Hilarious! Kenyan Men Reveal Why Their Fathers Can Never Say “I Love You” To Them (AUDIO)

Dear men, has your father ever told you that he loves you, and if not, have you ever told him those three words and how did it turn out?

Well, today on the morning conversation, Larry Asego revealed how his father recently told him that he loves him, something that he has never done in his life.

According to Larry, his father is the typical kind of African men who do not believe in some cultures like men going to the kitchen or cooking, or telling their children; “I love you.”


This is what he said;

Yesterday my dad sent me a text message telling me that he loves me. I was so shocked and taken aback, that I had to call my siblings to ask them if he had told them the same thing, and apparently, he did.

In my entire life, I have never heard my dad say those three words because he’s a typical African man, who doesn’t believe in such.

Then, I called my mum and told her about it, and she just laughed.

So, let me ask you, has your father ever told you that he loves you? And have you ever told your dad that you love him, and if yes, how did he react?

According to Mwalimu King’ang’i, African men never say this three words.

Male listeners called Larry and all of them confessed that it was a hard off for their fathers to tell them such words, with some saying that fathers back in the day, were very strict and others even considered it a taboo.

Listen to the audio below as Kenyan men talk about this rare show of affection from fathers.