Mike Mondo opens up about his relationship with father 


Classic 105’s Mike Mondo got candid about his father in a rare moment while speaking candidly about why some dad’s can’t leave their job titles at work.


My father was a dictator back in the day. It was his way or the highway, unajua wale walikuwa wanasema if I am right I am right even if I am wrong I am right.

He was a chief scientist, a marine biologist, one of the few in Kenya in the 80’s.

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If you are still stuck at the Marine Scientist bit wondering what that is, read the job description below.

Marine scientists research the sea and study its interactions with its organisms, sea floors, coastal areas and the atmosphere. Marine science is a broad discipline, so many choose to specialise in a particular field such as a particular species.

Quite a job right?

This is a side we haven’t seen of the hunky presenter although he speaks freely about being a father to his adorable daughter.

His background with his father has pretty much what it has to do with how he raises his children.

You know there was time I was in nursing school so even when you get home you feel good and because of the respect you are put on a pedestal and you see when you come hoke you are asked why are you coming at this time eh!

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mike mondo

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Subukia couple resurfaces to lay claim on the late George Saitoti’s son


A man who claims to be the biological father of Prof George Saitoti’s only son has resurfaced seeking a DNA test to prove the paternity of Zachary Musengi Saitoti.

Sebastian Maina Ngunju has been in and out of court over the parentage of Stephen Wachira alias Musengi. In 2013, the dispute was marked as settled after Ngunju and his wife agreed to never lay claim over Musengi.

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The consent read, “An order of prohibition is issued to permanently bar the couple or their family members from contacting Musengi or Margaret Saitoti directly or indirectly in respect of the allegations that they are the parents of Zachary.”

unnamed (1)
DISMISSED: Sebastian Ngunju and his wife Elizabeth Maina at the Milimani law courts yesterday. Image: FILE

But in the fresh documents filed in court, Ngunju through Victor Wesonga advocates says the consent is unlawful as it was entered without his authority and knowledge. They challenged the consent and also appealed unsuccessfully against it.

Ngunju maintains he is the biological father of one Stephen Wachira who is now under the custody and care of Margaret Saitoti allegedly under a different name of Zachary Saitoti.

“I have undergone untold suffering and agony. The ripple effect has also been experienced with other members of my family,” read part of the court documents.

He says his claim to paternity is sound and made from well-founded facts based on investigations by police officers.  He claims that Margaret has three sons all of whom bear the name Zachary Musengi and all of whom have been brought up by her though not her biological children.

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“I have learnt from the police and private investigations that the defendant kidnapped and abducted one Stephen Wachira alias Musengi who is currently under the acre and custody of Margaret. She continues to lay parental claim over my son,” says Ngunju.

Ngunju avers that in order to lay the matter to rest, a DNA should be conducted. The DNA he says will aid court in reaching the final truth and in making a justiciable verdict on the paternity of Stephen wachira alias Zachary beyond any reasonable doubt.

“This case is the only remaining legal avenue available to me to access my son after the previous legal and out of court process attempts to settle the matter was thwarted by Margaret’s interference calculated at denying me and my family access to justice,” he says

Ngunju wants court to declare that he is the biological father of Musengi.  Also sought is an order that they all be subjected to a DNA test to prove biological paternity and that the results be later forwarded to court as evidence.

‘It hurts to think that you are not here’ Ivan Semwanga’s son reminisces

Zari Hassan and Ivan Ssemwanga were blessed with three sons before he died. The business tycoon died in 2017 after being in the ICU for 11 days at the Steve Biko, Pretoria hospital in South Africa

Two years down the line, Ivan’s last born son Quincy remembered the times they spend together in a father’s day message that read;

It hurts to think that you are not here anymore. Although I can’t help but smile with tears in my eyes to think of how we cherished each and every moment of our lives together when you were alive. Happy fathers ‘s day in heaven Dad I love you 💕❤️ @ivandon
Zari Hassan replied to Quincy by writing;

Always and forever 💕

Ivan and son Quincy

Ivan and son Quincy

Ivan, a businessman and a Uganda-South African based tycoon was known for his flamboyant lifestyle as people used to call him the rich gang president.

He was admitted to ICU after he suffered a heart attack. Prior to this, he was known for his posh lifestyle where he owned multi-million dollar mansions, hotels and schools in South Africa.

His other children with Zari Hassan are Pinto and Raphael Junior.

Zari Hassan’s children pen heart wrenching tribute to late dad Ivan Ssemwanga

Zari and son Quincy

Belgian King would rather pay Sh500k daily fine than do a DNA test in paternity case


A Belgian appeals court has ruled that the country’s former monarch, must pay €5,000 (Sh 505, 747) for each day that he refuses to provide DNA in a case brought by a woman who claims to be his love child.

King Albert II, 84, was ordered by the Brussels court to attend an appointment and provide a DNA sample in the presence of a justice official. He will be fined for each day he fails to respect that appointment.

Artist Delphine Boel, 46, has been trying to establish paternity for years and her story has often made headlines.

Albert has never publicly denied being her father but has refused to provide DNA despite a November court order to do so.

If Boel’s case was successful, she would be 15th in line for the Belgian throne.

In November last year the court ruled that King Albert must provide the DNA which came as a surprise after a lower court ruled Delphine Boel could not rely on such forensic evidence to establish paternity.

Boel claims that King Albert II had an affair with her mother Sybille de Selys Longchamps.

The ruling gave Albert three months to provide a DNA sample which would be used to determine if he was Ms Boel’s father.

Boel started court proceedings in 2014 and her lawyer Alain De Jonge at the time said that his client is not motivated by money as she is a member of a major Belgian industrial family worth $1 billion.


Heartbroken baby screams in agony after father shaves off dreadlocks

A baby broke down in tears after seeing his dad for the first time without dreadlocks.

A video shared on Twitter by @aristew, has gone viral.

The 16-second clip sees the adorable baby sitting in a high-chair when his father walks in to show him his new haircut.

As the father says ‘hi’, the baby looks up at his dad and sees him without dreadlocks for the first time ever.

When he realizes his father’s long hair is gone, the baby erupts into tears.

He can be seen cradling his own head while sobbing uncontrollably.

baby scream 1

It is understood that the father of the child previously had his hair styled in dreadlocks, and was unveiling his new trim haircut to his son for the first time when the funny incident occurred.

Taken by a woman, most likely the mother or a relative of the child, the clip then pans over to the side of the room.

As the father of the child enters, the baby can be seen turning his head to look at him.

The man can be heard saying ‘hi’ as the adorable little boy stares up at him.

And although the baby might have initially been looking forward to seeing his father, things quickly changed.

baby scream

Locking eyes on his dad, the adorable little boy realizes that his dad no longer has dreadlocks.

Instead, he is sporting a short, tight haircut.

And when the child realizes that his father has a new look, he isn’t happy about it.

The tiny baby turns his head back toward the camera and lets out a sigh before he holds his head and begins crying.

He then begins sobbing uncontrollably, before turning around to take another look at his dad’s new hairdo.