Exclusive: Joho’s barbers reveal why they charge 10,000 per cut

Eric One Wash and Dufanda are the envy of many after they shared that Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho pays them a whooping 10,000 per session.

In an exclusive interview the duo says that Joho is just one of the many celebrities they work with.

Joho is however not the only celebrity I have worked with. I have shaved Victor Wanyama, Mariga, Ommy Dimpoz, Nandy  and Diamond Platnumz.

My style is makes me unique from other barbers. I am the best in Africa.

‘Kenyans pretend to celebrate Lupita yet they ignored her before’ City man

joho 7

Ommy Dimpoz and Juma Jux are however hard to work with because they do not like mistakes, they are perfectionists.

On how he ended up as a barber he says

I used to be good in drawing while in school so I combined my art with my profession.

Below are photos of the stylish barbers.

Dufala,Governor Joho's barber
Dufanda,Governor Joho’s barber
image-2019-04-29 (10) (1)
Eric One Wash,Governor Joho’s barber

image-2019-04-29 (8) (1)

image-2019-04-29 (11) (1)

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Celebrity stylist Eric One Wash in marital drama with wife over domestic violence and deadbeat dad accusations

Celebrity hair stylist, Eric One Wash, has been put on blast after his wife of five years exposed him as a wife barterer and dead beat dad.

According to his wife Sasha Pendeza, whose real name is Cate, the stylist has been flaunting what she termed as sugar mummies and even pointed out that he had been kept by one and was chased away after bringing a slay queen into the sugar mama’s house.

She continued to pour her heart out;

She added;

Eric took to social media to say he had forgiven his wife after exposing him on social media.


He went ahead to give a message to his fans.

Even after talking about how Eric threatened her with policemen, Sasha went ahead to apologize for exposing the stylist in such a manner.

“I apologize for everything I wrote about this matter. It’s very sensitive for everyone’s image. Everyone involved. I know the damage done can not be reversed but I can prevent any further damages that can happen in future.
I apogize to Eric’s clients and friends , for what has been happening in the last 24 hours. I was angry. It was false.”

Eric posted on his WhatsApp status how forgiving he is;

We called One Wash who said that the allegations were not true at all saying his baby mama was simply looking for sympathy and publicity. He adds that he did not beat or threaten her saying the two do not live together.

Listen to the exclusive Interview;

But do fans think she might have been threatened to apologize?

Here are fan’s reactions;

sharone_anne: Why are you being sorry for owning up to take charge of your life girl??? Well 🤷 I hope deep down you still feel that you are sorry. No man who lays a hand on a Woman deserves an apology 👿👿.

anitajoes: Am so sure someone has put a gun on your head!

njeshthe_dollar: Hahaha wamekutishia maisha huh huu mchezo hautaki hasira next time b wise

mhunz94: 🤗You spoke the truth babygirl,they are forcing you to apologize for the truth 😂😂

anitajoes:  it’s not the dick this time but they are forcing her to apologize to save his image..he’s a slay king you know😩
sham_illah: doesn’t seem legit someone must have threatened her but anyway she knows what’s good for her

maureenmentah: 😂😂😂😂this looks like a forced apology

winter058: Nilikuwa Nimefuata hii Episode ya Real house wife of Mwosho mmoja then kanakatika tu hivi na am sorry.

shyengoh: Lol this a forced apology, just hope you wont let him kill you or hurt your daughter…. You deserve way much mkre than the bulshit he is giving, he aint even worth this apolog
ashleychase12: Am so sorry that you had to go back on your words,but we know everything that you posted for the last 24hrs was the truth just make sure he does not harm you and your child

irene_wanjiI: followed you to see this drama Sasa wamekufanya u apologize for speaking the truth . Kama mtu ni mbaya sema kukiharibika ni sawa tu
wacherawa_kihia: Oh Lord😨! This is a lie…. Forced apology period. Hunny @sasha_pendeza i hope your safe wherever you are, you and your daughter….

almarula: I’m so sad for you because you know it’s the truth..you are living a lie and one day you will look back and wish you knew better..take care of yourself and daughter