People recall their worst first dates in hilarious online thread

First dates can be romantic whirlwinds filled with candlelit conversations, nervous first kisses and butterflies in the stomach.

But these Reddit posts show they can also be excruciatingly awkward evenings that can’t end quickly enough.

People from around the world took to the online forum to share stories of their worst first dates ever – and they’re sure to leave you reeling.

One person described how their date turned up and suggested breaking the ice by completing a tax return form together.

Another told how he was set up on a blind date by a friend, only to discover the woman he was meeting was already in a relationship.

‘A friend set me up with a girl he knew,’ he wrote. ‘She was cute, funny, smart, everything you hope for in a blind first date. After spending a good part of the day with her, we end up at this frozen yogurt spot.

‘We talk for a bit and she mentions how much fun she had today. Then she says how much her boyfriend would like this spot and that we should all hang out next week. Never asked that friend to set me up ever again.’


Another unlucky-in-love poster told how he was left on his own after his blind date ditched him for someone else halfway through the evening.

Others shared how they had struggled to make conversation with their date.

One person said: ‘Went to watch Doctor Strange with my crush, I was excited. Went there, didn’t even order popcorn.

‘Whole movie she played with her phone and didn’t know what to talk about even when I tried to come up with topics. Watched whole movie in silence, it was awkward and my crush on her diminished.’

Another compared their first date in a coffee shop to a job interview as the conversation seemed rehearsed.

She wrote: ‘Literally we sat across from each other at a table at a coffee shop. He did not order a drink, and he fired questions at me like it was a job interview. Then he ended the date after a half hour. But he texted me later wanting to see me again. I guess I made it to the second round of interviewing?’

Others were put off by their date’s apparent lack of self-awareness.

‘The guy spent the entire time talking about himself and his accomplishments and never asked me a single question about myself,’ one woman wrote.

‘We finished our meal and I said that I had to go home. When I got home, he texted to see if I wanted to go out again. I declined. He then continued to text me long strings of insults because I didn’t love him.’

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Relationship expert reveals the five uncomfortable questions to ask on a first date

The dating game can be emotionally brutal – particularly if you find yourself suddenly single in your 30s and getting acquainted with divorcees and partners with kids.

To adjust to your new normal, social commentator Kerri Sackville recommends asking your date five questions from the get-go to determine whether they’re right for you.

From asking about their previous partners to outlining what’s important to them – no topic is off limits, Whimn reports.


Who are the most important people in your life?

While they may rattle off their parents, best friends or kids – sometimes the follow up question of ‘why’ is even more telling. This question allows you to assess how good the other person is at forming close relationships.

This would tend to be the type of question which would open them up to speaking about the people they aren’t close to.

So if they have an estranged connection to their parents they may scoff at your mentioning of them and explain where things went wrong.

What do you want from a relationship right now?

You’ll want to know clearly from the outset how emotionally available your potential partner is.

They may say they’re only looking for something casual at the moment or alternatively admit they’re ready to settle in for the long haul.

This is your chance to see whether your own ideas about where the relationship is going are the same.

If they differ you’ll only encounter problems later down the track, so it’s important you’re honest with each other from the outset.

firstdates couple-1

When did you break up with your ex-partner?

Kerri makes it clear that most men will actively avoid talking about their ex-partner so early into the relationship, but it’s imperative the conversation is had.

‘Some men join dating sites before they have even moved out of the family home. And many are less than scrupulously honest about when they split from their wife,’ she told Whimn.

‘A man whose wife of 25 years left him three weeks ago is unlikely to be emotionally available. And a man who is still living in the family home hasn’t even started the process of separation. Ask the question, and then make an informed decision.’

How do you feel about your ex? Are you still in contact?

If your partner’s demeanour darkens as soon as you bring up their ex it’s ‘saying he’s still not over her,’ Kerri reasoned.

Most times it’s expected there will be some kind of outburst at the mere mention of her name – rather than a probably more truthful ‘we just grew apart.’

But if they begin crying at the table in front of you it might be worth determining whether starting a new romantic relationship is the right move. 

When do you see your kids?

If you’re on a date with a divorcee who has an agreement with his ex-wife about custody, it’s worth checking how often he spends time with their children.

Not only does it give you a general idea of how often you’ll get to see each other, on a deeper level is opens up a conversation about his family values.

Things To Avoid Doing On A First Date

The worst thing that can happen of your first date is embarrassing yourself by putting on something totally inappropriate.Your date will judge you from the first impression you give, and that is why what you wear or how you wear it matters a lot. The Standard

What to wear to dates is a discussion everyone questions. With unpredictable fashion trends in the market, what not to wear should be the concern when you want to impress your date.

What to wear to dates is a discussion everyone questions. With unpredictable fashion trends in the market, what not to wear should be the main concern when you want to impress your date.

Don’t let your first date attire ruin your chances for a second date. What you wear is the perfect opportunity to present who you are before you say a word. To win your date over with captivating style, consider the location, time of day and weather as these factors will weigh heavily on your attire choice and stay away from our top five things you shouldn’t wear on a first date.

Too much make up

I agree make up makes the face look fabulous and stunning, but too much of it can make you look like a clown. Apply makeup with moderation, you do not want to embarrass your date. If you can’t moderate, then be natural, it’s best to be yourself.


Dress right for the weather

Do not wear shorts, a trunk t-shirt with ray bun shades during cold weather or wear a trench-coat and a scarf in the scorching sun. On the same note do not do heels if you cannot walk comfortably in them.

This will spoil your date. Remember we are doing first impression.

Avoid high heels.

Do a test before your date, if you can’t walk normally in them, leave them at home.



Branded clothes

That branded t-shirt or cap that was given on your company’s retreat is not something your date would love to see you wearing on a date, it will spark a different conversation especially if it is your first date.

You do not have to break a bank to look good. Try out monochromes dressing or color matching for great.

For ladies try dresses and avoid too tight dresses.


Sports outfit

Sports outfit looks great on a sports occasion but not on a date, sport gear makes you look less serious on a date. Wear jeans or a suit if you can afford one and you do not want to look like a joker on your first date.

Sport outfit makes you look like you were not prepared for that date.


Huge purses.

They make you look high-maintained which makes guys think you’re an expensive date blahblahblah, not fair but true.

Some may fear even handling you for that first date.


Don’t wear flip flops

This is one of those pieces that expands past the dating dont’s list, and more into the every day dont’s list.  If there’s one wardrobe piece that’s a total no-no, it’s the flip-flop. Unless you’re on a sandy beach for a tropical place, get those heel-smacking sandals out of here.





Relationship Goals! This Is The BIGGEST MISTAKE Women Do On The First Date

Once a man is in love with a woman, he will definitely want to know her better. That means a date will be involved in the process.

Ladies, you might be carried away by his looks or voice or the one thing makes you go koo koo. But one thing stands! There is that one big mistake women make on the first date. You ask what?

7 Things You Shouldn’t Do On A First Date

Ladies tend to tell the man almost everything about them. My point is, DO NOT tell a man everything you like on the first date. By doing that, you give this man, that you barely know, treasure map to your heart. He will do everything you like and you on the other hand will never come to know him (Until its too late.)


Singer Dela Reveals If She Would Date a Younger Man, And How Many Kids She Plans To Have In The Future (EXCLUSIVE)

Let the guy think about it, and by that I mean you should be mysterious. Let him think deep of what you like, let him think what he could buy you as a perfect gift. If you tell him you love chocolates, he will definately shower you with lots of them. You will get that until he gets what he wants, then he will give you what he really has to offer.

So slow down. don’t tell him everything, make him wonder about it.


Stop It Girls! Here Are 5 Habits To Avoid On A First Date

As they say, first dates are usually very important between a couple because it’s the very first time they get to meet and talk to each other.

So, how do some ladies get it all wrong to the extent that a second date never shows up? Here are six habits to totally avoid on your first dates girls.

1. Talk less
Even though first dates are meant for you to know each other better, also try not to reveal too much about yourself. Keep some information about yourself so he’ll be curious to know more about you. For example, personal stuff about your family or your finances should be kept out.

2. Ordering too much
Do not try to eat like it’s Christmas on your first date or bring a third party along. This shows you care less about the guy’s feelings towards you and all you care about is how much he can afford.

3. Playing with phones
Avoid touching your phone while on your first date. It’s disrespectful, to say the least. Even if you see something interesting on social media, make sure to share with your dates so you both can laugh about it together. If you have to use your phone, why not take him a picture and post online, tag him!

4. Time conscious
Stop looking at your watch or asking for the time during your first date! It’s so rude. You are not even disrespecting the guy, but you make him feel like planning the meeting was completely irrelevant and maybe he should not have made the effort.

5. Bad table manners
Imagine yourself digging your nose, biting your nails, farting or dragging your nose during first dates… disgusting! Completely avoid talking about vomit or that smelly gutter on your street.. Especially if the date involves dinner on a table for two.

6. Avoid “swallows”
Even though we are Africans, please avoid ordering for food you need to use your hands to eat them such as soup, ugali etc. They are not bad but it could get you in trouble or even ruin your make up.






Pulse Ng

Shy and Going On Your First Date? Here Are 6 Tips To Make It Less Awkward

Do you have that one friend who always seems to have an easy time while out on a date? I mean that person, guy or girl, who never experiences that weird silent pause in between conversations,  or who can comfortably sit across the table from a stranger, crack a joke and the date gets it?

You wish you could be like that right? Well, Relationship expert April Mansini has tips that she claims will guarantee shy people breeze through a date without breaking a sweat.

The tips have been published on sheknows recently. Here are six tips:

1. Bring a prop

No, not like a sword or light saber (though to each her own) but think: an interesting book you’re reading or a souvenir you picked up on a trip. “A prop is a great icebreaker, because it alleviates the pressure to be a great conversationalist,” Masini says. “For instance, if you know his birthday, cut out the horoscope from the local paper, for both of you, and bring them to dinner to read to each other. This is a fun way to break the ice and get the conversation going.”

2. Plan a date around a common interest

Anyone can have dinner together, but unless you’re both seriously into a specific type of cuisine that will spark conversation, you may want to plan a date that incorporates your shared interests. “For instance, if you’re dog lovers, take your dogs for a walk in the park as a date,” Masini says. “Talking about your dogs is a great way to cultivate a common interest and a jumping off point for other conversations.”

3. Cook together

Instead of sitting next to one another at a restaurant and waiting with bated breath for the waiter to arrive with your plates, Masini suggests making dinner together as a great way to break the ice. “You can do the shopping together as part of the date, then go to one of your homes to prepare the meal,” she says. “Choose something you can both participate in cooking — duck à l’orange may be too complicated to co-cook — but a Bolognese sauce with pasta isn’t.” Taking a cooking class could be a safe alternative if you’ve never met and don’t want to invite a stranger into your home.

4. Take a class that does half of the work for you

Young children learn about others and the world around them through parallel play, and the same concept can work wonders on a first date — plus, it puts the pressure off of you. Masini recommends going to a painting class or a ceramics studio as a date so that you can do something separately in a parallel play model. “You’ll have the event to do together — whether it’s painting, sculpting or painting ceramics — and you can talk about what you’re doing as you’re doing it,” She says. “Some of these classes will make some wine and snacks available, which smoothes the rough edges of a bumpy first date.”

5. Group events

There’s safety in numbers and feeling the presence of other friendly couples might make you feel more at ease on a first date. “A restaurant where you’re seated with 10 or so others where you can enjoy the chef making all your food at once, can be a lot of fun — especially if you’re seated with other couples, both new and established,” Masini says. “Not only does it break the ice between you, but you’re perceived as a couple by others you might chat with at the table, and that reinforces the date dynamic between you.”

6. Active dates

Forgo static dates like dinner or coffee meet-ups for those that will force you both to move around, expend energy, laugh and discuss what you’re doing. Masini says shopping trips work because you can chat about what you’re seeing, looking for and buying — and you get the advantage of getting to know each other’s taste, as well as how they handle money. If you’re sporty, try  skating, shooting hoops or organize another sport with a few friends.


First Date Mistakes That Prevent You From Getting A Second Date

You went on a date had fun and was hoping that you could have many more dates ahead. But after the first date, no invite for a second meeting came through. It’s not the first or second time this has happened to you and it’s now becoming a concern.

Here are reasons why you don’t get a second date:

1. Talking About Yourself Too Much – Talking about yourself too much is a huge turnoff. It makes you seem narcissistic and caring less about what your date thinks or cares about. Talking about yourself can make you seem arrogant or egotistic. If you want to build a connection, do as much listening as you do talking.

2. Not Asking The Right Questions – You want to get to know the other person, but don’t make this seem like an interview. Only ask questions you would want to be asked yourself. If you think the question would be annoying or pointless if someone asked you, then don’t ask your date.

Try to stay away from bland, one-dimensional questions that won’t foster conversation. Use questions as a way of getting to know your date in a way that will be fun and enjoyable for both of you. To spark good conversation, ask questions and talk about things that are of interest to your date.

3. Not Listening – Regardless of whether you are genuinely interested in what your date is saying or not, act like you are. You would think being polite and appearing attentive is intuitive and fundamental while on a date, yet many people get lazy and overlook it. Try not to let yourself get distracted when your date is talking. Make sure to keep eye contact when your date is speaking, and never interrupt. If your eyes are wandering around the room, it will make you seem uninterested. This will make your date uninterested as well.

4. Not Being Genuine – Don’t say things just to impress your date. If you lie or otherwise mislead your date to make yourself look good, your date will see right through it. The best way to impress your date is to just be yourself. Sincerity is one of the most attractive qualities in people. Allow yourself to be vulnerable by telling the truth and being honest with your date. Bragging or being insincere will have a negative outcome.

5. Poor Body Language – Body language is just as important as what you say, if not more. In fact, some studies have found that up to 70 percent of charisma and connection people feel is due to physical rather than verbal communication. The way you smile, make eye contact, laugh and even your posture will have a significant impact on the vibe of the date.

If you are slouching in your chair, you will seem unconfident or uninterested. If you are yawning, you will seem bored. If your arms are crossed, you’ll appear closed off or cocky. Present yourself in a confident, yet not over-confident manner. To do this, stay engaged, sit up and relax.
-Jay Newfield