‘It is automatic’, Janet Mbugua explains how long it took her to conceive her second pregnancy

Janet Mbugua is in her final trimester before she delivers.

Well, throughout her pregnancy journey, she has been revealing a lot about herself and family at large. Recently she revealed that she’s getting ready to deliver, opening up on what she’s doing to complete her journey.

“I deal with my own anxiety and confusion and some times I struggle so much about mums guilt, which has really consumed me so much and I cry a lot . I am doing a parenting class which I know it is helping me especially when it comes to disciplining my child.”

Meet Janet Mbugua’s dad looking like a teen as he turns 70


In her Vlog, a friend asked Janet if she had planned for the second pregnancy.

“This pregnancy was planned but it was not as easy as one would have expected because we took like 9 months before I conceived. I realized that it is not automatic that a couple can plan for a baby and conceive the same time adding that she did CS for her first child because she had a breech birth.


Of late you will also have noticed that she is dressing up baggy clothes unlike the Janet we have been following who wears tight clothes

“My son looked at this outfit and told me, “Mummy you haven’t finished dressing”. Verbatim 😅 I think the tights made the look seem incomplete to him but these are one of the few outfits that are comfortable enough at this point! I’d wear a bedsheets if I could.”


Check out some comments from her fans;

rispermbenson..Lol..i would feel like putting on a lesso to work. Very limited options.

nya.kweya..wueeh,i can relate on the bedsheet bit..nowadays,i always ‘thank’ the person who invented deras

veevyenY..ou look amazing son’s have a way of watching what mum wears mine tells me “mum your top is short” and pulls the back to cover my bum🤦🏾‍

rahelombaka🤣….surely! But preggersStruggles are real in this town! Comfortable but swanky outfits are a rare find.

ndungu8713…woow,the man in him,that shows that you ave a responsible man in future


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Janet Mbugua & Her Brother Reveal What It’s Like To Be Twins

Janet Mbugua is no doubt a force to reckon with in the Kenyan media industry, and you’ll know she’s been in this game for a minute. Meaning, she’s not necessarily as young as she looks.

The stunning journalist and fashionista is not just a career woman but also a very dedicated mother to her cute baby boy, Ethan Huru Ndichu and a loving wife to her banker husband Eddie Ndichu.

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The lovebirds are one of top celebrity couples in Kenya, after exchanging their wedding vows back in May 2015 at a colorful event at Chaka Ranch while she was pregnant with her first child.

Janet Mbugua's Son

5 months later, Janet Mbugua and hubby welcomed their bundle of joy, Baby Ethan, who recently turned a year old in a beautiful birthday party attended by close family and friends.

Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu had kept the face of their baby off from social media until his first birthday, where they introduced him to the world. They revealed his identity and later on, gave him his first haircut.

Must See! Meet Janet Mbugua’s Elegant, Youthful Mother-In-Law (Photo)

Though many people don’t know this, Mrs.Ndichu has a twin brother, who goes by the name, Timothy Mbugua – currently dating TV girl Edith Kimani – and though the two are not identical twins, they are very close and celebrate the same year and date of birth.

Janet Mbugua and twin brother

The twins turned 33 years old on January 11, 2017, and what a way to celebrate the big day than sharing a video to their fans about the top 5 weird and wonderful things about being a twin.

Did You Know News Anchor Janet Mbugua Has a Secret Tattoo? (Photos)

In the video, the two talk about the weird questions they get asked when they reveal that they have a twin of the opposite sex. They also talk about the challenges they faced as twins when they were younger, if their emotions are connected and the wonderful things about having a twin.

Check out the sweet video below as the two bring on the humor as they talk about twin life!

Must See! Meet Janet Mbugua’s Elegant, Youthful Mother-In-Law (Photo)

Janet Mbugua is one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya and her beauty and admirable personality makes her more loved by her fans and viewers.

The stunning journalist is a doting mother to a cute little son, Baby Ethan Huru Ndichu, and a loving wife to banker hunk, Eddie Ndichu. Baby Ethan turned a year old on the 26th of October which was also the official day they revealed his face.



Janet Mbugua and her husband got hitched on May 30, 2015, after keeping their love and relationship under wraps for a very long time. After walking down the aisle, they can’t get enough of each other and are always sharing sweet photos of each other on social media.

Eddie Ndichu is a  banker at KCB and has also worked in other renowned banks in Kenya like the Standard Chartered Bank, Chase Bank Kenya Ltd, and SEMA Mobile Services Limited. Not only is he witty, but also very fashionable and smart!

Happy Mother: Janet Mbugua’s Cute Son Finally Takes His First Steps (Video)

Their families have a history of twins as Janet Mbugua has a twin brother, Timothy Mbugua, while Eddie Ndichu also has twin brother who is a spitting image of him, and a younger sister who almost resembles the elegant TV girl.

Janet Mbugua

Though Janet Mbugua hoped to have twins, she still appreciates her only son and has been sharing heart-warming photos of the little one who she can’t get enough of, and I have to say he’s growing up too fast.

Well, Janet Mbugua’s husband revealed his young-looking and beautiful mother, Lucy Ndichu, to the world and I have to say she looks good! She knows how to keep herself looking youthful by grooming well.

Such a Hunk! Janet Mbugua’s Husband Eddie Ndichu Was The Cutest Boy Back In The Day

He shared the gracious photo with a simple caption that read; “#MyMama #Queening 👑”. 

Check out Janet Mbugua’s youthful, stylish, and lovely mother-in-law before. Isn’t she just dashing…?

Janet Mbugua's Mother-In-Law