Gospel singer Evelyne Wanjiru celebrates son’s milestone

Gospel singer Evelyne Wanjiru is celebrating her son Mshindi who turned five moths today.

The mother of one through her social media pages thanked God for her son’s milestone revealing that motherhood has not been as easy as she thought.

On the other side, Evelyne described the journey as the most satisfying job ever.

“My son Mshindi A. A is now 5 months + Yeahhh 🙌🏽…. the Grace that is given to mothers unbelievable. Motherhood is a full-time job the most challenging, as well as beautiful and utmost satisfying vocation in this world.”

Evelyne Wanjiru’s baby Mshindi

Evelyne who welcomed her son 10 years after she got married also shared that she is jelous that her son calls his daddy more despite being the one who spends a lot of time with him.

“Just looking at how his tiny hand fits my parm…soon he will be the one standing tall before me….funny how ati sasa anatowa words dada…daddy dadaada🙆🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️…uys you should see how @agundabweni anabambika some told me Mshindi recognize leadership😄😄😄…kila wakati yes baba am here…..it’s not fair he should start with mama…🤔😊 coz I spend 70% of the time with him ….jamani…kinamama….oyeee….”

The couple while announcing the birth of their son recounted how they have stood for each other since they started dating.

The couple met in church in 2008 in Nakuru, dated for four years and then held a simple church wedding.

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Evelyne Wanjiru’s husband resigned his job to manage her music

Gospel singer Evelyne Wanjiru says her husband Agundabweni resigned from his job to manage her music career.

Evelyne said that when she met her husband Agundabweni Akweyu, they did not date immediately.

The mother of one added that her passion for God drove him even closer to her.

“We dated the first year, and him just seeing Evelyne Wanjiru as an artiste, the woman in me, he wanted to grow the talent in me.

He resigned from his job to become a music producer set aside everything and said you know what God has purposed for me.

He did not want to become a music producer, he studied chemistry. Seeing me on the altar ministering and falling in love with this girl.”

Evelyne and her husband have stuck together for over a decade.

They welcomed their first child, a son, in April this year.

The couple while announcing the birth of their son recounted how they have stood for each other since they started dating.

The couple met in church in 2008 in Nakuru, dated for four years, and then held a simple wedding.

Agunda added that when you marry your friend, things are real when you are annoyed or happy you just show it and that makes everything beautiful.

“God gave us a gift of a baby boy!! Welcome to the world baby MSHINDI AKWEYU AGUNDABWENI, your entire family is so in love with you! We are excited to see you grow and become that great person God intended you to be! You are a dream come true, an answered prayer, and the greatest gift from God!”

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‘We will forever love you,’ Evelyne Wanjiru to late father-in-law

‘We will forever love you,’ Evelyne Wanjiru to late father-in-law

Evelyne Wanjiru has eulogized her father-in-love, one year after he passed away leaving his family heartbroken.

She took to her socials to state that she would miss the man who bore her husband Agunda Bweni.

Dad you are missed soo much…..our priest, our role model, our mentor 😭. It is now 1 year since you left us….we will forever love you …dance with the angels our daddy❤”

Evelyne’s husband Agunda Bweni took to his socials to celebrate the time he had with his dad in the post below.

It’s exactly 1 year since we lost our Dad. He can’t be forgotten though he is no longer with us. His memories and legacy shall live on. I pray to God to bless your soul and keep on resting in peace. #inlovingmemory of Rev Akweyu.”

Evelyne Wanjiru lost her father-in-law before he could meet their son Mshindi.

“During my 9th year of marriage in June, we lost my dad-in-law. Before he died my husband asked his dad what name we would give our child if we ever got one.”

We traveled and by then I was six weeks pregnant. He told us to call our baby Mshindi. At some point, I had given up. Sometimes I was jealous of my friends who had babies.

The waiting was a journey of anger and bitterness, I was angry at God. Even when I got pregnant I did my pregnancy test thrice just to confirm it was true.”

The late Rev Akweyu prays for Evelyn Wanjiru and her husband Agunda Bweni

The mother of one says she could have wanted a fancy name for her son but chose to stick by Mshindi to honour her dad-in-love.

Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve, the mother of one narrated, “I realized we wanted a child when my husband opened a music production.

We focused on the growth of the studio for 5 years. At 5 years in marriage, it hit me that there is something called kids in marriage. I was almost approaching my 30s.”

Evelyn says she was suffering from hormonal imbalance but she did not realize it.

“I would miss my period for 4 or 5 months but at the time I was never worried. It never clicked that something was wrong with me.

I had vowed not to take any contraceptives before I get pregnant. We travel a lot and I assumed my hormones were being affected by the weather.

I really wanted a child. Everywhere I went people who learned we did not have kids offered to pray with us.”

Evelyn says she was also suffering because her body couldn’t hold a man’s seed.

“My body had a hormonal imbalance and my body was not able to hold to my man’s seed. The medication at some point overwhelmed me. The meds were to help me get my period so that I could conceive.

In the 7th year and the 8th year of my marriage, I was on medication but I did not conceive. In the 9th year nothing.”

Evelyne added, “It was eating me from the inside but I was singing for people. People would tell me how my song ‘Naweza’ blessed them yet nothing was working out for me.

One day, I got my period I was so mad after my period came. I chopped my hair that day and told God that I was done.

I told him that I had reached the end, I would never kneel down to ask him for a child.

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Evelyn Wanjiru-This emergency nearly caused her to lose pregnancy

Evelyn Wanjiru-This emergency nearly caused her to lose pregnancy

Gospel artiste Evelyn Wanjiru has revealed her cervix started opening while she was 6 weeks pregnant putting their unborn child at risk.

Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve, Mama Mshindi as she is now known shared,

“One time I had an event in the US, while on the plane my body was feeling off.

I was craving pilau, I hated the colour yellow and I did not understand what was happening to me.

I got to the US and the throwing up was crazy, my host suggested that I might be pregnant.”

Evelyn took a test and to her shock she was expectant

Having been on the ‘waiting’ list for years her husband Agunda Bweni did not believe it when his wife told her she was heavy with child.

“At the time I was not taking supplements because they were supposed to be taken when one is around their partner.

When we got pregnant we had decided to keep it under wraps. There are testimonies you never speak about before they become ripe.

He was doubting me and told me that I was hallucinating. But when I was coming back from the US I found him waiting for me at the airport.

Evelyn Wanjiru with her husband Agunda Bweni

Adding, “One time we travelled to the US and I got sick with Hyperemesis gravidarum. (This is a medical term for severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.)

 I was rushed to the hospital in America and it was very tough for me, we decided to just come to Kenya and relax.”

Evelyn says once they got to Kenya they visited a local doctor but they were not ready for the news he gave them.

“We went to the doctor and said my cervix was opening and I was losing the baby so I was given bed rest. At the time I was preparing for my live recording.

We were very shocked but my husband prayed and talked to the baby and told him to stay still.

It was a tough journey but I was happy that I was pregnant. I stayed indoors for almost 8 months.

The new mum praised her husband for having stayed with her for 10 years even when she couldn’t conceive.

“In the labour ward, he was there. He was the one who saw the baby before I did. I thank him for sticking by me. 

He has always been there, he has always protected me. He is an African man and could have gotten other options.

For him to stay with me all these years, that is a very patient man and for that I honour him.”

Evelyn says her baby was given the name Mshindi by her father-in-law before he passed away.

At the time she was not pleased because she wanted modern names such as Jayden and Ryan but she chose to respect the old man’s wishes.

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Why we kept our pregnancy private – Evelyne Wanjiru

Gospel singer Evelyne Wanjiru says despite being excited by the fact they were going to be parents, they chose to keep the news off social media.

Evelyne’s husband Agunda said they agreed to keep their pregnancy away from social media until they welcomed their baby.

Speaking on their YouTube channel, the couple, who welcomed their firstborn 10 years after marriage, said it was an answered prayer.

Evelyne said she learned she was pregnant while on a US tour last year, two days after the burial of her father-in-law.

“After some funny cravings, I took the pregnancy test alone and finding out it was positive, I was shocked that I fell in the toilet,” she said.

“I was shaking and crying. I didn’t know what to do. I was confused. I took a photo and sent it to my husband.”

Agunda said he had that conviction that she was pregnant.

“There was joy on my face although I couldn’t show it and everything changed in my mind and I started thinking like a father,” he said.

“The excitement was much. It’s been a whole journey and still learning.”

The couple only told a few friends and family about the pregnancy.

They announced their blessing early this month after their son was born.

“We agreed not to tell our fans since some blessings are to be hidden,” Agunda said.

“You don’t announce before you harvest. As Christians, we are in a warfare world and not everyone is happy about your blessings.” 

Evelyne added, “Not everything has to go on social media. There are things you need to keep private. Those who know us know that we can never post in our bedroom since it is our sacred place and that is where babies are made from.”

The new mum said the new generation has gone too far, sharing their bedroom life for likes and clout.

“For us it is not about clout, having waited for God for some things to happen, we hold some things so dearly and cover them until they manifest.”

The couple is looking forward to enjoying the journey of parenthood.

Agunda said he cannot wait to treat his child the best way that God will allow him to.

Evelyne said her son was given the name ‘Mshindi’ by his late grandfather since he will be a winner in all he does in life.

“Your entire family is so in love with you! We are excited to see you grow and become that great person God intended you to be!”


‘My husband and I are waiting on God to give us a child,’ Evelyn Wanjiru

Gospel artiste Evelyn Wanjiru has revealed that she does not get any pressure from her husband of seven years over the fact that they have not sired a child.

The artiste has been married for the last 7 years.

She says just because her husband is supportive does not mean everyone else is. She added that some friends are brazen enough to ask her when the baby will come.

My marriage has really been an interesting journey, I don’t worry because I don’t have children because my husband has been supportive.

He really gives me strength.

If I was getting pressure from him I would have been worried.

However, I do get pressure from other people including close friend.

‘My husband ignored me for 8 months’ Evelyn Wanjiru painfully recalls


She adds,

There is a day someone told me ‘Evelyn you travel so much how about one day you just close yourself in a closet and ask God to give you a child’.

That really hurt me but my husband asked me not to be stressed about it.

He has advised me to wait for God’s time.

Evelyn goes on to add that she is now hopeful given that her fellow gospel artiste Kambua is now expectant after being married for seven years.

Kambua and I got married the same day and I am so proud [of her pregnancy] and hopeful [I will have a child of my own too].
It has given me hope because I know my miracle is on the way.

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