Girl Languishes In Shame As She Admits To Sleeping With Her Cousin

Every one has that favorite family member whom they relate to quite well since childhood. Some of them go as far as falling in love with these family members but can control it and these feelings eventually fade.

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This young girl had too much guilt after sleeping with her favorite cousin, who’s feelings were clearly mutual and now she cannot face herself. She took to social media to ask for much-needed advice on how to handle the guilt. Read on;

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“I have one favorite cousin we are very close so yesterday we were both in the house together so I went to his room to talk to him because we had something we were discussing about, in the process after talking he said I should pick the rashes at his back, from then he started touching me I was lost and the time I realized I told him to stop it but he was already overwhelmed by the whole thing, so he insisted and slept with me then tears rolled out my eyes and he started apologizing to me that he didn’t know what came over him. Right now am scared if there is a punishment in one’s tradition, I can’t get it off my mind because I will have to live with the thought all my life, how do I get over it. I have pleaded for forgiveness from God because I feel so ashamed of myself. Please, I need advice😔😩.”

Take A Look At These Adorable Pics Of Baby Huru’s Second Christmas

Life is full of beautiful memories and experiences. It is every woman’s dream to experience a full life, finish school, build a career, get married and bring forth children for a complete family. Being a successful career woman, Janet Mbugua recently married to the love of her life, Eddie Ndichu, and they were blessed with their first child, Huru, she is at a place where she can say she is complete.


Like many public figures, Janet Mbugua chose to keep her baby’s face a secret up until his first birthday where she posted a photo of the whole family, finally revealing his face. The colorful event saw friends and family attend baby Huru’s first birthday.

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This Christmas has been full of blessings galore, as she shares the festive season with her son, posting beautiful pics on social media. Check them out;



Alongside this caption; “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”