Racism Is Still Alive; Edith Kimani Unveiled As New Face At German TV Station & Some Are Not Too Happy

I will keep my sentiments private but I will say that the fact that racism reared it’s ugly head should not come as a surprise to anyone. The unfortunate thing is that it had to be aimed at our very own, Edith Kimani.

Edith’s career has been on quite the upward trajectory ever since she emerged as the winner of KTN’s show, The Presenter.

She is both intelligent and eloquent, all necessary ingredients for success as a journalist. To top that, she is beautiful. Activate the tri-factor effect…

Terryanne Chebet Reveals The Kind Of Job She Was Offered After Her Anchor Days

After KTN, she moved on to DWTV (Deutsche Welle TV) and though she was sad to bid her colleagues farewell, she was excited about the new challenges and experiences that were to be had as she charted her new path.

She found love but also success but it would seem not everyone is happy. Some Germans are upset that she was selected to host the Art show on DWTV. They would have been happier if the show were hosted by one of their own.

Check out what a section of the audience had to say:

Edith Kimani unveiled and bashed

Well, let’s just hope this is an isolated case….

Why is Europe so fat? Questions and Answers

World Health Organization research published Wednesday contends that Europe is getting fatter every year, and heading for an obesity crisis.

Gema Fruhbeck, a nutrition expert and president of the executive committee of the European Association for the Study of Obesity, talks about solutions:

Q: Why is the obesity problem so difficult to tackle?

A: Obesity is not like an infection (which can be treated), obesity is something that is going to be with us all of our life.

Technology has made life easy for people, while driving them to be very inactive. Even leisure time is very much related to computer screens and it is necessary to change the mentality of society.

The current economic crisis also has a negative impact, leading low-income people or the unemployed to eat higher-energy food which is cheaper, rather than follow a healthy diet which is more expensive.

It is necessary to collaborate with politicians, urban planners, architects and sociologists to really change the whole framework in which the society addresses the problem of obesity.

Q: What are some nations getting right, such as the Netherlands where levels are on a downward trend?

A: It’s easy to cycle in Holland, which is not the case in many other European countries.

From a political point of view, they are a nation that has been very pre-occupied about initiatives to tackle the obesity problem.

We really need to be pro-active, so unless policy makers make the decision to have an action against obesity, it’s going to be very difficult. And what we are seeing now is almost the opposite since it’s becoming so frequent and so normal, many people tend to downplay the importance of obesity, many people say it’s not a disease.

Q: What would you propose to tackle obesity?

We really need to put a lot of effort in educating our children about healthy lifestyle.

Most of our celebrations are related to food, social events where food is important. Try to be able to combine this in the whole of your life, so I’ll have a very nice (meal) with friends, have a great time, but this can also be done by going for a walk and not sitting all day. We need a mentality change.

Taxes on junk food do not work because they penalise people with lower income.

Packaging is very important and so is labelling and telling the people how to read the labels.

Fighting obesity is impossible without realising that obesity is the gateway to ill health.

Photo Credits : AFP

Single Mom Wins $66 Million

Rather than telling the media she planned to keep working, pay off debts and all that common chatter…she told the truth and let everyone know she plans to BALL OUT.

A 24-year-old single mother in Mt Clemens, Michigan has become America’s newest millionaire after turning in her winning $66million lottery ticket.

On Thursday, Kelsey Zachow spoke about her win at a press conference, and later posed with her check and 7-month-old baby boy Benjamin.

At the press conference, Zachow talked about how she plans to spend her winnings and how she went more than a week without knowing about the valuable Mega Millions lottery ticket tucked in her purse.

Zachow says she has been buying lottery tickets two times a week for the past five years, spending an estimated $10,000 on tickets.

She has since quit her two jobs as a bartender and medical assistant, which she previously worked to support her son and also her boyfriend and his 5-year-old daughter Evelyn.

[Her boyfriend] has been laid off from his job in construction for about a year.

Zachow says she first plans to spend her money buying a new SUV, perhaps a Jeep, and then a electric blue Mustang GTR convertible with dual exhaust and leather seats.

She also wants to but the house of her dreams in the St. Clair area. Some place with acreage where she might one day be able to open a no-kill animal shelter.

From there, she plans to treat herself to vacations in Europe, the Caribbean and Ireland – where most of her boyfriend’s family are from.

The money will also go to pay the college tuition for her son, boyfriend’s daughter, and her 2-year-old little brother Gus Schmidlin.

Zachow’s winnings were the largest ever won by a Michigan lottery player on a Friday the 13th.

With $66 million in the bank, we bet it’s safe to say her unemployed boyfriend/baby daddy will make an honest woman out of her soon!