Nagging and Clingy: Why Kalenjin men dump wives in ushago

A Kalenjin man left Maina Kageni astonished after sharing details of his living conditions.

No, he is not homeless, or living large. He says he is happily married and living separate from his wife, and it’s the best thing EVER!


Now before you wonder what the hell he is talking about, he has a reason for it.

I have been married for four years and after a year I took her ushago, you know there is reality of life, you cannot be doing cosmetic things of ‘we are in love’, let us not live the western life

Notice the lack of empathy he has for his wife as he continues his life story

we cannot keep moving from one place to another with our wives, we have to leave our wives back at home to stabilize things, so for me I can’t allow to move with my wife, and she is back home by the way she is a very good farmer very good manager, my farm is doing well just because she is doing a good job



So I see her once a month, that’s what is done in Kajlenjin. We don’t have to agree on such things, it’s men who decide.

I am 33 and she is 28, and she is doing very well infact I opened a shop for her, she is a graduate, we had to get educated, so we have to live a reality life not movies, infact I am looking for a school for her to teach so that she is busy.

Would you ever live apart from your partner? Or do you love the closeness? Or do you wish you could? Do you already? Tell us below.

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A list of your favorite gospel artistes and their children (photos)

These female gospel artistes are doing it big in the music arena, and back at home they are mothers to the most adorable children. Meet the families you probably didn’t know they had:

1- Esther Wahome

The ‘Kuna Dawa’ hit maker is a mother of three, with her eldest daughter Michelle being in her 20’s.

Esther’s kids are away from the limelight except for Michelle who looks all shades of beautiful.

2. Pastor Joan Wairimu

Pastor Wairimu is a gospel musician known mostly for her hit song Pambazuka na Yesu.

She is a mother of three and to say her kids are beautiful would be an understatement.

Pastor Joan Wairimu and her son
Joan Wairimu’s daughter
Joan Wairimu and her youngest daughter

3. Betty Bayo

‘The 11th Hour hit maker’ is a doting mother of two – a son who is almost turning three and a daughter aged 7.

Betty Bayo kids

4. Shiro Wa Gp

Shiro, who is majorly known for her Kikuyu songs, is a mother of one.

In 2014, Shiru gave birth to twins but sadly the boy passed away due to health complications.

Shiru had been in marriage for many years without kids before the birth of the twins.

Shiru Wa Gp

5. Lady Bee

Secular artiste turned gospel Lady Bee is mother to a beautiful daughter who is in her twenties.

Going by the photos the two would easily pass for sisters, She also has a son.

Lady Bee and her kidsCheck out photos of kids to your favorite gospel artistes

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My ex would have breastfed his mother if she told him to – angry ex confesses


There are many things that can be deal breakers when it comes to relationships, and finding yourself involved with a mama’s boy can be a pretty high contender.

A woman called in to the Maina and Kinga’gi show saying she dumped her ex boyfriend over his tight mother-son bond.

telling how she was annoyed her grown up bae was behaving

it is the reason why I left my boyfriend, maybe he doesn’t even know the reason, because he was acting like a hooligan, he was the type of person when he wakes up it’s his mother,  every weekend it’s his mother, over the weekend he is at his mothers,

She was upset with what she had gotten herself into and his ‘unhealthy’ relationship

he is 27 years, what is he going for in her house? He couldn’t make a decision because his mother would control him,

She describes how she dealt with his overbearing mother

I wanted a wedding and his mother told him to move in with me instead, and that if I didn’t want this I should move on, that is exactly what I did.  I didn’t understand why a man with mandevu, should listen to his mother, kama ni kunyonya, si ata mimi niko na matiti anyonye zangu. Kwani he goes to breastfeed? I also have breasts he can come s*ck mine instead of hers.


This is a struggle you are going to fight as long as you are with this man, his mother Maina assured her.

Here’s a list of the daily struggles you might face while dating a mama’s boy:

1. He will never truly be independent.
2. He’ll never believe anything unless his mom tells him so.

3. She will try and control your life now too.

5. She will always have the final say.

10. He’ll call her about every little thing.

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‘Grow up! Rnb Singer Brian Mcknight blasts sons over deadbeat dad claims

Imagine being a musician who has to travel worldwide, something as agonizing as 17 hours then reading on social media that your children would rather you’re dead than alive.

Yup! That’s what RnB singer Brian Mcknight is addressing in a video to online comments from his grown up children who think he is a dead beat dad who has even abandoned his grandchildren.

Here’s some of what he had to say in defense of himself:

heineous craziness I have ever seen in my life. My eldest son said I am abandoning them for my news family, anyone who knows me knows over the last 30 years knows I have been there ever last step of the way, my two sons are 25 and 30, not 16. I’ve never missed a day of child support never done anything adversary to them I’ve always been there, I’ve always given them advise whether they took it or not, I’ve always been the one to help them achieve the dreams they want to. I guess my only fault is giving them my everything that I never had.


The singer goes on to mention that parents must practice tough love

I would tell you as parents out there, entitling your children is one of the worst things you could ever do coz I’m guilty of that.

Tough love is a tough thing to institute as a parent because you wanna help them as much as you can when I stopped doing that for them and it wasn’t like I completely got off of them. When I put them out of my house I paid for their apartment for two years, they didn’t have to work. Guys this is the time to grow up, it’s time to be men guys. They have spit in the face of my new wife.



Fans have responded to the video, urging him to move on from this tough period in his life:

Kim Lemerise..
It hurts to walk away from your children,but they can drain the life out of ya.

Dena Sylla..
“Entitling your children is probably the worst thing you can do”, BINGO!

Keith Mathis..
Boy 2 years without rent and they can’t get it together pretty sure we all in the comments wish we started life out like that…..TUFF LOVE TIME

Don’t waste your time with bad energy, they are grown men already.

Brandon Sloan..
Can you imagine two years rent free 🤯 shid I’d be balling with jobs stacking my 🧀🧀🧀

kyra williams..
You CANNOT spoil boys. They grow up to be entitled, feminine and handicapped.

Space Ghost Skaduwee..
I wish I had an apartment paid for 2 years. Spoil brat complex perhaps?

Layna Watson..
Brother you don’t have explain yourself to the world.some young people are out of order.brian pray and keep doing what you are doing.prayers up!!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾

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Proud Paps: Jose Chameleon’s first born son makes his dad emotional


Ugandan singer Jose Chameleon is a proud papa and his son is the reason behind it.

The 14 year old Abba is not your average child, and is giving his popular dad reasons to be proud..

The singers first born son Abba is joining a catholic high school in the US where his wife lives with their five children.

abba mayanja

Jose shuttles between Uganda and the US handling his career and family responsibilities.

Jose expressed his joy writing

I will always emulate my great Father Mr. Mayanja Gerald who with not so much income payed all his dues to have us go to the best schools of our times.

Today I congratulate Abba Mayanja for joining Totino Grace High School. We know and have witnessed your journey son may God brighten up your days as life actually begins here.

jose and abba

It’s in high school that you start crafting the man you’ll be.You are a man of faith. God will always shelter you no matter the storms.

 Here are some things you need to know about his son Abba
1. He is a swimming champion
2. He is also a budding musician like his popular dad

Why Kenyan men will never reveal their secret wives and children

If you’re not listening to Classic 105, you are missing out big time.

Countless men confessed how they have secret wives and children out there and will never be man enough to tell their wives.

They all pledged to die with their secret because their wives are ‘SIMBAS’ who will give them hell if this information is shared.

This discussion arose after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko shared the late Ken Okoths secret of a wife and son out there.

Maina Kageni had some interesting thoughts about Sonko not keeping secrets

The truth will set your free, Sonko did the right thing coz if they had hidden that child we would have found out when he is 18, why do you go out there to have more kids, don’t you have enough? Why can’t y’all just keep your zippers up? Seriously! Why are you causing a situation? I find that a very lame excuse there is something called protection if you really must go skinny dipping.’

This did not perturb men, who called in confessing their naughty deeds.

One man said

I have one person out there, I can’t tell my wife itakuwa shida nyumbani, coz I found out by surprise my other woman was pregnant, saa huu wangu ako seven months na bibi yangu hajui, sitamwambia, hiyo ni shida, sasa akitokelezea nikikufa ni sawa

Another said

How do you expect us to tell our wives we have other families out there? If you tell her you will definitely die, and live a miserable life. Telling your wife is wrong wacha let things take its own course when you die

Two other men called in saying

It’s not wrong to have kids out there, it’s not wrong to have another woman out there but now the problem is when we don’t come out early enough, remember no lie lives forever, my brother has 13 children in his burial affected the wife, it affected the entire family.

So girls, do you see they would rather you be left to handle the drama on your own? Read one more confession

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‘I am trolled for being barren’ MP Millie Odhiambo cries out



Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo is pretty outspoken about issues.

That is something she is well aware of, and won’t stop anytime soon.

This side of her sadly has seen her land the wrath of online trolls.

In an interview on NTV, Millie spoke out about being trolled and the one thing that hurts her greatly.

When I disagree with people even on Facebook, some people come and insult me and tell me that is why GOD has not blessed you with children, that is why you are barren like it is a big deal not to have children

‘Not having kids does not make me less human’ kambua shuts haters

unnamed (4)
Courtesy The star

Another female politician who has spoken out about not being able to conceive was former coast politician Joyce Lay.

The former Taita Taveta MP opened up about her painful journey to motherhood saying

During a debate on the In-Vitro Fertilization Bill, Ms Lay gave an emotional speech on the frustrations she went through when she had to use a surrogate mother to give birth to her only child.

“I wasn’t born barren. I was a young mother at the age of nineteen. I have been through the pain of giving birth; it is only that I lost my son when he was two years old. This time, it is only that I had to be assisted so that I can get another child,” she said.

Taita Taveta women rep Joyce Lay. Photo/Monicah Mwangi
Taita Taveta women rep Joyce Lay. Photo/Monicah Mwangi

KOT have responded to Millie’s confession, urging her to take heart
Lucie Cassandra Wangeci ..Ok, having children is undoubtedly super and one of the greatest blessings in life! However, it’s evil and callous to sneer at those who have not received this gift!

‘I didn’t get married just because I wanted kids’ Confesses Emmy Kosgei

Njeri Waweru ..I hate it when some people think that they are better than others just because they have children and others don’t,Millie is Blessed in so many ways ,She has inspired so many women and her Contribution to the society is Great, Those who insult her cowards

Wothaya Gakinya ..Sometimes people are so mean with their words. matters of health, wealth, marriage and children i don’t debate with anyone.

Wairimu Ndung’u ..People who think they are blessed coz they’re righteous startle me. Our self righteousness can never earn us anything on such matters..

Esther Njeru ..It is very sad to think that they can use that against her. May God forgive them.

Caroline Derry ..many think what they have is their will and not the grace bestowed to them by God,Millie you are a blessing and a mother to a whole nation..just like Abraham who had only two children after a long struggle God made him a father of the nations..u are a mother of so many gals,mothers and children look upto you…min piny.

‘We are not in a rush to get babies, we are still learning’ Mark Masai admits

Stella Moffat ..Its God who provides children ! God already blessed you with so many kids who you take care of !! Bless you my sister shallom

Lydia Flora Alushula …It is wrong as they do that You are a Strong and God fearing and a lovely Mheshimiwa admirable

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Does a married daughter have a right over deceased fathers property Maina asks

Dear men, does your sister stop being your fathers daughter when she marries?

That was the argument on Classic 105, as Maina debated the touchy topic of married daughters and inheriting her late fathers property.

Two brothers who had sought to block their sisters from a sh80million inheritance formed the basis of the morning debate.

Justice Teresiah Matheka directed Mr Francis Wambugu and Mr Sammy Mathangani to ensure the estate of their mother Esther Wangui Kamuhia (deceased) was divided equally among all five children.

In their objection, the brothers wanted the estate shared equally between the two of them on the grounds that it was the wish of their deceased mother.

While dismissing the two brothers’ arguments, Justice Matheka said the issue of married daughters not inheriting from their parents is a dead horse.

“The Law of Succession Act does not know sex/gender.  It knows the deceased’s child. The parcel of land belonged to the mother of all the parties herein. None of them has a superior right of inheritance. By taking it all the sons will turn it to their own private property with no access to the daughters.  The fact of their marriages per se does not change the fact that the protesters are children of the deceased,” the court ruled. 

Maina Kageni argued his support for the Judges ruling noting that:

First of all its a great victory for women, first of all, understand you’re sister even if married on the moon, does not stop being your fathers daughter

how are we thinking like that in 2019, there is not one single man who agreed with Justice Matheka, and this morning I want to know what you think

Here are reactions from Classic 105 fans:

Felix Agola(Mr President)..

Maina my parents properties should be shared equal amgonst as all without discriminating the ladies and so should my properties shared equally amongst all my kids including my daughters
Carol Kungu..
@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya If a will was written by the dad it cannot be changeable so men ve to swallow the bitter pill and accept the fathers and respect and honour his wish…..Aaaaarrggghhh…..#MainaAndKingangi

the property in dispute belongs to their late MOTHER not father. And those men’s should be ashamed fighting over a woman’s property. Waende watengeze yao.

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Naivasha man strangles 2-year-old son over paternity dispute

Police in Naivasha have arrested a middle aged man who murdered his two year old son by strangling him in Karati village after a domestic feud with the wife.

The suspect, who had gone into hiding, was arrested hours later from a relative’s house and locked at Naivasha police station as investigations into the incident kicked off.

John ‘KJ’ Kiarie narrates how goons tried killing him in his campaigns

The wife and her nine month child had fled their matrimonial home for her rural home in Kinangop when the suspect who is casual laborer committed the beastly act.

According to a neighbor Moses Gitau, the suspect had on several occasions complained about the identity of the boy saying that he had not sired him.

He said that this had led to perennial clashes between the couple before the wife ran away leaving behind the minor with the father.

“From the information we are getting is that the man killed the minor by strangling him before escaping but he has since been arrested,” he said.

Emotions ran high as police moved in to collect the body as irate area residents bayed for the blood of the suspect.

Meanwhile, a sixty three year old man died on the spot after his vehicle rammed head on into an incoming lorry along the Naivasha-Mai Mahiu on Monday morning.

The victim said to be diabetic left his lane and hit the driving school truck during the early morning incident near Kihoto estate.

UN employee who killed Kenyan wife asked for room with bathtub

The driver of the truck and his passenger escaped with minor injuries during the accident that caused a major traffic snarl-up.

A witness James Wahome said that it was not clear what happened to the victim as he swerved to the right hitting the incoming truck.

“The driver of the personal car is to blame as he swerved into the lane of incoming truck leading to the fatal accident,” he said.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed both incidents adding that the bodies had been collected and taken to area mortuary.

“Preliminary investigations indicate that the minor was killed through strangling and the suspect will be arraigned in court facing murder charges,” he said.

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‘I am so mad at him’ friend speaks at burial of massacred Thome family

The man and two children brutally murdered by the wife in Thome 5 estate before committing suicide were Thursday buried in an emotional ceremony.

They were all laid to rest on Thursday at Lang’ata Cemetery, Nairobi.

Relatives of Joyce Wanjiru, the woman who killed her husband David Gitau and two children before committing suicide in Marurui, Thome Estate, the day after the incident admitted she had anger issues.

Nairobi woman kills husband, two children over domestic squabble

They described how she was irritable and battered her man, who out of embarrassment could not speak up.

It is believed that Gitau, a casual labourer, was attacked while asleep, as the body was found lying on the bed, witnesses and police said.

The woman then strangled to death their two children aged 14 and three years before hanging herself with a rope in the house.

‘I had prepared him his favorite dish – chapatis’ Tony Ngare’s widow mourns

TROUBLED SOULS: Sonko Rescue Team helps in laying to rest the family of a 32-year-old woman who killed her husband and their two children before committing suicide. Buried at Langata Cemetery on July 18. Image: FAITH MUTEGI

The bodies of the four were discovered in the afternoon after labourers who used to buy food from the woman at a construction site raised queries over her whereabouts.

‘Naftali bought an axe and knife and had it sharpened’ Sources reveal

Police said the couple had recurrent domestic disputes, adding that Gitau had several times reported about being beaten by the wife.

During the burial, Gitau’s best friend spoke up saying

“You would never notice if Gitau had problems or not. I am so mad at him, even if he’s dead. He didn’t speak to me. I didn’t know he had problems. We wouldn’t be where we are right now if he did.

Kariuki said his “heart is very broken as we started our friendship back when we were children. Our parents are friends. I used to pass by his workplace quite often and discuss things then go back to our businesses,” Kariuki said at the burial.

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Mukhisa Kituyi introduces his son on his graduation and he is acute AF


Former Politician Mukhisa Kituyi is a dedicated family man, and is now letting us in on some details about his son, Masalule.

He shares very little about his family, but I guess this is not a moment a proud dad wants to keep secret.

Kituyi is celebrating the success of his cute son, the latest engineer in town. He wrote on his social media that

It is felicitations all around as our last borne Masalule aka Masa graduates with honors in Mechanical Engineering

Beaming With Pride! Bob Collymore shows off his son for the first time

The Secretary-General of UNCTAD, also shared a picture of his daughter posing with the son. Meet his beautiful family




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Mike Mondo opens up about his relationship with father 


Classic 105’s Mike Mondo got candid about his father in a rare moment while speaking candidly about why some dad’s can’t leave their job titles at work.


My father was a dictator back in the day. It was his way or the highway, unajua wale walikuwa wanasema if I am right I am right even if I am wrong I am right.

He was a chief scientist, a marine biologist, one of the few in Kenya in the 80’s.

‘He was one hundred percent human’  Juliani honors Bob Collymore

If you are still stuck at the Marine Scientist bit wondering what that is, read the job description below.

Marine scientists research the sea and study its interactions with its organisms, sea floors, coastal areas and the atmosphere. Marine science is a broad discipline, so many choose to specialise in a particular field such as a particular species.

Quite a job right?

This is a side we haven’t seen of the hunky presenter although he speaks freely about being a father to his adorable daughter.

His background with his father has pretty much what it has to do with how he raises his children.

You know there was time I was in nursing school so even when you get home you feel good and because of the respect you are put on a pedestal and you see when you come hoke you are asked why are you coming at this time eh!

Check out Mike Mondo’s beautiful daughter as she turned two (photos)

mike mondo

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“He is more emotional than I am” – whispers Millie wa Jesus

The Wa Jesus family have been trending on our social timelines for all the good reasons, including the recent announcement that they are expectant.

Two other couples are expecting anew bundle of joy: namely Kambua and the Bahati’s.

However what the fans do not know is that not only is Milly wa Jesus emotional, she was quick to add that the husband was more emotional than her.

She disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Classic 105  saying,

He is basically emotional.

He is more emotional than I am.

Milly wa Jesus has a message for slay queens (Exclusive)


‘If it wasn’t for my wife, things wouldn’t be like this right now’ – Jimmy Gathu reveals

Well Kabi had something to add on to that saying that his perspective about marriage was different and that having married the love of his life was the best thing that could have happened to him.

He added that when getting into a relationship with someone should be so important that that person knows your past well enough to help you make a better future and that is what Milly did for him.

In his words he said;

Growing up in Kayole I never thought I would get married in a church.

I knew I would get married but my perspective was getting married but if it would fail one could always opt out but she changed that narrative.

Even during the proposal I was very emotional but I thought I had to be strong because it was live on television.

I had to keep my composure but I was so happy I couldn’t even keep calm.



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‘Take your time’ advises the Wa-Jesus family on marriage

The Wa Jesus family are definitely serving us marriage goals and we can’t help but envy them in their marriage life.

In an exclusive interview with Classic 105, we were able to ask what it took to have a successful marriage.

Some of the relationship advice and lessons that they gave when it came to relationship was;

One put God at the center he is the author and finisher of marriages so if you want to understand marriage, look for the meaning of marriage  from the source who is God.

Also be friends , be good friends even before you get into that relationship.

We dated for 4 years and it has made our relationship easier.

A Thankful Heart: Kibra MP Ken Okoth’s message to KOT


‘Love deeply’ – Terryanne Chebet reveals biggest lessons she has learnt this year

Kabi wa Jesus who is also known as Pastor Kanyosto was quick to add that

We were friends for 4 years before we dated, 3 years after we dated and now we are in to marriage so in relationships, you have to build them over time.

For the person who is looking to get into marriage, take your time,  there is no rushing getting married.

Just get to know this person and then you can go ahead to get to getting into a relationship with that person.

They also added that when you get into marriage, you do not have to always be the one expecting things.

That apart from compromise, one had to also be the one to give, that giving without expecting was one of the ultimate things one had to know.

This is what they had to add;

The other thing is when you are getting into a relationship, is that you have to be ready to give and not to receive.

In every relationship you are getting into go in there to give

If it is love-give,

if it is time- give.

When you do not do that , the only thing that will be on your mind is what I’m receiving instead, while it should be what can I give.


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5 Reasons why first impressions matter when going to see your in-laws

Maybe you have for a long time avoided meeting up with your fiancee’s family. Well truth is, first impressions can make or break a relationship.

All we are trying to say is that there is better reason to impress them now before you know, they finally become future in laws.

This is the first time they are meeting the guy or the lady they may be dealing with for decades. It’s a big moment

There are reasons why first impressions matter.

We have highlighted why this is the case,

1. Show of commitment

Most of the times when they get to see your partner, it’s a sign that you want to commit to their child.

That is a sign that they will be seeing you for a long while, if not forever.

This improves the relationship that you may be trying to build with your in laws and this first step is very important.


2. It is a judge of character

Most the times, when the in laws are meeting you for the first time, they simply want to know who you are.

Questions here and there from them may deduce the kind of person that you are.

Well in laws may tend to push buttons once in  a while, but basically all they want is to get to know you better.

Freaky! Doctors remove a 5-year horn from a farmers thumb

3. In laws influence your partner

Now this is the part I would want to insist on.

Making good relationships with your in-laws is very important.

This is because , no matter how connected you are to your partner, they may have an upper hand in influencing them.

This however should not keep you off balance from making that decision to see them, creating that good connection and balance between the two of you could go a long way.



Truly Freaky: KOT amazed by how similar Pastor Burales ‘twin’ looks

4. They will be around you

Planning forever with your partner means planning forever with the family as well.

This only means that they will be around you for as much time as possible.

Through out the meeting stages, it is important to create a good rapport with them because this not only means a relationship with your partner,  it means a future relationship with their whole family.

Thus you need to have a good relationship with them before that life time.

in laws

5. You just genuinely want them to like you

Is this not everyone’s hope?

To just be liked and loved by the family of the person you want to spend forever with ?

On that first meeting above everything, all we want is to make that first connection that will last.




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How do you deal with a financially irresponsible spouse Maina asks


Women and their money spending habits formed the basis for the morning conversation Tuesday morning with Maina asking listeners

Is your relationship suffering because your partner is a heavy borrower? 

A man desperate to save his wife’s handling of finances moved Maina Kageni.

He told Maina

‘Our relationships are suffering because of these money apps. The government should consider closing them.’  These are the complains that Maina received from men this morning.

Most of the men were of opinion that most of the ladies take loans that are beyond their ability when it comes to pay back. They borrow money for luxury that at times one cannot be accountable for the money breakdown. Some go to an extent of giving out their properties such as laptops, computers, televisions and phones which they later lose because they are unable to pay.


One of the men who called said, ‘my wife can spend a lot of money but she can not even show a shoe lace she bought.’

‘I usually thought that women paid their loans back on time,‘ Maina said. This however was not the case as per what the callers were saying. One of the money lenders who called confirmed that 80% of his customers were women.

‘I have given my boyfriend pocket money worth 150k in 8 weeks’ Stacy

He revealed

Most of these ladies borrow money to enhance their own looks like going to salon not even for family use.

They bring their collateral to him and then he never see’s them again hence he ends up selling the items.

One should borrow money that they are able to pay back and be used in a responsible way, he told Maina.

Th ladies also contributed tot he topic.

One said that even though they borrowed this money they also know how to save. Most of the time they borrowed the money they used it in chamas. One of the lady callers said, Maina the competitions is stiff among us ladies. I once had to borrow money to buy a wig that i saw someone with.

Other callers were of opinion that the money apps are of help especially when used in a reasonable way.

‘My dad told me to prostitute myself and earn some pocket money ‘Cries city woman

Other comments were;

I borrowed money to buy a car and later own paid back. One should borrow money and pay it back on time and nowadays a car is not luxury.

Most of these ladies borrow money to enhance their own looks like going to salon not even for family use.

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14 slang words every mum in her 40’s/50’s needs to know


Do you ever sit near teens and listen to their stories and not have an idea what they are talking about? I mean they could be planning a take over and have fun knowing you have no clue.

 Most teens are able to hold secret conversations because parents have no idea what they’re talking about.

Kenyan Artiste Majirani’s heartbreaking experience in jail leaves him in tears

It’s important to educate yourself about common teen slang so you can be aware of the conversations your teen is having both online and in-person.

So dead mum’s in your 40’s and 50’s, here are slang words used by your teens and others that you need to know.

Shawwry: This means young girl. Perhaps you have heard your teen son use the word shawty/shawrry and have been wondering why he sounds like he is slurrying? He is referring to his main girl or potential interest.

Snatched – Looks good

Lit – Amazing

GOAT – Greatest of all time

Salty – Bitter

TBH – To be honest

Thirsty – Trying to get attention

Bruh – Same as “bro”

‘My King I want to be the best I can be to you’ Milly wa Jesus to husband

Curve – Romantic rejection

Hater or h8er – Someone who hates everything, even their friends

Chillaxin – Chillin’ and relaxing.

Throw Shade – Give someone a dirty look

Smash – Casual s3x

Turnt Up – To be high or drunk

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The Perfect Cook’s Checklist: How many can you do?


How good are your culinary skills girls? Be honest.

A research sometime back suggested that women finally become perfect cooks at the grand old age of 55.

The said research showed that by the time they reach their mid-fifties, the female of the species has learned how to cater for parties of 12 or more, throw together random ingredients to make a decent meal, and rescue a dinner that has gone awry.

By 55 the typical women will also have the ability to produce 15 meals on a regular basis all cooked from scratch.

Take this checklist and see how good a cook you are:

  • Make gravy so that it is not runny
  • Can cook fried eggs without breaking the yolk
  • Can cook the perfect boiled egg
  • Cook beef until it’s not tender not tough
  • Cook carrots until they are aldente rather than soggy
  • Cook broccoli which isn’t mushy
  • Can rustle up more than 15 ‘regular’ dishes
  • Can throw random ingredients together to make something delicious
  • Is confident about throwing dinner parties for 12
  • Know what herbs compliment meat
  • Can differentiate between herbs
  • Can get all elements of a roast dinner ready at the same time
  • Can rescue a meal which looks like it is going wrong
  • Can cook bread from scratch
  • Cooks sauces from scratch rather than using jarred alternatives
  • Can make ice cream from scratch
  • Can make pasta from scratch
  • Happy to replicate celebrity recipes
  • Throw ingredients in without weighing when baking
  • Bake cakes such as Victoria sponge and lemon drizzle cake regularly

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