Is Rayvanny’s baby mama Fahyma pregnant? Fans think so (video)

WCB singer Rayvanny’s baby Faima ‘Fahyma’ Msenga. might be pregnant again. The speculation was fueled by a video she shared on her Instagram page.

Fahyvanny and Rayvanny
Fahyvanny and Rayvanny in the past

Fahyma who has more than 1.8 million followers left them wondering whether she was pregnant or just playing around, after she captioned the video with a pregnancy emoji, which she later removed.

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Her post divided her followers with some claiming that she was doing it only for publicity, while others congratulated her for the good news.

Rayvanny and baby mama Fahyma snob each other in public

Don’t forget that this comes a few days after the rumour that she had parted ways with her fiance’ and father to her son, Raymond Shaban who is popularly known as Rayvanny.


In the quest to clear the air, the Tetema hit-maker came out deny allegations that they were chasing clout and that the two really had genuine issues. He said,

‘Kusema kweli nitafute kiki kwa kipi sasa wakati mungu amenijaalia natoa ngoma zangu watu wanapenda. Lakini kama ni kiki , kuna mambo mengi ya kufanyia kiki , sio swala ambalo ni sensitive kivile. Sisi tumegombana hata kabla ya ile deal yake ya juzi ya Diapers. So kwa wale wanasema tulitengeneza kiki si kweli. Sisi familia itabaki kuwa familiana muziki utabaki pale pale. Na kilichotokea kimeonekana na kibaki hivyo maana sina time ya kuongelea famiy life yangu sasa hivi,’ said Rayvanny.

Fahyma in white
Fahyma in white

Vanny Boy also denied having an affair with the video vixen who appeared in his latest song dubbed “I love You” who is the alleged cause of his separation with Fahyvanny.

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Rayvanny and baby mama Fahyma snob each other in public

Rayvanny and his baby mama Fahima aka Fahyvanny have been having issues which the two of them have spoken about on social media.

At first, it looked like a stunt from the singer to promote his new song ‘I Love You’ claims that he rubbished,

“I don’t know anything to do with stunts. I’m living my life. When I release the music, my fans receive it well, since I started, I don’t do anything like a publicity stunt. I’m not here for the stunts. Whatever you saw, that’s how it is.” He told Wasafi media.

Rayvanny and baby mama Fahyma

The rain started beating the two after Fahyma accused Rayvanny of being with another woman.

The singer then shared cosy photos of himself and a Tanzanian video vixen called Nana.

He later rubbished these rumours saying the lady in question has a boyfriend.

“Nana and I are not in a relationship. She is in a relationship that she respects so much, I thank her for shooting the video with me. The video is nice because it is real and romantic. I wanted it to be the way it is.”

His sentiments came just after exposing his baby mama on social media for inappropriately texting him asking him to consider her (Fahyma) and their son dead to him


When asked about each other by journalists, the two have been downplaying the question.

Rayvanny recently walked out on an interview when asked about Fahyma.

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