Meet the children of the greatest boxers of all time (Photos)


They are considered the best among the sport and more than that they are parents.

These boxers have let us into their lives, showing off spouses and children and we love it.

Go through my list and see how gorgeous their children are:

1. Fatuma Zarika

The WBC Super Bantamweight Champion has two gorgeous daughters whom she praises.

Zarika Fatuma's daughters

2. Laila Ali

She is daughter to Mohamed Ali. Laila is a fitness guru, whose diets are world famous. Mohamed also has another daughter named Hana, who leads a very private life.


3. Floyd Mayweather

His daughter Money Yaya is a model lives a very flashy life like her famous father. She shows off money, watches, cars and airplanes that she owns. He has other children who live private lives.


4. Amir Tyson

Son to Legend Mike Tyson. The handsome young man is an entrepreneur in his won right.


5. Lennox Lewis’s sons


Lennox Lewis describes himself as a Olympic Gold Medalist, Retired Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World. Boxing Hall of Famer. Husband, Father, Businessman.