Simple Tips To Win Your EX Back

People fall inlove, date and get serious but sometimes things don’t go as planned and they end up separating. In some cases especially if you had mutual friends you are bound to meet each other every so often. This may rekindle old feelings and one may want to act on them by reigniting an old flame.

If you want to get back with an ex, here are afew tips that you need to be able to achieve this.

Plan Formulate a plan in your mind that will help you achieve this. Consider things that they like/dislike in order to avoid petty issues that may arise. You will also need to confirm whether they are single before you initiate contact.

Chat them up – Begin to get into contact but in a friendly manner and establish a rapport with them first. Time changes people so take it as a new discovery journey.

No sex – No matter how good they are in bed, as tempting as it is don’t walk down that road. It will make things complicated for no reason.

Take your time Its not automatic that your ex will be receptive of you especially if you had a nasty breakup. Allow them to slide back into your life at their pace, don’t force your agenda. Once you confirm that you are on the same page them tell them what you want.

Meet up If you want something you go and get it. Do coffee, lunch, go to a concert and make new memories together. Its rewritting a new script for your lives again.

Once everything works out then start afresh, deal with your past demons and leave them there.

Here’s A Simple Way To Move On From Your Ex

According to a new study published in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, “most of us will experience an average of three [breakups] by age 30, with at least one affecting us strongly enough that it substantially decreases our quality of life for weeks or months.”

From deep sadness to painful remorse and anxiety about the future, our feelings are often magnified when we also dive into toxic fantasies about what happened, as opposed to the FACTS around why the relationship really ended the way it did.

Looking back on the situation with emotional eyes means that often, you won’t remember what really happened. You remember him being kinder or gentler than he really was. Or you recall her being more supportive or loving than she really was. Hence we end up being hung over them.

Experts to share their best advice. First, we have anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher. Dr. Fisher has been researching and writing about the biology of love for years. Together with  psychologist Dr. Alicia Clark, counselor Marta Rocha and psychologist Dr. Foojan Zeine.

Here are some of the tips for getting to the truth and the heart about what it’s like to live and long for an old relationship or a fantasy about an ex.

According to experts, it’s no easy task. But, there are ways to shift your story from one with a desperate and sad ending to one where, perhaps, your ex leaving was truly a good thing.

The heart of the discussion leads to one central theme — to live an adult life, you must own up to your rose-colored version of your past AND your ex. Yes, sometimes an ex is a great person who slipped through your fingers. But more often than not, the past is in the past for a reason.

If you’re trapped there, the only way out is to uncover the truth about why your relationship ended and why it belongs in the past. So that even if you do find a way back to your ex, there’s hope for a new version of your story.


Does Your EX Want To Be Friends? Here’s How To Deal With Them

Breakups are one of the toughest things that you have to deal with. No one is ever prepared for it at any point no matter how bad the relationship was. It drains you emotionally and physically, some people choose to party to ease the pain, others choose to drink, while others choose to cry themselves until they become numb.

Once you break up, your ex might want to be friends with you. Question is do you want to and can you deal with being “just friends” with someone you once shared your life with?

If you ever find yourself in this situation and you don’t really want to be friends and want to distance yourself from your ex, here are four ways to do so:

1. Cut the communication, even if it’s hard – When you still keep the communication with your ex, chances are, he’s going to assume you’re still into him. If you cut the communication off and keep the no-contact rule alive, he may think twice.

2. Don’t reply – I know you can’t resist replying to his texts, especially if you miss him too. But in order to stop the feeling and move on, focus on something that keeps you busy, like writing, going to parties, hanging out with your best buds or simply going to the gym.

3. Don’t show him you miss him – Even if you do miss him, don’t show it. If your ex is cocky, chances are, he’s going to use that fact against you to have you wrapped around his finger again. Do not give him the opportunity to waste you like an old burger he’s accustomed to eating. Be like the five-star cuisine he barely eats.

4. Even if he shows you he still cares, don’t let your guard down ever again – Despite all the things he did to you, you will still love him. Don’t ever let your guard down, though. If you do, you’ll go back to the first step in the moving on process again and again, until he gets used to it. He’ll think you are just going to forgive him, even if he messes up one more time.

These tips may not work immediately they will take time so don’t beat yourself about it or be too hard on yourself.


Woman Escapes Death In Gun Drama With Ex-Lover

 A female cashier who works at NHIF Nairobi and her two sons escaped death narrowly on Sunday morning when her jilted police officer lover shot at them several times at their house in Embakasi.

The jilted man, who works at JKIA, is said to have threatened to kill his lover of three years after the woman ended the relationship two months ago.

Francisca Mulinge said she survived death by a whisker, however her 21-year-old son Chrispus Makau was admitted with a fractured arm following the gun drama.

Makau suffered a fractured palm and wrist from a bullet that also grazed his right-hand fingers. Mulinge said the ex-lover had been threatening to kill her and also sent her abusive text messages.

On the fateful night, Otieno is said to have arrived at Mulinge’s house at around 7pm and asked about her whereabouts. He was informed by the househelp that Mulinge was not at home and he left with a promise to check on her later.

He returned to the house at around 12.30 am. He knocked on the door but Mulinge’s son, who was in the sitting room watching TV, declined to open it. At that point he started shooting into the sitting room and bedrooms through the windows. Mulinge and her two-year-old son survived the hail of bullets fired at them unhurt.

Yesterday, Mulinge denied allegations by Otieno that she had conned him out of Sh300,000, which he allegedly used to start a bar for her. She said she was not part of the business and she decided to kick Otieno out because of his unbecoming behavior.

David Otieno, 34, was arrested and  locked up at the Embakasi police station and will be charged in court for attempted murder and malicious damage to property.

– The Star

Reasons Why Your Ex Still Texts You

You broke up a few months ago, maybe even years ago but he keeps texting you every other time. You think that maybe he has missed you and he wants to get back together but then you think to yourself after the pain he caused why would that happen?

Then again your heart misses him, you want him back BUT the texts are probably to ask you to visit him usually late night, last minute things or to see if you are still angry at him. You’re trying to move on but he keeps texting and you don’t know why ….well these are the likely reasons:

1. He’s stringing you along – ​When your ex texts you out of the blue, you can’t decode his true intentions from a few words on an LCD screen. He texts you, “How are you?” Maybe his ulterior motive is he secretly knows (but will never admit it) he unjustly hurt you and he’s worried about soiling his reputation with your mutual friends. “Can we still be friends?” can mean he wants to demote your relationship to “friends with benefits.” Or he may just be playing with you until he finds someone else.

2. He’s lonely – Your ex texts you at night; you thinks it means he misses you. Maybe he does miss you, but he doesn’t love you anymore but he misses the intimacy and the comfort of a relationship. He needs you to ease his discomfort about the breakup, but he doesn’t want you—he texts you because he wants a temporary, emotional Band-aid.

3. His stiffy misses you – Your ex texts you to hook up again. He’s drunk. He’s high. He’s horny. He sexts you because he wants to sleep with you without a commitment. If you can play that game, more power to you. But if you’re hoping a booty call means he wants to get back together with you, you may get your heart broken a second time.

4. He needs his ego stroked – Your ex may text you to see if you still love him and you still care—he wants YOU to want him. He doesn’t really want you back in life—but he wants to see if he can get a lovesick reaction out of you. He may try to make you jealous, giving a rocket boost to his ego.

Moral of the story: After a breakup, guard you heart when responding to your ex’s disingenuous text messages.

– BlogHer.

How To Handle Meeting Your Ex Like A Boss

It’s every newly single person’s nightmare to bump into your ex unexpectedly after all those nights of tears and unhealthy snacking.  It will be awkward and there’s no way around that, unfortunately. But to help you feel more at ease should this happen, we asked relationship experts to weigh in with some advice.

Below, what you need to know to remain cool as a cucumber in the moment.

1. Avoid going in for a big bear hug “Try to avoid physical contact. A kiss on the cheek can be too intimate and so is a hug,” said Jill Knapp, a relationship expert and author of What Happens To Men When They Move To Manhattan? “That said, you’re obviously not going to shake their hand like it’s a job interview. Try a polite smile and a nod instead. Acknowledge their presence without the possibility of a bro hug or an awkward pat on the back.” 

2. It’s OK to admit that running into each other is  awkward “Lighten up the moment by saying something that acknowledges the awkwardness of the situation,” said Neely Steinberg, a dating coach and the author of Skin In the Game: Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur to Find Love. “Go ahead and say, ‘Well, this is awkward’ or make a joke. Taking this approach might take the edge off you so you can engage in a lighthearted but brief! Conversation.”

3. If you know you’re going to bump into your ex f you’re both invited to a mutual friend’s wedding), prepare beforehand “Get control of your nerves! To prevent that heart-racing, sweaty palms feeling from happening, visualize ahead of time what a successful run-in with your ex would look like,” marriage therapist Kristina Fecik said. “Be detailed, from picturing your posture, to considering how you want your voice to sound. Then write it down and test it out on a trusted friend.” 

4. Don’t brag about how great your life is now – “Frank Sinatra said, ‘The best revenge is massive success,’ but he forgot to mention one tiny fact — only insecure people need revenge in the first place,” said Michelle Fiordaliso, co-author of Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ex. “Being humble about how you’re doing makes a bigger statement than bragging.”

5. And definitely don’t overdo it or lie when your ex asks what you’ve been up to post-split “Though you may be tempted to talk about how utterly fabulous your life is now, whatever you do, don’t lie about it,” said Bella Acton, a relationship expert and the founder of Never Liked It Anyway. “You’ll look flustered, nervous and out of sorts. Don’t forget that your ex knows you so well that he or she will probably be able to tell that something’s amiss.”

6. Avoid drama by staying in the present “Don’t bring up the past,” said Kimberly Seltzer, a dating coach and the owner of Elite Image Makeovers. “Don’t engage in emotionally charged conversations or find a way to subtly insinuate blame for things that happened while you were together. Instead, stay focused on the positive things that are happening in your life now and do so in a calm manner.”

7. Maintain boundaries “Membership to your ex’s life has its privileges and you’re not in the club anymore — don’t dig too deeply for details,” suggested Heather Belle, co-author of Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ex. 

8. End the conversation before things get too weird “Most exes can be kind to one another for a set period of time. Once you’ve gotten the niceties out of the way and had a chance to catch up, you need to get out while the getting’s good,” said Damona Hoffman, a dating expert and author of Spin Your Web: How to Brand Yourself for Successful Online Dating. “If you start to feel any weirdness creep into the conversation or find yourself scrambling for topics, that’s the perfect time to say, ‘Well, it was great to see you,’ and make a clean exit.”


Want To Get Over Your Ex Completely? Here’s How To Do It

After a relationship ends the good memories keep replaying in your mind like sweet-smelling second-hand smoke. Suddenly your ex seems like a good choice and all over sudden you realize that you need him and you made a mistake by dumping him.

Don’t do it! Here’s 4 tips to help you stay out.

1. Make a bad quality list – It sounds corny, but sit down and write out all the things you don’t like about said person. Be as shallow as you want. Nobody except you is going to read about your secret disdain for his/her fashion deficiencies, chicken legs, and less-than-stellar vocabulary. Write the big stuff, too. The time he/she was rude to your cat, how he/she always seemed to stare off into the distance when you talked, how he/she sat in their underwear all day Saturday and played video games. Write it all. And then whenever you get weepy-eyed about that romantic date you had eight months ago, just check  the list. You’ll be shocked how quickly you won’t reach for your cell phone.

2. Don’t jump into dating again so quickly – When you start to get all squishy and needy inside, it may be tempting to cut and paste. You know, go out and date the first breathing organism that sits next to you. Don’t do it. Nothing (and we mean nothing) is going to get you running to your ex quicker than a soured romance by someone you were just using to get over them. Spend some time alone and hang with your friends.

3. Write a “bad emotions” list – Explore the terrible; please don’t juxtapose with the wonderful. Make a list of how horrible you felt during the low times. Use logic. Sometimes we need logic. Make a cause and effect type list, like historians do for the onset of world wars. He/she said this, which made me feel like this, which is why we broke up. Viola. While you’ve probably talked this into the ground, it sometimes helps to see it in writing.

4. Wear a rubber band around your wrist – Sounds cheesy but in a group therapy, pink, fuzzy kind of a way. But it works. It probably isn’t apparent now, as you’re too far down the rabbit hole of unhealthy obsession, but you’d be horrified to know the number of times he/she pops into your head on a daily basis. Hell, in an hour. so try to keep a record. Every time they sneak back in, snap the rubber band. Hard. Yeah, it sounds dumb, but give it a whirl. Trust us on this one.


Here’s What Dreaming About Your Ex Means

Having dreams about an ex can leave you feeling confused and guilty especially if you are in a new relationship. We can’t control our dreams but as you know dreams do have some sort of meaning. They can make you question your feelings while you attempt to understand why you dreamt about that person.

If you have dreamt about your ex before here is what it could mean according to analysis on,

Dreaming about being visited by an ex – This can mean that you are reflecting on positive past experiences. It doesn’t necessarily mean you miss that person though. It can also mean that you are encountering similar qualities in another person – perhaps your new partner?

Dreaming about getting back together with an ex – This does not mean that you want to try again with an ex. Dreams about getting back together may be triggered by major changes in your current relationship and how far you have come from past relationships.

Dreams where you’re missing an ex – These dreams can mean you miss this person, or perhaps certain qualities of the person. But it can also mean that you miss feeling wanted, or that you miss being in a relationship.

Dreams about seeing an old ex – These can leave you waking up pretty bewildered. These dreams actually indicate you wanting to recapture the excitement and freedom that youth has to offer, either in a current relationship or in life.

Dreams where your ex is giving you advice – Dreams about taking advice from your ex are actually just your subconscious telling you not to repeat the same mistakes you made with your ex. Pretty responsible,

Dreams where your ex is missing you – These dreams could imply that you are missing some aspect of your previous relationship. Alternatively, it could mean that you’ve finally moved on. And they’ve missed their chance.

Dreams where your ex is sick/dies – Dreaming that your ex is sick or dying is actually a reflection on where you’re at with that relationship. It is actually a metaphor for how you have let go of the past and are ready to move on and fully devote yourself to new relationships.

Dreaming of nursing your ex back to health – Going down the nicer route, dreams where you are helping your ex recover through sickness means you’re probably still dealing with the break-up.

Tips For Erasing Your Ex From The Cyberspace

When you break up after being in a relationship for a while it’s hard to move on. It’s not something that can happen immediately as it will take time.

However if you want to move forward there are things that you will have to do. Granted they may hurt but with time you will be ready to start afresh. Social media keeps our memories alive and hence one is required to let go of all the  memories in order to move forward.

Clean out your cyberspace – Delete those Instagram photos, Facebook and any other place you have photos of your ex. You don’t need reminders of what used to be if you are going to move forward.

Don’t call them – You can either delete your ex’s number from your phone or block the number if need be. Delete all the messages whether on whatsapp or texts, messages of “I love you” “I miss you” as they will keep taking your memory back to the past.

Delete all the ex mail – If you have been together for a while, chances are you will have a lot of chats and emails buried in your inbox. Instead of deleting them one at a time. Use a search string, type his/ her name in the search field and it will throw up all the mails/chats at one go. Hit the delete button, and then block your ex and delete his/her email id from your email contacts.

Change your status – Last but not the least, if you have changed your relationship status from single to in a relationship, it’s time to change it back to the former. Tweak your dating profile and get ready to move on.


How To Deal With An Ex Once You Move On

We date break up, move on and do other things in life. However it is inevitable for us to meet or bump into our ex at some point.

What would you if you meet them with their new catch? How would you behave? It might be a bit awkward, it’s always good to behave as you would when meeting a friend in as much as you may have been hurt always remain the bigger person. Here’s how:

Be Nice – Act cordial and be nice to them. Whatever happened between the two of you is in the past let it go. Being nice has never hurt anyone, besides they say kill an enemy with kindness is the best revenge right? Also don’t be too friendly, it’s not a good picture.

Lose the green eyes – There is no point in acting jealous unless you still have feelings for them, but they won’t do you any justice since they have moved on. Also as the new partner trying to hold on to your new catch so that you “protect your territory” shows more “issues” from you than it does from their ex. Drop the act and be confident in yourself after all he’s with you.

Don’t be insecure – You have nothing to be insecure of since your partner is with you and not their ex. If you feel that there is some tension or unresolved issues address them head on, the sooner you do it the better.

Respect yourself –  Respect yourself and make sure that your partner too treats you with respect when you’re around their ex and with other people including his friends and family.

How To Deal With A Painful Breakup

When you are heartbroken you ask yourself so many questions and most of the time you have no answers.

Instead of dwelling on the past and wondering what you should have done better, try to move forward. No one said it was going to be easy, but you will not help yourself by beating yourself up over it.

Here are some ways to get over the pain:

Acceptance: The first thing to do is accept the experience. Things did not turn out the way you had hoped or expected.  Now, you are extremely hurt. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to accept what has happened. Not facing the heartbreak, not facing what you are currently going through will delay the healing process and could cause more emotional pain.

Release Emotions: Everyone has different ways of dealing with heartbreak. Instead of turning to something that is unhealthy and self-destructive, release your feelings. Expect a range and varying degree of emotions. Take time out to mourn the loss of love in your life.

Reach Out: When ready, reach out to loved ones and friends who you can confide in. Others around you may have experienced a similar situation. Be around people who make you laugh and can give good advice to help you back on your feet.

Prayer: Some might not realize it, but when we experience heartbreak, it can cause a blow to our spiritual life. Our faith in love and others can be rocked by this ordeal. This is the time to turn to prayer, asking for an open heart, healing and understanding.

Work On You: Now that you are alone, this may be a good time to reflect. Look back on the relationship, acknowledge your part and work on yourself. Change your perspective. As difficult as it is, see the positive. This may be a stepping stone or a relationship that was meant to teach you a valuable lesson in love and forgiveness.

Move Forward: Understand that life doesn’t stop when something ends. You may be feeling like you’re at a standstill, as the world is passing you by, but eventually, you will move on. Be sure to take a step forward in the right direction. Meaning, once you find your bearing and reach a place of healing and renewal, you can open yourself up to different and new possibilities.



3 types of emotional baggage that affects relationships

At one point in your dating life, you have had a partner who had some issues that you probably thought were going to change with time but didn’t. Don’t worry because it happens to the best of us.

Dating someone with baggage is a bit hard, yes everyone has some form of baggage however there are those that you should spot from a mile away and walk through the next available exit.

This is because they will do you no good and will in fact destroy your relationship.

Major problems with the family

Regardless of whether your date is 20 or 50, they may have emotional baggage related to dysfunction stemming from the family he or she was born into. If you date someone who has significant issues with their family, it’s often with the parents. Yet sometimes he or she will have a sibling that brings major stress or emotional tumult into their lives.

How to spot it: She has extreme anger toward one or both parents; she has fairly frequent blowouts with family members at family dinners, reunions or other events; she has a parent or sibling who is an active addict whom the family is always worried about; or he was emotionally, physically or verbally abused by one or both parents.


I know a lot of people believe that depression is more of a female problem, which is a very wrong assumption as it affects both sexes. Simply put, both women and men can carry the baggage of depression into a relationship.

How to spot it: He is moody; doesn’t feel like being social with others; has a low self-esteem and is critical of themselves; has lost interest in activities that used to make her happy; complains a lot and has a pessimistic view of the future; gets irritated easily and excels at starting arguments; and cries once in a while for no particular reason.

The ex factor

When you first start dating someone, ask yourself the following questions: Is this person still in contact with his or her ex? Has the person you’re dating fully closed the romantic/need-for-attention door with the ex, or has that door been left slightly ajar? If you breathe even the slightest whiff of unfinished business with your date’s ex, you will make your life easier by heading towards the nearest exit sign. People should give themselves a good six months or longer before even considering starting a new relationship. The reality: If the last relationship ended in a nasty or messy way, a person needs a year or longer to heal before being able to start a healthy relationship – which means not carrying baggage into the next one.

How to spot it: In the first month or two of dating, he mentions his ex at least once per week; she still keeps pictures around or other mementos of the ex; you hear him mention the ex’s name when he’s talking to friends; he tries to get together with the ex for coffee or a meal so soon after the breakup; or she compares you in any way to the ex.


By the time we reach adulthood, we all inevitably carry some sort of emotional baggage with us. The question becomes, is the baggage severe enough to negatively affect a new relationship? Whom you seek out is your choice, but you must remember that warning signs don’t lie!

Credits :Dr. Seth is a licensed clinical psychologist

MP’s seek to cut former spouses down to size in new amendments

The Protection Against Domestic Violence Bill 2013 was amended by MP’s to remove a clause that allow divorcees and ex’s to seek court protection against their ex-lovers.

Spouses who fight and insult each other in front of their children could be jailed.

The MPs excluded any relationship outside what the law recognises as a “ marriage” from being classified as “domestic”.

The bill now awaits President Uhuru Kenyatta’s assent.

In the original bill, ex-spouses were listed as family members and would be entitled to protection and court settlements under laws dealing with domestic violence.

This was changed after some MPs were quick to point out the “inconvenience” of a person being arraigned in court on charges of domestic violence against a person with whom they no longer shared a house.

If the clause had stood, it would have presented an awkward situation for estranged spouses, especially as the law gives a strict definition of harassment within a domestic relationship, including “loitering” near places where a former partner could be having a cup of tea.

The bill was introduced through the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee chaired by Ainabkoi MP Samuel Chepkonga (URP).

The law seeks to protect family members, including children exposed to violence by people close to them, clauses touching on former spouses alarmed MPs who ganged up to ensure they were deleted.

The bill seeks to recognise that domestic violence in all its forms is unacceptable behaviour, to provide for the intervention of the courts to reduce and prevent violence in domestic relationships and to ensure that where domestic violence occurs, there is effective legal protection and relief for its victims,” the bill reads.

The MPs were determined to cut former spouses down to size, and passed another amendment that narrows the meaning of domestic relationship by deleting references to ex-spouse, engaged partner, or a person one has a child with.

Credits: Standard

Jennifer Lopez dating the Ex again

Jennifer Lopez isn’t as lucky in love as she is with music,after three failed marriages the “on the floor”  singer is rumoured to have rekindled  the flames with her Ex Casper Smart.

According to the Dailymail  the pair were seen getting cosy while celebrating New Year together in Las Vegas.

The American Idol judge was attending ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ New Year’s Eve concert at Caesars Palace.

MailOnline has contacted representatives for both Casper and Jennifer, who dated for three years and had an 18-year age gap, but are yet to get a response.

The news of the romantic reconciliation comes just a short time after she told Self magazine that she often feared being alone.

She was quoted saying, ‘I am a love addict. I found the comfort in someone else. When I face myself, I go, “You have a fear of really being on your own. So you know what? That’s what we’re gonna do right now. But it took me years to get there. So first it was learning to love myself. And then it was about facing my fears.’

Well only time will tell how things will go.


Chris Brown’s ex shows off diamond ring

After a  public spat afew weeks ago,Chris Brown’s ex posted a photo of two diamond rings the  left people wondering.

They had yet another very public break-up just a few weeks ago. But now Karrueche Tran, 26, is leaving fans guessing about the status of her relationship with 25-year-old singer Chris Brown.

On Christmas morning the model shared a picture of two massive sparkling diamond rings, which TMZ claims may be apology presents from the Crawl crooner.

While flaunting her new jewellery, Karrueche kept her caption simple, only adding a wide-eyed emoji and a heart, suggesting she was surprised by her gift but equally in love with the dazzling rings.

Earlier in the day she shared a photo of another potential present from Chris – an adorable white Siberian Husky with bright blue eyes, which she captioned, ‘Christmas Pup’.

The Christmas morning snaps come after a series of emotionally explosive tweets and Instagram posts from both Tran and Brown over the last month.


Kylie Jenner’s man Tyga wants full custody of child from Ex

Kylie Jenner’s rumoured boyfriend , Tyga, is about to ask for primary custody of his son with his ex Blac Chyna.

Tyga reportedly thinks his ex is unfit to be a parent! Get all of the details below!

According to TMZ, Tyga thinks Blac Chyna isn’t focused on caring for their 2-year-old child  King Cairo. He reportedly think she’s only interested in going to clubs and twerking for cameras.

Last week, a video of Amber Rose and Blac Chyna twerking was posted online. That night, Blac Chyna went to a club. When Tyga saw the video and heard about her going to club later that day, he made the decision to ask for primary custody.

Right now, there’s no custody order in place, although Blac Chyna does have their son more often. But, it sounds like Tyga is ready to change that.


Nicki Minaj’s ex still devastated over break up

Safaree Samuels, who dated the Anaconda hitmaker for 12 years, is said to be an emotional wreck and friends are allegedly concerned for his welfare.

A source claimed that he has talked openly about suicide and has isolated himself from many of his friends, according to gossip website But Samuels refuses to reach out to Nicki, 32, because he believes she’s now dating Meek Mill, even though she insists their relationship is ”platonic.”

His friends have urged him to seek help and find a new therapist. Earlier this week, Nicki admitted she still misses Samuels. Opening up about their split, she told New York radio station Power 105.1’s the ‘Angie Martinez Show’ on Wednesday: ”My relationship was based off of love, and there still is nothing but love there. This is not some person I picked up off the street.

“This is somebody I grew up with. Like, I don’t even know how I’m gonna function without that person in my life. I’ve never lived my life as a famous person without him. I don’t think people realise it’s not just a relationship or breakup. That was a humongous part of my life. I know because of the world we live in, that relationships are not sacred anymore or important. But this is different.

”It’s something that I am dealing with publicly… and it’s not easy. I’m also not gonna joke about it or try to disrespect him and try to act like he didn’t mean the world to me and still doesn’t mean the world to me. I’m not going to be corny about it either. I’m just figuring it out.”


Man sends 15 chicks to his ex

Breakups are one of the toughest life experiences for many people both men and women, in as much as it may be your fault or maybe not its guaranteed to hurt.

Well a man in the U.K decided that his ex had done him wrong so he sent her  a package,albeit an unusual one.

Earlier this week, the woman received 15 baby chicks from her ex boyfriend in the post with the message: “There are lots of other chicks out there.”

What he intended to imply was that he had moved on, and no longer needed the woman, however it just showed how insane he was.

The woman received the mail and upon opening the package and seeing the contents threatened to throw them in the trash.

The mail man offered to take them after which he took them to an animal shelter.

Talk about crazy exes.

Source : Huffingtonpost