Singer Fena Gitu opens up about her dating life in cute way

Fenamenal aka Fena gitu honestly has the best answer for dating. In a QnA with fans, she opened up the door to any querie her folowers may have about her asking ‘Ask me anything’

One fan asked ‘Are you dating?’ And Fena responded in a way that suggested so many things. She could be and she could not be dating.

Fena circled the first three dates of February on a calender and left it that way.

For her music career, Fena said she has something coming up with Otile Brown saying ‘In the works Otile Brown’

Another question Fena was asked included ‘what would you tell a young girl who just lost purpose of life?’

Fena assured that ‘wow. I’d say life is a never ending journey of finding yourself and your purpose. No one really has it all together, we are only human to feel this way. Especially when you feel like you’ve lost the way…waswahili husema ‘kupotea njia ndio kujua njia’. You will be ok.’

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Mtarudi Tu! List of Kenyan celebrities vacationing in the US


While many of us are slaving away trying to earn a living, others are enjoying nice moments vacationing in the US.

Here is a list of famous Kenyans who are currently in the States.

      1. Maina Kageni: The Classic 105 host jetted off for his birthday festivities, leaving us envious of the good time away from work. Maina turned a year older on June 29th, and several day later shared videos jetting off to Miami where he owns a home.


2. Fena Gitu: The singer has for several weeks left us envious showing just how she parties with friends in the US.

Meanwhile Fenamenal has  released a new EP titled ‘Black And Gold’ out on all streaming platforms.

3. Nonini: The Godfather of Genge is in the US, where he regularly vacations.  He has been updating us that he attended his first ever American wedding and the excitement that comes with it. He has also hit the stage in Seattle performing for an adoring crowd.

Anyway as Kenyans like to say ‘mtarudi tu’. We are having major envy as they stay warm.

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Fena Gitu’s new song “Siri” raises new questions about her fans say

Fena Gitu has for a long time been the subject of speculation when it comes to her s**uality, a topic that she has preferred to not speak about.

But it seems that the singer might be ready to court controversy with her new song, “Siri”. The song itself is very innocuous-sounding, the thing that has raised eyebrows is the music video for it.

Fena Gitu

In the song, the video features a love arc that features two women who are initially attracted to each other but are trying to not act on that compulsion.

But in the end, the two women act on their desires and end up having a night of sapphic pleasure as Fena belts out the tune of “Siri” in the background.

Fena Gitu with Patel
Fena Gitu with Patel

For those not as prolific in Swahili as me, the word Siri means, a secret. In the song’s context, Fena is arguing that the outside world shouldn’t know what business happens between two consenting adults.

Fena Gitu’s innocent post about her gf raises questions about her sexuality

The subject of lesbian and gay rights is a touchy issue in Kenya with our laws considering the acts as illegal and punishable by statute.

Fena Gitu
Fena Gitu

The song elected the expected reaction with many Kenyans lauding Fena for releasing a song that celebrated lesbian love.
Others asked whether the singer was finally coming out of the closet? Some of those comments are below:

TYGO Is Fena coming out of the closet with this one or am i just trippin

Sabrina Young Finally!! a bedroom song for the ladies ☺🤭🥰

bluejay painkiller Hakuna siri we’ve always known hunny and we are cool with it#you ain’t the first so si big deal

christine kathurima @Fena Gitu, thank you for representing us🌈🌈.Such a dope soooong.

This song comes barely a week after Bien posted an image of the band with their significant others and Chimano went viral for the person posing next to him..

Sauti Sol with their significant others
Sauti Sol with their significant others

The star later explained that he had had a few issues while growing up but he never knew what they were. Check out the video below:

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Are you dating Timmy Tdat? Fena Gitu speaks about marriage

Fena Gitu is one of the few femcee’s in Kenya who has blazed a trail for herself and showed that she isn’t just a flash in the pan but someone to contend with.

Her success has come with certain expectations with one of her fans even wondering when she would be settling down? As with many cultures, people expect the same life path for all…Yes even in these ‘modern’ times.

Fena Gitu smiling
Fena Gitu smiling

Speaking in an interview with a local radio station, Fena was asked when she would get married.? Interestingly enough, Fena herself didn’t have an answer for that question also wondering aloud why she hadn’t settled down yet?

Fena Gitu’s innocent post about her gf raises questions about her sexuality

This comes after a fan asked why there weren’t any invitations to a wedding. “Swali ni mbona hatuiti harusi hatumsikiii kwa mambo ya malavi davi bana kunani kuliendaje? kamuulize kwani Kuna kitu na Timmt T Dat?” asked one the fans.

Fena Gitu looking dapper

“Hamnanga maswali zingine by the way. Hizo ni za polisi. Nimeulizwa hii swali miaka nyingi pia mi najiuliza hizo maswali mafans wanauliza Nitaoa lini” said Fena.

Asked what she looked for in a partner she disclosed that the only quality she looked for in a person was to be God-fearing. The presenters also asked the rapper about her travelling partner for her recent Bali trip.

Fena Gitu posing
Fena Gitu posing

Fena was coy with her answer saying, “Nlikua Maraundi tu, swali tu ni ujue nlikua kwa raundi zangu na marafiki zangu wenye si lazima ujue,” responded Fena.

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Fena Gitu’s innocent post about her gf raises questions about her sexuality

Fena Gitu is under the spotlight by some Kenyans about a certain Instagram post of hers. The message that is attracting a lot of attention is one in which she wishes a happy birthday to her friend Niyati Patel, the Co-Founder of Marini Naturals.

Fena Gitu with Patel
Fena Gitu with Patel

Her long post read;

Whether we are running for our lives, or towards our destinies, we’ll do it side by side @niyati.patel10. through thick and thin, you have been loyal, kind and true. always there to call out my stupid ideas and pat my back on the great ones. all the inappropriate jokes that only we can handle 🤣 all the fun, adventure, laughter, tears, deep wisdom, your random facts about shit, your calm and gentle soul. i love it all. i pray that this new year brings you an abundance of it all… love, joy and blessings tenfold for being such a blessing to us. friends are chosen family and i will keep choosing you because #ikneadyou bunny ❤😻🐾 happy birthday niya!

Fena Gitu with Patel
Fena Gitu with Patel

Patel responded to Fena’s sweet message.

@fenamenal babbbbyyyyyyyy.. the part of random facts nearly made me cry. you noticed my random facts. hahahahah.. thank you for such a beautiful message. your love, support, friendships are soooo appreciated. i love you so much and i am so blessed to have you in my life. absolutely no one can replace you! 😘

The post was inevitably targeted by some busybodies who felt like they needed to air some of their opinions. Most of the cynical comments were assumptions about Fena’s sexuality.

Fena Gitu with Patel
Fena Gitu with Patel

Some of those comments are below;

sophykiwuyo; Wamlambez
wajidoh; What a waste
awikonyang_privatedeveloper; Just when makena is trending then boom perfect timing
kid_dekah_looks; Naona leo umeamua kutuonyesha manzi yako. Amezoza lkn👌😁
kennethmkenya; Your chic is cute may jah bless your union 😁😁 fenah 🇲🇸🇲🇸
brian_meshack; @fenamenal na uchunge iyo relationship yako isikuwe kama ya shakes makena

Fena Gitu meets Raila Odinga and she goes crazy!

But Fena was having none of their nonsense and told many of them off. What do you think about the post and the resulting furor?

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Fena Gitu meets Raila Odinga and she goes crazy!

Fena Gitu acted like a giddy teenager yesterday. What could have made the normally calm and easy-going rapper get all bubbly? A meeting with one of the most powerful people in Kenya.

Fena Gitu meets Raila Junior
The rapper meets Raila

The man in question is Raila Odinga. The two met on a Kenya Airways flight that they were both on, yesterday. She even joked on her Instastories that her fans should now address her differently following her brush with “real power”.

Fena Gitu meets Raila Junior
Fena Gitu meets Raila Junior

She wrote,

Baba while we were away… 😎🇰🇪 For a few hours in my lifetime, I sat next to one of the most powerful men of our time. What a humbling, dumbfounding… Mind blowing experience. 🙏😭 Na kwa hayo machache, I think it’s now safe to say birthday season is FINALLY officially over… on a very high note ❤ More life, greater heights, more blessings. ❤ Sasa, Huduma number tunachukulia wapi? @railajunior1 super photobomb 😅

Fena Gitu meets Raila Junior
Fena Gitu meets Raila Junior

Raila Junior was also on the same flight as the two and photobombed Fena’s picture with ‘Baba’. The politician and his son were in West Africa for a three-nation tour to discuss the continent’s infrastructure agenda.

Fena Gitu meets Raila Junior
The rapper meets Raila

The African Union envoy met DR of Congo President Felix Tshisekedi, Niger President Mahamadou Issoufou and Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo ahead of the AU Special Summit scheduled for July 2019 in Niger.

Fena was in Accra, Ghana for the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards where the award for African artist of the year award was won by Burna Boy.

Fena Gitu posing at the Awards show
Fena Gitu posing at the Awards show

This is not the first time that two famous Kenyans have met on the same flight. Moses Kuria had the fortunate (or unfortunate) luck of being on the same Dubai-bound flight with Miguna Miguna after the latter was kicked out by the Kenyan government.

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She Doing Her Ting: This Is The New Deal Fena Gitu Has Landed

2018 has definitely started with a bang for Fena Gitu. Many artistes are always afraid of launching new songs in January, but that doesn’t apply to Fena.

She recently released a mega tune dubbed, ‘Trouble’ and so far it has been receiving positive feedback from her fans.

Well, that’s not the only thing that she’s celebrating. February has started with blessings pon blessings for the celebrated star. Fena has just landed an ambassadorial deal with a top natural hair product line.

She has been working with them for a while now and it was about time she was made an ambassador.

Fena Gitu/ Instagram

She took to social media to express her joy writing, “Wait till I get my money right…” 🎶🎶 What better way to kick off #TROUBLE2018 than by making it official, pen to paper, Marini Naturals Brand Ambassador. 😎 I’m a proud, natural, African super talented dread-head woman. I will continue to represent @marini.naturals to the best of my ability respectably, and keep supporting and rooting (see what I did there?) for your growth all the way. 💝.”

Check out the photos;

Fena Gitu/ Instagram

Fena Gitu/ Instagram

Fena Gitu/ Instagram

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New Body, Who Dis? Fena Gitu Is Serving Sauce While On Vacay (Photos)

2017 was definitely Fena Gitu’s year. She shook the music industry with a bang, releasing hit after hit. She has worked with some of Kenya’s finest like King Kaka, Mayonde, MDQ, Kagwe Mungai, Blinky Bill among others.


She also got the opportunity to curtain raise for international artistes like Jidenna, Tekno, Wizkid among others.

Well, one thing we love about her is her style. It’s sophisticated and quite unique. She chooses not to dress up like most celebrities and prefers to go for the much simple and comfortable clothing.


For someone who rarely wears dresses or skirts, it’s hard to see their figure, but Fena is one blessed lady. She took to social media to share photos of her in a bikini having the time of her life in the sandy beaches of Mombasa.

Many people have never seen her in a bikini because she’s always chasing that paper.

Well, check out the photos below;






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‘I Was Happy When I Received A Special Message From Lupita Nyong’o’ – Fena Gitu Narrates

Fena Gitu has taken the music industry by storm ever since she released her latest jam, ‘Doing Her Thing Tho’. She went ahead to give certain women a shout out for their marvelous work and doing everything they can to make things work for them. It’s basically an anthem for the women and we have embraced it fully.


In the song, she mentions, Lupita Nyongo, Edith Kimani, Victoria Kimani, Victoria Rubadiri and Huddah Monroe, as she gives them props for working hard and staying true to themselves.

In an interview with Buzz, she revealed that she actually got a special message from Lupita and she couldn’t keep calm.


She said, “I was happy when I received a special message from Lupita Nyong’o after she heard my song. She sent someone to deliver the message and I hope one day I will meet her. I also mentioned Victoria Rubadiri in the second verse and I just like the way she presents herself. She is very classy, simple in a nice way and she seems like such a mice person. It was a good addition. The two Kimani’s who I also mentioned in the song (Edith and Victoria) are doing their thing and they were very supportive when they heard the song.”

She also went ahead to narrate to Buzz the kind of treatment she received during Omarion’s concert as she was performing on the same stage as the international superstar. She stated that when the star arrived, there was a lot of commotion backstage to a point she couldn’t get access back to her tent to get her stuff.

fena 2

She said, “Event organisers should accord local artistes respect. During the Omarion concert that was held recently, I had to let my frustrations known. There was a lot of commotion backstage when he was ushered in, everything changed. Artistes on the lineup were not allowed to go back to their tent to get their stuff including me. I was frustrated because I was at my own concert which I had performed and I should have been allowed to go back to my tent. This was not the first time it happened and I’m pretty sure it will not be the last one. I hope in the Wizkid concert there will be order. For me there is a certain courtesy you extend to an artiste who is performing at that kind of platform.”