‘I look forward to when I will be called daddy,’ Willis Raburu talks on fatherhood

Media personality Willis Raburu has been under pressure by fans to get a child with his wife Mary almost three years after they got married.

The couple, who prefer to keep their private life under wraps has ignored critics.

In an interview with Word Is  Raburu said,

“One of the greatest things my wife has taught me is to be happy at whatever state we are in.

So we don’t really pay attention to pressures.”

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Willis Raburu with his wife Prudence Raburu
Willis Raburu with his wife Prudence Raburu

He added that,

“However, I will say this, society does put a lot of pressure on people to bring forth children and it’s okay.

But we all have to be sensitive to people’s feelings because you never know what they have been through or are going through.

We must, therefore, articulate our desires with a dose of sensitivity.”

The 10over10 show host said he is ready to be a good father.

“I am looking forward to the day I will hear a little angel call me daddy.

My father has taught me so much and I have had such an example from him.

So I am eager to one day build on that with the help of God to be the best father I can be,” he said.

Raburu married his better-half in a private wedding ceremony in May 2017.


Churchill comedian Karis’ son is all grown (Photos)

Churchill comedian Karis has been flaunting his son on social media and we couldn’t help but admire how adorable he is.

Karis and his partner welcomed their son in December 2018.

Despite being in the limelight Karis has opted to keep the identity of his baby mama private.

In a past post, Karis hinted that he was avoiding mentioning her name to avoid ‘competition’.

Happy mothers day dear, you gave me this beautiful gift of a baby boy…. Sitakutag juu ya mafisi na wambea 😀😀😀😀😀😆😆😀😆😀😉

Karis 'partner
Karis ‘partner

Hijab looks you can borrow from Lulu Hassan and Jamila Mohammed

Below are photos that have left most of us wondering where Karis had been hiding all these baby sitting skills.





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Below are comments from Karis fans which will leave you in stitches

iam_tonny_: Eeeh kwanza midomo siulizi ni ya nani… Kameachilia ile design ya Wambilianga 😂😂😂😂

afri_queen3: You have the cutest baby ever, Mashallah 🙏🏼 & his always happy💯💯

energy_254: anapiga smiro identical dna confirmed mzito🙌


loadappp:  Hizo ni short fired while tipsy 😂😂😂😂

sandra_kates_lopez: Akikohoa uitike uache kukua allogant

_scoffie: @kariscomedian na usiweke mtoto matuta,ntafunga yo kiosk na ni fungue ingine next..Nky..😁😁😂😅 big up boy..nice blessings

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Exclusive: Daddy Owen opens up on how he bonds with his son

Daddy Owen is a trend setter when it comes to creating good music, but not much is known about his relationship and his fatherhood roles.

Speaking exclusively to the Star Owen shared what fatherhood means to him and some of the things he does to bond with his kids.

She never showed up on our wedding day only to resurface carrying another man’s baby


He says

“Fatherhood is ok,everyday I learn something new from the kids,You know being a parent helps one understand better the struggles our parents went through when we were young.

Being a father also makes one understand things they could not understand before.

I ALWAYS   drop my son to school every morning ,this is despite the fact that the school offers an option where one can pay for transport when paying school fees.

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Technology has taken over,instead of them spending all their time in the house playing video games we take long drives

That’s one way for us to bond and know whats going on in his life its very important to me ,on weekends we also take long  drives alone.”

Daddy Owen and his wife Farida Wambui
Daddy Owen and his wife Farida Wambui

Larry M Gibson man once said that

“Everyday you are teaching your children what it means to be a father.You are laying a foundation for the next generation.Your sons will learn how to be husbands and fathers just by observing the way you fulfill these roles.”

Going by the above statement Daddy Owen is unknowingly setting a foundation for his sons,In a world where morals have been thrown out of the window he is standing by what he believes in.

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In an earlier interview the musician who welcomed his second born in July 2018 narrated how he almost lost his son after the umbilical cord went round his neck.

Daddy Owen and his wife Faridah
Daddy Owen and his wife Faridah

Speaking about it he says

“Just before booking the hospital for delivery. The doctor told us to go for a scan because my wife said she was in pain, yaani kama labour pain, yet her due date was not near.

We went for the scan and the results [showed] that the cord was around the baby’s neck… Thank God my late dad told me that pregnancy matters need to be planned [for] in advance, so I was ready financially. Farida was forced to go through emergency delivery five weeks before her due date.”

The doctor said for a very long time he has had such cases, and those kids ended up dying. I was so stressed about losing my son. I decided to ask the doctor what the reason could be, and he said there is no documented reason.”

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8 Benefits of being an active father

Being an active father in a child’s life is very important. While providing for your child is important, spending time with your children is also very crucial. Gone should be the days where men would either work all the time and during their free time they are enjoying beer with their friends all along ignoring an active role in the family because they are bringing home the bacon.

A father may choose to engage in activities such as joining a sport with his son or daughter, making routine lunch dates where he and the child just get to talk and share, volunteering or finding a hobby that he and the child can participate in.

According to research published in Fatherneed: Why Father Care Is As Essential As Mother Care for Your Child, one of the most critical stages a father plays in a child’s life is between the age 11/2 – 31/2 years old. Why is it prudent that a father plays an active role in his child’s upbringing?

1. Children with active fathers have less behavioral problems such as substance abuse, mood swings, emotional problems. Whether the father lives at home or he visits and is involved in the child’s life, he will have less problems as compared to a child with no active father.

2. According to Swedish researchers regular positive contact with a father reduces criminal behaviour especially among low-income families.

3. An active father also enhances cognitive skills such as intelligence, language development and reasoning.

4. According to Dr. Anna Sarkadi from the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health at Uppsala University, Sweden children who have positively involved fathers achieved better levels of education and develop good friendships with children of both sexes.

5. A child with an involved father has also been described as having a higher self esteem, self control, social competence and also empathy.

6. Children with involved fathers learn the importance of positive parenting first hand and will more often than not be there for their own families.

7. A child whose father is involved in his/her school activities is said to be at a lower risk of dropping out and will most often perform well.

8. An involved father also eases the burden of parenting from a mom. If it is a boy who is afraid to question his mum regarding changes going on in his body he can always run to the father instead of getting advice from his peers.

Chris Brown is a dad!

Chris Brown is a father to a nine month old baby, TMZ has reveleaved. Chris fathered the baby with long time model friend Nia.

The 31-year old model has known Chris for several years as it has been revealed. According to sources Nia and CHris are not romantically involved but they are on good very good terms.

The baby also looks a lot like Chris Brown. Check out the photo below;


Photo courtesy: TMZ

Dead Beat Kenya page pulled down as Kiambu MCA case is heard

The infamous Dead Beat Kenya Facebook page has been pulled down indefinitely for the hearing of a case in which a Kiambu MCA sued its creator for defamation.

Ngewa Ward MCA Karungo wa Thang’wa, through a compelling order by his lawyer Ndegwa Njiiru, wants an apology and punitive damages from Jackson Njeru.

Karungo, who also sued the woman who posted his details on the page, also wants his name cleared from it.

Chief magistrate Charles Obulutsa in September restrained Jackson Njeru, Dead Beat Kenya and Dead Beat Kenya Updates, from further writing, printing and publishing statements that are viewed as defamatory.

The magistrate said that Njeru, through his Facebook pages and a woman who claims to have sired a child with the Ngewa ward MCA should not publish any articles that amounts to libel, expose or damage the politician’s character pending hearing of the case.

Njeru created the page a few months ago as an avenue for women to name and shame the irresponsible men they sired their children with.

Read more: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/article-195317/dead-beat-kenya-page-pulled-down-kiambu-mca-case-heard

Dad Took A Picture Of His Son Every Day For four Years

Childhood really can pass in the blink of an eye. Just check out the incredible time lapse video above, which is the result of YouTube user Dumo taking a picture of his son every day for four years.

And props to the lad for being such a good subject in “Picture of My Son Every Day for 4 Years”

“He still thinks it’s completely normal that I take his picture every day, doesn’t even question it, ha,” Dumo wrote in the video description.

Even when time flies, it’s a beautiful thing.