Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy’s Wife Finally Shares A Photo Of Her Growing Baby Bump

Everyone across the world is celebrating the new year that we have all been blessed with. It has been a crazy year for many but we have all pulled through and we are fortunate to see another year.

Grace Msalame’s baby daddy and his wife are starting the new year with amazing news. A few months ago, Evaline Momanyi shared photos of her vacation abroad and we noticed that she had a bun in the oven. Well, we weren’t wrong as she has finally shared a photo of her growing baby bump.

momanyi baby bump

She took to social media to share a cute photo of her and her husband, accompanied with a very moving message and a verse from the Bible.

She wrote, “The Prayer of Jabez
“Oh, that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory, that your hand would be with me and that you would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!”
1 Chronicles 4:10
See you all in 2018….he has already begun his work for the next year! Thanks to everyone and everything that has been a blessing, a lesson and a part of my life in this past year.
Peace, Love and Blessings 💚 @mwaurasworld.”

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Twinning All The Way: Janet Mbugua’s Hubby Eddie Ndichu And His Twin Brother Celebrate Their Birthday In Style (PHOTO)

Janet Mbugua is happily married to the love of her life, Eddie Ndichu and the two are blessed with a cute baby boy, Ethan Ndichu, who will turn two years in October.

The love birds have since been flaunting their love on social media and there’s no doubt that they are happy.

Eddie Ndichu is a banker and is the head of digital financial services and mobile Payments at KCB Bank Group. The hunk also has an identical twin brother by the name Paul Ndichu.


Paul Ndichu is popularly known as Grace Msalame’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her two adorable and sweet twin daughters, Zawadi and Raha, who recently graduated from Kindergarten.

OMG! These Never Before Seen Photos Of Paul Ndichu And His Elegant Wife On Their WEDDING Day Will Blow Your Mind Away

The two are very civil and co-parent well, as Paul Ndichu recently walked down the aisle with his lover and now wife, Evaline Momanyi, in a colourful wedding in May 2017 at the Limuru Gardens.


Evaline and Grace Msalame are good friends and both play the role of mothers to the cuddly and pretty twin girls and take time to appreciate each other.

The family seems to be blessed with the twin DNA, as Janet Mbugua also has a twin brother by the name, Timothy Mbugua, who is currently dating former KTN presenter, Edith Kimani.

“NO, YOU ARE TOO PRETTY” Janet Mbugua Reveals Why She Never Wanted To Date Her Now Hubby Eddie Ndichu, And How They Met

Janet Mbugua

Okay, back to the twins, Eddie and Paul Ndichu. The brothers turned a year older and to celebrate the big day, their families came together for a gathering, with a beautiful cake for the two.

“#HappyBirthday,❤” wrote Janet Mbugua alongside a photo of the hubby and the brother.

Earlier, she put this up for her main man; “#HappyBirthday to my lover and friend ❤ God keep you.”


Paul Ndichu also shared a picture with his twin sibling, with this sweet message; “Family made it a great weekend…happy birthday bro 👊🏾🇰🇪😎to many more!”

On the other hand, Eddie Ndichu shared a photo of the cake, with a simple caption that read; “More Cake!!!! #BirthdayWeekend #BirthdayMonth.”

Evaline Momanyi shared this loving message to her hubby on the big day; “It’s my husbands birthday!! 🎊🎉🎉🎊🎊!! Happy birthday @mwaurasworld Love you forever bff 💚💚💚 And happy birthday to bro …. we love you all and appreciate you!! May God bless you with many more!”




Urembo Tu! Meet The Elegant And Exquisite Sister To The Wife Of Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy, Evaline Momanyi (PHOTOS)

Grace Msalame’s baby daddy Paul Ndichu married the love of his life, Evaline Momanyi, back in May 2017 at a colourful wedding held in Limuru Gardens.

The colourful and elegant wedding affair was attended by their friends and family, including his twin brother and Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu, as well as Janet’s twin brother Timothy Mbugua.

TOO ROMANTIC! Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy Speaks Up After Grand WEDDING To Elegant Wife Evaline

aul Ndichu and Evaline Momanyi

There’s no doubt that the family has a history of twins, which is why Grace Msalame and Paul Ndichu were blessed with the cutest twin daugters Zawadi and Raha who recently graduated from Kindergaten.

Aaww! Check Out Grace Msalame’s Children Looking ADORABLE At Their Father’s Wedding (PHOTO)

Despite the fact that Grace Msalame and the father of her children are separated, they have managed to co-parent well and have both moved on with their lives.


The best part is how they are able to be so cordial, and mature about everything. Grace Msalame and Paul’s wife, Evaline Momanyi are good friends and respect each other with no drama and complications.

‘He Has Never Been a Dead Beat Dad ‘ Grace Msalame Sets The Record Straight

Babies got their kindergarten Diploma today!! Don’t joke!! So proud of my love babies and so happy to be part of this day! @mwaurasworld and @sowairina …..great job on the babies!!! Sasa ….twende kazi,” wrote Momanyi as she congratulated the twins.


Now, away from that, Evaline Momanyi recently unveiled one of her beautiful sisters as she congratulated her on her Masters Graduation in South Africa, sharing a pretty a photo of her with this sweet caption;

Congratulations my beautiful sister on your Masters Graduation from UCT! Very well deserved!!! For now…..y’all enjoy Capetown!! #Graduation#Vacay# RewardYourself#FolksHoliday#MyFamily

There’s no doubt that cuteness and beauty runs in their family. Check out photos of her stunning sister below. Note the resemblance.






Cute! Grace Msalame’s Daughters Singing Is The Cutest Thing You Will See All Day

Media personality grace Msalame was the epitome of grace (no pun intended) when she congratulated and expressed happiness when her baby daddy married his long time girlfriend.

Alot of Kenyans were lost for words when they took to social media to react to her kind words and display of maturity.


We all know separation or divorce can be hard and painful but it totally depends on how you handle it. You can decide to be bitter or simply happy. In the case of Grace and her ex Paul Ndichu, they both chose to be mature and enjoy their new relations.

Her cute twin girls were even the flower girls during the wedding. See how gorgeous they look with their step-mom.


Grace and Paul have been co-parenting, something that many other famous Kenyan celebs are successfully doing despite parting ways. Perhaps there is something we can all learn from these two?

She shared a photo on social of her daughters singing a song that they were taught by their new step mom Evaline Momanyi Ndichu.

She captioned the video stating;

When a fan asked how she is coping with the situation, Grace explained by saying;

@mwangi_margaret_wangari it’s called Co-Parenting my dear😊and God’s Grace is sufficient in ALL things! Be Blessed🙏🏾

TOO ROMANTIC! Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy Speaks Up After Grand WEDDING To Elegant Wife Evaline

Paul Mwaura Ndichu is the lucky man who said I Do to the beautiful and stunning Evaline Momanyi, his new wife and there’s no doubt that the two make a lovely couple.

Paul is Grace Msalame’s baby daddy. The two former lovers have two adorable twin girls who attended the wedding as the cutest flower girls I’ve ever seen, rocking white Cinderella dresses with a touch of a green bow.

The colorful private wedding went down on Friday, May 12 with family and friends attending the amazing goofy affair.


Those in attendance included Paul Ndichu’s sister-in-law, Janet Mbugua, who is married to his twin brother Eddie Ndichu, Janet Mbugua’s twin brother Timothy, and stylist and designer Zeddy Loky, who designed the classy men’s suits.

Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy Ties The Knot (PHOTOS)

Grace Msalame was not able to attend the beautiful wedding but she shocked everyone when she shared a sweet message to the couple, something that most baby mamas don’t do.

“Beautiful 💚💚 CONGRATULATIONS my dear people🥂 May God eternally Bless your Union🙏🏾” Grace Msalame captioned a photo of the lovely couple, receiving a lot of positive feedback from fans.

Aaww! Check Out Grace Msalame’s Children Looking ADORABLE At Their Father’s Wedding (PHOTO)

The bride’s gown also caught a lot of people’s attention, an elegant and unique champagne-colored gown, which was ruffled from the hips all the way to the tail.


But now that all the wedding hullabaloo is over, what are the couple’s sentiments and what are they up to? Well, none of them has shared any honeymoon pictures yet, but Paul Ndichu has spoken for the first time after his union.

The hunk shared a sweet photo from the wedding, as they held hands and looked into each other’s eyes, and then appreciated the love of his life with this heart-warming caption;

Walking through life, always pick your best friend #myworldhallo Mrs Mwaura…

This is the cutest couple I’ve seen in a while. Here’s the sweet photo of Paul Ndichu and his wife Evaline Momanyi.









Aaww! Check Out Grace Msalame’s Children Looking ADORABLE At Their Father’s Wedding (PHOTO)

There ‘s nothing as adorable as twins dressed up in cute, Cinderella dresses for a wedding, and this is how Grace Msalame’s daughters were dolled up for their father’s wedding.

Paul Ndichu, who also happens to be the twin brother to Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu, walked down the aisle on Friday, May 12, at a colourful and blissful wedding ceremony, to exchange vows with his lover, Evaline Momanyi.

The wedding affair was attended only by their close friends and family, with former news anchor Janet Mbugua on the lineup for bridesmaid, as the cuddly twins took the role of the flower girls.


Paul Ndichu’s twin brother Eddie Ndichu was beside his brother to support him, as well as Janet Mbugua’s twin brother Timothy Ndichu, who attended the wedding minus his girlfriend Edith Kimani.

Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy Ties The Knot (PHOTOS)

The bride looked exquisite in a champagne coloured wedding dress with a unique ruffled design all the way up to the tail as the groomed donned a nicely-cut tuxedo, with the theme colour being green.


Paul Ndichu’s twins looked adorable in in their white girly. Though their mother was missing in action, they still had fan with their cousin, Baby Huru (Janet Mbugua’s son).

Grace Msalame took time to congratulate the couple after posting a photo of Paul and Evaline with a caption that read: “Beautiful 💚💚 CONGRATULATIONS my dear people🥂. May God eternally Bless your Union.


Congratulations to the lovely couple. Check out the twins looking all cute and charming below.