A list of TV personalities who have been charged with murder

We take a look at prominent TV journalists and TV hosts whose careers went down the drain after they were charged with murder, directly or indirectly.

While some were charged, some jailed, others are still awaiting the ending of their cases.

1. Esther Arunga

Esther Arunga has been in the news the past few days after she admitted to having lied to protect her husband for the death of her 3 year old son.

Esther’s son Sinclair Timberlake died as a result of blunt force trauma to his abdomen in June 2014.
Sinclair suffered fatal injuries at his family home at Kallangur, north of Brisbane.
Esther Arunga
His father and former Kenyan presidential candidate Quincy Timberlake was charged with his murder.
Esther Timberlake on Monday pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to manslaughter.
The 38-year-old admitted misleading police in order to help her husband escape punishment.
Crown prosecutor Danny Boyle told the court Esther called triple zero just before 2am on June 18.
When paramedics and police arrived, she told them her son had fallen down the stairs.
But an autopsy revealed Sinclair died
“As a result of a severe blunt force such as punching or stamping or similar” and his injuries were inconsistent with a fall.

2. Louis Otieno

Former NTV reporter Louis Otieno came into the limelight over his alleged connection in the murder of Careen Chepchumba.

Careen was found dead in her apartment seven years ago and Otieno was one of the suspects. The police cleared him of any wrongdoing.

Louis Otieno
Louis Otieno

After that his career never picked up again.Not much is known about his life.

3. Moses Dola

Former journalist Moses Dola was this year sentenced to 10 years for allegedly killing his wife Wambui Kabiru at their matrimonial home in Umoja Estate on May 1, 2011.

According to Dola the argument arose from the high gospel music which he was playing and which the late Wambui felt would wake up the baby.

Partly giving his testimony Dola says

“Just as I was picking our son, she shot up and charged at me.

She asked where I wanted to take her baby. In her charging she was holding the scissors. It was a split second event.

Unfortunately, it pricked (sic) my hand but I managed to squeeze her hand and she released it,”

Wambui queried

‘Wewe ukiamka kwa hii nyumba kwani kila mtu lazima aamke (If you wake up in this house, must everyone else wake up?).

The judge was told that Wambui reached for the scissors but Dola tackled her, and they both fell on the bed.He testified:

She hit her head on the bed, but because we fell on the mattress I did not realise that she was injured.” According to Dola, his wife’s last words were “ona umeniumiza” (see you have hurt me).

According to Dola, he went to his brother in law’s house in a bid to seek a truce with his wife. After that both Wambui’s brother and Dola went to drink.

Former journalist Dola and his late wife Wambui Kabiru

He testified that he was to take his bother in law to a baby shower later in the evening and thus they parted ways and he headed back to the house to freshen up.

When he got to the house, the court heard, Wambui was still lying in bed and did not respond when he called her name.

4. Jacque Maribe

Former Citizen reporter Jacque Maribe is the latest TV personality to be charged  with aiding murder.

Maribe whose case is still ongoing was arrested alongside her fiancee Joseph Irungu alias Jowie over the murder of business woman Monicah Kimani.

Their case is still ongoing.

Jacque Maribe and Jowie in court


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Esther Arunga given 10 strict rules she must follow for 10 months

Esther Arunga was sentenced yesterday at an Australian court. This following her recent admission that she gave a false account of how her son died.

She was sentenced to 10 months in prison but was released on parole by the court however there are ten strict regulations that she must abide with for the period of the sentence, which will be supervised by the Queensland Corrective Services (QCS).

Esther Arunga with Quincy Timberlake
Esther Arunga with Quincy Timberlake in the past

The conditions are;

1. Arunga must stay in contact with the probation and parole staff by reporting to an office or having officers visit her home or workplace.

2. At the end of her parole, officers from the probation and parole section of Queensland Corrective Services will carry out surveillance to check whether her risk level is appropriate.

Ciku Muiruri; Esther Arunga was always the problem

3. She is not to commit any crime while on parole, not even a minor offence, as it would taint her record.

4. She will not be allowed to leave Queensland, Australian, without permission from the authorities.

5. Arunga is not to use any illegal drug or even drink alcohol for the 10 months. She will be drug-tested regularly during the same period.

6. Were she to change her job or house locations, she should inform the correctional services unit of her decision within 48 hours.


7. During her 10 months parole, she will be expected to attend programs and counselling offered by the Australian correctional service.

Why? Maina Kageni whispers to Esther Arunga admitting to lying to protect husband

8. She has to comply with rules set by the correctional service of Australia.

9. Her physical appearance will be checked constantly checked, her relationships and her home stability will be under scrutiny.

10. She must also maintain good terms with her family.

If she breaches the parole orders, the conditions may be changed or her parole order may be suspended or cancelled and she will be returned to prison.

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Ciku Muiruri, ‘Esther Arunga was always the problem’

Former Classic 105 presenter and author Ciku Muiruri has aired her opinion about Esther Arunga and the situation that she currently finds herself in.

The former ‘Busted’ host has spoken about Esther and her present predicament in the most controversial of terms. Ciku believes that Esther is the only one to blame for her predicament and not the men in her life.

Her take is below;

I have been seeing all these posts about Esther Arunga and how intelligent she was and how beautiful she was. The posts also talk about Quincy Timberlake (Her husband who was charged with the murder of their 3-year-old son) and how he had a brain the size of a peanut.

Esther Arunga with Quincy Timberlake
Esther Arunga with Quincy Timberlake in the past

Apparently, he did an IQ test and was found to have the same intelligence as that of a mouse (No actual specifics were given as to when this alleged IQ testing took place).

The posts go on to say how poor Esther was brainwashed. I’m calling bullshit on the last part. Before Esther met Quincy she was staying in a digs somewhere in Nairobi with her cousin Hellon and being accused of being in a cult.

He was running for President and she was his running mate. She was engaged to another dude until Quincy came along and Hellon says things changed after that.

At the time, all of you blamed Hellon (whose presidential aspirations disappeared after she took off with quincy). you then blamed Quincy (whose brain as we are told can’t formulate a plan to get anything done, let along elaborate plans to flee kenya and esther’s parents). you are blaming him for brainwashing a (supposedly very intelligent) girl who allegedly watched him punch her 3-year-old son repeatedly in the stomach and in her words… “a grown man cannot survive a punch from quincy so i knew my son would not…” who then went on to tell police that she lied her son fell down the stairs because she was afraid of being alone.

Really? I put it to you that esther, the so hyped ‘intelligent and beautiful’ girl, is the one who did all the brainwashing. She convinced grown-ass men she could make them presidents. She convinced them they could take over the world. She was so delusional that maybe she thought demons were thwarting their chances and commanded the cockroach sized brain to punch their son to death. remember quincy’s first wife? Telling us how esther stole him from her? Arunga has actually never given any one any reason to think she was a victim in this but you always believed she was. why, pray tell? because she reads news? Didn’t we see another anchor the other day being charged with allegedly helping cover up a murder?

Esther Arunga
Esther Arunga heading to the courthouse

Esther Arunga always held all the cards. You think she lied to protect Quincy? I don’t buy it. He lied to protect her. Remember how for so many years we believed Whitney Houston was an angel destroyed by Bobby Brown until her brother confessed to having introduced Whitney to drugs long before she ever met Bobby? Whitney told us time and time again that nobody makes her do anything she doesn’t want to do and we didn’t listen. When she died of an overdose she was long divorced from Bobby. he’s still alive. Her daughter, who stayed with her after the divorce, also died from a drug overdose. Whitney was always the problem, not Bobby. open your eyes when it comes to Esther Arunga. She was always the problem. the beautiful, intelligent girl fooled you all.

What do you think about her viewpoint?

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Breaking; Esther Arunga jailed for 10 months on parole

Former KTN news anchor Esther Arunga, was on Thursday sentenced to 10 months in prison but immediately released on parole.

On Monday, Arunga admitted to misleading police in order to help her husband escape punishment.

Arunga’s three-year-old son died as a result of blunt force trauma to his abdomen has admitted misleading police after his death.


Sinclair Timberlake suffered fatal injuries at his family home at Kallangur, north of Brisbane, on June 2014.

His father and former Kenyan presidential candidate Quincy Timberlake was charged with his murder.

More to follow.

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Quincy Timberlake’s ex wife’s message to Esther Arunga over murder case

Rose Mueni, former wife of controversial preacher Quincy Timberlake, has decided to bury the hatchet between her and former KTN anchor Esther Arunga.

Mueni said she no longer holds any grudge with Arunga, who succeeded her as Quincy’s wife.

“At first I would rage against Esther but later I came to learn how to accept things like they are,” Rose recently told Radio Jambo.

“I don’t hold any grudge towards her and I pray every day for God to talk to her, because there will always be memories of her in the family as she is with my husband. God had a reason and that is why I did not react in all that mess. Just like I pray for my enemies is the same way I pray for Esther.”

Mueni recounted that the whole issue dragged her into depression.

“After learning about his marriage to Arunga from the TV bulletin, I did not ask him about it, even when he came home and he did not explain anything,” she said.

Esther Arunga and Quincy Timberlake

“One day he brought me the constitution to read a part that men are allowed to marry more than one wife. From that moment I sank into depression. My children had started performing poorly in school as well. It was hard for me to explain to them why their dad was no longer living with us.”

Their communication ended when Quincy moved to Australia, and she does not miss him.

“I used to call him but not to ask him about his life. But like a dad he knew he had left a gap somewhere. He could come to provide for his children but he cut communication when he went to Australia,” she said.

“I do not miss him but the kids do miss him as their dad because they loved him.”


Quincy’s parents also did not take responsibility of helping Mueni raise her kids.

“My mother-in-law and I no longer talk, and even before I broke up with Timberlake, we were not so close. I approached her on how to bring up the kids, but she was so negative and she did not want me to be part of her life so I have been taking care of them.”

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The emotional message from Quincy Timberlake’s ex: ‘We’re not judging you’

Lawyer and former TV girl Esther Arunga will be sentenced by an Australian court on Thursday. Arunga was charged alongside her husband Quincy Timberlake with the murder of their three-year-old son.

Timberlake’s ex-wife Rose Mueni has spoken out on the matter and speaking to the Star on phone, she said;

With God all things are possible. We’re not judging you as a family and we’re praying for you despite our differences. We’ve always prayed for him and his family because him not being in our lives doesn’t mean he’s an enemy. Be strong, this shall come to pass.


I love him with the love of Christ Jesus.

Rose Mueni


Mueni has also encouraged Esther to be strong, saying she is praying for her as well.

I’m really praying for her [Esther] that God intervenes on her behalf.  Let her put her trust in God and know that God gave Jesus  Christ for all of us and no one is exceptional and that she put her trust in God. God can give her a new start and beginning.

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‘Why’? Maina Kageni whispers to Esther Arunga admitting to lying to protect husband

Former KTN TV presenter Esther Arunga admitted to misleading Australian police about her son’s death.
She told a court that she had gone to the bathroom on the night of June 17, 2014, only to come out and find Quincy hitting Sinclair in the stomach.
She said, her pastor, co-founder of Finger of God kept saying


The 38-year-old lawyer had lied to paramedics that Sinclair had fallen down the stairs.

Arunga is set to be sentenced on Thursday.

Esther Arunga admits to lying to cops about sons death to protect husband

Maina Kageni weighed in on the topic, asking women why they lie to protect their men.

I admire the loyalty aspect 100 per cent, but look at her she is facing sentencing for lying for her man, a forko jembe man, me if that happens I don’t know what I will do.

Esther Arunga and son Sinclair

Is this love or stupidity? Maina posed the question.

In this case where a man in your life kills your child and you lie for your man, how?

Girls, have you ever lied to cover up for your man?

And they are never good for you. Why do you defend them, Maina asked.

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Esther Arunga: A timeline of her downfall

Esther Arunga on Monday July 15, 2019 admitted before a court that she lied about knowing of the events that led to her sons death.

She will be sentenced on Thursday.

Meanwhile here’s what you need to know about her life since she became a media darling.

She started off at a local radio station, but was at loggerheads with another popular presenter in the same media house leading to her exit. Their on air drama trended on social media for a bit.

Esther Arunga admits to lying to cops about sons death to protect husband

Esther then moved on to KTN, where her cute self caught national attention. Her poise and elegance won her the admiration of Kenyans.

But fate once again wouldn’t let her live her best life. She met up with Joseph Helon, the spiritual leader of the Finger of God.

1560968429224_dr.marijuanapepsi__WIDE.jpgesther passaris meets grace onyango.png

That was in 2009. She became engaged to Wilson Malaba, a follower, but after a year they called it quits.

She moved to live with Helon and his wife plus others in a Runda home, where their activities sent tongues wagging.



Together with helon and Quincy, the trio formed a political party dubbed the formation of the PlaCenta Party (Platinum Centralizer and Unionist Party) of Kenya.

Yes this also trended, and the outrage was too much.

Esther Arunga resigned from KTN, and drama followed her once again.

Their political activities attracted the attention of police who swiftly arrested them.

Rumors of what transpires in their Runda home also went viral.

Let your wife hen-peck you – Bahati’s advice to men for a happy marriage

She was arrested, and in that whole mix she suit her father and other for wrongful imprisonment and torture.  She was released and after married Quincy.

Spiritual leader Helon performed the ceremony, according to her. Is your head spinning yet?

Esther Arunga and her husband then left Kenya for Australia, where they went quiet for a bit.

We later heard she became a lawyer and got citizenship.

Then drama about their marriage and the sad events of their sons death emerged online.

Esther and Quincy were charged with the murder.

She was granted bail. That was in 2014.


Esther Arunga after being released on bail

She testified that the 3 year old boy died after his father attempted “healing techniques” which included Quincy pressing down on the lad’s stomach and throwing him against a wall.


Esther Arunga admits to lying to cops about sons death to protect husband

Former KTN presenter Esther Arunga has shocked a court after admitting she misled investigators on events that led to the death of her three-year-old son who died as a result of blunt force to his abdomen.

Her son Sinclair Timberlake suffered fatal injuries in June 2014, in an incident that she witnessed in the family home.

Esthers husband Quincy Timberlake was charged with his murder.

 According to an article published in the aunews, Esther on Monday pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to manslaughter.

The 38-year-old admitted misleading police in order to help her husband escape punishment.

The prosecutor Danny Boyle told the court Esther called police (triple o) just before 2am on June 18.


When paramedics and police arrived, she told them her son had fallen down the stairs.

But an autopsy revealed Sinclair died “as a result of a severe blunt force such as punching or stamping or similar” and his injuries were inconsistent with a fall.

Mr Boyle said Esther diverted the spotlight away from her husband for 26 days.

It wasn’t until Quincy was involuntarily admitted to a mental health facility that Esther changed her statement.

She told police she went into the bathroom on the night of June 17 to find Quincy hitting Sinclair in the stomach.

“He then threw him against the wall,” the court heard she told investigators.

Esther claimed her husband was saying “there’s a devil in his stomach, I have to get it out”.

1560968429224_dr.marijuanapepsi__WIDE.jpgesther passaris meets grace onyango.png

She said Quincy had a strong arm and “even a grown man can’t survive that punch”.

The court heard Esther didn’t speak up earlier because she was afraid.

“I was terrified of being alone and I felt terrible because my husband was sick as well,” she told police.

Mr Boyle said although Esther had not interfered with evidence, her inaccurate account delayed the investigation and her husband’s arrest.

“She was the only eye witness to what could be described as the brutal killing of her son,” he said.

Defence barrister Katarina Prskalo said her client believed her husband was mentally unwell and she had gotten him help in 2013.

Esther Arunga 16th July 2019/ pic courtesy AAP

“She had not realised how unwell he was until the night of her son’s death,” she said.

Ms Prskalo said Esther also had her own mental health issues.

Justice Martin Burns will sentence her on Thursday.

Courtesy AAP,