Nairobi Aviation College students riot over expose’

Students of Nairobi Aviation College on Monday morning took to the streets to protest against and expose’ aired on NTV alleging corruption at the institution.

The investigative news story’ claimed to show how easy it was a for a student to acquired a fake certificate without attending classes or get registered into the institution even without the required documents.

The institution’s management has since denied any wrongdoing.

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Worshipers flock pastor Kanyari’s church despite fake miracles expose

A worship service went on uninterrupted at Salvation Healing Ministry church which was exposed a week ago on KTN Inside Story for allegedly faking miracles and testimonies.

The church in Nairobi’s CBD at Nyamakima area along Cross Road matatu terminal is run by a televangelist pastor Victor Kanyari.

Worshippers flocked in Sunday morning amid tight security at the entrance. A Star reporter was turned away at the door. A man only identified as Hesbon among the security team who appeared to be a close confidant of the pastor said media was not allowed in the church until Friday when the pastor will hold a press conference.

No amount of convincing would let the security men allow the press into the church. It is not clear if Kanyari was in the church Sunday though indications were that he might have been present.

Hesbon told the Star, Kanyari did not want the press to take photographs of his congregation entering or coming out of the church. He said that he must consult with Kanyari first.


I haven’t seen or heard from my husband since the expose, says Betty Bayo

Betty Bayo, musician and wife to ‘Doctor Prophet’ Victor Kanyari, on Tuesday morning explained her position following KTN’s Jicho Pevu expose on her fraudulent husband.

“I neither go to Kanyari’s church nor live in the house that is shown in the clip being used as a studio,” Bayo stated on Kameme Fm amid sobs.

She said she went to the station to clear her name from “this mess that I have been dragged into because I am just a victim of circumstances.”

Regarding their marriage, she said: “I was not married to Kanyari for money. If he will repent and turns to God I will forgive him, but if he doesn’t, I will divorce him.”

Bayo said she is still too shocked to watch the now famous clip on Kanyari’s gimmicks. The clip, showing how he preyed upon worshipers for money, is trending widely, viewers expressing their lack of trust in men of the cloth.

Bayo said she had not seen or heard from Kanyari who fled after the expose.

Their relationship began when he invited her to sing at his church and together they have a two year-old daughter.