‘I wish you nothing but death,’ Daughter tells mother

A campus lady confessed to her mother that she wished her nothing but death because she felt her mother was not supportive enough to cater for her needs.

The girl believes a mother should support her child’s financial needs regardless. She let us in on her thoughts about her dispute with the mum.

She said

I hate you so much and I wish you nothing but death. Since I set my foot in campus you have done nothing but making my life miserable. At times I even wonder whether you are my real mother or I was a mistake in your life.

If I was a misfortune you could not have allowed me to this world to suffer. Did you forget abortion is there? I just pray that you could just vanish so that I know my suffering is due to your absence.

I swear I can just strangle you with my hands and live with that guilt of relieve.

This bitter lady uttered these words to her mother because she thought that she was not supportive enough to her needs.

She said the mother literally refused to pay her rent which led to her being thrown out of the house. Her mother is employed hence she saw no need for her not to cater for her basic needs.

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This led to her thinking of killing her mother because she was of no use to her life.

I rather suffer when you are dead than when you are alive, she told her mother.

The lady in question says that her mother was not proud of her going to University. She thinks that that is the reason why her mother hates her. The lady describes her mother to be the worst being that cannot relate well with people.

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The friends to the girl in question tried to talk to her but it seems she had made up her mind.

The fact remains that no matter what, she would still remain her mother but the lass rejected this statement.

We hope they can get past their differences and heal the mother-daughter relationship.

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‘Grow up! Rnb Singer Brian Mcknight blasts sons over deadbeat dad claims

Imagine being a musician who has to travel worldwide, something as agonizing as 17 hours then reading on social media that your children would rather you’re dead than alive.

Yup! That’s what RnB singer Brian Mcknight is addressing in a video to online comments from his grown up children who think he is a dead beat dad who has even abandoned his grandchildren.

Here’s some of what he had to say in defense of himself:

heineous craziness I have ever seen in my life. My eldest son said I am abandoning them for my news family, anyone who knows me knows over the last 30 years knows I have been there ever last step of the way, my two sons are 25 and 30, not 16. I’ve never missed a day of child support never done anything adversary to them I’ve always been there, I’ve always given them advise whether they took it or not, I’ve always been the one to help them achieve the dreams they want to. I guess my only fault is giving them my everything that I never had.


The singer goes on to mention that parents must practice tough love

I would tell you as parents out there, entitling your children is one of the worst things you could ever do coz I’m guilty of that.

Tough love is a tough thing to institute as a parent because you wanna help them as much as you can when I stopped doing that for them and it wasn’t like I completely got off of them. When I put them out of my house I paid for their apartment for two years, they didn’t have to work. Guys this is the time to grow up, it’s time to be men guys. They have spit in the face of my new wife.



Fans have responded to the video, urging him to move on from this tough period in his life:

Kim Lemerise..
It hurts to walk away from your children,but they can drain the life out of ya.

Dena Sylla..
“Entitling your children is probably the worst thing you can do”, BINGO!

Keith Mathis..
Boy 2 years without rent and they can’t get it together pretty sure we all in the comments wish we started life out like that…..TUFF LOVE TIME

Don’t waste your time with bad energy, they are grown men already.

Brandon Sloan..
Can you imagine two years rent free 🤯 shid I’d be balling with jobs stacking my 🧀🧀🧀

kyra williams..
You CANNOT spoil boys. They grow up to be entitled, feminine and handicapped.

Space Ghost Skaduwee..
I wish I had an apartment paid for 2 years. Spoil brat complex perhaps?

Layna Watson..
Brother you don’t have explain yourself to the world.some young people are out of order.brian pray and keep doing what you are doing.prayers up!!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾

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The difference between wills written by Kenyan men and women


It’s been quite a week, from Kenyans learning that the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth has a secret wife and son, who has been included in his will.

To Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko encouraging ladies to expose politicians they have children with. This has proved quite a tricky issue.

Maina and Mwalimu debated this topic, after Mwalimu accused women of deliberately leaving men out of their wills, while expecting to be beneficiaries in their husbands.

Women called in to challenge Mwalimu, and brought out the stark differences between a man and a woman’s will.

The only listed beneficiary in a woman’s will is her children, while in a husbands last testament comprises of side chicks, secret children and countless other people.

Do you agree with this?

Read the confessions below:

Maina started with his advise to women while answering Mwalimu’s question.

He said

A man who makes you cry, a man who cheats on you girls if he is in your will, remove him today shouted maina.

A woman narrated

heheeh I have four kids, I’m a manager, my kids are beneficiaries, weuh if I die he will use my wealth with another woman. Then my kids are left suffering, let him get his own wealth, and leave mine alone to my children, ati make him a beneficiary?NEVER, he is only next of kin, let him hustle for his, you know in the event that he dies I will be left taking care of these kids, plus mimi nikikufa I am very sure one month atatafuta mtu, so awachie zangu kwa watoto

Another woman concurred saying

How now tuwaongeze kwa will how now? Look here you can give him money alafu aende kufurahisha mwingine ! That’s why my money is for my kids only..

So girls, is your husband a beneficiary in your will?

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Ladies, would you add your husband as a beneficiary in your will asks Maina


Ladies, should anything happen to you would your husband be a beneficiary in your will?

The death of Kibra MP Ken Okoth has caused a storm.

His side chick and their son emerged, bringing about the issue of wills and inheritance.

The ‘secret’ wife wanted her son recognized in his will and went to court to delay the burial.

The five-year-old son, whose pictures with Okoth have been shared online, is well known among Okoth’s close circle and family members.

Family sources corroborated to the Star that Okoth had been taking care of the child’s upkeep, including paying for his school fees at a high-end school in Nairobi.

Maina and Kingangi debated this highly emotive issue on Tuesday morning.

Mwalimu wanted to know if husbands are beneficiary’s in men’s will, just like they demand of husbands.

This was based on a male callers thoughts who asked

Why is it that women, and even a rich one at that don’t write us in wills? Why is it that when these women die, you never hear disputes over their wills? If we love each other, why can’t you include me in your will? They have money, have built homes, who are they leaving this wealth to?

Mwalimu excitedly played his Kayamba, as the man continued ranting.

Mwalimu says nowadays women have more money than men, practically

so in that case can we now say comfortably in the spirit of equality ata yeye aandike something for me as the loving husband, first of all wao huandikia nani?

Ask them where do they take their money, who do they write?

Maina asked the question that in turn generated a heated discussion.
Sharon Shanien💕 (Ms S.O.S)…
Marriage cannot guarantee you peace ,
We can invest together ,do everything together ,but don’t expect me to include you in my will ,, kila mtu na share yake ,,my inheritance I’ll dedicate entirely to my kids @ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya #MainaAndKingangi
Monique Kimmss..
Replying to @Classic105Kenya and @ItsMainaKageni
Kid’s being the beneficiaries is a sure bet but a man will misuse everything and kid’s will suffer!You are not guaranteed of their safety when you’re gone!We have lost trust in men!

Shiku Wainaina(THE FAVOURED)..
When will you men understand that your money is “our money” and my money is “my money” #MainaAndKingangi
@ItsMainaKageni @classic105kenya if you can include your husband in your properties that means 2 things,, you don’t love or trust him. #MainaAndKingangi

Purity Ng’ethe..
#MainaAndKingangi my husband will never be a beneficiary to my money ain’t they the same men who are having kids outside without even our knowledge..only my kids will be the beneficiaries the husband akanyange lami

Felix Agola(Mr President)..
Maina we men are also human there is no way we will spend anything left by our spouse in other women furthermore it’s not like we have nothing, whatever they will live is just like a tip
Monique Kimmss..
Replying to @Classic105Kenya and @ItsMainaKageni
Kid’s being the beneficiaries is a sure bet but a man will misuse everything and kid’s will suffer!You are not guaranteed of their safety when you’re gone!We have lost trust in men!

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My man has nine ‘secret’ children, woman confesses to Maina

The debate on why Kenyan men never reveal the kids they have had outside their marriage is trending in Kenya and for the wrong reasons.

This is after Governor Sonko revealed to the entire world that it’s indeed true that Ken Okoth had sired a son outside marriage.

Kenyans contributed on the topic and here is what one man had to say

I have a kid out of wedlock and my wife does not know.

Telling her would be a problem.

You just find yourself in this situations,the son is 7years.

I can never tell my wife,even if the other woman decides to pop up after I die well and good.

I won’t  be there to witness the drama.

A Kenyan woman goes in to confess that she is a victim of a man who is a womanizer.

I met him after high school and we got babies,my kids are 16-19.

We however did not get married.

woman crying.

He went ahead and got kids with 5 other women and the family knows.

If he was to die today atleast I will be recognized as the first wife.

She adds

I know all the kids and he takes care of them.

Even now I know the woman he is living with,out of all the six women I am the only one who has given him a girl.

That is why he can’t bear to leave me.

Another adds

I was dating this man and only found out he was married while I was pregnant.

The shocking thing is despite that he made me feel like I was the only woman I’m his life.

Shock on me,I came to find out he had 9 other kids.

when I was called and told he had died I just decided to keep off next I knew there would be drama.

In conclusion she advises

As a woman it’s up to you to decide how to react once you find out you are not the only one one.

The late Ken Okoths ‘other secret’ wife emerges

A fresh controversy has rocked Ken Okoth’s family as a second ‘wife’ emerged with his five-year-old son.

The Star has established that the woman, a Jubilee-nominated MCA, approached Okoth’s family on Tuesday evening and demanded that her son be recognised before his ‘father’ is interred.

The family was meeting on Tuesday at Silver Springs Hotel along Vallely Road with the ODM leadership to give funeral details.

 The son, whose pictures with Okoth have been shared online, is well known among Okoth’s close circle and family members.

The MP’s European widow, Monica, is said to have got wind of the boy and opposed the idea of publicly recognising him. She and Okoth had no biological children but adopted three.

The widow is said to have protested attempts to have him mentioned in the MP’s funeral advertisement.

The advert was to be published in Wednesday’s dailies, but the push and pull on whether the child should be listed delayed the plan.

The details of the ‘second family’ emerged as the controversy persisted over whether the lawmaker’s remains will be cremated or buried.

Opposition chief Raila Odinga on Wednesday chaired a crisis meeting with the family but only told the press, “The body will be handled in the same way as that of Kenneth Matiba.”

A close Okoth confidant, who requested anonymity, told the Star of the existence of the ‘second’ family and how the MP never shied from making it known that he is the father of the boy.

The source, who accompanied Okoth to Tetu, Nyeri county, to meet the woman’s parents, said the existence of the boy was an open secret known to both Okoth’s and the woman’s parents.

“Both the paternal and maternal grandparents have met the child and have lived with him for days. Ken loved the son very much and there is nothing in question,” the MP’s confidant said.

Okoth and his secret lover are said to have met in 2011 while the woman was working as a nurse at the Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi, before she was nominated to the county assembly during the 2017 General Election.

At one time, the MP is said to have stayed together with the woman at a house along Ngong Road in Nairobi.

The revelations came just hours after Okoth’s mother Angelina Ajwang’ warned that her son did not father any child outside of her marriage with Monica.

“Ken did not sire any child. I know many women will come out to claim they have at least a child with Ken,” she told a local television station on Tuesday.

But the Star is in possession of an exclusive picture of Angelina with the five-year-old son at her Kibra home. Close family friends confirmed that the child is a  regular visitor to her home.

In the picture, Angelina is seen in a jovial mood showing her ‘grandson’ a story in a newspaper as the child kneels on the chair and looks on.

The source — who has been part of all funeral arrangement meetings — dismissed Angelina’s claim alleging she might have been coerced into making the statement.

“We are not in any way disputing whether the child will be given anything. What we want is that the family should not push this child into the background as if Ken never left any child. Let it be known that Ken left a son whom he loved very much,” he said.

He disclosed that the late MP included the child in his will and the family should respect his wishes.

“Ken has put that in the will. Ken has a will, and as I told you, I am Ken’s confidant. I am privy to the will. And the child is catered for in that will,” he added.

Another family source corroborated to the Star that Okoth had been taking care of the child’s upkeep, including paying for his school fees at a high-end school in Nairobi.