My Dad Returned My Bride Price After My Cheating Husband Slapped Me In Front Of Him

A young married lady shocked many when she sought some marital advice on social media after her husband allegedly assaulted her. Wait for this, in front of her father, yes his father in law.

All this she says was because she took her husband’s phone, went through it and warned one of his mistresses not to ever text or call him. She says her husband’s reaction might have been either because her actions irked him or the side chick told him something else.

Her husband upon learning the whole thing walked right up to her, shamelessly slapped her twice in front of her dad and this angered the dad who punched and fought him, before his son who was present bundled him out.


She went ahead to narrate that her angry dad threatened to disown her if she did not leave the abusive marriage, and to make matters worse, he refunded her daughter’s bride price just to show that he was not playing around.

Her now remorseful husband was on his knees begging her not to leave him and the whole fiasco has left the battered lady in limbo.

Read her post below.

My husband slapped me in front of my father,right in his face he landed me 2 slaps and my dad punched him and fought him. He did not fight back he was just holding my dad ,before my brother came and bundled him out.
People might want to know what I did ,
I took his phone and warned one of his side chicks never to call him again,he go upset and could not wait for us to get home ,or maybe the side chick told him something else and he just came to beat me up .
My Dad has threatened that if I don’t leave that marriage he will disown me .
He put my bride price in an envelope and asked me to give it back to him while my brother follow me to go pack my loads back home .
My husband has been begging,who do I listen to .

Read some of the comments she received.

  • ogechi_jay: Listen to your father. That your yeye husband is not only disrespectful to you and your family but does not have sense. I am sure you don’t want to live with a senseless man all the days of your life!
  • samueldora298: Better quit now that u r still alive n in one piece
  • toniareal: For now follow your Dad,because what your husband is height if irresponsible, everyone temper is still very high which is normal but don’t pack all ur things but pick a few things you need in this trial time and be prayerful and advice your husband to do the needful by sincerely apologized to ur father if possible with his family because the issue has pass intimacy and lastly for your own good and ur life, don’t pick nose in ur husband affairs if you cannot control ur temper, men are what they are but through prayer and submissive we will all conquer…. Those demon called side chick are in for a mission and can ho any length to conquer please don’t give them chance again and be greatful to God always.

Five Things You Should Never Say During A Fight With Your Partner

Every couple will have arguments and disagreements every once in a while, but that doesn’t give one the right to be rude or mean.

People often say things when angry and that is why it’s always advisable to take time out and calm down before talking to your partner.

With that in mind there are some things that no matter how angry you are, you should not say to your partner.
Here are some of the phrases that you should never ever say during a fight.

‘All this is your fault’ – It’s common to want someone else to take the blame when things go haywire. Unfortunately it doesn’t solve anything as in most cases it will be a back and forth of who did what and who didn’t do what. In the long run no problem will be solved. Instead of trading blame simply find a way to resolve the issue amicably by talking calmly. Say something like — “I felt like you ignore my sentiments and I didn’t like the way you responded, I should have said something”. This shows that you have taken responsibility for your part in the mistake.

‘You always do this’ – Saying this shows that you have been keeping track of the mistakes from previous times and haven’t forgiven. Instead you should try this approach “I would like this matter to be sorted differently unlike how we have been doing it before” and then state why you think it didn’t work previously.  This will prevent going around in circles.

‘I want space/break’ – In as much as you may not mean this, it may actually end your relationship and it’s one of those statements that are hard to take back. If you accidentally say it, offer an apology immediately but know that it’s not a guarantee that your partner may want to hear of it.

‘You’re such a coward’ – This is mostly common with women and if it slips out be sure it will take a lot more than an apology because you just bruised someone’s ego. This will also put a man on the defense and it might turn into a name calling situation which you don’t need. Just say things from where you stand and how you see it without having to call out your partner.

‘You need to talk to me right now’ – There are various reasons why people don’t like talking when they are angry and it’s best to let them cool off. While your need to get answers may be important, expressing yourself in a demanding matter will not get you anywhere. Go and cool off then come back and have a decent conversation.

How To Fight Smart With Your Spouse

Fights don’t have to turn into something else they can always be resolved in calm ways with the issue at hand being settled and not having to go at each other. There are smart ways to fight and then there are destructive ways to fight. Destructive fights can lead to the downfall of a marriage. There are ways that you can have a smarter fight and save the relationship as well:

Remember that your partner is your best friend – Sometimes it can be hard to feel that way, especially when he is the one that you are mad at. There is a bond that married couples have that gives them not only a relationship but a deep friendship as well. When a fight comes around remember that he is the one that you can talk to about anything and everything. Even though you are fighting right now you will make up and get through it just as best friends do when they fight.

Keep eye contact -. This will let them know that you are listening to their concerns. Eye contact will build intimacy even when you are fighting.

Decisions – At the end of the fight, even if you still land on completely opposite sides, you need to feel good about the decisions that were made or the compromises that were proposed. If one person ends up with feelings of resentment after a fight another one is likely to follow. They will feel as though their issues are unresolved.

Be prepared for some give and take – One spouse cannot always have it their way. This will also lead to feelings of resentment. The other spouse will feel as though they don’t matter and their feelings are not worthy. Everything is about give and take and there will need to be compromise from both sides.

Keep calm – When an argument starts do not immediately go into yelling and screaming matches. Be playful and still have a lighthearted demeanor. The more intense that you are during a fight the worse it will be.


Estranged couple fight over son

There was drama at Moi Hospital mortuary in Voi sub-county when a grieving mother went berserk after finding her estranged husband attempting to sneak a coffin intended for their son’s remains from the mortuary.

The Tuesday afternoon drama momentarily paralysed activities at the mortuary as Perine Ogot, the child’s mother made a scene after she found her husband and his friends carrying an empty coffin pretending there was a body inside.

The discovery drove the mother wild as she screamed and threatened  her husband  and his friends  who fled from the scene.

Speaking to KNA at the mortuary on Tuesay, Ogot accused her husband of attempting to take over the burial plans for their 8-years – old son yet he had failed to provide for the family for the past three years.

She claimed that he had secretly conspired to sneak the body out from the mortuary so that he can bury it quickly to avoid questions on where he had been when the child had been struggling with the chronic pneumonia that killed him.

“He cannot come here and attempt to sneak the body of our child out of the mortuary yet he has been gone for three years. He has been living large in Mombasa and neglected our son when he was alive. He should not be concerned now that he is dead,” said the teary mother.

According to the mother, the husband had further planned to take the body for burial at a public cemetery. He had acquired a burial permit and had a grave dug at the Voi public cemetery but these plans were opposed by the mother on the grounds that the family had a home where their children should be buried.

“We can’t just go and bury our son at a public cemetery amongst strangers as if he has no home. We have a home and land where he can rest in peace,” the mother stated.

Her husband had reportedly attempted to get child’s body, but was however informed by morgue attendants that the mother had ordered that the body not be released.

In a bizarre move, the husband’s friends went into the morgue and emerged carrying out a coffin that appeared to have a body.

Ogot and her two brothers blocked the coffin and demanded to see the body inside. In the process of pushing and shoving, the coffin collided against a car door and tumbled on the ground revealing an empty interior.

The women started wailing and screaming forcing the men to flee from the scene leaving two of their colleagues to collect the coffin before hightailing out of the mortuary compound.

The driver for the vehicle hired to carry the body drove off hastily insisting he would not carry the body for fear of a curse.

“They are mocking my dead son by attempting to fool us that they are concerned about him now that he is gone,” said the distraught mother as other women attempted to comfort her.

She further alleged that the dead child had been crying as he lay in the morgue, lifeless for three days saying it was an indicator that he is unhappy with the tug-of-war between the parents.

“I have seen him and tears are still coming out of his eyes. He is very unhappy with how he is being treated ,” she alleged.

She added that the body will remain in the mortuary until the husband agreed to have their son buried at their ancestral home in Werugha, Wundanyi sub-county.

– The Star

Curious elephant calf sent spinning through the air in mismatched fight

This is the moment a young elephant was sent flying after unwisely attempting to intimidate a huge buffalo bull.

The over-confident calf was among a herd of elephants refreshing themselves at the Spekboom lagoon in Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa when the mature buffalo walked towards the water to join them.

While the adult elephants seemingly paid little attention to their new drinking partner, the calf was clearly put out by his presence – charging towards him in the bizarre hope that his tiny frame would somehow scare the massive buffalo into leaving the area.

Needless to say, the bull wasn’t intimidated in the slightest and casually waited until the young elephant was within striking range before shoving him with his huge horned head. The poor calf was thrown several feet into the air before crashing back down on to the South African savanna.

The whole sorry incident, which took place in March this year, was caught on camera by local wildlife guide Conrad Cramer.

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US flight diverted due to passengers fighting over reclining seat

A United Airlines flight made an unscheduled landing after a fight erupted when a man stopped the passenger in front of him from leaning her seat back, the airline confirmed Tuesday.

The scuffling passengers were let off the plane in Chicago. The two were not arrested but face possible fines.

The flight, which had originated Sunday in Newark, New Jersey, continued from Chicago to Denver, its destination, arriving more than 90 minutes late.

The fight ensued when a passenger trying to lean her seat back was thwarted by the man behind her, who was carrying a Knee Protector – a device that makes it impossible for the seat to recline.

The woman complained and splashed water on the man during their argument. The incident was confirmed to dpa in an email Tuesday from a United Airlines spokesman.

The 22-dollar device is forbidden by all US airlines, according to NBC News.

“We do not allow customers to use devices that prevent seats from reclining,” the United spokesman said.