Eric Wanaina recalls being swindled in serious con game


Being scammed is the name of the game in Nairobi, and not one person can say they haven’t fallen prey.

Singer Eric Wainaina has recounted the day he was conned in Nairobi. Speaking on Janjaruka, a new web series that was launched last month, he said he was only 12 years old at the time.

There was a shortage of rice in the country and one day, he got this phone call from the home landline. “The guy said my father had bought some rice somewhere and they are waiting for me to pick it in town,” he said.

Eric was to meet the guy at Mama Ngina Street, and carry Sh7,000 for paying for the rice.

“My dad was mteja, and my mum did not want to lose that opportunity, so she put the money in my shirt pocket so I could be safe,” he said, adding that it was the largest amount of money he had handled then.

He boarded a matatu and headed to Mama Ngina to meet the guy.

“The guy looked sharply dressed. He asked if I was Eric and if I had brought the money, I gave him the money and he told me to wait for him to bring the rice in a few minutes.”

Eric says he waited for two hours, only for a waiter to come down and ask if he was Eric.

“He told me that my mum had called them to ask if I was there. My mum said she had a bad feeling and asked if I had given the guy the money and I said yeah, and she realised I had been conned,” he said.

Eric says the only thing his mother was happy about was that nothing bad had happened to him.

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“Dreams In Stereo”: Eric Wainaina Releases New Album

It’s big, it’s much anticipated and it’ll be streaming exclusively on Songa By Safaricom all day every day today, Thursday 26 July. Renowned, singer songwriter Eric Wainaina, is set to launch his new album “Dreams in Stereo” tomorrow, Friday, 27th July.

That’s almost six years after releasing his last album, Love & Protest.

Remarkably, new guest artists have also been announced for the event including ‘Samalina’ hitmaker Tetu Shani, Urban Kikuyu folk singer Ayrosh, The Nairobi Philharmonic Orchestra and the phenomenal Songstress Sage Chemutai. This event can only be described as an electric night of music and colour!

“Dreams In Stereo is my best studio production effort to date, and with a very personal touch.” remarked Eric Wainaina

“It is also strongly influenced by my musical theater passion and from a deep well of personal influences that go beyond my iconic Kenyan music roots.” he continued

“Dreams in Stereo picks up from where Love + Protest left off an echoes where I have been artistically speaking,” says Eric. “But at the same time it is an even more personal and intimate album in many ways, where I felt freer to just be myself. It also explores a wide range of musical genres that are close to my heart. It definitely puts me on a new trajectory musically and creatively, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of this new direction in the months to come…in a way like you’ve never seen me. Stay tuned for a lot more to come.”

The “Daima” songwriter hopes the new album will epitomize the creative evolution he is currently undertaking, aimed at shaping his presence as a global artist.

The new album features hit singles such as Okay, Don’t Bury Me and Hallelujah People. All currently available for streaming on Songa By Safaricom.

The album also features some of Kenya’s popular singers such as Kagwe Muigai, Blinky Bill, Kendi Nkonge, as well as veteran artist, John Nzenze, renowned for songs such as “Angelike” and “Habari za Nairobi”.

Other local artists making significant contributions to the album include: Aaron Rimbui, Allan Wanjohi, Marvin Maveke and Benjamin Kabaseke Masinde.

Dreams In Stereo, will stream exclusively on Songa By Safaricom all day on Thursday 26th July 2018.

More information:

Date: 27th July 2018
Time: 7.00PM – 12:00AM
Venue: The Elephant (3, Kanjata Road, Nairobi)

Tickets: Advance Tickets available at Ksh. 2,000 Gate Tickets at Ksh, 2,500
Payment via:


Zosi Kadzitu
[email protected] | 0723 237 869

Miriam Kadzitu
[email protected] | 0702 412 961
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