When a man cheats it’s ok, but for a woman it’s a disgrace – Men tell Maina

Men’s manufacturing default settings are polygamous and women shoudl put up with it.

Men repeatedly told Maina Kageni on Wednesday October 13 that they are polygamous by nature and this habit must be supported without fault.

The confessions were as a result of Maina Kageni asking men why they can’t be forgiving of wives cheating yet they expect the same?

Here are a collection of men with their own experiences.

“Men are naturally polygamous. Only a man is allowed to go to that extend not a woman. A woman is not supposed to make a mistake.”

@KristophMutua...Mwizi hapendi kuibiwa hence it being hard for a man to forgive a straying wife….relationship is like a football game,only one goalkeeper is allowed in the field of play per team

Another man called in saying ‘Maina you need to understand something, according to manufacturers setting a man is manufactured to be polygamous, a woman supports her man achieve those polygamous dreams and when you ask me to be content with a woman to telelza there is no shetani when it comes to a woman, if I found out my wife has strayed that is suicidal, that’s not a mistake that is suicide straight away only a man is allowed to go to that extent, a woman is not allowed to make a mistake, a man is allowed to cheat, a woman isn’t”

Another man said “a man is promiscious by nature, be it a lion be it a bull, a male creature”


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It’s just for money, we chop it seriously and move on – side chick confesses


There was major moshene on Classic 105 on Friday morning, all courtesy of side chicks who called in saying why they target married men.

Maina delved into the topic of why side chick agree to date married men and many confessed that it’s all because he has money.

One woman called in saying “we never date broke married men, only the ones with money, why would I go for a broke man?”

Maina sought to know from single girls why they go for married men.

“So now this morning we want to know single girls, why do we entertain married men? There is nothing he is offering you apart from money. Do you  honestly think that a married man will leave his wife for you? When a married man tells you I love you do you believe him?”


This elicited all sorts of responses from single girls who called in with their experience.

A second woman echoed the thoughts of the first female caller saying it’s all about his money and how they chop it.

“The only remaining responsible men are the married ones, we want one who is ready made, we no longer want to grow with a single broke man”

A third woman set tongues wagging saying

“We don’t go to them, the married men come to us on their own, siwezi entertain kama ako broke, kama ako a broke married man, siwezi muentertain, hio pesa ndio nataka, even if he tells me I love you do you know how I respond? I says thanks!”

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I fear my husband will stab me in my sleep after cheating on him

Whew chile. People are going through the most out here.

A woman shared her story of being caught cheating on her husband and how his reaction to the incident has her living in fear.

She wrote that he caught her in bed with another man in their marital home, and instead of rage, he has been very loving towards her. She is confused and thinks he might be preparing to stab her to death while she sleeps.

“My husband found me in bed with another man, in our bedroom. I expected him to shoot us right then and there but he didn’t. He nicely asked my side guy to get dressed and leave. He told me to go take a shower. I tried to apologize but he told me he didn’t want to talk about it because there was nothing he can do to reverse what happened. That was the last time we spoke about it. Ever since that day he has been nice to me. He buys me flowers and takes me out at least twice a week. My husband is doing everything I want as from my man.”

sad-black-woman (1)

Now here is the tricky part, the husband is even planning a vacation before Christmas. But that is the least of her problems. It’s killing her inside not knowing what he is thinking. She said

“What he saw last month is eating me everyday. especially since he doesn’t want to talk about it. I’m even losing weight. I expected him to chase me away, punish me or call a family meeting to report me. He’s doing the opposite. I think he’s planning o do something bad to me. Sometimes I open my eyes at night and find him looking at me. When I ask him he says he’s admiring my beauty and thanking God for blessing him with a flame of a woman. I think he’s planning to do something to me when we are overseas. Am I being unnecessarily paranoid?”

Dear Classic 105 fam, is the woman reading too much into it or is the man silently planning something because of all these nice things he is doing instead of being raging mad?

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I’m cheating on my 24-year-old wife with a much older woman

A confession from a Kenyan man about cheating on his really young wife with a 48 year old woman, drew condemnation and praise in equal measure.

The husband lifted the lid on the illicit relationship with a voice note to Classic 105, where he told Maina Kageni this secret.

His justification for cheating? He loves it when older women flirt with him.

‘These older women harass us younger men with promises of love. Even me I have one’

The married man is having an extramarital affair and living his best life.

Hamisa addresses rumours Jaguar is the baby daddy of her son Daylan

The man said he met the charming older woman when she sent him a DM and their adulterous relationship led to romps, lunch dates and lots of fun stuff that cheating people do.black-man-cheating.....

I’m 32 niko na mtu ako na miaka 48.  Do you know she even encouraged me to marry  so that she is sure I am not going out there. We meet alot and have you know! 

The man said he had quickly fallen for the charms of the 48-year-old woman, who is 16 years older than him.

They approach you in such a good way you can’t say no. She told me such sweet words and loves surprising me.

He was open that he has a young wife he has been married to for a year, but added that he cannot leave the older woman no matter what.

He has became addicted to the thrill and danger of the affair.

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