Ugua Pole: Akothee Goes To The Hospital Days After Partying Hard At Her Manager’s Birthday Event (PHOTOS)

Esther Akoth aka Akothee is known for flaunting her lavish life on social media and is always talking about her achievements and success as a single mother.

The Sweet Love hitmaker is a mother of 5, three girls and two boys, all who come from different fathers, but that has never been an obstacle for the singer who is also a businesswoman.

Old Is Gold! Sassy Singer Akothee Finally Introduces Her Handsome ‘Boyfriend’ (PHOTOS)

Akothee is also known for spending thousands of shillings on parties mores so during her children’s birthday’s and so far, she has bought cars for her first and second born daughters as gifts during their birthdays.


Recently, Akothee revealed that one of her baby daddies told her that he can’t marry her because she is too tough for any man, but talked about how they have to get along because of the kids and are time the best of friends;

I asked why he dint marry me , he said ,that is suicide. but he would beat up any man trying to tamper with my heart . am his final baby mama

Well, we know that Akothee is one energetic woman, and always shows her energy on stage whenever she’s performing and guys love her for that, but too much play is not good, aye?

Akothee’s Baby Daddy Reveals Why He Will Never Marry Her


Late last month, Akothee sprained her leg and had to keep off heels for a while, but it looks like she didn’t follow the doctor’s instructions and ended up straining her leg again, and had to back to see the doctor to get a tendon stretch.

This comes after she recently celebrated her manager’s birthday after throwing him a lavish birthday party where she danced her heart out. Now she’s back to flat shoes with a bandaged leg.

Never seen a stupid girl like you Akoth , the problem is you have thorns on your arse, you can’t sit down, I don’t even know what you are chasing , now see tendon stretch 👃💉👠, #nomoreheels 😢 asiyesikia la ndwele sipite miguu


However, her sprain leg is not keeping her from her work. She posted another photo on her way to work, but this time in heels, with this caption; “I don’t need an alarm to get up, bills do it automatically, off to work.”

Check her out below as she struts it like nothing happened.








Akothee Mourns The Death Of A Child Who Committed Suicide

Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee is one of the richest musicians in the music industry. She’s always signing deals and setting up businesses that have enabled her to live the lavish lifestyle she does. ‘Madam boss’ makes headlines each day and today she has shown a side many people don’t know about. Continue reading “Akothee Mourns The Death Of A Child Who Committed Suicide”

Old Is Gold! Sassy Singer Akothee Finally Introduces Her Handsome ‘Boyfriend’ (PHOTOS)

Flamboyant Kenyan singer Akothee, real name Esther Akoth, is one lady who doesn’t shy away from giving her opinion on anything, including her personal life, and the fathers of her kids.

The renowned singer and businesswoman is always open to talk about being a single mother to her five children, three girls and two boys, who all come from different fathers.

Are You a SINGLE Mother And ASHAMED Of Your Status? Akothee Has Some Encouraging Words For You

She recently revealed that she appreciates her baby daddies, confessing that she still gets support from them, and during Father’s Day celebrations, she made sure to recognize them despite the fact they are not together.

The only 3 men I recognise in my past & still exist in my present & future, jakamagambo , jaswiss, jafaransa , if you don’t see your relatives face on this photo, then I dont know you, help me wish the fathers of my quintet #teambigfive . HAPPY FATHERS DAY & TO ALL THE FATHERS IN THE WORLD


The sassy singer has recently been taking shots and attacking people who judge her lifestyle, telling them to mind their own business and proudly celebrating her single motherhood status without apologies and reminiscing on the days she was broke;

Proud mama, Mrs Alone ,Alone Alone , with my beauty 2 years ago @veshashillan # discipline is key my daughter, do you remember 10 years ago when we used to drink black tee & popcons, you were sent home for fee of 9k the 3 of you & now just prudence Alone is paying 400k per term 😂😂😂😂 bei ya shamba 

But now, Akothee has gone ahead to reveal the love of her life, and no, it’s none of her baby daddies or his manager. The artiste has confessed that her grandfather is her ‘boyfriend’, though he has been ailing for a while.

Is Akothee Still In Love With The Baby Daddy To Her Three Daughters?

She recently revealed how thrilled she was after his recuperation; “My best friend is out of danger , the best news I got today ,my sweetheart is on his feet again , I thank God for his mercies upon you jaduong I love you soon much my copy cut , thanks all for your prayers God is real, I will be with you as soon as am healthy.”


During Father’s Day, she visited him in Migori, and shared a few photos with a sweet caption appreciating the old man;

My boyfriend is doing well too , though not soo 💯✔
I asked him how old he is , he told me some stories with no tail nor head so I told him” grandpa you aint old , its the sun , you are actually the age of my Fiancee & he is energetic with six pac , he laughed . HAPPY FATHERS DAY MY HEROS

Check out some of Akothee’s boyfriend’s photos below.






Just Friends? 5 Photos Of Akothee And Her Manager That Continue To Fuel Romance Rumours

Kenya’s wealthiest singer Akothee, real name, Esther Akoth seems to be doing very well for herself in terms of music and family.

Other than music, Akothee is a doting mother to 5 amazing children, three girls and two boys who are from different fathers and has in the past professed to enjoying her life as a single mother.

Akothee was set to walk down the aisle back in 2016 and was even expecting twins with her then Swiss fiancé, but sadly, she collapsed at a Geneva train station and miscarried.

Akothee has since picked up the pieces and has been very active in the music industry, dropping hit after hit, though her recent song Tucheze didn’t perform so well compared to the previous ones.

akothee-children-10 (1)

The sassy singer has a lot on her plate, from taking care of her kids to working on her music, traveling and managing her businesses, but one person lifts this load from Akothee, her manager, by the name Nelson Oyugi aka Nelly.

“Sometimes I Break Down” Akothee Talks About The Challenges Of Being a Single Mother, Reveals She Wants More Kids (VIDEO)

The two have a very good working relationship and the manager has been able to help her propel her music career to greater heights, but he’s just not a manager, he’s a very close friend and in the last couple of months, there have been allegations that they could be more than friends.

Akothe and Nelly are always spending time together whether it’s about music, events or tours for Akothee or family celebrations, you will never miss him around. Nelly refers to Akothee as his queen and their recent photos just keep fueling rumours about their romance.


“The warmest wishes to a special person in my life, who has the biggest heart in the world. Thank you for being with me through thick and thin, you know you can always count on me.Whenever I count my blessings I thank God that I met you.You will always shine like the sun and spread joy and love to everyone around you,” Nelly told Akothee on her birthday.

None of them has come out to speak out on whether it’s all about the work or whether there’s something more. Still, men and women can still be close friends without any romantic feelings.

Check out some of their photos that will make you question their relationship status.






LUCKY GIRL! Akothee Treats Her Last Born Daughter To a Lavish And Splendid Birthday Escapade (PHOTOS)

Kenya’s richest female artiste Akothee has been the talk of the town after she recently gifted her first born daughter a car on her 19th birthday.

The Sweet Love hit maker is a mother of five beautiful children, three daughters from her first marriage, and two sons, whom she says are also from different fathers.

Akothee is a proud mother and has never been shy to show off her kids to the public, despite not being married.

akothee-children-10 (1)

In 2016, she had revealed that she was engaged to a ‘mzungu’ man, but months down the line, there has been no wedding and that looks like a thing of the past now.

She recently revealed that she will never get married because there are no real men left and that her past violent relationship made her insecure since most guys pretend to be good when the relationship is starting and then end up being abusive later.

The singer cum business lady is happy to be single mum and is doing just fine, and after he fist born turned a year old, another one of her daughters is growing older.

Akothee’s last born daughter by the name Prudence Apundo, who happens to be the quiet one, celebrated her 17th birthday 4 days ago, and though she didn’t get a car as her older sister,  her mother surprised her with an amazing gateway to Tsavo East.


The last born daughter shared a picture with her mum, with this sweet message; “love you mommy @akotheekenya thank you for the best birthday family trip ever off to tsavo east😚😚😚”

Check out some photos from the escapade below as Akothee and family celebrate their girl’s birthday.