Guardian Angel and Esthers daughter turns 28 years. See her photos

Gospel artiste Guardian Angels bonus daughter is celebrating turning 28.

In a heartwarming post on Instagram, his wife Esther gushed over her daughter saying

‘Maua, I look at you and I don’t see the passage of time. 28 years ago I was blessed with the most gorgeous baby girl. I still see you as my little girl playing with her barbie dolls. From the day you came into this world, we were proud as can be to be blessed with a daughter. You grew up too fast….As you turn a year older, may you rejoice at being yourself. I wish you joy, peace, love and laughter. I pray that the Almighty will continue to guide and protect you all the days of your life. May you follow your heart’s desire and face life’s inevitable challenges with curiosity, not fear. I may not be able to carry you in my arms anymore, but I will always carry you in my heart. I will try and respect that your a grown lady now but you will always be my little girl. Today you celebrate your birthday and I am proud of your small and big achievements and we thank God for it. Sky is the limit for you my daughter. Go for it. Happy birthday to you, mummy wishes you God’s blessings, good health and many happy returns. Happy birthday Maua. I loooove you🎉🎊🥂🥂🥂. We love you @onlygilda’

See her beautiful pictures below

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Guardian Angel and Esther offer sneak peak of their honeymoon

The loved up couple are enjoying the next chapter of their life.

Gospel singer Guardian Angel is on his honeymoon with wife Esther.

The newly weds gave fans a sneak peak into their post wedding days as they took to Instagram to share some blissful moments.

Though details of the getaway are highly guarded, we see it’s in the coast. The couple appears relaxed and enjoying time together.

Congratulations once again to the newly weds from the Classic 105 fam.

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Guardian Angel pays sweetest tribute to best man and woman for support

It’s been quite a week for gospel singer Guardian Angel and Esther Musila.

The two secretly wedded on Monday and a video leaked online.

Guardian has since been sharing pictures of the ceremony, with messages about his joy at finding the one.

One of those is of the couple who served as their best man and woman.

He indicated they had been friends for years.

Guardian took to Instagram to publicly pay tribute to the BFF’s Rachel and Dennis.

The newly married couple sharedapicture of the garden pictures following the vows and with a heartfelt message of appreciation for the work the couple has done.

‘We can not describe our best couple, not even in a million posts. @rachealnjau and @dennis.njau are a Gem blessed to our lives by God himself. Follow them on @thegoldmineshow For greatest inspirational conversations. Thank me later.’

In a second image, Dennis responded saying ‘ Deeply honoured to have done this with you bro and @esther.musila. #LoveWins’

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May your love flourish – Kambua attended Guardian Angel’s secret wedding

The close friends who attended the secret wedding of gospel singer Guardian Angel to Esther Musila are revealing their things about the beautiful couple.

Kambua was among those invited and she shared a video fo the ceremony where Guardian lovingly looked at his new wife.

Kambua gushed over their love writing ‘ My people. Your love has broken so many barriers. Love truly believes all things. Hopes in all things. Endures all things. Love remains. It stands the test of time. #lovewins Mr & Mrs Omwaka, may your love flourish and may God fulfill the desires of your hearts. Congratulations’

In the video, we see Esther holds Guardian’s arms adoringly and later he puts his hand on her shoulder as she signs the certificate.

Guardian and Esther wed on Tuesday January 4th and a video of the ceremony underway leaked.

Indeed finding true love is a blessing. From the Classic 105 fam, cheers to the newly weds.

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Mr.& Mrs. OMWAKA! Guardian Angel marries Esther Musila on his birthday

Gospel singer Guardian Angel kicked off his 2022 in style , marrying the love of his life Esther Musila.

The low key ceremony leaked online and fans expressed their happiness that love finally wins.

Guardian has since shared pictures of the beautiful ceremony, revealing he wed on his birthday.

He gushed over his new wife saying ‘And on my birthday, God did it again. Mr.& Mrs. OMWAKA.

What better than to tie the knot on your born day.

Guardian Angel andEsther Musila wedding

Congratulations to the couple.

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Guardian Angel’s lover Musila is mourning the death of her close friend

Esther Musila is mourning the death of her dear friend called, Arciah.

She described the pain in an Instagram post where she mourned the departed friend, saying that she hadn’t got a chance to say bye.

The mother of three went ahead to describe her friend as a sister she never had thanking her for the times she has stood by her.

“Today was heavy 😪 😞. Arciah, I didn’t get a chance to say 👋 and when I got that call from your no this morning, I was excited thinking that you were calling to say you are feeling better today, but that wasn’t it!!,” she wrote.

Woman trapped in loveless marriage tells how she is coping with it

Guardian Angel with Esther Musila
Guardian Angel with Esther Musila

Musila added that Arciah was the kindest heart she had ever known and the sister she had never had;

“I will never thank you enough for the times you came through for me. You are the sister I never had. You have the kindest heart I have ever known. It will take time to sink in that I will not see you again, and as I walk up the stairs, my footsteps will grow heavy as I pass outside your door😢.Fare thee well my big sister. It is well. I ❤ you.”

‘Guardian Angel is the dad my kids desired for,’ says Esther Musila

Guardian Angel’s lover Esther Musila says the singer is playing the role of a dad to his three children.

Speaking a the press on Friday, Esther emotionally shared their relationship journey. She is 51 years old while Guardian is 32 years.

Guardian was launching his album Victory. The mother of three said she is no longer worried about how her children. 

She praised Guardian saying he is a mentor to his three kids.

“I realized that God has our scripts in life. Everything I have desired for living 50 years, God answers prayers. I told God I want to see a change in my life. Honestly, when I met him, I was excited and I did not think about a relationship.”

Sanaipei Tande says she was always fighting hangovers before quitting alcohol

Esther Musila with her 3 kids

Esther said she was attracted to the musician through his song Rada.

“People asked where are my children but today they came and he is a friend. All my children have G’s in their names and so I have G’s and my life.”

She added that for the two years she has dated Guardian Angel, he has inspired them.

“He is probably the father they desired to have although they have their biological father,” she said.

“They are friends and sometimes they even go behind my back writing messages they want money, this and this, the relationship he has been able to build with them makes me appreciate him even more.”

She said Guardian loves them like his own children.

“There are things they tell him freely. They call him G.”

Guardian Angel says dating Esther Musila was the best decision he made

The music doctor Guardian Angel is a grateful man. He is celebrating making a major decision and that is loving Esther Musila, his fiancée.

He wrote his appreciation for loving her “If I had listened to their noises I would have lost a special gift. 💕. I am proud of ME.”

His message of pure love elicited congratulatory and inspiring comments from fans who praised him.

Love do care about our future if you have the pure love you have the future❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

🔥❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥admired..happy for you.It’s all about what makes you happy not what makes them happy.

He truly is a King of gospel and we are happy when love wins.

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“When Esther came into my life, I wasn’t ready to get in a relationship,” Guardian Angel

Esther Musila and Guardian Angel have had a whirlwind romance that most people would admire. The couple who got engaged a few months ago is unique in that they have made their relationship work although that Esther is 20 years the musician’s senior, something that is anathema in most African cultures.

But while many might be envious for the love the two have for each other, the couple still has it’s issues like most healthy relationships do.

Esther was candid about this subject this week when she revealed that they used to argue during the first months of dating.

The two spoke candidly about their relationship on their YouTube show dubbed Love Wins, where the awesome twosome talked about marriage and its challenges.

“No one is perfect. When she came into my life, I wasn’t ready to get in a relationship, and one of the weaknesses I’ve had for the longest time is I don’t accommodate people,” Guardian said.

Esther Musila was scared to tell her children that she was engaged to Guardian Angel

The mother of 3 for her part said that their relationship wasn’t easy at the start. “When we started the relationship alikuwa ananiambia (he used to tell me), he can switch off. I remember like those first days when we argued about something; I used to ask him, ‘ooh you’re on your way to switching off’,” she said.

The “Nimependa” singer said that he was amazed that he had stayed with Musila for over a year without switching off, explaining that he could never stay with someone for over 3 months without zoning off.

“You can know somebody’s true colours when money is involved. Mtu akikosa pesa, uone his attitude imeanza kuchange unajua huyu sasa hana pesa,” Musila explained.

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You are not 51, you’re 30! Fans tell Guardian Angel’s fiancée Esther Musila

Guardian Angel’s fiancée Esther Musila is one woman who proves that modern women can age like fine wine. The 51-year-old mother of 3 was able to bag herself a man 20 years her junior and an eligible bachelor at that!

Photos of Esther Musila & her beautiful 3 kids surface online

The woman is the definition of beautiful chocolate skin and a svelte figure that has many Kenyans in awe of her. How has she done it is the question?

Healthy living and eating habits. One of them is being a regular gym member which she displayed to her fans and followers this past weekend.

Esther showed her stamina and moves during a dance cardio workout at the gym in several videos shared on her Instagram page.

The three videos amounted to nearly an hour of dancing in the gym with many Kenyans swooning. Not to be left out was her fiance, Guardian himself who left love emojis in the comment section. The comments section had some interesting feedback for Ms. Musila with many praising the way she was aging with grace.

Some of those comments are below:

When you come to Mombasa…come we dance at Inshape for the ladies.

Is the energy for me… looking good than under eighteen.

Did you really ask your age from your mum or she lost your birth cert and decided to guess your age? Mum, You’ve not reached that age?! Still thirties.

Are u sure of your age…or do you lie to us… You don’t look 51 at all….anyway.

You are very blessed Ester help people like us to be strong like you.

Wueehh shape energy on point. Everything in place.

You are not 51, you’re less Na 20yrs.

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Photos of Esther Musila & her beautiful 3 kids surface online

Esther Musila has been the best thing since sliced bread for most of the past two months, after the surprise engagement that her popular gospel singer threw for her.

Esther, who is nearly 20 years older than Guardian Angel, has been blessed with 3 children, whom she is very proud of and refers to as the 3G’s.

Esther Musila with her 3 kids
Esther Musila with her 3 kids

She might not post many images of her and her kids but that doesn’t mean her photos with them haven’t been seen and archived by enterprising Kenyans.

Guardian Angel’s fiancée’s 3 kids (two boys and one girl) namely; Gilda Naibei, Jama and Kim. They are said to be 29-year-old, 26-year-old and 23- year-old.

Reason Kenyans are upset Guardian Angel is dating a woman 20 years his senior

On May 25th while celebrating her Birthday, Musila expressed gratitude towards her three children for their overwhelming love and support.

“To my children, the 3G’s thank you for your love and support. To you my TRUE family and friends, I thank you for your genuine love. May the Almighty continue to guide and protect me All the days of My LIFE.”

Esther Musila with her 3 kids
Esther Musila with her 3 kids

Information about their dad is scanty but that shouldn’t detract from a great story anyway. A few days ago, Gilda hosted Guardian Angel and her mother on her show dubbed the proposal show, after their engagement.

“This is one show that is very close to my heart because it is my moms proposal. We had an amazing time listening to their love story. They are a wonderful couple. Truly love wins” Gilda Naibei.

Esther Musila with her 3 kids

Ms. Musila is a banker for the past 18 years and has been working with the United Nations as an International Civil Servant.


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Reason Kenyans are upset Guardian Angel is dating a woman 20 years his senior

Guardian Angel has been in the news this past week after news after introducing his 50-year-old girlfriend Esther Musila to the online community.

The man did so with pomp and aplomb and while some Kenyans disapproved of the match, the Hadithi hitmaker went on to re-iterate his earlier stance, doubling down with a lovely message to Musila on his Instagram page.

He wrote, “I am proud of myself. #lovewins❣.” Adding,

“Sometimes the most difficult sacrifice is to abandon the comfortable mediocrity f who we are and embrace the beautiful fear of who we’re meant to be.”

Esther who is a mother of 3 for her part responded in kind, writing, “I am more proud of you. #lovewins❣❣.” The back and forth didn’t end there as Guardian posted another message of love to her with his message reading, “I love you ❣❣😊”.

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Blessed week ♡

A post shared by THE MUSIC DOCTOR (@guardianangelglobal) on

The love the two share hasn’t been celebrated by a prominent section of Kenyans prompting celebs like Maina Kageni to come out guns blazing in support of the growing romance.

Why is that? Why would there be such a visceral reaction to the news? Why is it more acceptable in society for older men to date much younger women but the reverse scenario criticised with such gusto?

I believe that while most people might not have a rational reason for the bias they have to such pairings, there is research that might explain their visceral reactions.

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… #kuoshwa link in bio

A post shared by THE MUSIC DOCTOR (@guardianangelglobal) on

Simple biology-A man can still realistically get kids at the ripe old age of 70 and above, while most women hit menopause between the ages of 40 and 50.

Female fertility is affected by age. Age is thus a major fertility factor for women. After puberty, female fertility increases and then decreases, with advanced maternal age causing an increased risk of female infertility.

I met my 50-year-old girlfriend through Maina Kageni – Guardian Angel reveals

At age 45, a woman starting to try to conceive will have no live birth in 50–80 percent of cases. Menopause, or the cessation of menstrual periods, generally occurs in the 40s and 50s and marks the cessation of fertility, although age-related infertility can occur before then.


Most relationship pairings happen for two reasons-Companionship and procreation. While many might say we have become more liberal in our thinking, in the African context, children are still a must-have for a healthy pairing.

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Happy new month. ❣wins #kuoshwa link in bio.

A post shared by THE MUSIC DOCTOR (@guardianangelglobal) on

Guardian’s relationship with Esther while progressive reveals that children for most Kenyans are a major milestone for any relationship/marriage, a hope the singer’s current pairing doesn’t promise. Don’t forget Esther is 50 year-old.

But what do I know, anyway?
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Guardian Angel’s fiancée, Esther Musila posts TBT from 1991 and she hasn’t aged a day!

Esther Musila has been over the moon this past month after her much younger fiance, singer Guardian went on one knee and proposed to her on her birthday.

Since then, the happy mother of 3 has been a fixture on tabloids and in the public’s psyche as they try to learn whatever they can about her.

And the great thing is that Esther seems to be willing to share a lot about herself. A few days ago Musila revealed that her loving mother rested 5 years ago, adding that she regretted that she couldn’t tell her all about her new man, who was the first man to make her so happy.

Guardian Angel’s fiancee’ responds brutally to fan who asked her about getting a baby for him

But there is still more as far as Musila is concerned. Today morning Esther decided to share a TBT from 1991. And damn! She hasn’t aged a day! In fact, she looked older then than now.

Her caption read, “#tbt 1991 KCB Training Centre Karen.” That photo was taken when Guardian was 2 years old, just to give you a bit of context.

Fans were left impressed with most praising the way she had aged over the years while others noted the age of Guardian at the time the snap was taken.

Whatever the case, her relationship with Guardian will never sit well with some, something I believe she knows and doesn’t care about.

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I hope my late mum had met Guardian Angel – Fiancée Esther Musila emotionally says

Guardian Angel’s fiancée Esther Musila is becoming more of a public figure after her famous man decided to propose to her.

That fact showed the public that she was here to stay and not a flash in the pan and as such Kenyans are curious about her and her personal life.

Just recently, the bubbly Esther decided to share a tidbit about her late mother that had Kenyans in an emotional state. Ms. Musila remembered her mother who had passed on 5 years ago in her sleep.

“5 years ago, a morning just like this one, I received a call that my dearest mum had passed away in her sleep. This was less than 12 hrs after my brother Fred and I had been to shags for the weekend. It was the darkest day in our lives. I still don’t know how we found the strength to drive to Machakos, it actually felt like a dream and we would snap out of it.”

Adding, “I truly believe to this day that the Almighty worked it out in his own way and wanted us to spend the last hours of mum’s life with her” narrated Musila.

Guardian Angel had complained about financial difficulties-Esther Musila on surprise engagement

She explained that a day never passes without her thinking about her mother.

“Mum, not a single day passes without a thought of you. You give me so much strength and your passing on taught me to appreciate every single day of my LIFE and live like there is no tomorrow. I was raised by a strong woman. I know you got my back mum.

Rest in Power my dearest mum. Fred, your grandchildren Gideon, Gilda, Glenn, Musila and Mbeke and I treasure the LIFE we shared together.”

She finished off by hoping that he mother was still alive so she could meet her new man Guardian Angel.
“Mum, I honestly wish you had lived a little longer to meet the most wonderful man in my life now, I know you’d be so happy to see me in this new space I am in in my life. I now sing your favorite hymns and I hear your voice in them😢 We love you forever Mummy ❤❤❤”

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Guardian Angel had complained about financial difficulties-Esther Musila on surprise engagement

Esther Musila has narrated the events that led to her surprise engagement party to Guardian Angel on her birthday. She said that she was aware the singer had plans for her birthday but was not how big it was since her partner had complained of financial constraints.

In a long post on Instagram, Esther narrated the events that led to her surprise engagement party.

“As usual woke up did my morning exercises, had breakfast, and since I am working from home I have to manage my time we recorded our Zaidi Zaidi video and since I had been informed we had to go and do the signing for the record deal, I was even convinced to wear a dress(which I don’t do anymore) for the photo sessions and thereafter he would take me out for dinner!” Esther narrated.

They look good together! King’ang’i says after debate on Guardian Angel’s proposal to older woman

She continued:

“I obliged and we set off for Karen. My G even in the car apologized that he was broke he wishes he could have done more, and since for me birthdays are not really a big deal, I told him not to worry I am OK as long as am healthy and God has brought me this far it didn’t matter. So, we get to Karen, ushered into the studio and said we give them a few minutes as they set up”

“Then, someone called him outside of the room and he took quite some time to return. Kidogo kidogo he stands at the door then he asks me to come. As I stand up to leave, someone starts playing the saxophone and that’s when it hits me. I can’t even move my feet and all of a sudden there are so many people around I had not seen when we arrived. So I am led through a path lined up with roses into a gazebo and there sits my cake. At this point am thinking, my G, here you got me! I shall deal with you when we are alone”

And finally, Guardian popped the big question;

“So I am there cutting cake then because obviously, I expect to feed him cake or vice versa, I turn to find him then I see him behind me on bended knee!! I quickly turn back because I don’t think I’ve seen right 🤭. I turn back again and that’s when it hits that he, is proposing🙊🙊. It took me a couple of minutes to take it in. I said no no meaning I can’t believe my eyes!!! I cried, I cried 😢😢. This is one moment I will live to remember. Double blessings I must say.”

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They look good together! King’ang’i says after debate on Guardian Angel’s proposal to older woman

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation today concerned his two close friends, gospel singer Guardian Angel and his fiancee’ Esther Musila on their recent engagement.

“The couple went public with their relationship back in September 2020, and ever since, the two have been subjected to harsh criticism mainly because of their age difference. What’s wrong with what Guardian Angel did? What’s the problem with Kenyan men? What is the issue?” Maina asked.

Mwalimu King’ang’i for his part said that the couple looked good together.

Numerous Kenyans commented on the topic with many divided on the age difference. Check out some of the comments below;

I don’t see anything wrong, if a 70 yr old man marries a girl of 20 yr nobody says anything, why this becomes an issue?

70 man is still active sexually, what does a 50+ woman have to offer. Hata joto hana.

Before Guardian Angel hits 50 how old will be Esther? And if she already has kids from her previous marriage will they have their own kids now. Hii yote ni kuset couple goals but deep down Guardian will sooner than later come to his senses.

Because to you love and relationships is about children and how old each of them will be? Stay positive. So what if he comes to his senses. He will still be young for a second chance. He’s happy, that’s all that matters.

Hehe, ni sawa tu. Hata mimi pia I was left with the younger man I had been with for 8 years, we were blessed with a girl turning 8 this year; he left for an older woman with 3 teen boys. Huh! Coincidence is that wote ni waluhya. Nilikubali yaishe.

Imagine dating a girl who wants nothing from you but you.

Astronomical cuckoldry that is. A man should not compromise his frame to make a woman happy. Be the man, be the prize.

Maina me I dissociate myself from those Kenyan men… Am happy for the two! Love is a game that two can play and both win…

1. This is pretty okay if the lady will remain this beautiful and flexible. 2. If her boys will keep a safe distance. 3. If her hormones won’t affect her lady-ness.

The idea of a woman dating a man much younger than her becomes fully accepted. It’s time that men start realizing the benefits of dating older women. A lot of the time, we complain that women don’t know what they want and that they’re high maintenance.

Poa kwanza ndio ujue kuwa mwanaume ni nini, otherwise you have no right to tell other men what’s right and wrong. Shinda hapo ukivunja ndoa za watu. Shenzi sana.

The Tuambiane Ukweri Chairman

The problem with kenyans is that they take up any matter, analyse it,and grant verdict, if you are a true kenyan, you should by now have developed a thick skin to counter that. This is kenya , welcome to kenya.

I’m trying to fit in the shoes of Mama Guardian. When the wife of your son is may be older or your agemate. Tuwache tudanganyana ati “love wins” just because si mtoto wako. Ancestors are not happy.

I have nothing to say with people’s relationships so long as it works and the couple are happy. Age is just a number Maina, keep the pot boiling.

Don’t just look at Kenyan men, I’m sure this event has broken many young ladies hearts.

No problem at all BUT time will tell…when she will be 60 the guy will be 30something ,at 70 he will be 40something …isorite!!!

The difference is 20yrs not 30..but that’s fine. you live once let them be

I prefer grown up ladies who get to understand me and they don’t mount pressure on me….hawa wengine ni sumbua. Aty mara beb ni nunulie hii ama ile mara nipeleke photo shoot….mara siba rent au fare…unaeza Dhani yeye ni orphan….choke!!!

The issue is, when a man bows down to a woman, he has surrendered everything to that woman. Utakaliwa kama kiti.

Mwanaume wa kukaliwa ni wa kukaliwa, don’t blame it on anything. If a woman has more muscle then up your game ama ukalike.

I think there’s nothing wrong since kipendacho moyo ni dawa.

As a man, I settle where there is peace, where there is peace there is happiness.

Am sure Guardian Angel has found a vintage car. Hakuna kupeleka mbio Kama probox za Miraa na hutu tusichana tu ndongo. Men go where they find happiness n peace. He has found it just let him be.

Age is nothing but a limitation of whatever u want to do but i say fuk age do watever pleases you

What’s the proposal for when they have lived together for all these years? Who Bought the ring? plus whose money organized the birthday? Looks like someone was about to be kicked out of the house, hence the decision to comply. Time will tell!

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Lessons we can learn from the successful relationship between Guardian Angel and Esther Musila.

This week Esther Musila wrote down a lovely message to her man, musician Guardian Angel as he turns a year older.

In a romantic love letter, seen by Classic105, Ms. Musila showered Guardian with lots of praises, stating that every moment spent with him is always memorable.

She went on to confess her love for him promising to treat him like a King for proving that good men still exist. She wrote;

“My love, my heart is filled with gratitude for the love and friendship that comes from you. Thank you for the late-night laughs and the early morning kisses you shower me with. Thank you for showing me humility and being a blessing to my life. Every moment spent with you is memorable. Thank you for holding my hand through this life and proving that good men still exist, and thank you for the pleasure of being the woman in your life.

…Just like you treated me as a queen on my birthday, I shall make you feel the warmest treat like a king, always. Happy birthday to the twinkle of my eye and the person who I love from the bottom of my heart. 🎂😍”

Why did I post the above message? Simple. It is a reminder that the couple isn’t going anywhere anytime soon with many expecting their relationship to be a flash in the pan after they revealed that they were dating back in September 2020, while appearing on Bonga Na Jalas.

During the interview, Musila revealed that she met Guardian through Maina Kageni before their love blossomed after months of knowing each other.

On the other hand, the Rada hit-maker wondered why society was so quick to judge him even before they had heard his side of the story. He pointed out that Esther was his wife and it doesn’t matter how old she is.

And it seems that they are staying the course with this latest message showing that the love and devotion from Musila who has 3 kids from a previous relationship is still as strong as it was.

And what can we learn from the much-maligned couple?

First, a relationship will always be between two people. Whatever the world says is immaterial as long as both of you are getting what you want/need from each other.

Secondly, Age can just be a number. As proved already, marriages between people who have a large age difference can work. Just look at French president, Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Marie-Claude Macron. Brigitte who is 25 years older than Emmanuel was Emmanuel’s former teacher. The two have been married since 2007 and are still going strong.

Thirdly, if you want something, even something the world discourages you from going for, still go for it. In a previous interview, Esther revealed that she had been besotted with the singer and sought him out after hearing one of his songs. We can all see the successful result of her pursuit.

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I have never been this happy in my life about new lover – Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel has never been talked about this much. I am sure he has become a household name among many Kenyans who didn’t have a clue about him before.

And why is he so popular at the moment? The singer’s new lover has the country talking with her age being the main talking point.

But the singer doesn’t care and said as much to comedian Jalang’o on his bonganajalas show yesterday, saying that he had never been this happy in my life

“I have never been happy in my life like I am today, Genuinely happy. You can not trade money to happiness and cannot go and throw myself in a ditch because there is money in that Ditch. I am a very sound money that when I decided to do something, then clearly am, not going in that direction to kill myself.

Why did Guardian Angel’s move to date a 50 year-old woman get such hate? (opinion)

So which ever decision I have made, whether there is love, whether we are in a relationship, whether we love each other, it does not matter. What matters is… am I a happy person, is she a happy person.”

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Happy new month. ❣wins #kuoshwa link in bio.

A post shared by THE MUSIC DOCTOR (@guardianangelglobal) on

“Second I want you to give me the script of my life that God gave you for you to tell me, as per the script of God this is the woman you were to marry. If you give me that I will follow you, but if you don’t have it please shut your mouth and let love win.”

Guardian went on to wonder who sets the rules in the society when it comes to who should love who, regardless of their age.

“I have been frustrated in this industry, I have cried in my bed alone, I have given up…by the time I am talking to Esther after a week of knowing each other and even her asking me if we can be able to do a song together, I was giving up on music. While recording her song Roho Yangu I was giving up.”

“But she came and told me Kazi ya mungu lazima iendelee, so all my ministry has been pushed by the person you think is wrong. If she had not come at that time I would have given up. I would not be singing now. So you don’t know this person, you don’t know why she is respected like this in my life before you say a word.”

“Those who have said this guy is going to love his mother, listen the word says, you will come together and become one, if this woman is older than you or your mother the minute you agree to become one, the nonsense of mother-ness ends and she becomes your wife.” Guardian finished.

Watch the interview below:

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