How to keep fit while in self isolation

In a bid to stop Coronavirus from spreading companies have asked employees to work from home, while schools have been shut.

For the gym enthusiasts, brace yourself for tough times ahead as gyms are also closed.

Here are ways you can still keep fit within the house:

1. Homebased workouts
YouTube is here with us. With a few clicks, you can stream simple indoor workouts which range from 3-10 minutes. Wake up early in the morning and do a few exercises before beginning your days’ work. They don’t have to be vigorous workouts. Always stay fit.

2. Reduce food intake
People have the luxury to eat from home and this requires utmost discipline. People are buying in a panic mode and it’s no wonder fridges are full to the maximum. Limit yourself to eating badly. You don’t want to end up obese by the time this Coronavirus is gone. Avoid sugary foods and too much wheat.

3. Avoid working in bed
With the kids being at home, working in your bedroom may be the best option to avoid kids’ drama. This may be a health risk factor to your back. Buy yourself a working table and make use of it. It allows for a better sitting position for those who work for long hours. You might end up booking that orthopaedic appointment soon.

4. Limit social media usage
Social media usage has a lot to do with mental health. Much of your time might be consumed doing private surfing and social media handles are the most viewed sites. Reduce the temptations to always be in WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and much more. You need to remain sane in these hard moments. In place of surfing, you can play indoors games with your kids and beloved wife.

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The role of cardio exercises in your fitness regimen

Cardio exercises make us burn lots of calories and speeds up our metabolism.

They are the best and easiest way for fitness and full body health.

Aerobic exercises include swimming, cycling and even running.

Picha inayohusiana

Other importance of cardio exercises include;

Weight loss

When you engage your body in such activities you are likely to burn a lot of fat. Aerobic exercises is the easiest for weight loss as the whole body is engaged in the activity.

Trainer shares the simple workouts you can do at the office

Blood sugars regulation

Regular exercises helps in regulating insulin levels. It also help in the reduction of blood pressure

Boosts flexibility

It can boost your flexibility as your muscles are involved. The best remedy is to get engaged in regular yoga classes. They also strengthen your bones hence prevent bone breakage which is likely to lead to disabilities and falls.

In Pictures! These Male Celebrities inspire Us To Hit The Gym With Their Workout Selfies

Reduces fatigue and body pains

At times fatigue comes as a result of not resting adequately. It is important to workout once in a while to freshen up your body and muscles. At times you might feel pains especially back and chronic pains. Swimming and stretches can help you to get over such pains instead of medicine. It will also help you to improve your mood and remain active all day long.

Easy to do and access

You don’t need to invest money to buy equipment. The advantage s that you do not need to go to the gym, you can workout at home. It is also not costly as it is your body that is involved hence you do not need to buy anything.

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10 Best juices for your weight loss journey

It isn’t easy to decide what foods to let go of when you embark on a weight loss journey.

One thing that many diet experts encourage us to consume is juice cleanses, that don’t contain the extra sugar others have.

Homemade juices that combine leafy green vegetables and certain fresh fruits can add essential fat burning vitamins and minerals to enhance your diet and boost metabolism without adding a lot superfluous sugar.

The following list represents the best of the best when it comes to veggies and fruits with juice that contains essential ingredients for a healthy diet. Of course, restricting calories and maintaining an active lifestyle are the main components for weight loss, but combing any of the following juices is a great way to supplement a diet and fast track yourself to a healthier body.

  • Grape Fruit

Keeps hunger at bay and speeds metabolic rate to help burn fat faster. If you’re buying grapefruit juice, however, it’s important to make sure the juice isn’t loaded with additional sugar, which will derail your diet.

  • Kale

Feeling sluggish? Toss some kale into the juicer. Kale makes a great add-in for your homemade juice because it’s packed with B-complex vitamins, which actually help you derive energy from other nutrients

  • Celery

If you thought that it couldn’t be a beneficial veggie, think again. Celery juice is actually a great post-workout add-in because it’s a good source of natural organic sodium, which replaces the electrolytes you lose when you get your sweat on.

  • Cucumber

Not only is cucumber water delicious and refreshing, cucumber is a natural diuretic, so it’s perfect if you’re looking to shed that last couple of pounds of water weight.

Low calorie diet can reverse type 2 diabetes for at least two years

  • Romaine

I know what you thinking, juicing lettuce? Trust you me you may never know until you try it out. The darker the lettuce, the more nutrition packed, and the chlorophyll found in romaine juice fights anemia and boosts energy.

  • Watermelon

Is the new workout regime killing you? Then watermelon juice will help you out. Trust me you will love it and it works magic.  According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the amino acids found in watermelon helped to reduce muscle soreness in their test group of athletes.

  • Coconut water

Coconut water is a great way to add sweetness to your juice without blowing your diet. It increases your metabolic rate and acts as a diuretic, making it healthy and delicious. Just make sure you add unsweetened coconut water and not coconut milk, which is packed with calories and nowhere near as nutritious.

  • Spinach

My mom always pressured me to always eat my greens and mostly spinach, then I didn’t know the benefits until recently. Spinach is one of the most densely nutrient-packed veggies around. It’s got A, B, C, E, and K vitamins as well as iron and potassium. Its cleansing effects on the digestive system make spinach the perfect juice for a pre-diet detox.

  • Carrots

Raw carrot juice is full of antioxidants and phytochemicals, which help with the regulation of blood sugar. If you’re prone to midday crashes that lead to doughnut cravings, try a carrot juice-based drink; it could help pep you up and keep you on track. Also carrots helps with your eyesight so do not neglect the nutritious vegetable.

  • Ginger

As much it may be bitter and disgusting as some may say, this tiny vegetable is way more nutritious than you thought. A little ginger goes a long way. In addition to spicing up your fruit juice, ginger is packed with potassium, which helps build muscle and can even aid your body in breaking down carbohydrates.

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Stressed with your big tummy? Here are some solutions

At times it is uncomfortable for ladies especially to have a big tummy but as usual, everything has a solution.

Here are some of the workouts that you can do to solve that problem.

 Sit-ups. Lie on your back with your knees bent stretching your arms out to the front. Use your core to lift yourself with a swift movement raising your head, shoulders and upper back off the floor without moving legs. Repeat this till the impact is felt in your upper abs.

Planks. The core is engaged and feet hip-width apart. Lower your left and right forearm on the floor lift your body with your back flat. By doing this your tummy will reduce with time.




‘Imma Stay Thick’ Kate The Actress assures fans after concern over weight loss

Keep your spine neutral and hold for 30 seconds and repeat till effect is felt. You can do both high and low.

Kicks. Lie flat on a mat on your back. Your palms should be facing down. Engage your core and raise both your legs in a straight line and raise them above the floor. Raise your legs up and release them down and make sure they don’t reach the ground. You can move the legs right and left and make sure your body is intact to the floor and your feet should not touch the floor at any point. Repeat this as many times as possible.

Lilian Muli talks weight loss after welcoming healthy baby boy

Cross crunch. Lie down with your right hand behind your head and your left arm stretched to your body with palm facing down. Raise your left knee and crunch over to your left side until your elbow touches your left knee engaging your core. Repeat the same procedure on the other leg doing the same process. Repeat the exercise over and over again.

Donkey kicks. Kneel down on the floor, place your right and left palm facing down the floor with your back flat. Raise your left leg backwards stretched out as high as you can. Switch legs from left to right over and over again till the impact is felt.

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5 celebrities over 40 with amazing beach bodies


From Jennifer Lopez to Julie Gichuru, these women over 40 prove that you don’t have to fade when you hit that age.

They religiously hit the gym, all the while encouraging us to put in the work.

They even tell us how they are able to find time to hit the gym, yet we know they are always busy making the benjamins.

Check out my list of women who’ve been drinking from the fountain of youth.

  1. Anne Marie Burugu

She appeared on CNN in 2018, saying skydiving has helped her fully be in control of everything. She also inspires through her hashtag #365 challenge.

annemarieburuguyogapose2. Jane Mukami

The Kenyan fitness and nutrition coach has helped many with her detox programs on her social media and blog. Have you ever tied her ten day detox program?

Kenyan fitness expert Jane Mukami

3. Ashanti

Part of Ashanti’s workout program involves hitting the gym with singer Ja Rule, and trainer. Weight training, cardio and running are her thing.

RnB singer Ashanti

4. TLC’s Chili

Chili of the girl group TLC, works out 4 days a week with her personal trainer Luis George.

Chilli does strenuous leg and upper body work including:

  • Leg extensions
  • Leg presses
  • Lunges
  • Calf raises
  • Push-ups
  • Dumbbells
Usher’s former girlfriend

5. Jennifer Lopez

Her ripped body is all the evidence we need that we should all go to the gym.

“I am 100 per cent convinced that working out is part of what makes me so happy,” she told Hello!.

“Dance has always been a huge part of my life and taking the time to move my body and do something that’s so good for me is key to my happiness. And I really believe that when you take care of yourself and work to stay healthy, you’re better able to take care of those you love. So working out is definitely a priority for me.”

Jennifer Lopez

Tallia Oyando’s body will make you hit the gym ASAP (Photos)

Not only is Tallia a fitness junkie, she’s also a dancer and singer.

She’s known to take her fitness and workouts seriously and her body just screams goals!

Oyando’s fans are kept up to date with her regular posts on Instagram of her lifting weights and going about her fit life.

Here are some of the photos she shared on social media.



Grace Msalame truly is fashion goals (Photos)

Tallia is also known to have a great sense of style.

And her outfits are always on point.



talia oyando7

talia oyando 8

‘Thank you’ Avril pens letter to fan who helped her fight separation anxiety

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Keeping fit meet Maina Kageni’s fitness trainer photos

Classic 105 FM presenter, Maina Kageni is a fitness guru and his health and lifestyle can tell it all.

Fitness has become a very important lifestyle to both men and women.

‘Kitambi zii’.

This days been seen with a belly is an embarrassment and both women and men try to hide it off or pay expensively to go to the gym to look lose the fat and weight.

A while back, Maina was talking about fitness in his morning show and said women don’t like frumoy looking men, men who have let themselves go.

Actually, they don’t even like walking next to you.

“It’s a sign of irresponsibility because he is out of shape, and it is a disgusting thing to look at. Do you ever wonder what your wife looks at when you take off your clothes? Yuck, Yuck Yuck…” Maina said.

Well it seems Maina is still on the fitness journey and he is now helping his fans and followers by sharing and showing off his fitness trainer on social media.

Kuleni kwa macho.


“Ladies and gentlemen, this is my fitness trainer Alvin. He’s the best at what he does and he has tailor-made programs for both women and men (yes, just look at the both of them. Chema chajiuza!!).”

Check out his photos







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The 7-Minute Workout That Targets Belly Fat

When it comes to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), the pros definitely outweigh the cons. While it may feel unpleasant to push your body to go faster and harder for that short time period, the rewards are worth it: HIIT helps you blast more belly fat, save time, and burn way more calories (even after your workout is long over) than a lower-intensity workout alone. A recent study published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal found that a few minutes of training at almost your max can accomplish all of this in way less time than a traditional workout.

Here is the list of top exercise targeting belly fat according to Pop Sugar Fitness experts

1. Jumping Jacks
Warm up your body with a vigorous stint of jumping jacks. Do these for a total of 30 seconds.


2. Wall Sit
Stand with your back against a wall, placing your feet about two feet out in front of you. Feet should be hip distance apart.
Bending your knees, slide your back down the wall until your knees are at 90-degree angles. Your knee joints should be over your ankle joints, so you may need to inch your feet further from the wall to create proper alignment. Don’t let your knees fall in on the midline of your body or sway outward.
Hold for 30 seconds.


3. Push-Up
Start in a plank position, with palms spread out evenly and your shoulders over your wrists and legs out behind you. Pull your belly button in, and keep your back straight.
As you lower and exhale, bend your elbows outward to the sides. Hold at the bottom before you raise back up.
Do as many reps as possible in 30 seconds.


4. Crunches
Sit on your mat and bend your knees, planting your feet on the floor. Put your palms behind your ears.
As you exhale, pull your abs in and lift your upper body. Inhale as you lower back down.
Keep your chin down to keep your neck from straining, and make sure your ribs are aligned with your hips.
Do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds.



5. Squats
Stand with your head facing forward and your chest held up and out. Place your feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider. Extend your hands straight out in front of you to help keep your balance. Sit back and down like you’re sitting into an imaginary chair. Make sure your head stays facing forward, not down (focus on something in front of you to help), and that your upper body faces forward as well, bent slightly forward. Rather than allowing your back to round, let your lower back arch slightly as you descend.
Lower down so your thighs are as parallel to the floor as possible, keeping your knees over your ankles. Press your weight back into your heels. Keep your body tight, and push through your heels to bring yourself back to the starting position.


6. Chair step ups
Find a step, a bench, or a sturdy chair that when you place your foot squarely on it, your knee is at a 90-degree angle or larger.
Step up 20 times, leading with the right foot, then the left, bringing both feet completely onto the bench. To return to the starting position, lead with the right foot to step down to the floor, then the left, until ending with both feet on the ground. Switch legs, and start stepping with the left foot for 20 steps.


7. Triceps Dips
Position your hands shoulder width apart on a secured bench, a stable chair, or your mat.
Move your bum in front of the bench with your legs bent and feet placed about hip width apart on the floor.
Straighten out your arms, and keep a little bend in your elbows in order to always keep tension on your triceps and off your elbow joints.
Now slowly bend at your elbows and lower your upper body down toward the floor until your arms are at about a 90-degree angle. Be sure to keep your back close to the bench.
Once you reach the bottom of the movement, slowly press off with your hands, and push yourself straight back up to the starting position. Repeat as many times as you can for 30 seconds.


8. Plank
Lie face down on the floor, or face your mat on your knees. Place your palms so that your shoulders are aligned with your wrists close to your head.
Push off the floor, raising up off your knees onto your toes and spreading your fingers and pressing down with your palms. You can also try resting on your forearms as shown.
Contract your abdominals and pull your belly button in to keep yourself up and prevent your booty from sticking up. Hold for 30 secs


9. Lunge
Keep your upper body straight, with your shoulders back and relaxed and chin up (pick a point to stare at in front of you so you don’t keep looking down). Always engage your core.
Step forward with one leg, lowering your hips until both knees are bent at about a 90-degree angle. Make sure your front knee is directly above your ankle, not pushed out too far, and make sure your other knee doesn’t touch the floor. Keep the weight in your heels as you push back up to the starting position.
Repeat for a total of 30 seconds.


Photos courtesy: Pop Sugar Fitness

The ultimate 6-pack guide

You’ve been obsessing over your abs for almost two decades. That ends now. Because we laid out one of the best ab workouts for women to kick those elusive buggers out of hiding. Finally.

Why’s this plan so effective? Because it hits your entire core—not just your ab muscles but the muscles that support the spine—from all angles with a variety of moves that challenge your stability, balance, and rotational strength

1. First, Focus on Total-Body Strength Training
Your first stop on the train to six-pack town should actually be total-body strength training since more muscle means lower levels of cortisol (a hormone related to stress), more stable blood-sugar levels, and better carbohydrate management. All of this means a leaner tummy for you. Include two 35-minute sessions every week, hitting as many of your major muscle groups as you can: legs, back, chest, shoulders, and arms (biceps and triceps). While you can mix up which exercises you do, a good place to begin is the workout detailed below.

2. Then, De-Bloat Your Diet
At the end of the day, a great deal of the progress you’ll see depends on your diet. Fat loss really does come down to a slight reduction in calories, but here are a few other key moves to focus on:

– Eat lean protein paired with slow-digesting carbohydrates (such as turkey and sweet potatoes or egg whites and vegetables). Do this every three to four hours to stabilize your blood-sugar levels.
– Eat brightly colored vegetables at least two to three times every day to give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. Include both raw and gently cooked vegetables to optimize nutrition.

3. Finally, Start a Cardio Habit
When done properly, cardio can help you max out your fat-burning potential—so you say sayonara to the stubborn layer on your midsection.

Yes, interval training helps burn fat. However, the vast majority of women respond best to steady-state cardio at the right intensity. Steady-state cardio burns almost as many calories and just as much fat as interval training—and you don’t get the side effects that often come with interval training, like hunger and fatigue. The sweet spot for most women is 70 to 80 percent of their theoretical max heart rate. This is the range where cardio feels good and challenging but manageable (about a six to seven out of 10, with one being nearly falling sleep on the couch and 10 being sprinting as hard as you can).

-Certified strength and conditioning specialist Holly Perkins, founder of Women’s Strength Nation, and author of Lift to Get Lean.

5 Essentials For Finding Yourself Again After Pregnancy

You may have dreamed about it your entire life; or you may not have thought anything of it before. Perhaps it came easy; or you had to fight for it. Maybe you weren’t planning it at all. Whatever the circumstances, it’s here. You’ve become a mom. YOU ARE MOM. And, if you are like most moms, you love it. It’s wonderful; but what about the times when it’s not? What about the times you wish you could go back to your “old” identity? The answer is simple: You can; you just have to find her again. She is there, hiding behind baggy eyes, stretch marks and spit-up stains.

Here are five essentials for finding yourself again after pregnancy and becoming a mom.

1. Gym membership
How predictable, right? Wrong. This gym membership is not for your physical self; it’s for your mental health. Sure, losing that baby weight and getting healthy can boost your confidence and physically help bring back that girl you were before; however, by getting yourself a gym membership, you are doing so much more. Once you have that membership card in hand, you have your ticket to the lost land of ALONE TIME. Getting out of the house is hard once you have a baby; mostly because you don’t want to leave all that cuteness coming from the human you worked so hard to create and keep alive. However, alone time is vital. By having a gym membership, you are giving yourself an excuse, if you will, to get out and focus on yourself. While running on the treadmill you can clear your thoughts, mentally plan next week’s menu (it has to be done!) or simply listen to something other than lullabies.

2. Get out
Don’t feel like you are a prisoner in your own home. Your baby will be OK and even enjoy a walk around the block, taking a stroller ride around the mall or tagging along as you visit friends. Being confined can be breeding grounds for negativity, loneliness and often depression. You and your baby will both benefit from getting out.

3. Friends
Do you even have any friends left? Yes, they are just waiting for you to show signs of life. Get out with them. Nothing will make you feel like you are closer to who you once were than those you feel most comfortable around. Make time for them. Chances are, they are just waiting for you to be ready. Not only will being with them rejuvenate and inspire you, but it will remove any possible guilt you may feel about neglecting them (even though you aren’t; you just had a major life change!). It should also be noted that your husband is one of those friends you should not neglect. Don’t forget about him. You are not the only one that just became a parent. Make a weekly or even monthly date night with him. It is easy to get wrapped up in your baby; that’s what makes you a good mom. But be careful to not forget that you have other people in your life that you need and who need you.

4. Beauty routine
Stick to it. Maybe you never wore a lot of makeup or worried about your hair before you had a baby. That’s fine. Just try to stick somewhat to the same routine you had before, even if that just means washing your face nightly or plucking your eyebrows every once in awhile. If you like to go to a salon and get the full package, do it as much as time and funds allow. You are important. It’s amazing how great it feels to get a fresh haircut, manicure or even a massage. You don’t need to worry about going all out; simply do similar things to what you did previously.

5. Self-reflection
Write in a journal. Meditate. Do whatever you need in order for you to discover yourself. After all the advice of getting a gym membership, hanging out with friends/spouse and getting out, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to accept that you are never going to be who you were before; at least not completely. And, guess what — that’s OK. Self-reflection will give you the insight and quite possibly the foresight on who you are now after your pregnancy and becoming a mom. You can take parts of the girl you used to be, along with who you are as a mom, and accept the amazing person you have become.


8 Tips On How to Work Out When You’re Pregnant

Exercising during your pregnancy has great benefits – it can help prepare you for labor and childbirth and lift your spirits – but you need to approach working out with extra caution. Whether you’re a regular exerciser looking to continue your regimen during pregnancy or a former couch potato looking to get moving, follow these 8 rules to keep you and your baby safe.

1. Check with your healthcare provider first
If you exercised regularly before getting pregnant and your pregnancy is uncomplicated, you can most likely continue working out as before, with modifications as noted below. In some cases it’s not okay to exercise during pregnancy, though, so talk to your doctor or midwife about your fitness routine to make sure your activities don’t put you or your baby at risk.

2. Take in extra calories
Exercise burns calories, so make sure to eat well to help nourish and strengthen your body. While you’re pregnant, you’ll naturally gain weight as your baby grows. The amount you’ll need to gain will vary based on your pre-pregnancy weight.

If your body mass index (BMI) is in a healthy range (between 18.5 and 24.9), you’ll need to eat 300 or so more calories a day than before you were pregnant – and probably more than that if you’re exercising. If you’re underweight or overweight you may need to gain a little more or a little less than someone with a healthy BMI and adjust your calories accordingly.

Your doctor will monitor your weight as your pregnancy progresses and can help you figure out how to keep your weight gain on track through diet and exercise.

3. Steer clear of dangerous sports
Avoid contact sports, as well as activities that might throw you off balance, such as horseback riding, downhill skiing, or mountain biking. Regular cycling early in your pregnancy should be okay if you’re comfortable on a bike, but it’s probably best to stick to stationary or recumbent bikes later in pregnancy.

Even if you’re normally graceful, keep in mind that during pregnancy the increased levels of the hormone relaxin, which relaxes pelvic joints in preparation for childbirth, loosen all ligaments and joints, making you more susceptible to sprains and injury from falls.

4. Wear the right clothes
Wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing. Dress in layers so it’s easy to peel off a layer or two after you’ve warmed up or if you feel too hot. Make sure your maternity bra offers enough support, and choose athletic shoes that fit your feet properly and offer good support. If your shoe size has changed because of mild swelling, stash away your pre-pregnancy sneakers and buy a new pair.

5. Warm up
Warm-ups prepare your muscles and joints for exercise and build your heart rate up slowly. If you skip the warm-up and jump into strenuous activity before your body is ready, you could strain your muscles and ligaments and experience increased post workout aches and pains.

6. Drink plenty of water
Drink water before, during, and after exercising. Otherwise, you can become dehydrated, which can cause contractions and raise your body temperature, sometimes to levels that are dangerous for you and your baby.

7. Keep moving
Standing in one place for prolonged periods – as when you’re lifting weights or doing yoga poses – can decrease blood flow to the uterus and cause blood to pool in your legs, making you dizzy. Keep moving by switching positions or walking in place.

8. Don’t overdo it
Don’t exercise until you’re exhausted. A good rule of thumb: Slow down if you can’t comfortably carry on a conversation. In general, the best guideline is to listen to your body. When something hurts, that means something’s wrong, so stop. You should feel like you’re working your body, not punishing it.

-Baby center

Reasons why you should exercise as a couple

There are a number of physical and emotional benefits associated with couple workouts. They boost passion, synchronisation and a supportive spirit between couples. Throw in some endorphins and you have a real power boost in your relationship.

Here are the five most important benefits of working out as a couple:

1. Stay motivated: When you feel demotivated or lazy, your partner can boost your morale and get you moving. Research suggests that getting onboard a health and fitness plan with your partner increases the chances of you both sticking to the plan and achieving your weight loss or fitness goals.

2. Try new things: You might be into strength training, while your partner might be a yoga fan. Embarking on a workout plan with your partner offers you the chance to learn many new things. You can take up a fitness activity of your choice for a month and let your partner choose one for the next. Acroyoga is an activity that might interest both of you as it involves performing traditional yoga poses in pairs. It involves intimate and challenging routines that help improve flexibility, balance and strength.

3. Rekindle the passion: A healthy competition between you and your partner may be the best way to reawaken the excitement in your relationship and boost your libido. Training together and setting new challenges can be a great way to make things exciting between the two of you again. It can help you change the dynamic of your relationship to rekindle the passion it needs.

4. Enhance the efficiency of workouts: Research suggests that even the presence of another person affects your ability to perform an activity. Having your partner workout with you will make you feel more competent while doing an exercise and could help boost your speed and energy output.

5. Strengthen bond between partners: Couples that workout together have testified that exercising together has helped them feel more grounded and enabled them to start focusing on other important aspects of their life together. Supporting and motivating your partner to stick to a long-term fitness plan will bring the two of you closer

Woman Finds Love In Her Female Fitness Trainer After Divorce

A woman who piled on four stone (56 kilogrammes) in the aftermath of a divorce has shed the pounds – and found new love with her female fitness instructor along the way.

Tina Lessiter, 38, became overweight and unhappy after the breakdown of her seven year marriage in 2006.

Her weight climbed to nearly 18st as she fell into habits of eating junk and convenience food as a quick fix to make her feel better.

Having struggled with weight gain since childhood, she decided to seek out a personal trainer after years of unhealthy habits left her lacking in energy and unmotivated.

Ms Lessiter said: ‘I’ve always been big. I can’t remember a time when my weight didn’t fluctuate. ‘When I split from my husband in 2006, things rather spun out of control. I’d happily eat an extra-large bar of Galaxy chocolate all to myself.’

She was introduced to personal trainer Gemma Mullinger, 26, last year when she joined a gym for the first time, and the pair soon became close friends. Miss Lessiter said: ‘I thought of her as a great mate and it hadn’t crossed my mind to be with someone of the same sex.

‘We went on a night out together as friends and by the end of the evening we were a couple.’


Full story:

Natural remedies for swollen feet and ankles

Edema is the swelling of ankles and feet.

These can be signs of an underlying medical condition like kidney infection, blood pressure, congenital heart disease, pregnancy etc.

But sometimes its due to minor conditions caused by walking for long distances, exercises, pregnancy, wrong foot wear etc.

You may be overlooking solutions right in your house.

Tonic water can be used to reduce the swelling because of the quinine it contains.

Soaking your feet in warm water and then massaging them with ointment will also help.

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Would you dare work out in heels?

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Photo courtesy of

There are two things women are almost guaranteed to wake up with after a night out dancing in high heels: sore feet and at least one twisted ankle.

But did you know you could also wake up with a more toned bottom and slimmer thighs?

For while the effect of high heels on women’s bodies is widely thought to be negative – stilettos are known to cause everything from joint problems to bunions – fitness fans are increasingly claiming that they are actually the secret to a sculpted physique.