10 Sizzling Hot Looks By Kobi Kihara That Teaches Kenyan Women How To SLAY

TV personality Kobi Kihara is a ball of sunshine.

Her continence can be attributed to the fact that she is a beautiful soul. She doesn’t fake it.

The media personality always searches for positive vibes daily.

She once advised her fans, on Instagram, “In a world where you can be anything, be kindđź’•đź’•đź’• Stop the hate, the ugly messages and posts, the misdirection of your anger….in the last few days, I have seen so much negativity, its truly sad…here’s some advice if you experience the same….Delete, Block and Keep Spreading Love.”

There you have it.

To go with that beautiful soul is a face to match it.

Kobi is also know for her effortless chic and classy fashion sense.

Here are ten looks I looked up for y’all by Kobi that will teach you how to be a slay queen.

The Color, The Style, The Uniqueness. Embrace Change Without Fear And Get The HAIR That Makes You Feel Comfortable (PHOTOS)

As the saying goes, change is inevitable, and ladies in most parts of the world are embracing the changes in their dressing code from clothes to hair and even make up.

There are many companies that make various types of synthetic hair. Most ladies prefer wearing artificial hair as compared to natural hair since they claim it is much easier to maintain.

Weaves, wigs and braids come in various colors and lengths.

Some ladies prefer having straight weaves that have a fringe so that they may cover their foreheads and they definitely look good. Some ladies have natural long foreheads which to some makes them appear unique but to others it is undesirable.

Image result for rihanna

Whereas most ladies prefer having long synthetic hair, some find short natural hair more attractive. Short, neat well combed hair is much more affordable and easier to maintain. Black or in any other dye colour, it makes one look more natural. It can be simply combed or rolled and waxed into baby locks and accompanied with lines to perfect the look.

Image result for brenda wairimu baby shower

Dreadlocks are becoming trendy with them proving to be the simplest way to maintain long natural locked hair. They need less time to be put in place while at the same time patience is needed for them to appear neat. They can be left hanging or joined to form lines. Some people accessorize dreadlocks with Rastafarian bids as it is believed this culture emerged from their world.

Image result for women with dreadlocks in kenya

Not everyone likes straight weaves.Curly and wavy weaves are becoming trendy with most ladies favoring them and especially those with ‘small heads’ and slim bodies as they believe it makes them  look noticeable and maturer. Well that could just be a belief since even curvy girls still have them well placed and look totally beautiful. They come in many colors to suit each skin type.

Image result for curly weaves

The hair world is going a notch higher when it comes to colors. Aggressiveness and courage are basic in this as not everyone would get to this level. But to most who try it out they definitely give a mouth watering look. Some prefer dyed natural hair while some do colored weaves. Accessorizing the color of the hair with the makeup ensures a perfect look.

Image result for size 8

The hair world is growing at a fast rate with many ideas coming up daily. All you need to do is know what suits you and get the best salonist in town ,your look will be a perfect one. It’s always good to try out new things, don’t stick to the old you even though the fact remains beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Thighs For Days: Janet Mbugua Shows Off Her Sexy And Gorgeous Legs In Rare PHOTOS

Janet Mbugua Ndichu is one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya, not just because of her beauty but her hard work and achievements.

The former Citizen TV news anchor is doing just fine after quitting her job at the media house, to focus on her side hustles and motherhood, and I have to say, it totally suits her.

Janet Mbugua is currently helping mothers and mothers-to-be by sharing her experiences after welcoming Baby Ethan Huru back in October 2015, which has been received well by women and even some men.

Sweet! These Heart-Warming PHOTOS Of Janet Mbugua Spending Quality Time With Her SON Will Melt Your Heat


The TV girl has a personal blog, where she shares her motherhood journey, that includes her struggles highlighting issues that women are afraid to talk about. She shares her stories to encourage others to open up.

Other than that, Janet Mbugua is also currently working as Lifebuoy Help a Child Reach 5 Ambassador, a campaign encouraging Kenyans to regularly wash hands to cut infant mortality.

“NO, YOU ARE TOO PRETTY” Janet Mbugua Reveals Why She Never Wanted To Date Her Now Hubby Eddie Ndichu, And How They Met

Aside from being a working mum, Janet Mbugua is a doting mother who finds time for her son Ethan Huru, and her banker husband, Ethan Ndichu.


The cute couple recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary, and other than the few photos they share on social media, they keep their private lives under wraps despite being in the limelight.

Janet Mbugua is a down to earth woman who hasn’t let fame get to her and keeps everything about her life, decent.

Janet Mbugua Reveals How Some People Find Her Boring Because She Doesn’t Love Drama Or People That Come With It

So recently, she was spotted wearing a black blazer dress, donned with black and leopard prints ankle boots, which revealed her toned and sexy legs.

Janet Mbugua has amazing legs and fashion taste and the comments just tell it all.

missnailantei Stunning
sarahkery7632 Dazzling
gee_msweet That’s an awesome outfit
miskey_abass You are my role model
justinenyambura Looking very pretty
dalma_auma Awesome look
listaz_b_the_first_lady Awwwwwww!! beautiful janet
owittijuliet Legs for days!
edilliakawira Preety lady
shixkapienga Love the look Ma’

Check her below, isn’t she lovely?


Janet Mbugua (right)
Janet Mbugua (second from right)

Types Of Friends You Are Likely To Make in Campus

Bye high school life hello campus life. Joining campus is a major milestone for most young people as it marks a journey towards adulthood but what most people don’t know is that joining campus comes with its own challenges.

Campus is more like a pool that attracts people from all walks of life. With all the freedom that comes with joining campus, one is free to make friends whenever and with whomever they want away from the watchful eyes f the parents. Below are some of the friends you are likely to meet in campus.

1. The Book Worm

This is the kind of friend no one wants to keep. She is considered boring due to the fact that she is always on her books. She finds even the most weird spots just so that she doesn’t interact with other people. If you are looking forward to having a vibrant campus life then this is not the type of friend to keep.


2. The Shopaholic

Shop till you drop is the mantra this kind of friend lives by. A friend like this would rather miss classes than miss a trip to the nearest mall. She always keeps tabs on which malls are offering low discounts on their products and  the irony of it all is that everyone in campus wants to be her friend. Hata mimi siezi mind.



3. The Fashionista

Fashion si ya kila mtu, for most who lack a strong sense of fashion this is the kind of friend to go to. She is always in fashionable clothing and never forgets to do her hair. She does not know what it means to have a bad hair day. Her make up is always in place and she is the envy of many.



4. The Party Animal

What would campus life be without parties? Boring. At least every one in campus has such kind of a friend. She  is always in the know when it comes to partying matters, she never misses any party and is always ready to go for another regardless of weather she’s nursing a hangover or not.



5. The Lone Ranger

This is the kind of friend who doesn’t know anyone in campus. H/she always reject offers to go out with buddies and would rather just sleep or grab a movie. Such a friend is very boring to hang around with. If they have to go to a party/function you literally have to drag her and be sure that they will be very bored.


6. The Funny Guy

Who wouldn’t want a friend that makes them laugh? Campus comes with its own pressures and a good laugh is all we need sometimes. The funny guy brings energy wherever he goes and he is a favourite  to many. Due to his cheeky nature he has a tendency of getting himself out of trouble.


7. Best Friend Forever (BFF)

This is the kind of friend you love to hate. They always have your back no matter what happens. Without BFF’s there would be no one to tell your dirty little secretes thus this kind of friend comes in handy. Such friendships mostly extend beyond campus thus should be nurtured.


8. The Gossiper

This kind of friend is more like human newspaper, they always know what is happening before any one else knows. Always sitting in groups. You would think that they are the sharpest kids on the block but duh, they may be good in gossiping but get nothing when it comes to book matters. If you want to make something meaningful out of your life stay away from such friends. Udaku itawaua












Kenyan Celebrities Who Pulled Off The Kitenge Look So Effortlessly (Photos)

Kitenge has always been a fashion trend that just never falls out of season.

You can literally wear a kitenge print outfit anywhere and you will still rock it looking beautiful and stylish. Now just because it is an all round kind of outfit that works on any occasion doesn’t mean it is a simple look to rock.

You need to know what will work for you and chose the right colours to complement your skin. Here are a few Kenyan celebrities who  pulled off the Kitenge look effortlessly and quite beautifully at that.

This timeless beauty has never disappointed whenever she rocked a kitenge outfit. She always finds a way to make herself look simple yet elegant.


2.Sarah Hassan
Speaking of timeless beauties, check out Sarah Hassan rocking the Kitenge outfit.


3. Sheila Mwanyigha.
Look at the curvaceous and gorgeous Sheila Mwanyigha making a statement. For those that missed it, the statement is big is beautiful.

Sheila Mwanyigha

4. Lupita Nyongo.
The beautiful Lupita Nyongo dazzling her fans in a Kitenge outfit.


5. Emmy Kosgei.
Another graceful natural beauty that just proves big is beautiful.

Emmy Kosgei

She’s Super Stunning! Glamorous Grandmother Attracts a Huge Online Following Thanks To Her Astonishingly Youthful Looks (PHOTOS)

Without a wrinkle in sight and with her keen eye for trends it is hard to believe that Zaklina would be a mother let alone a grandmother.

Zaklina doesn’t look a day over 25 but in reality she is a 47-year-old grandmother but that does not stop her strutting her stuff on social media.

The grandmother-of-two, originally from Serbia goes by the name ‘realfashionist’ on social media and her stylish snaps have thus far attracted more than 158,000 followers.

Her athletic figure and elegant style make her the envy of models decades years her junior.


She is a passionate fashion blogger and says she picked up her fashion tips from living in various countries such as Switzerland, France and Poland.

She currently lives in one of Europe’s fashion hubs, Italy, with picturesque surroundings providing the perfect backdrop for her popular snaps.

With every picture she shares Zaklina uses the hashtag #grandmotherthatlovesfashion showing she is clearly proud of her family.
She said: ‘My main goal is to inspire women to wake up their wild side.’


The grandma said her favourite things to do, apart from blogging, is ‘hanging out’ with her unnamed 28-year-old daughter.

According to her social media account, the star also had a son called Stefan, who passed away last year on Christmas Eve after he was run over in Belgrade, Serbia.

On every picture she writes #rememberstefan in memory of the son she calls her angel.

Going Out? Let’s Rock The Right Outfit (Photos)

We all know there’s nothing more relaxing than a proper outing during the weekday to let off some steam and just chill. It could be dinner or a night out with the girls. Never the less, we ladies for some reason always have the same issue when it comes to picking out an outfit. You are probably wondering what to wear it being a week day. Well, wonder no more. Here are a few looks that you can rock.

Now remember, you might want to keep it casual but sexy or just go for a simple classy look. You most definitely do not want to walk in to a place over dressed or even worse, under dressed. Appearance is your ticket. Look gorgeous and you just might get away with a lot tonight.

Going out to dinner? You do not want to look indecent but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look sexy. Try on the long sleeve bodycon elastic dress. This body flattering dress is not too short but shows a bit of skin covered in lace just enough to tease, so flaunt it if you have it.

Screenshot from 2017-03-23 02:34:16 dress 5

For those that prefer to wear dresses that do not outline your curves, you might want to opt for the chiffon causal dress. With the right accessories, clutch and shoes, this dress will transform your look to simple and classy. Nothing too flashy but definitely sexy.

dress 3 Screenshot from 2017-03-23 02:53:02

Partying with the girls and hanging out with friends is always fun. You will want to go for a look that is sexy, body flattering and yet still comfortable. If you are a jeans person, try on the faded jeans and throw on a sleeveless tank top or preferably a crop top. You can never go wrong with jeans if you know how to accessorize and have the right pair of shoes to go with it.

Screenshot from 2017-03-23 02:10:49 Screenshot from 2017-03-23 02:11:41 top

For those that love wearing dresses, try on the sexy bodycon sleeveless dress that will make heads turn in awe.

dress 1Screenshot from 2017-03-23 02:07:42


Going to a business dinner, try and keep it official. You do not want to send the wrong message or give mixed signals to whomever you are meeting. You might want to go for an outfit that is not revealing and yet still body flattering. Carry a purse and go for the pointy heels because they compliment the whole outfit.

Screenshot from 2017-03-23 02:10:00


Affordable Weaves That Can Transform Your Look (Photos)

It is quite evident that women today turn to weaves to solve all their hair problems. The quality of hair one originally has does not matter when one wears a weave. Women are limited no less when it comes to the look they want to achieve.. so ladies, get gorgeous. Here are a few weaves you can rock that will transform your look from ordinary to something chicky, sexy, edgy, elegant and vibrant.

  1. Bohemian Coco
    Looking for a young vibrant look? The Bohemian coco is a long and full bodied weave. It adds a more African natural look that takes a number of years off your real age leaving you feeling young and gorgeous.

Bohemian coco

2. First Lady
Well, this is certainly a look that just screams “I AM A BOSS.” We see stars from our favorite series such as Taraji P. Henson in Empire, Felicia D. Henderson in single ladies and Kerry Washington in Scandal pulling off this look. If you are trying to rock the boss look, the first lady weave will get you something close to what you are looking for.

First lady

3. Nubian Weave
The Nubian is a kind of weave that just brings out a sexy chicky vibe. It is more along the lines of “I am sexy and I know it” kind of look that will surely make you the envy of a crowd.

Nubian weave

4. Kiki Weave
For those that prefer short weaves, Kiki is one of the weaves you should try. It is an all round look that would work for any occasion. It is official sexy and fierce all in one.

Kiki wig

5. Royal Weave
The curls in the royal weave are simply flattering. For the ladies that have to go to work but have a date immediately after, the royal weave could just be the solution to all your problems. The weave alone is enough to make you look gorgeous even without make up on.

royal weave

6. Rihanna weave
As we all know short hair looks are not for everybody. This weave will give you a bold and beautiful look. It definitely brings out a youthful vibe.

rihanna weave

7. Passion

The name says it all. This weave will give you a simple yet beautiful look. Not too rowdy but a bit messy yet simply beautiful. This look will enhance your facial features not hide them.


8. Sleek classy

This is among the weaves that will compliment your face. It will turn you from ordinary to beautiful in an instant. The waves in the weave are bouncy adding a touch of elegance to your look.

sleek classy weave

9. Natural Yaki

Classy, sexy, fresh and vibrant are words that can describe this look. With the right outfit and accessories you can change this look into anything you wish. It is an all round look and can be styled in a variety of ways. For those that love to have options rather than just one hairstyle, natural yaki is the way to go.

Noble yaki

Meet The Female Cop Whose Beauty Has Mesmerized Kenyans (PHOTOS)

For a long time, Police Constable Emma Brenda Wanjiru has held the title of the sexiest female cop in Kenya. Actually, some of us thought that the crown was hers for good.

Boy were, we wrong but feel free to correct me on this. Kenyans have discovered another police officer who is just as beautiful, presumably even more attractive than Brenda Wanjiru.

Not much is known about this lady except for the fact that she goes by the name Joan, and clearly, that’s already more than we could ask for.

Aren’t They Dazzling? Check Out 10 Of Kenya’s Sexiest & SINGLE Celebrity Mothers

We should also give her a high five for keeping it classy, despite the nature of her job, which I’m sure many of us would struggle to hold down AND still look this good.

Check out her photos and be careful not to confuse her for a socialite;



WOW! Nyota Ndogo Disgusted By The Young Generation’s Raunchy Dressing After Being Shocked By BARELY-THERE Clubbing Outfit

Mombasa-based singer Nyota Ndogo has been silent in terms of music releases, but she remains vocal in one form or another.

This time round, the Watu Na Viatu hitmaker revealed her disgust at a disturbing style of dressing that has started to become commonplace up in the coastal town – mainly, where women are basically walking around almost naked.

Nyota Ndogo, real name Mwanaisha Abdalla, shared a very racy photo of a woman walking in what looks like a fishnet body suit with no underwear. This essentially revealed all her ‘goodies’ for anyone to see.


In the photo, you can see the woman walking majestically in what looks like a nightclub, with only a red robe hiding her derriere, as she proudly smiles at the camera, while exposing herself in quite a disturbing manner.

You’re not ugly, you’re broke! Nyota Ndogo shares a photo when she was a domestic worker

Nyota Ndogo was taken aback by the lady’s ‘clothing’ (or lack of) and she couldn’t help but wonder what this generation has turned to. The mother of two decided to share the photo on her social media, then went on a rant about how this kind of risque dressing is unacceptable.

The mother of two decided to share the photo on her social media, then shared her feelings about how this kind of risque dressing is unacceptable for the young people in the country.


In her long post, she pleaded with women leaders and the government to set limits and standards when it comes to revealing outfits, while at the same time urging parents to watch the kind of outfits their children wear.

“Usishindane Na Mtu” Nyota Ndogo Tells Off Those Criticising Her Marriage

Nyota Ndogo requested her fans to share the photo wildly so that someone in a powerful position or in the government can notice it and find a solution to the menace of indecent dressing;





This  is the PG version of the picture, but if it tickles your fancy, you can check out the full picture here;

Kenyan Designer Amazes With Stunning Men’s Collection At New York Fashion Week

Big up to our very own John Kaveke, a Kenyan designer who has made it big! He has been featured in the renowned New York Fashion week, where he represented Kenyans with his amazing, yet uniquely African designs.

The collection dubbed “Raw Attitude” was inspired by Samburu morans and the colours are heavily influenced by the distinct Samburu print.

John Kaveke 10 (1)

With over 15 years experience, he really did us proud and proved that Kenya has talents to offer in all industries.

Kaveke has specialised in men’s fashion; an area not touched by many, and his designs have had the pleasure of gracing a wide range of catwalks that include; Sarajevo Fashion Week, Bosnia, Hub of Africa in Ethiopia, Swahili Fashion Week in Tanzania, Catwalk Kenya, Festival for African Fashion and Art or FAFA Kenya, the International Smirnoff Fashion Awards, London Fashion Week…the list is endless, with New York Fashion Week being his latest conquest.

Need To Look HOT For A Valentine’s Date? This Is How To Apply The Sexiest Smokey Eye (VIDEO)

John Kaveke first became interested in fashion while in high school, and further studied fashion design in Spain. As they say, the rest is history!

Kenyan-born international fashion designer John Kaveke led this crafty workshop. John has been drawing since he was in nursery and once his work was featured on a children’s show on local TV station, he knew that he had a real talent. His interest in fashion started when he was in high school. He went to Spain to study fashion design, and the rest is history! He has had his own beautiful clothing line since 1997 and has done fashion shows as far as Bosnia.

It is important to note that, one of the models strutting down the runway is celebrated Kenyan Chef Ali L’artiste.

Well, enough chatter, check out the epic designs below;

John Kaveke 7 (1)
Chef Ali on the runway

John Kaveke John Kaveke 6 (1) john Kaveke 9 (1) john Kaveke1 (1) john Kaveke2 (1) john Kaveke4 (1) John Kaveke4 (1)-01

EXCLUSIVE: Miss Universe Kenya Clears The Air About Controversial Answer To Trump’s Presidency ( VIDEO)

Many may think it’s easy being a beauty queen right? I mean all it takes it being beautiful. But nooo… As it turns out in an exclusive interview with Miss Universe Kenya, Mary Were, things are usually quite different.

Our very own celebrated beauty queen Mary Ester Were did us justice at the recently concluded Miss Universe 2017 competition after emerging among the top 6. So why is everyone attacking the Kenyan beauty queen after she did our nation proud for the three weeks during which she was competing?

miss kenya3

Miss Kenya 2017 Badly Trolled On Twitter For Her Take On Donald Trump’s Presidency

During the question and answer segment, comedian/TV show host Steve Harvey asked Miss Kenya for her opinion on Donald Trump’s presidency. Miss Kenya then appeared to hesitate and soon after delivered the most jaw-dropping answer, that trended for several days.

miss kenya 2

Here’s her answer to the Trump question: “Politics … ahh OK let me just start again. Donald Trump, having been elected as the President of the United States, may not have been the choice of many people living in the United States because of the divided support system for the outgoing President Barack Obama, who has supporting an upcoming woman President … who was supposed to be a woman President Hillary Clinton…So, so many people oppose his position. But I feel that once [Trump] took up his position, he was able to unify the entire nation,”

Ester Were has come out to clear the misconception that she supported Trump in her statement, citing that she used the words “Unify The Entire Nation” to mean that after Trump’s election, people got united against him.

miss ke

This is the exclusive video with Miss Universe Kenya explaining her statement;

10 Times Margaret Kenyatta Totally Slayed With Her Dress Sense

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the First Lady or should we call her fashion killer…? Also known as Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta, this elegant lady had proven time and time again that age is but a number, always stepping out in true style.

Check out 10 times she knocked us off our feet…

1. When she smiled and our hearts sunk!


2. When her outfit said class, smart and representable.

WOW! Check Out First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and Ethiopian First Lady’s Striking Resemblance (Photos)

3. When she showed up to Safari Park Hotel looking too elegant.


4. When her fashion sense is just out of this world.


5. When she wore this green dress and Uhuru couldn’t believe his eyes.



6. Yaaass!



7. When her nails represented a KENYAN more than some of us.


8. When her dress code is always perfect



9. When she showed up in South Africa in this gorgeous traditional Maasai dress.


10. Just look at how gorgeous she looks here.

Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta


Keep slaying Maggie!

First Lady Of Style Margaret Kenyatta Stuns Yet Again In Unique Outfit [PHOTOS]

Kenya’s First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta, has one again become a topic of discussion on social media thanks to her great sense of style.

The outfit she wore to a party organized for Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary (CS) Amina Mohamed reaffirmed the notion that she is indeed an astute dresser.

The president’s wife attended the function in a dira – a dress that is common among Somali women – and completely stole the show.

It’s not the first time Margaret who has been given the moniker ‘First Lady Of Style’ is being praised for her unique fashion sense.

ALSO; Fashion: A Look At First Lady Margaret Kenyatta’s 2016 Style

A while back, she became the talk of the town after stepping out in a well-designed African outfit during the 2016 Madaraka day celebrations held in Nakuru.

She has managed to win the hearts of many thanks to her simplicity and her commitment to serve Kenyans through her Beyond Zero Campaign and of course, her choice of dress.

Check out the photos;

Support Your Own! Here Is The List Of Kenyan Nominees For The Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards 2016

Kenya is one of the countries in Africa who’s citizens are famed for their sense of fashion and impeccable styles in the world of fashion.

We have some of the biggest fashionistas in the continent, who have redefined the meaning of fashion and style in an African context.

Some of them are not fashion icons per se, they have propelled the Kenyan fashion industry with their elegant sense of style, always impressing on the red carpet with eye-catching outfits, be it casual, Ankara, suits or just classy evening gowns.

Some of Kenya’s top fashion icons include; Diana Opoti, Ann Mcreath and her daughter, Iona Mcreath, Brian Babu,, Laura Lwala, Wambui Mukenyi, Nick Ondu, Valerie Nyamwaya, Esther Mundia, John Kaveke, Evelyne Adongo and more.


Away from the fashionistas, we also have some Kenyan celebrities who are listed as the best dressed, both female and male, but that is debatable and depends on the occasion, event and taste.

But now, the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards 2016 are finally here and from the much-anticipated event, we will be able to see who got nominated in the various categories.

Wondering What To Rock When On Holiday? Here’s a Few Tips You Can Borrow From Sassy Fashion Star Diana Opoti

Abryaz Fashion & Style (ASFAS) Awards are a fashion celebration of style, fashion, and art in Africa, which has set a benchmark for fashion in Uganda.

ASFAS 2016

This years ASFAS awards’ theme is “Dress To Inspire 2016” with nominees coming from all around Africa and of course Kenya has some celebrities to represent us in the coveted awards.

As we gear up for the big day on the 10th of October in Uganda, how about we take a look at the Kenyans who have been nominated for the ASFAS 2016 and support them.


Male; Sauti Sol
Female; Avril and Victoria Kimani

Male; Nick Mutuma and Jamal Gaddafi
Female; Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe


Male; Ephy Saint and Darrel Gee

MOST FASHIONABLE MUSIC VIDEO – Tulale Fofofo- Micasa FT. Sauti Sol

MOST STYLISH COUPLE – Annabel Onyango and Marek Fuchs



Male; Brian Babu
Female; Annabel Onyango and Wambiu Thimba


Male; Daniel Weke, Franklin Saiyalel and Muriki Kagiri
Female; Joy Kendi, Bridget Shighadi, Silvia Njoki, Anita and Lisa Gaitho

Male; Steve Koby
Female; Muthoni Njoba

Male; Silvia Njoki and Sharon Mundia
Female; Muriuki Kagiri



Men Note! 10 Things You Should Have In Mind Before Dating A Fashion Girl

It’s no secret that a fashion girl has a notorious reputation for being just a teeny bit high maintenance.

Whatever truth there may be to that – hey, we just wanna look good! – women who work in fashion or simply just love it enough to have five years worth of Vogue issues stashed in their closets – are also some of the most creative and ambitious girls you’ll ever date.

Sure, you may not “get” everything she wears but you’ll also never leave the house looking less than amazing ever again. Here’s what to expect when you date a woman whose other true love in life is Christian Dior.

1. You’re not going to love everything she wears…
There will be a day where she shows up for a date in a pair of leather culottes that are big enough to fit two of her or wearing a turtleneck layered under her button-down. Sometimes guys just don’t get our clothes, and that’s okay. As long as we are comfortable.

2. You’re going to start spending a lot more time in dressing rooms.
Be ready to hear the words, “So what do you think?” over and over again. The answer? It’s always, “Looks great, babe!” Trust us on this one.


3. Understand her fashion sense, because she only dresses for herself.
Even if you harbor a burning hatred for said leather culottes or the five layers she’s wearing, she won’t care. Newsflash: Fashion girls aren’t usually dressing for the attention of men or even for other women. They’re dressing for themselves and they don’t really care what you think of their outfits.

4. She’s not gone missing, it’s just fashion week.
Whether fashion week means being lucky enough to actually attend the shows or being holed up in her room with her laptop watching runway live streams, you might not hear from her for awhile during fashion week. Don’t take offense – she’ll be right back after the last model has stepped off the catwalk.

5. You’ll never leave the house in a bad outfit again.
A major closet upgrade is coming your way. You’ll never know how much you needed a well-dressed girlfriend in your life until you have one. And this is the time you shine too.


6. “The Instagram Boyfriend” is a very real thing.
Like taking pictures? We hope so – because from now on whenever she needs an #OOTD shot for Instagram, expect her to hit you up as her photographer. Don’t worry, she’ll always give you photo creds. Just don’t you dare eat anything before she gets the perfect overhead shot of your Sunday brunch.

7. You’re going to have to learn who Alexander Wang is.
Karl who? She’s going to be throwing around designer names left and right – get ready for a quick crash course in fashion history. You’re welcome.

8. She’s not afraid to be an independent woman.
We’re talking about the girl who isn’t afraid to wear something out of the house that’s deemed totally ridiculous by others. She’s confident, she’s ambitious and she’s independent – don’t forget it.


9. You’re going to be terrified by how much she spends on shoes.
There’s going to be a time when she blows half a month’s rent on a pair of shoes or her dream bag. Trust us, she’s aware it’s ridiculous – just please, please don’t judge her for it.

10. Shopping will qualify as a date.
Even if you don’t make an entire night out of it, she’s probably going to want to stop by that sample sale on your way to dinner and a movie – don’t hate her for it.




College Candy 

Willy Paul May Be Young, But His Suit Game Is So On Point. Check Him Out (Photos)

Gospel singer Willy Paul has over the years proven to be one of the most talented singers in the industry, not limiting his skills to gospel music.

He is a favorite artiste of Classic 105’s radio host, Maina Kageni, who regularly plays his songs and always appreciates his amazing voice.

Willy Paul is not only popular amongst the youth, but his music is also celebrated by the older generation and even played in night clubs, despite the genre being gospel music, which shows that his popularity is massive.

Though the singer has had on and off beef with his fellow singer and frenemy, Bahati, he always makes sure that he makes music that will receive positive support from his fans. Willy Paul is also known to be a fashionista, and always tries to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Though he is a young guy, who loves wearing casual clothes, he does keep it classy once in a while, with impressive suits. I decided to compile a few photos of Willy Paul looking dapper in well-fitting  suits.

Check out the pictures below.











Photos: Diana Opoti Stuns At Lagos Fashion Week

Kenya’s top fashionista Diana Opoti was selected as one of the eight official ambassadors for this year’s Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week. Other ambassadors include oble Igwe, Aisha Augie-Kuta, Funke Fowler Kuku, Denola Grey, George Okoro, DJ Obi and Temi Otedola.

The fashion week which is in its fifth year kicked off on Tuesday 28th October running four days till October 31st.

Diana known for her iconic campaign ‘100 Days Of African Fashion’ which is in it’s second edition was guaranteed VIP front row seat and access to the backstage at the fashion week. She has been capturing her top favourite moments on Facebook.

Check out what Diana Opoti wore on the different days of fashion week

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