Long lashes to bonnets! 20 things girls wear that irritates men


Men and women have different views when it comes to what’s fashionable and what’s not. That’s a discussion one Twitter user @aniete_emah asked men to contribute their thoughts. He asked “MEN ONLY: Name something that women wears, that irritates you”

Majority said the long lashes, bonnets and waist beads were some clothing items that annoys them.


1. @Real_jaeflex
That Cabin biscuits shoecabin shoe

2. @Oladapomikky

3. @Wizzfarukk
Pant and bra

4. @mikeishere01
Crazy amount of waist beads

5. @Acedouglas1
Heavy make-up

6. @bigdaddyvinz
Waist beadsWoman measuring waist

7. CleverlyAhmed
Push up bra

8. @aystickz
Skinny girls wearing leggings

9. @Aro_tobs
Excess makeup and bra straps

10. @Spend0Gustav0
Palazzo rubbish

11. @Ememmoses_
Waist bead and ankle chain

12. @Tegadeyforyou
Overly long eye lashes.lashes

13. @Deminathor_
that helmet is annoying asl.

some even wear it to church.

are you mad?

14. @triple448
Big ear rings

Armless top that expose armpits in this hot weather.
And most importantly, pot belly.bonnet

16. @Blazin_Frost
Gigantic eyelashes

@17. JayMungaa
Jeans on a date

18. @chuksmarcello
Wearing leggings when you’re not thick

19. @Nonoza_Matsik
That t-shirt which is also a panty, I don’t know whether it’s a costume or wat.

20. @nycAbdul

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Wigs are bae! Youtuber Nancie Mwai shows you how to rock them

Men frown on wig-wearing women. But Nancie Mwai has changed that narrative by rocking wigs in a stylish and classy manner.

The style blogger and YouTuber Nancie Mwai is one lady who doesn’t play when it comes to fashion. She goes all in and she sure does deliver.

Having blogged for years now, Nancie has mastered the art of matching her outfits with the right makeup and if she’s not feeling her hair, them wigs come in handy.

nancie mwai 22But one thing we admire the most is how good she is with wigs; she knows which wigs work with her face structure and it’s only fair to say she’s always winning on that sector.

A while back, women were degraded for wearing wigs/ weaves with many stating that they are insecure about their natural hair. But we are in a different era, where a huge chunk of women in this country own wigs.

Meet Gospel singer Eunice Njeri’s stunning sister-in-law (Photos)

They always come in handy when you have a bad hair and Nancie has inspired many women to rock their wigs and look fabulous while at it.

Without further ado, here are the times Nancie Mwai has rocked her wigs effortlessly;

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So cute! 2 kids recreate Mitchell and Barack Obama’s inauguration look


On a scale of one to ten, this is 100 per cent.

I mean how cute do these two children look, after recreating the clothes that former US president Barack Obama and his wife Mitchelle wore to the Inauguration?

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of it and people were so awed by it, they couldn’t help but praise the children.


Aawwwww they are so cute!!

that are adorable!! Smiling face with 3 heartstho of course my granddaughter is cuter

Lawd Hammercy! Lil Michelle’s hair is lit

Pretty in love with this! Who do these adorable children belong to? They and their parents are rad!

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Fashion Police: Kenyans speak on strict dress code experiences in Tanzania

Back in 2018, Tanzanian songstress Vanessa Mdee let it be known that she was barred from entering a government office all because of a skimpy skirt.

She wrote of the humiliating experience on Twitter

” Only in Tanzania is my skirt which is at my knees too short to enter a public corporate building. This is incredible”

 Vanessa further revealed she was asked to tie a kanga to access the building to which she added
             “Wameniuliza eti ‘una khanga’ FOH”
Several Kenyans have taken to Twitter to also narrate their most humiliating experience in Tanzania that has left a bitter taste in their mouths.
The discussion was prompted by a confession by the Twitter user below, who warned Kenyans girls to dress accordingly
short clothes tnzania
Many say though it is not all parts of Tanzania where a woman will be ridiculed for her choice of outfit, skimpy outfits are frowned upon.
Yeah…I mean when we went we were shouted at an some people even refused to sell to us. Just above the knee dresses and skirts 😄@SonnieRox..
Was kicked out of a govt office for a dress that was just above my knees

🤣 This is true, if I wasn’t with my parents I would’ve been jailed hata…

The only bad thing about Tz is this

You can actually be arrested 😭- As a short clothes wearer I felt it 😭

I was in Dar for a wedding when i was asked to go back change from from my short dress, or either cover myself with a leso before they could let me into the church. I chose to go and change.

Mine wasn’t that short even, And they were like, “tazameni huyu dad’s kavaa nini” so loud, they all turned to stare at me😥

So…men even have the guts to follow and touch you while threatening to strip you naked!!

Women will shout at the back like “motto wa kike jiheshimu”
“Hamna mwanaume atakayekuoa!”

It’s so scary being free in Tanzania.

Can’t relate. Lol. Seriously though, inategemea na kule uko. Sokoni I cover up. The mall, I don’t. I get stares, but that’s all. Whites get away with anything though.

The comments my friend and I got in kariokor because of our “short skirts” was irritating damn but in masaki where we were staying no one seemed to mind, also thank you for your inspiration, I did a solo trip to Zanzibar and it was all sorts of amazeballs!

The Brothers in Dar es Salaam also thought my Beach shorts were too short for comfort 😂😂😂.
Someone straight up asked why I was walking around in boxers. 😣😣

Lol. Ikr! Had an experience where a whole street just stood and stared at me in amusement of my short dress.

People were staring at me for wearing a sleeveless top. Do wazungu have the same experience?

So that’s why I got weird looks from immigration and traffic cops with my shorts on a road trip to Dar via Namanga & Moshi – I was dressed for comfort & didn’t think much about it. Wife also got a few stares in Dar with her sleevless dress (and it was so hot & humid)!

I was there in 2012 and got really rude stares for wearing shorts in the market until one guy suggested I get a Kitenge (zambia/cloth to cover around my waist). I will never forget how angry those men looked


Mammito dazzles with new dramatic and flattering look


Mammito is always changing her look and hairstyle, and even if she has gorgeous natural hair, she likes switching it up from time to time and especially when doing comedy skits.

We love a good celebrity hair transformation here at Classic 105.

Comedian Mammito has of late been showing off the results of her new blonde look on Instagram, that she has styled while wearing cute shorts.

mammito shorts 2

Verdict? Mammito is unrecognizable and fans are loving it.


Taking to Instagram, one fan wrote: liberating.

She’s not alone as other famous people have also never been one to shy away from a bold look.

Stars are changing up their looks in 2019 with new haircuts and color. Some who have captured national attention include Bahati, Willy Paul and Diamond Platnumz who take major fashion risks, much to the amusement of their fans.

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Avril wows fans in yellow jumpsuit as they brand her ‘outrageously beautiful’


Singer Avril went all in for a night out, with a tight off-shoulder yellow jumpsuit, that fit her to perfection.

The all yellow look she embraced for the night out proves she is cool.

She was attending the launch of the OPPO Reno 2F phone in Nairobi.

Avril rocked this look with white heels and ruffle earrings, and a stunning  new hair do. She wrote

Glammed up by @phoinabeauty

Mama M as presented to you by @filbertmkwiche @fintanfashion @backyardshoez 😁

A host of celebrities attended the event including Kambua, Maureen Waititu, Laura Karwirwa, Pascal Tokodi among others.

See how she rocked the off shoulder jumpsuit:



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7 simple yet effective tips for maintaining braids


I can never quite keep my braids on for longer than two weeks, but for those of you who can more power to you sis.

Here’s how you can make them last longer should you choose to:

Keep your scalp moist: Do this at least two to three times a week, using a leave-in conditioner.

Wash braids bi-weekly (This is usually the minimum recommendation)

Reduce up-do’s

Avoid pulling and high manipulation

Redo your edges after 4 to 6 weeks

Don’t wear braids for too long

Protect your hair at night: Wear an extra large silk or satin hair bonnet. While you don’t have to worry about dryness issues if you’re wearing extensions, you can avoid frizz and shortening the life of your braids if you protect them at night.

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 Afro-licious: Bishop Margaret Wanjiru flaunts a voluminous, meticulously shaped Afro


Bishop Margaret Wanjiru has always spotted relaxed hair, but no more.

She is now rocking a bold and beautiful afro.

In new pictures shared online, Bishop Wanjiru’s simple and healthy fro compliments her classic look.

See the latest photos of how she is displaying some major volume:







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5 times Ommy Dimpoz has shown off his elegance in suits



A stylish man makes people look twice and Ommy is a perfect example of this.

Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz is always opting for something eye catching, be it sports wear or fancy suits.

Dimpoz hasn’t been in good health most of 2018/9 and was at some point helped out by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho. He underwent several operations.

Governor Joho kick starts his singing career in Ommy Dimpoz’ latest jam

For his appearances Ommy is always dressed to impress. He chooses sets, which ‘make a statement’ and differentiate him form the masses. His suits in bright colors are combined with eye-catching footwear and completing accessories.

We snatched up a couple of pictures to show you just what we mean.

See how hunky he looks:






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‘I force my wife to go to the kinyozi not the salon’ mean husband brags


Would you let a man dictate your clothes, shade of lipstick, type of perfume and height of your heels? Probably not. But what about the length of your hair?

All the jokes and memes made on National Boyfriends Day

A rather opinionated man made many upset after complaining that he doesn’t like being asked for money by his wife for her beauty needs.

”Every end month I pay rent, school fees and shopping for the house. Any other thing outside that bracket, is her own responsibility. Her money is hers to take care of herself. To add on to that, I don’t walk around with my wife for outings!

He admits that he goes to extremes to ensure that no money goes towards the salon.


I don’t walk around a supermarket with her, what for? I leave 300 bob everyday for her to buy food, if she wants to do other things that’s her bill to pay, not my money.

He is happy with her low maintenance look and has made a pact to continue with this lifestyle.

I go with my wife to the barber shop to shave her hair, because I don’t see why I should give her money for the salon. She shaves her hair and keeps it short, her nails are also short and keep them natural because I won’t pay her salon bill.

I don’t expect a man below my standards to approach me


Do you think men freely spend on their fellow men but not as much to their woman?

This question was posed to Classic 105 listeners by Maina Kageni who wondered out loud why men are quick to drop big bucks on men but not their wives.

Why do you guys do it?

He added

ladies if you went out with your men tonight, you will cry tears, coz first Kenyan men don’t buy a normal round, they buy mzingas claiming ati it has special offer, girls you should see how your men drink at night, and don’t bring money home

Girls, on a level of one to ten, how angry are  you reading this?


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Mihadarati singer Stivo Simple boy makes stunning new appearance


No, you’re eyes are not deceiving you. That really is him.

Stivo Simple Boy came to be known as the mjengo boy whose passion as an anti drugs campaigner impressed Kenyans back in July.

mihadarati dude stans

He shared a new look and captioned

Steps za Imani, Mungu mbele na mambo yote itakuwa sawa. 
Vitu vikali viko njiani ndio maanake ausio.

The Kibera rapper posed in the picture with a friend.

A handful of fans said he was unrecognizable, and joked he could be in the running for fashion award.



Yummy yummy Veeeeery active FBI

Matata hii vijani mumrepresent kweli bravo 👏🏿

He graciously thanked fans.

In an exclusive interview with Word Is, the singer reminisced his life as a struggling young man from Kibera.

“Before this song came out, I had worked for 10 years while releasing songs and rehearsing when it comes to music,” he said.

“I have been working as a ‘Mjengo” guy and I’m still doing that to get my daily bread. I have learnt that nothing comes easier, you have to work so had to get to where you want to be.”

We hope the news look is permanent.

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‘My dress is from Kenya’ Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy shows off custom made outfit


Beyonce has shared with fans worldwide her inspiration behind a Kenyan custom made yellow dress and neck piece that her daughter Blue Ivy wore earlier this year.

Blue Ivy in the video can be heard saying

‘And this piece is from Kenya. Ok I will tell you one thing so this is a circle and this Africa is the circle of life.’ 

Beyonce adds that

‘so many talented people worked on on this project. I was very honored to have the women of Northern Kenya work on a very special costume for Blue’

This dress and headpiece was hand beaded with love by beadingArtist from Kenya.

She wore this headpiece and dress to the Waco’s 2019 Gala (annual wearable art gala) at the WACO Theater in Los Angeles for a night full of art, music, and charitable donations.

The glamorous gala was organized by Bey’s mom, Tina Knowles, and her husband, Richard Lawson, to benefit their nonprofit gallery and performance venue.

The theme of the evening was “A Journey to the Pride Lands,” inspired by the then anticipated live-action remake of The Lion King in which Beyoncé voiced Nala.

While Bey modeled a glimmering golden jumpsuit with a cape and voluminous lion motif, JAY-Z sported a dark suit.

Blue Ivy even got in on the Pride Rock fun, rocking a billowing bright yellow dress and a spiked crown á la Bey’s onstage ensemble at the 2017 Grammys.


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Brandy Norwood is the undisputed queen of braids (photos)


Brandy has all of us swooning over her fashion style since she burst onto the scene.

Her trademark hairstyle has always been braids, and mostly the long ones.

Brandy just turned 40, and in an interview with essence magazine told

I didn’t love myself when I was in my so called prime. I used to think my life was a gift and a curse…I didn’t find my way until recently at 39 and now 40

She starred in the iconic black sitcom ‘Moesha’, and also later joined Queen Latifah in the TV series ‘Star’.

For six seasons starting in the late nineties, young Black girls watched in awe as Moesha lived a carefree life dancing, reflecting on her crazy high school days and nights  in her journal while keeping her family in check.

I sucked in the beginning…Everybody thought I sucked.

But that is all behind her. We take a look back at her iconic looks through the years:












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Wavinya Ndeti shares new look that’s making mafisi ask for a date


Please gather round and prepare to be served the best fashion makeover look to date. This treat is courtesy of Kamba politician and her Gucci dress , which she wore recently.

Wavinya debuted the new look that set off a whole #Schmood for her fans.

The raving reviews were posted after her caption that read:

God Is Omnipotent When we understand that God, our Creator and Savior, is omnipotent, our chaotic and constantly changing world doesn’t seem quite so scary. No matter how vulnerable or ill-equipped we feel, no matter the challenges and problems we face,

we can rest in this truth: God is matchless in power, unconquerable, and always victorious.
With God, life is amazing. Research on the eagle then you will understand.
 Okay, let’s get this out of the way so we can try to move on with our lives.
Here is Gucci Wavinya

Here are reactions from her very impressed fans:

That’s gucci now

That outfit sio ya kubahatisha

married… she is so hot damn it!!!


Stunning mheshimiwa, praying for God to let me stay in such an environment…so relaxing

Ukiwa teenager ulipea akina mutiso na mutua wa masaku sleepless night

Wuueee beauty is beauty…


That’s a sweet 16 look mhesh. You’re blessed

Gucci..u don’t joke bana .weh!


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Take My Coins: Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna launch clothing lines


The 37-year-old tennis star and fashion designer unveiled the new looks as part of her first S by Serena Williams show at Metropolitan West on Tuesday at the New York Fashion Week.

Williams’ designs included a sequined suit, an asymmetrical black gown and a lime duster over a leopard print dress. The collection referenced 1990s street style and featured a mix of prints, sequins and neon colors.


Williams described the new collection as “bold, dynamic, and versatile” in an Instagram post Tuesday.

Williams’ Fall 2019 collection ranges from $59 to $229. Select items are available in sizing to 3X.

Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Lingerie Just Dropped on Amazon.
The superstar singer presented her Fall/Winter 2019 intimates collection during New York Fashion Week tuesday.

Following Tuesday’s live event, Amazon Prime will stream the Savage x Fenty show in more than 200 countries and territories beginning Sept. 20.

Kim Kardashian’s much-awaited shapewear collection is now available at Skims.com “I’m thrilled to see my brand Skims come to life,” Kardashian said.

Available in sizes XXS through 5XL and nine different shades to match different skin tones, the line’s bras, briefs, thongs, bodysuits, slips and shorts are priced from $18 to $98 and claim to smooth, sculpt, cinch and lift the wearer’s body for a red carpet-ready look.

“I rely on solutionwear to accentuate and enhance my body, shape, and silhouette,” Kardashian explained in a press release. “As my style changed and evolved, I found myself altering existing shapewear to work specifically for each look that I was going for. I knew I wasn’t alone in looking for the perfect shapewear and was inspired to turn my passion into something real that works for every body type.”

skims kim kardashian

Rich Kid Anerlisa fearlessly pulled off the red plunging gown trend


Heiress Anerlisa Muigai proves there is no better place to take a fashion risk than at your bae’s birthday.

Over the weekend, Anerlisa and Tanzanian lover Ben Pol celebrated his birthday in style.

she flaunted her ensemble chanting

Us Together ❤


She shared pictures of the loved up moment spotting the low neckline and hips.

The dress was taped securely to her body and the sheer embroidered gown is to die for.

On February 23, 2000, Jennifer Lopez set the standard for modern low-cut necklines with the now-legendary green Versace dress she wore to the 42nd Grammy Awards. If you’re a celebrity looking to set social media abuzz, a daringly diving front is the ticket.


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Mr seed speaks out on why his fashion is evolving

Mr Seed has asked his fans not to judge him by his fashion and hairstyles. When he started doing music, Seed had dreadlocks, and now he has short-dyed hair.

He shocked his fans when he decided to chop them off. He said his decision to cut the locks was because of an anticipated visit to his gorgeous fiancée Nimo Gachuiri’s parents home.

He wanted to look presentable and at the same time keep it real, as he casually dressed for the occasion.

“People judge gospel artistes with our outside appearance, but God concentrates on the heart and your deeds,” he told Word Is on Wednesday.


He went on to say even if he dresses in suits and looks good from the outside, if his heart is not pure, he will not please God.

“I would request my fans not to judge me by the ways I look. If my style does not make you happy, at least like my music and what I post because it could be of importance,” he said.

Despite maintaining his hair dye, Seed seems to like his tattoos, which are on his left hand.

“One of my tattoos has my late dad’s name and another one is for my son’s name. I had an idea of naming my son Gold even before I got him and so I tattooed his name on my hand,” he said.

Mr Seed, who was previously signed under EMB records, is making Boss moves after launching his studios, an operation that has been on course for roughly five months now.

mr seed1

It’s a project he believes will be able ‘to help artistes reach their musical dreams at affordable rates’.

Through an Insta video, Seed said,

“God amekuwa faithful sana, ju right now I want to take this chance to welcome every artiste kwenye Starborn Empire Studio. We are now open, come work with the best.”

Speaking about working with Mr Seed, Damorn said Seed has been supportive even in his previous songs.

Damorn has released a new song titled ‘Dekadeka’, which he says was inspired by his real-life experience. “The video is all from my wedding,” he said.

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The sweet meaning behind Margaret Kenyatta’s beautifully detailed Sh6,000 pendant


First Lady Margaret Kenyatta is attending the Africa First Ladies 23rd General Assembly in Niger.

Mrs Kenyatta was spotted wearing a long loose fitting flora dress with wide sleeves.

These photos show just how stylish Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was back in the day

The conservative look is a goof fit for such a forum. She accessorized it with an elephant pendant, a couple of rings. The pendant caught our attention.


The symbolism of elephants deals primarily with strength, honor, stability, and patience.

The elephant is generally considered a symbol of good luck and the animal is a symbol of good fortune. Elephant jewelry is commonly believed to bring luck to the person who is wearing it and makes a great gift for wishing someone luck with something.

Here is a similar pendant on this jewelers website

elephant pendant

Elephant jewelry always makes an unforgettable gift for your loved ones, to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Fascinating facts about the late Tom Mboya’s wedding 

Elephants have strong ties to their families so giving your sister or mum an elephant necklace will celebrate your close and unique connection.


Elephant jewelry is also the perfect lucky talisman for somebody going travelling.

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