Al Shabaab Execute Two Kenyans Over Spying Allegations

Al Shabaab terror group on Monday 28th May executed two Kenyans accused of spying for Somalia and Kenyan intelligence services in Fino town, lower Shabelle region.

The two, Shukri Ali 22 from Garissa and Farah Godane from Lamu were executed by dagger wielding militants and forcefully gathered the locals to witness the execution.

The locals in Al Shabaab controlled areas have witnessed regular executions carried out by the militant group. The executions are mainly by firing squad, throat slitting and stoning.

A source further confirmed that later that evening five other Kenyans and two Tanzanians were tortured in the same camp over allegations of ISIS connections.

The source added that the tortured group was found reading online content that the leader of the camp said was related to ISIS. Ailing al shabaab leader Abu Ubeidha released an audio message on 20th May 2018 reaffirming the groups allegiance to Al Qaeda.

Rumour has also been rife within al shabaab circle over a hostile take over by the two deputies Mahata Karate and Maalim Osman. Analysts believe that by torturing the foreign fighters, the leader was sending a message of reassurance to the militant leader of his loyalty him.

The foreign Al Shabaab fighters mainly from Kenya have witnessed rampart executions by the group who accuse them of being moles within the group. So far, more than 20 Kenyans have been killed notably, Jared Mokaya Omambia, Faraj Abdulmajid, Ahmed Yusuf Hassan, Ahmed Nur Abdi Osoble, Abdullah Talal Musa, Hashim Othman Selali among many others.

North Korean officials ‘executed for watching South Korean soap operas’

North Korea has reportedly publicly executed up at least 50 people this year, including several party officials for watching soap operas.

According to South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS), Pyongyang has purged about 10 officials from Kim Jong-un’s Workers’ Party for watching South Korean soaps.

The officials, who also faced charges of bribery and womanizing, were thought to be close to Kim’s executed uncle, Jang Song-thaek, Yonhap news agency reported.

All television and media is under strict state control and access to the internet is limited but despite a harsh crackdown, banned foreign shows and films have been gaining popularity in recent years.

Some are believed to be secretly streamed over the internet, while others are smuggled into the country on DVDs, video cassettes of memory sticks sold on the black market.