7 sacrifices every man must be willing to make to keep his family happy

To start a family and keep it happy men need to make some genuine sacrifices for the greater good. Here are the ten sacrifices a man must make to keep his family happy:

1. Change of lifestyle
It should come as no surprise that your lifestyle will change drastically after marriage. From staying out late at night, to going away on long weekends, things change when you start a family. You will also have to take care of  your health especially things like smoking, because you need to be there longer for your kids.

2. Practice tough love
It’s much tougher raising kids in this day and age, unlike our parents who didn’t have to worry about the digital age. A man must play this role especially for teenage children who are easily influenced by the outside world.

‘A good man must be shared’ Former Senator tells romantic husband who treats her like a queen 

3. Putting in time and werk
Time is probably the most important thing all men have to make to keep their families happy. Taking time off from your regular schedule to attend school functions, or even something as simple as taking your son to a football game. A father who doesn’t spedn time with his children willl never be able to recover lost time, once the children are all grown and have moved on with their lives.
4. Providing just like in the old times
Money or lack of it affects many marriages. A man may need to stop spending on some unnecessary things to now include his family’s new needs.

Watch video of Alicia Keys encouraging her 4-year-old son to put on nail polish
5. Giving up the dream job
Sometimes some men expect their families to always be ready to pack their bags as he chases his dream job wherever it may be. Children need to stay in a stable environment to be productive.

I could tell him send me Sh 1k’ – Juliani says of Bob Collymore

6. Putting your hobbies on hold
It starts with simple things like giving up use of the TV to kids to watch cartoons, to maybe using a matatu so that the wife uses the family car to do some hopping.

‘Fight for what you love’ Ben Kitili´s wife says about her religious critics

7. Learning to let go
As a father you taught your son to ride his first bike, but now he as a grown up and is moving on, ca you learn to let him go? Other fathers have this need to hold on to their daughters, and watching her now dating and moving on with her man can be heartbreaking. Learning to let go is a sacrifice a man has to do.

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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis admit they don’t bath regularly


American actors Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis are trending after confessing about their bathing habits which include washing only the armpits and privates.

The couple disclosed this information in a podcast with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman for the “Armchair Expert” podcast.

The two said they don’t believe in bathing their kids Wyatt Isabelle, 6, and Dimitri Portwood, 4 with soap every day.

One of the hosts advised about not using soap because it strips the body of essential oils and the actors agreed.

“I can’t believe I am in the minority here of washing my whole body in the shower. Who taught you to not wash?” Padman asked, before Kunis said: “I didn’t have hot water growing up as a child, so I didn’t shower much anyway.”

“But when I had children, I also didn’t wash them every day,” Kunis went on. “I wasn’t the parent that bathed my newborns, ever.”

Kutcher added, “Now, here’s the thing: If you can see the dirt on them, clean them. Otherwise, there’s no point.”

Kunis and Kutcher then said they didn’t use soap on their entire bodies every day, with Kutcher admitting: “I wash my armpits and my cr*tch daily, and nothing else ever. I got a bar of Lever 2000 that delivers every time. Nothing else.”

Despite not washing their whole bodies every day, they do wash their faces.

“I do have a tendency to throw some water on my face after a workout to get all the salts out,” Kutcher said, as Kunis added: “I wash my face twice a day.

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Annoying to strict! Types of people to expect at your family reunions


With schools closing for the year, we expect to see lots of families have gatherings to catch up.

Of course remember to adhere to Government guidelines on social distancing please.

So while catching up with your relas, expect to encounter these types of people:

  1. The cousin who loves to pray and is always holier than thou
  2. The utao lini aunty
  3. The rich uncle sipping expensive alcohol alone outsideblackfamily
  4. The gossipy and salty auntie
  5. The fussy new mum experiencing motherhood
  6. The competitive in law who thinks you don’t work hard enough

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My dad steals family pictures on Facebook to pretend he spends time with us


A son is caught between his feuding divorced parents and all over pictures the deadbeat man takes from Facebook and re-shares to show his friends that he is taking care of his kids.

Instead of asking for pictures or taking his own, the deadbeat dad heads to Facebook and downloads the pictures his ex takes of their kids, to show the world he is active in his kids life.

The son told his story and people are weighing in on the situation with their own experiences with bad parenting.

“My dad be stealing photos from my moms FB. I haven’t spent time with this man like since I was 8 and I haven’t seen him in person since i was about 13. Out here faking” He laughed

Propel weighed in with their own comments that show co parenting is not easy, but doable if the tow aggrieved sit and talk.

lmao he’s asking for pics to show his own mother/girlfriend/friends etc to make it seem like he’s involved in his kids’ life when he isn’t.

For people complaining. A present father would have his own pictures of his own kid.

That part. My ex used to sit in a cubicle that had pictures of my son, wall to wall. That he did not take. Because he was being a selfish di*khole 24/7, not to mention a drunk. So he couldn’t take pictures on his own. Fingers probably too shaky.

It is to some women with absent baby daddies who try and use the child he doesn’t take care of online for clout and sympathy.

Facts but a mom that wont let a father that wants to be there, see his son cant take the pictures
if that wasnt the case he wouldn’t even ask to see his son in the first place.

The tweet is one thing. The actual tiktok is another. She said he can spend time with the kid whenever he wants. He chooses to ask for pics instead so he can post them online and pretend he sees his kid in person.

The word “see” has multiple meanings.

My brother thought a good dad put pics of his kid on social media and looked at them often. But the pics with both of them in them were from 7 yrs ago and he never saw the kid. So… I love this watermark idea.

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Twins didn’t approve their dads clean shave and cried their hearts out


Dear dads, don’t do anything too drastic to change your looks, because your baby could react like these twins who were upset dad had shaved off his hair and was now bald.

A tiktok video captured hearts after a man shared how his twin babies cried so hard after seeing him with a clean shaven head. The almost unrecognizable man tried to pick up one of the boys, but a protective brother would not let his twin be picked up.

In the video, the father is seated facing his baby boys, who curiously look at him. He speaks to them before one realizes its their dad, minus his usual hair. He starts crying and the other twin joins in.

The father attempts to pick one twin to comfort him, but the other blocks his move to protect his brother.

Aww how cute!

Watch the hilarious moment below, and dad’s please this is serious.

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5 Reasons why first impressions matter when going to see your in-laws

Maybe you have for a long time avoided meeting up with your fiancee’s family. Well truth is, first impressions can make or break a relationship.

All we are trying to say is that there is better reason to impress them now before you know, they finally become future in laws.

This is the first time they are meeting the guy or the lady they may be dealing with for decades. It’s a big moment

There are reasons why first impressions matter.

We have highlighted why this is the case,

1. Show of commitment

Most of the times when they get to see your partner, it’s a sign that you want to commit to their child.

That is a sign that they will be seeing you for a long while, if not forever.

This improves the relationship that you may be trying to build with your in laws and this first step is very important.


2. It is a judge of character

Most the times, when the in laws are meeting you for the first time, they simply want to know who you are.

Questions here and there from them may deduce the kind of person that you are.

Well in laws may tend to push buttons once in  a while, but basically all they want is to get to know you better.

3. In laws influence your partner

Now this is the part I would want to insist on.

Making good relationships with your in-laws is very important.

This is because , no matter how connected you are to your partner, they may have an upper hand in influencing them.

This however should not keep you off balance from making that decision to see them, creating that good connection and balance between the two of you could go a long way.



Truly Freaky: KOT amazed by how similar Pastor Burales ‘twin’ looks

4. They will be around you

Planning forever with your partner means planning forever with the family as well.

This only means that they will be around you for as much time as possible.

Through out the meeting stages, it is important to create a good rapport with them because this not only means a relationship with your partner,  it means a future relationship with their whole family.

Thus you need to have a good relationship with them before that life time.

in laws

5. You just genuinely want them to like you

Is this not everyone’s hope?

To just be liked and loved by the family of the person you want to spend forever with ?

On that first meeting above everything, all we want is to make that first connection that will last.




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Wife blasts husband for allowing his mother to sit in the front seat


Does this ever happen in Kenya? Like for real?

Who should sit in front;  the mother in law or the wife?

As a man, the worst person to have in the front seat of a car is your mother, according to arguments going viral on Twitter regarding this topic.

The video below has elicited 78k views and equal responses.

Based on what I see in this video, it shows that mom and wife have unresolved issues that the husband is yet to properly address. So the argument about the front seat was  just the tipping point. Have a look below.


The video and the following argument divided the internet, as some sided with the mother while others said the wife was right. Here are comments:


It’s really not that deep. It’s his mom. She was there first in his life and in the car, so go sit in the back seat.

My wife will never sit in the backseat of a car she pays for and my mom would never raise this issue.

Bro .. my wife woulda been DUBBED AND SINGLE if she EVER acts this way with the Woman that birthed and raised me … no questions asked no answers needed

As someone who was married to a mommas boy, I understand. Wholeheartedly. And every man in the comment section saying “mom comes first” is exactly why I would never get married again.

Wifey gets the front seat. The mom is being divisive and not being considerate. Mom should know her place.

Mom gotta get to the back seat.. Matter fact.. Leave mom on the side walk. This is my wife, my queen. She gets first dibs with me. No way around it. If mom got a problem she can kick rocks. Never ever have your wife looking crazy in public or private.

My mom would respect the union and would have gotten in the backseat. I have sons and would respect my son’s wives and move to the backseat. The mother is pulling a power move to show the wife her position which she shouldn’t have to do. I blame the son

THE MOTHER HAS NO RESPECT !!! As a proper mother, you will sit in the back! No questions asked ! As a man You go and take a woman out of her house and build a new home and family. We get you love your mother and respect her but your wife comes first from the time of ” YES, I DO”

Clearly it’s more than just the backseat and you can tell. His mom had probably been running her mad knowing her son will listen to anything she says. It’s definitely more that just a seat in a car. And honestly it’s her car. The mother knows what she’s doing and I can’t stand it

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14 slang words every mum in her 40’s/50’s needs to know

Do you ever sit near teens and listen to their stories and not have an idea what they are talking about? I mean they could be planning a take over and have fun knowing you have no clue.

 Most teens are able to hold secret conversations because parents have no idea what they’re talking about.

Kenyan Artiste Majirani’s heartbreaking experience in jail leaves him in tears

It’s important to educate yourself about common teen slang so you can be aware of the conversations your teen is having both online and in-person.

So dead mum’s in your 40’s and 50’s, here are slang words used by your teens and others that you need to know.

Shawwry: This means young girl. Perhaps you have heard your teen son use the word shawty/shawrry and have been wondering why he sounds like he is slurrying? He is referring to his main girl or potential interest.

Snatched – Looks good

Lit – Amazing

GOAT – Greatest of all time

Salty – Bitter

TBH – To be honest

Thirsty – Trying to get attention

Bruh – Same as “bro”

‘My King I want to be the best I can be to you’ Milly wa Jesus to husband

Curve – Romantic rejection

Hater or h8er – Someone who hates everything, even their friends

Chillaxin – Chillin’ and relaxing.

Throw Shade – Give someone a dirty look

Smash – Casual s3x

Turnt Up – To be high or drunk

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How lack of a father figure affects a man’s future relationship

Having someone to call dad is great but having a father who is always there at every step of the way is priceless. With a world full of deadbeat dads, having one who’s there for you through thick and thin is something you can’t take for granted. Fathers shape boys into men and leave a flame they can always keep alive. But what happens when a man lacks a father figure in his life:

1. Behavioral Problems

Men who lack father figures generally have an intimidating persona. This behavior is as a result of an attempt to hide their fears and unhappiness. Most of time it manifests itself as bullying. Fathers play a pivotal role in shaping the masculinity abilities of a man and when this can’t happens most men have low self esteem and have a way to cover it up. This could involve with them turning violent at the slightest provocation.

5 Types of men women should date but DON’T

2. Drug abuse

This is something men without fathers easily pick up. Using drugs helps numb the pain of having to deal with no father in their lives.


It’s an easy escape route but leads to fatal problems like suicide. Women can’t take up the role of a father and for men in families where the father is absent, find it hard taking up masculine duties. In return, these men drown into alcoholism and drug abuse as they have try to vent their frustrations.

3. Future romantic relationship

How a man was raised has a lot to do with the way they handle their future romantic relationships. A man who hasn’t witnessed a wife-husband relationship finds it hard to navigate through the mucky waters of a marriage setup.

romantic gesture

They tend to overstep their grounds by bulldozing things they feel are rightfully theirs, for example se3, been cooked for and having their laundry done. It gets hard to reason out things with them as they feel they are the ones who should provide the rules of the house. This relationship ends up turning toxic and emotionally draining.

4. Violence

violent man

A child who has a father who disapproved crime acted as a crucial social control which helped counter negative influences for example peer crime. In a space where men felt being loved and approved, it proved enough to deter them from crime. Men with no fathers to look up to easily fell into crime as they had no one to guide them on being a responsible law abiding man.

From socialites to trolls, here are the types of people on social media

5. Poor academic performance

Male children from families with no father figure, shown a decline in their overall school performance. This was a result of higher rates of depression and negative feelings.


Truancy was also witnessed among these children with some been expelled from school. Having low academic performance affected the how their adult life would turn out to be. It dictated their self esteem, dependence on government aid, job prospects, income and poverty levels.

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My husband forbids me from talking to my in laws after fighting


When your husband or wife has an argument with their sibling, should you also have been with them too?

It’s normal for siblings to fight, and move on after an argument.

But one woman presented to Maina Kageni her very special and frustrating family situation.

Women are each others enemies! Anita Nderu’s powerful message on Women’s Day

The woman spoke of the troubles she faces because her situation ‘is very silly’.

Her husband has a habit of fighting with his brother, and after, warns her not to talk to her sister in law and children.

Frustrating right? It’s worse because they live in the same compound, and life is unbearable.

When they argue he tells me that if I talk to my sister in law I will see. He tells me to even tell my nieces and nephews not to come to our house.

Yet we live in the same compound in ushago, so even my brother in laws wife has been warned not to talk to me also.

She gets so upset with me when the brothers fight and the worst thing is that our husbands usually quietly makeup and don’t tell us.

We only get to see them talking with each other. Can you imagine after they have told us not to talk to each other?

They fight in the bar and tell us not to talk to each other, I even have to tell my kids not to talk to their cousins because daddy said so, then when the men make up they don’t tell us we just see them with each other, it is so hard

‘Its time to be daddy, Harmonize hints he could be expecting a child soon

If your husband is not in good terms with his friend, should you also be expected to carry the same grudge?

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8 things a dad should write in a letter to his daughter


If I had a daughter this is what I would tell her.

And to other dads or dads to be feel free to borrow from me.

1. Express your love for your daughter

A daughter can never have enough reassurance of love from dad. Recently after Kobe Bryants death, a hashtag about #girldad went viral. Many dads shared images of them with their daughters, and sweet captions. I can assure you nothing makes a daughter feel more reassured and appreciated that this love.
Here’s a piece I wrote that you can borrow.

2. Reassure her that you believe in her
That she can do all that she dreams of, and she can work hard and above all you trust her.

3. Tell her that you think she’s beautiful
Owing to self esteem and insecurity issues, girls face today, a father must assure his daughter that she is beautiful both inside and outside. Tell her just like her mother, she really is going to be just as beautiful as you say she is.

From jumping off a tree in slow motion: Here’s a TBT of boarding school experiences

4. Assure her that she makes your heart burst with pride

If she makes you proud dad, tell her in all ways. for instance she could have helped her mother aroudn the house and youtell her so many words. basically affirm th compassion, it makes my heart burst with pride.

5. Tell her about how you cried tears the day she was born
A father holding his child for the first time feels so many good emotions. Tell her you haven’t stopped remembering the day she was born, and she was the most beautiful baby ever.

dad and daughter. jpeg

6. Tell her about not settling for less
So many girls in this day and age settle for second best, and only later in life do they say how much time they have wasted.

As a dad your role is to tell her in words that “Don’t ever settle for second best.”

7. Tell her in words to treat her body with respect

2 conditions Jowie will have to abide by after release from jail

8. Lastly remind her that she can always come to you when she needs help

This reminds me of the time when Jacque Maribe was in jail and her dad was her number one supporter, always hugging her and holding her cheeks assuring her all will be well. He won hearts by Kenyans impressed how he was there for his daughter no matter what.

Children fear their fathers when something goes wrong in life, and would not approach them.

In the letter tell you daughter that she can always come to you no matter what and that you will figure things out together.

Also add that whatever she has done will never stop loving her.


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My husband moved out because our baby didn’t look like him


Can a man tell just by observation, that a child isn’t biologically his? That’s the terrible experience one Kenyan women is living through.

From the color of her eyes to the shape of her nose, what (and who) the child looks like has everyone speculating while a woman is pregnant.

She narrated to Mike Mondo during the morning conversation that her husband dumped her after saying their first born child doesn’t resemble him.

Infact he was angry that the child looked like his wife, he walked out on their marriage.

‘I was legally married and I got pregnant. Actually I am a very social person so I don’t discriminate who I talk to. I talk to both women and men and somehow some women went ahead and and talked to my man and told him and told him how I am sleeping around and they are doubting if the pregnancy is his.’

She continues to narrate about his suspicion on the paternity of their child.

‘And I gave up and the child looks like me in the beginning so he moved out. He moved out because he felt the child looked like me and that it’s not his. So later on at around three years of age I’ve raised my child and uhh and she now looks like him an exact copy’

Is MC Jessy Betty Kyallo’s mystery ‘Somali guy’?

619-05514397 © Masterfile Royalty-Free Model Release: Yes Property Release: Yes Family watching television together
happy family

A local forensic company dubbed CSI Nairobi is among private experts who have taken on such issues brought forward by disputing spouses.

Also the Kenyan government chemist indicated that up to fifty (50%) percent of Kenyan men who eek paternity tests, are not the real fathers.

Kenya has more than 20 well-known DNA testing centres, mostly private clinics in Nairobi and large private hospitals, according to Mpasho

The government chemist charges Sh5,500 per person, Sh10,000 for one parent and one child. The cheapest private provider charges Sh20,000, with results in two days. It may take five to 10 working days for complex cases.


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‘I wish you nothing but death,’ Daughter tells mother

A campus lady confessed to her mother that she wished her nothing but death because she felt her mother was not supportive enough to cater for her needs.

The girl believes a mother should support her child’s financial needs regardless. She let us in on her thoughts about her dispute with the mum.

She said

I hate you so much and I wish you nothing but death. Since I set my foot in campus you have done nothing but making my life miserable. At times I even wonder whether you are my real mother or I was a mistake in your life.

If I was a misfortune you could not have allowed me to this world to suffer. Did you forget abortion is there? I just pray that you could just vanish so that I know my suffering is due to your absence.

I swear I can just strangle you with my hands and live with that guilt of relieve.

This bitter lady uttered these words to her mother because she thought that she was not supportive enough to her needs.

She said the mother literally refused to pay her rent which led to her being thrown out of the house. Her mother is employed hence she saw no need for her not to cater for her basic needs.

Police probe murder of High court clerk attached to Justice Hellen Omondi

This led to her thinking of killing her mother because she was of no use to her life.

I rather suffer when you are dead than when you are alive, she told her mother.

The lady in question says that her mother was not proud of her going to University. She thinks that that is the reason why her mother hates her. The lady describes her mother to be the worst being that cannot relate well with people.

Family cries for justice over UN employee who murdered their daughter

The friends to the girl in question tried to talk to her but it seems she had made up her mind.

The fact remains that no matter what, she would still remain her mother but the lass rejected this statement.

We hope they can get past their differences and heal the mother-daughter relationship.

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Toni Braxton shows off rare photos together with cute teen sons


Toni Braxton has taken to her Instagram to share a rare photo of her two grown up sons.

The Seven-time Grammy winner heaped praises on her boys, Diesel and Denim.

Toni is protective of her children’s privacy so never shows their faces together.

The yummy mummy is extremely private when it comes to her children or who she is currently dating. What we do know is that it’s been rumored that she is with US rapper Birdman, though the two have been coy about dishing information.

toni braxton AMA

Toni over the weekends made an exception for her boys, in a phot that she caption ‘Happy SONday’.

She isn’t the only celebrity to keep their child away from the limelight. Actress Halle Berry is notorious about it and sues anyone publisher that shares photos of her children.

Toni Braxton separated from the father of her children Keri Lewis in 2013, and sued him for child support.

The couple were together for 12 years after being married in 1998.

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‘She’s a debt ridden gambler’ Co workers tell husband about wifes dirty secret




In Sickness, Health…and Debt?

When you join in matrimony with your spouse, you make the vow to face life’s great moments and challenges together. One vague question arises though – does that include debt?

Say for instance one of you is a diligent saver while the other a spendthrift who is up to their life in debt. What’s worse is if they are a defaulter, what does one do?

What if he/she dreams of starting his/her own business but needs to take out a massive business loan? As his/her spouse, are you going to be on the line if he can’t pay?

Those were some of the points of discussion on Classic 105 where hosts Maina and Kingangi asked listeners to give their opinion.

One frustrated friend told of his co workers struggle with debt and the difficult decision her husband had to make.

Our workmate started getting into wash wash activities,and everybody tried to help her stop and each time she went back to it. I told the husband that let your wife go to jail for a bit to learn a lesson, and believe me as mean as it looks he did just that. I would let my wife go to jail for a bad debt if she did it secretly,

If I was not consulted and you become very arrogant about it run to that person who is a softie, who will side with him/her. If you don’t take a hard stance your children will pay for it, so the best thing is let them deal with it – go to jail

Dear Classic 105 fam, is this a good solution to deal with a spouse who is hardheaded and can’t get out of debt? Drop us your comments below.

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Gabrielle Unions stepson bashed for wearing crop top and fake nails


Gabrielle Unions stepson has not had it easy since April this year.

The 11-year-old son, Zion, has been trending online for some time.

All because he identifies as gay and was recently again seen wearing a crop top and fake nails in a family photo.

On April 7, she accompanied her stepson to the Miami Beach Pride Festival, taking along her 5-month-old daughter, Kaavia, and Zion’s 17-year-old brother, Zaire.

The “Being Mary Jane” star was bashed online after sharing pictures at the parade. She defended the young man explaining what diversity and inclusion means in their household.

Her retired Miami Heat superstar husband Dwayne Wade had now had to step in to write the perfect response to the cruel comments.


Wade took to Twitter to write, “I’ve seen some post-thanksgiving hate on social about my family photo. Stupidity is apart of this world we live in—so i get it. But here’s the thing—I’ve been chosen to lead my family not y’all. So we will continue to be us and support each other with pride, love & a smile! ✌🏾


Judgmental trolls began parent-shaming the couple, leaving comments like, “Why does his son have his nails done and dressed like a girl? 🤔” and, “Smh wtf this lil boy got nails on for? I’ve lost all respect for D Wade.”

Gabby and D. Wade welcomed their first child together in November via surrogate.

gabrielle union baby 1

“We are sleepless and delirious but so excited to share that our miracle baby arrived last night via surrogate and 11/7 will forever be etched in our hearts as the most loveliest of all the lovely days,” the actress wrote on Instagram at the time. “Welcome to the party sweet girl!”

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Ruth Matete was aware of husbands ex wife


Gospel star Ruth Matete has said she was aware that her husband John Apewajoye, aka Beloved John, had been married before they hooked up.

John was previously married to Juliet Aihinomo Idehen who is based in Nigeria and they had two children.

‘I look forward to doing life with you my love,’ Ruth Matete celebrates bae

Matete told Word Is on Monday, “Tell her to provide proof they are still married. I am aware that John is her ex-husband but they are not married anymore. I know the children because they are my husband’s kids.”

She walked down the aisle with John on November 22 at a private wedding. “The wedding was successful, we thank God,” she said.

Ruth Matete with her man
Ruth Matete with her man

Previously, Matete, who is the daughter of Selina actor Abel Amunga, has opened up about growing in an abusive home.

“My mum got married to another man and later she introduced me to my biological father. I had never been to school I was always at home doing house chores,” she told Ebru TV.

Meet the man Ruth Matete will be marrying tomorrow(exclusive)

“My stepdad was not so good to me and my mum. He was a drunk and he used to beat me a lot. She sensed it was time for her to go as she was always in and out of hospital.

“My dad used to tell me that even when my mum was pregnant with me she was always sick from being beaten. He was a drunk and he used to beat me a lot.

“My dad was also married and his wife was not so good to me, she would beat me everyday when she wanted to solve issues with me.”

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The most annoying wedding request couples can ever ask Maina Kageni


If you’re not planning on paying for your wedding entirely, but rely on friends, count Maina Kageni out.

First of all why are wedding so expensive these days?

Some couples, or their families, decide they simply must pull out all the stops for a wedding. They want nothing but the best, even if they can’t afford to pay for it. To facilitate their dreams, they call on friends to fork out the money.

Maina is having none of these. He spoke about it in a discussion with Mwalimu Kingangi about failed relationships and more specifically people referred to as serial divorcees.

He said,

never invite me to a pre-wedding. I will never contribute, why should I con tribute for another man to go  and enjoy someone? I left the group

Back in April this year, a bride cancelled her wedding after friends refused to contribute to her dream wedding.

Her budget was 60,000 pounds, and explains why it’s expensive

“A local psychic told us to go with the more expensive option, and we thought why the hell not?”

She made sure to RSVP the wedding with a cash demand.

The bride also explained she “made it CLEAR. If you couldn’t contribute, you weren’t invited to our exclusive wedding. It’s a once and a lifetime [sic] party.”

Much to the bride’s dismay, she and her fiancé quickly discovered that people were not willing to pay $1,500 to attend their special day.

In a now deleted Facebook post, she shared the reasons for the cancellation, saying, “I specifically…asked for cash gifts. How could we have our wedding that we dreamed of without proper funding? We talked to a few people who even promised us more to make our dream come true.”



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