Here’s How To Stop Fighting

Fighting (non physical) is part of every healthy relationship. Disagreements and arguments every once in a while are not unusual but can become problematic if the parties involved don’t know how to fight fair. 

It is possible to fight and still maintain peace within the relationship. Here’s how;

1 Be defenceless – Instead of fighting your partner and raising your voice against each other. When both of you are angry it’s best for at least one of you to keep calm. It will allow for rational thinking as opposed to having two petrol bombs together because the explosion will be massive.

2. Listen when your partner is upset – It will help have a clear understanding as to why your partner is angry. Talking back as they explain why they are pissed will only make things worse and there will be no communication. Listening allows you to be rational and will also create an environment where the angry partner will feel like they matter.

3. Take responsibility for the offence and apologise – Accept your fault and apologise then move forward. It will simplify things and avoid the back and forth blame game. However explain why the issue arose and why you reacted the way you did for purposes of clarity.

4. Stand together and attack the misunderstanding – Instead of fighting each other, deal with the issue at hand. Attacking each other will not help make things easy for anyone.

Woman curses out at boyfriend after a break up (video)

Break ups will always hurt no matter how simple or how complex they are.

In a viral video that shows a woman slapping and cursing at her boyfriend, it makes you wonder why one would want to get physical after a break up.

However in this case after what seems to be a nasty breakup, the guy send out a text to show the world that they have overcome this issue.


The authenticity of the text cannot be confirmed.

Police shoot dead suspect and arrest 8 in Mandera clashes

Police on Tuesday morning shot dead one person and arrested eight others in Rhamu area of Mandera County where fierce inter-clan fighting continues to be reported.

This brings to two the official police figure on the number of deaths reported so far.

Mandera County Commissioner Alex Nkoyo said the slain man was found with an AK 47 rifle and ammunition believed to have been used in the fighting.

He was shot after resisting arrest at his home.

Police were conducting a raid on homesteads to flush out armed militia.

Meanwhile over 1000 people displaced by the fighting face an acute shortage of supplies and emergency medical assistance, after the Kenya red Cross suspended some of its humanitarian services.

The move by KRCS followed an attack on one of its ambulances which left the vehicle’s driver seriously injured.