauty and the body will take you places your school certificates will not, and  I stand to be corrected on that. Designers keenly study a models body before she is put to work.

Cosmetic companies are also not left behind either as they want someone who can make their product shine. Unlike clothes designers, cosmetics companies source for models with a certain bone structure depending on the type of makeup being advertised. Jewelry is a wide scope so the designer may choose a different set of models to market different products.

Below is a list of some of the best fashion models we have around. Some of them have done runway, commercial  and print adverts for both local and international brands  like the Swahili Fashion week, Nairobi fashion market, Zanzibar fashion festival etc.

Deliah Ipupa – Image/Deliahfacebook
sandy joan
Sandy Joan – Image/Sandyfacebook
Claudia Tindah- Image/Claudiafacebook
Maureen Theo – Image/Maureenfacebook
Knicco Hodge – Image/Kniccofacebook


Five Africa Cup of Nations facts

Five Africa Cup of Nations facts ahead of 2015 tournament in Equatorial Guinea:

Former Ivory Coast star Laurent Pokou is the only player to score five goals in a game. He scored once in the first half and another four after half-time in the 6-1 Group A rout of Ethiopia during the 1970 tournament in Sudan.

Tunisia will make a 12th consecutive appearance at the tournament this year in Equatorial Guinea, but non-qualifiers Egypt hold the record with 14 straight showings between 1984 and 2010 that delivered five titles.

Group D rivals Cameroon and Ivory Coast have clashed seven times in previous tournaments with the Indomitable Lions holding a distinct edge having won five of the matches and drawn the other two.

Former Egypt midfielder Ahmed Hassan is the only star to win the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award twice having got the nod in 2006 and 2010 after helping the Pharaohs win those tournaments.

Only two nations have lifted the trophy without conceding a goal — Alain Gouamene of the Ivory Coast kept five clean sheets in 1992 and Alioum Boukar of Cameroon was unbeaten in six matches 10 years later.

Photo Credits : AFP