WCW! Check out photos of a fashionable stepmum of six

Catherine is a fashion blogger who goes by the name Fashionable Stepmum who uses her blog to share her transition from a single lady to a step mother.

She uses her blog to share her passion for fashion but what makes it different is that she uses it also as a platform to encourage and support stepmothers as she claims it is one difficult and challenging position for many women.

Catherine is a step mother of 6 children and a beautiful wife.

She shares in her blog her idea on what a woman should at least have in her collection.

“I’m for the idea that every lady needs a white crisp shirt. Easy to pair, easy to accessorize and very feminine! The roll up sleeves add a casual vibe to the look, but you can roll them down for a formal look. The pants have to be my favorite part of the whole outfit! First because they are trending this season, and more importantly because of how comfortable they are. The fabric, fit and feel on the skin.”

Well check out how beautiful, simple and elegant she dresses.


Green Jumpsuit

Cocktail outfit


Simple combination of Coat, Heels,Top


Casual look


                                                                              The Ochre Paper Bag Trousers from


                                                                                                Pretty in pastels


A simple shirt and green pants

WCW! Fashion blogger and lifestyle guru Joy Kendi

Joy Kendi is one of the best female Kenyan fashion bloggers in the country who started her passion at a very young age of seven years.

Her inspiration to start her blog started when she moved to Kenya with her mother and realized that one can get nice clothes for cheap that look really good.

She tries to show Kenyans that they can get creative and stylish just by being on a budget.

joukendi 8

Joy is different from other bloggers as she responds and interacts  with her fans and followers by telling them the places where they can buy their outfits.

Apart from the blog, she is also a Youtuber who shares her hobbies, passion and talents with her viewers. She was also an actress on the TV hit show ‘Changing times’ where she took on the role of Patricia and also acted on the TV series Prem as Sandra.

Joy Kendi’s fashion sense just shows how Kenyans are starting to appreciate fashion and she has put the 254 on the world map as she represents us in other countries where she is famously known for her amazing taste in lifestyle.

Check out how amazing her fashion sense is.


                                                                                                                                                 thigh high slit


                                                                                                                                floral and a touch of shoulder


                                                                                              Wideleg pants, a leather jacket and a lace bustie


                                                                                                                         comfort and chic


Pretty in pink



Floral boho swag


                                                                                                           Black and white

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Would you buy for your sibling an expensive gift out of love?

Remember when you fought for everything in the house with your sibling, remotes, food, toys? We just never wanted to see our sibling prosper or having anything better.

I believe sisters had the most competitive relationship within the family when they were kids but once the sisters are grown up it becomes the strongest bond and automatically a strong friendship is built.

Sisters become best friends and always run to each other in times of need.

Well come to think of it, if you had the means to treat your sibling, would you?

Nigerian Female blogger Linda Ikeji bought her younger sister a car and the best part about it is that it was not her birthday or any special occasion but she did it out of love and to appreciate how hard working she was.


“To the most hard working woman and best human being I know. When I started my company in 2004, whenever I dressed up to go to work, she would dress up and follow me. Almost every day for 7 years. Except when she had to go to school. For years, we didn’t make much but she never stopped believing in me or hustling with me. She worked as hard as I did, if not more for our lives to be better. My backbone and my ‘Miss Fix It’. Love and appreciate you more than you can ever know. Enjoy.”

This is one beautiful thing one could do for a family member.

If I had the means and the money I would treat my best friend (sister) because she means the world to me.

If you would, what would you get your sibling?

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Plus size model Neomi Ngang’a oozes glamor as she celebrates turning 30

Kenyan fashion blogger and plus size model Neomi Ngang’a has turned a year older, in the most fashionable way.

The stunning beauty, jetted off to the most romantic vacation destination to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Unmasking Naomi Ng’ang’a: From Slum to Stardom

Neomi Ngang’a, who also doubles up as an actress has won the hearts of many with her fashion sense. A look at her social media will inspire future fashionistas.

She is currently in Thailand, Phuket, a holiday destination famous with celebrities such as the Kardashians. The gorgeous scenery and food will truly make haters envious.

An excited Neomi took to social media to announce happiness at turning a year older. She shared these warm words below;

‘I believe that I am the equivalent to a fine wine or a delicious old cheese. The older the better.’

Check out the birthday pictures and be inspired by her style and beauty;







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This Is Ess’ Husband Writes Her A Beautiful Message As They Mark Two Years Since He Proposed

Love is a beautiful thing and most times we literally drown in it, because the feeling is just breathtaking. If love didn’t exist, the world would be a boring place.

Sharon Mundia better known as This Is Ess is one lucky lady and it’s not something worth debating about. Two years ago she was the talk of town after her engagement story broke the internet.

sharon and lonina

She revealed the details about her proposal on her blog, which literally crashed because everyone rushed online to read the whole story.

Last year December, she walked down the aisle to say ‘I Do’ to her one true love Lonina, surrounded by family and friends. It was an all white-invite only wedding, with details about the nuptials being kept hash hash.


The two are now expecting their first child, and it’s quite clear they are excited about it. It’s been two years since the two literally gave many of us pressure with their engagement story.

Lonina went ahead to write Sharon a beautiful message as they mark two years since their proposal.


This ninja is clearly a hopeless romantic as he poured his heart and soul to the post.

He wrote, “Two years ago today you gave me the greatest honor and accepted to be my wife. And I’m ever grateful. We know that relationships are not easy and it takes work. But from the mountain top to the sea shore you continue to bless my life with your love. I treasure our continuous journey as we welcome our progeny I believe more than ever that God is in control. I love you always Sharon Leteipan.”

Love wins!!!!

Top fashionista Ms.Kibati on her style & how to run a successful blog

23-Year-old Caroline Kibati of the mskibati.com fashion blog is making waves as the style influencer to watch out for in Kenya. Ms.Kibati who is the perfect definition of beauty and brains is a Bachelor of Business and Information Technology Degree holder and is currently pursuing her Diploma in Business Management at Strathmore University.

She began blogging in December 2013 quickly securing her place as one of the most influential go to fashion bloggers in Kenya. She was nominated for this year’s BAKE awards under the Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog just a year into her blogging and emerged 3rd place.

There’s no denying that Ms. Kibati’s is a woman on the move in the fashion world and her style is practical. Her blog consistent, well thought out and her photographs very professional. Her short stint in blogging has seen her work with top brands such as Barclays bank, Samsung, Nakumatt, Microsoft, Hilton Hotel Nairobi and the list is endless. We caught up with her for a little chat on what inspires her style, the secret behind her success and a little advice for bloggers looking to monetize their blogs below.

1. What made you venture into fashion blogging? My desire and love for fashion as a way to appreciate and express ourselves. The ability to be able to help celebrate and encourage women to be proud of who they are no matter how different they look and feel through fashion. The power to be able to share the message of being able to embrace what makes each one of them different in a world that is tries to make all women look and act the same. All these through the language of fashion blogging.



2. How would you describe your style? My style is chic, urban, and practical.

3. What are some of your current fashion obsessions? Oh my. I’m obsessed with a lot. Currently Midi A line skirts, Waterfall coats, Fringe fashion (on both clothing and shoes and bags), fish tail dresses..I could go on and on and on!!!

3 (1)

4. Who is your number one fashion inspiration? Internationally, I’d have to say Victoria Beckham. She stayed true to her style since forever.

5. Balancing school, social life and keeping a consistent blog is tasking how do you manage to do it? I’d say its all about managing your time right and maximizing on all the little free time I get. It’s difficult but eventually, you get the hang of it all.

6. What is the secret behind the success you have witnessed so far after such just a short period into it? Consistency. I could say this over an over and end up sounding like a broken record, but I’ve learnt that the only secret to success is consistency and staying true to who you are.


7. One thing people do not know about you? That I’m left handed perhaps?

8. What is the most memorable event that has happened thanks to your fashion blog? I would definitely have to say my blog awards nomination just one year into blogging. I was able to secure a nomination in one the most prestigious awards in Kenya, BAKE Awards. I came in 3rd in the best fashion blog in Kenya category, but the nomination itself was a win.

9. Do you believe the fashion blogging world is overpopulated and what is the biggest mistake Kenyan girls are making when it comes to blogging ? Definitely it is. But then again we all have our different reasons for going into it. The mistake most Kenyan girls are making is going into it before understanding their bodies and what works for them first. There’s a lot of imitation going around and that loses the originality of personal style blogs in general. There’s also a fad of some sort that people are doing it just to be known and to make money. But once they get to understand how much work, time and effort goes into it, they quit. Understand the industry first. Establish your unique point. Then decide whether it’s something you’re passionate about. Then the money will follow.


10. What is the most frustrating aspect of fashion blogging? What I’d like to call a creative mind block because you constantly have to be creative in your work and give people a reason to come back tomorrow for new content. It happens to the best of us but eventually we work through it.

11. What would you say that is the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger? Interaction with people most definitely because through these interactions I have been able to acquire networks I never thought I would have and learnt a thing or two from different people I get to interact with.

12. Where do you see your blog in the next 2 years? In two years, I would love to have increased my blogging skills to a level that will enable me to train others on how to do this; I think that as much as there are many bloggers out there, there are very few professionals at it. I love blogging, and I’ve found that I really enjoy mentoring the younger generation on ways to transform it into a business, so I would be thrilled to be able to combine the two – blogging and training or mentoring. In the long run, I want my blog to become an internationally recognized voice in the fashion industry.



13. What tips would you give upcoming bloggers on monetizing their blogs? Be consistent. Work for free if you have to in order to build your brand. The only way you can get your name out there is through a lot of consistency in your work and sometimes to build your brand, to get that content, you will have to work for free because its something you’re passionate about. Eventually, it all pays off.

All photos courtesy mskibati.com