Nicola Traldi arraigned in court over Chantal Grazioli’s assault

Nicola Traldi was on Tuesday 21st, June 2022 arraigned before Kiambu Law Courts for allegedly causing grievous bodily harm on his Girlfriend Chantal Grazioli.

The news of his abuse was shared by Eric Omondi on his social

“Any man who puts his hands on a woman is a COWARD!!! Nicola Traldi is a Coward. He is Weak and Insecure. A man’s strength is fully shown when he PROTECTS a woman and not when he puts his hands on her. 

This is UNACCEPTABLE and he will face the Full WRATH of the LAW!!! He will serve as an example to all those UNCOUTH, UNCIVILIZED, and PRIMITIVE men who physically assault women to feel they are STRONG!!! @miss.chanty”

Traldi reacted to the news by saying that he can never do such a thing as he is a father of two.

He added that his mother brought him up well and taught him to never lay his hands on a woman.

“I have been framed for something I would never do, unspeakable. It’s a sad day. I would never lay my hands on a lady, I am a father of 2 daughters,” he said.

“Everyone who knows me knows I am incapable of such a thing. My mum taught me well. The truth shall come out.”

Eric alleged that the abuse has been going on for months.

In a detailed post, Chantal had explained what transpired on the night she was beaten up.

“This is to bring to the public limelight that nicolatraldi came drunk, agitated, and broke into my house Friday 17th morning since I had refused to let him in as I didn’t want any confrontations with him while drunk. 

He assaulted me badly and pushed me down the stairs as you saw from the video that was posted by @ericomondi. The photos posted as well are from previous assaults, it being not the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd and unaccountable times that Nicola has assaulted and threatened me.”

Chantal says Nicola has been threatening and intimidating her for wanting to go to the media.

 “On numerous occasions, he has asked me to shun away from the media which I did due to fear of being humiliated and assaulted.

 I was afraid to come out but on Friday being the worst, I reached out to my mum to no avail, in the meantime my neighbors, security, and the caretaker came to my rescue. 

I reached out to Eric who was able to come through and assisted me from there henceforth and also came out to the public on my behalf. 

We followed all the protocols that were required from us by the police and hospital ( both private and public) but until now Nicola has not been arrested and he took my sim card, my phone, my car keys, and my house keys. “

The damsel added that Nicola was unreachable after putting his phone off

“While he was assaulting me, he threatened me that he would come back and do it again and there was nothing I would do because he knows the big people. 

This puts my life in danger since I have no idea what he will do next. If he claims that he is being framed why can he not present himself at the police station, he is not reachable either.

 It is traumatizing and not easy for me physically and emotionally, and neither is it not easy for any form of GBV victims irrespective of who is involved and especially those who cannot come out and speak about it. The majority are helplessly dying in silence. 

It is very very sad GBV is not taken seriously in this country.”

Chantal Graziano with her new man
Chantal Graziano with her new man

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Jacque Maribe celebrates her son’s birthday

Media personality, Jacque Maribe is celebrating her son as he marks a new milestone.

Jacque’s son with Eric Omondi, Zahari turned 8 years today.

Maribe penned a beautiful yet emotional message praising Zahari for changing her life for the better.

The mother of one said in Zahari, that she found true love, purpose and meaning. 

Maribe wrote;

14.05.14. 8 years ago today, my life as I knew it changed completely, for the better. A new title, I found true love, I found purpose and meaning. I became a mum, forthwith, mama Zahari. And I have loved every minute of this journey.

Maribe also explained the meaning of her son saying Zahari means ‘God has remembered.

I couldn’t have picked a better name for you my son. And through our journey, God has faithfully remembered. I love you more than all the words in all the books in the whole wide world. Happy 8th birthday, King Zee!! Added Maribe.

Maribe also posted her son’s photos showing their journey together.

Last week, Maribe said that she suffered miscarriages and that during her pregnancy there were many instances where she could have lost her son.

This she said is the reason why she is overly protective of her son.

“I had gone through miscarriages. During this pregnancy, every single day was a blessing. I am very particular about my son. I am so invested in his well-being. I am his mother not for the name but for his life. So many times I would have lost him during that pregnancy. So when you see me being an overprotective mum, you know. And anyone who harms my child is the devil reincarnated.”

Eric Omondi spent 400k on 2 pairs of Balenciaga distressed sneakers

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has revealed that he coughed up 400k for two pairs of the tattered, distressed Balenciaga shoes-the money includes shipping fees.

According to the luxury fashion brand, the lowest-priced shoe in the line starts at Sh266k and the most expensive pair clocks Sh74k.

On Wednesday, Eric took to social media to flaunt his fresh pair of the now-viral shoes.

Speaking in a phone interview with Mpasho’s Hannie Petra, Eric said he spent over 400k on the two pairs including the shipping fees. 

“I’ve just shown people one pair only. I bought those ones at 213 thousand shillings. I have the grey ones as well… yes I bought two pairs. I just spent over 400k on shoes,” he said.

The comedian bragged that he bought them because he thinks they are unique and the designer behind them was artistic and showcased their creativity.

“I bought them because they’re unique, artistic and creative, such an amazing statement piece, hakuna viatu zingine kama hizo.”

He says Kenyans should get used to seeing him rock the torn shoes all over because they’ll be part of him.

“Kwanza these ones I’ll wear them everywhere, you’ll never see me without them. I do not think I will be wearing any other pair in a long time.” 

Eric says he bought teh shoes as a way of rewarding himself hence he does not feel like it was moeny wasted.

“I do not feel like I wasted money. In all the years I’ve been alive how many pairs of shoes have I worn? Some people buy cars others houses, I bought shoes. Once in a while mtu anajitreat,” he replied.

Eric rubbished claims that the shoes he flaunted on social media were fake based on the old Balanciaga box.

“To those claiming the box is old, have you seen the shoes themselves? The packaging is a statement as well. Kwanza the box of the other pair looks older. It is the whole idea, inakuja na box inakaa imechapa” he defended himself.

Radio King Maina Kageni has also revealed that he has ordered tow pairs of the Balenciaga .

According to the fashion house, only 100 pairs of “extra destroyed” sneakers will be available to buy.

Meanwhile, the non-limited edition, and less roughed-up versions, are being sold on the Balenciaga website for $495 (57,479.)and $625 ( 72,575.)depending on the specific style.

Balenciaga describes the sneaker as a “retooled classic design,” which is finished with “distressed canvas and rough edges, affecting a pre-worn look.”

Harmonize released from police custody, denies beating Eric Omondi

Tanzanian musician Harmonize has been released from police custody.

He was arrested today morning for failing to honour paid for performances in various clubs in Kenya. 

Eric Omondi alleged that the artiste also punched him in front of the OCPD in Kileleshwa Police station.

While addressing media people after his release, Harmonize said he will perform in Mombasa tonight. 

He denied beating Eric Omondi in front of Police officers.

“Wewe unaweza kupiga mtu kwenye kituo cha polisi? Kama Polisi wanakuangalia? Can you really punch a person while inside the police station while the cops are present?)”

Eric had accused the Kwangwaru hitmaker of assaulting him at the police station in front of ex-governor Mike Sonko. 

“Harmonize has punched me in front of Kileleshwa OCPD, he has punched my face infront of Mike Mbuvi Sonko, it was inside a police station. I am bleeding,” he said.

“I gave him money and he refused to perform, so we told him to return the money. I told him there is no need to fight…’I have given you money and you have been arrested, I do not want to embarrass you, lets go to Mombasa and do a show because you have been paid, yesterday you refused to go to Kokoriko, yesterday you caused problems at Captains and I covered you,’ While talking, he punched me.

Harmonize amenipiga! Eric Omondi reveals he refused to refund money

Comedian Eric Omondi now claims Tanzanian singer Harmonize beat him after they disagreed on him returning money to organisers of the clubs he failed to perform at.

Speaking to the media at Kileleshwa Police station, Eric said the veteran Tanzanian singer allegedly refused to perform in several clubs.

Among the people who had paid for the artiste to perform was Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko and Kokoliko club.

Eric said when he asked Harmonize to return money to the club owners, he refused and punched him on his face.

Laying bare all the fraudulent actions that Harmonize had committed, Eric vowed that the singer would not leave the police station until his lawyers came.

Harmonize has punched me in front of Kileleshwa OCPD, he has punched my face in front of Mike Sonko, it was here at a police station. I am bleeding,” Eric said showing at his swollen face.

I gave him money and he refused to perform, so we told him to return the money. I told him there is no need to fight.”

I have given you money and you have been arrested, I do not want to embarrass you, lets go to Mombasa and do a show because you have been paid, yesterday you refused to go to Kokoriko, yesterday you caused problems at Captains and I covered you,’ While talking, he punched me.”

Miss P says Eric Omondi has been ignoring her after ‘Baby Shower’

Former Willy Paul’s former signee Miss P says comedian Eric Omondi is not a serious person in most of his promises.

Miss P was to be signed under Big Tyme Entertainment by the comedian after they worked together on the ‘Baby Shower’ song.

Speaking in an interview with ‘Mseto East Africa’, Miss P said the official documents would have been signed and agreements made by now.

“Communication is key, ndio mtaelewana and get to have a clear understanding. After the baby shower events, I tried calling and texting but he did not respond. I have tried even reaching out through his manager but no response.”

“I just don’t think he’s a serious person. Ukiwa na intention ya kufanya kitu, you take initiative. Na in this case, tungeketi chini na lawyers tu-discuss hizi vitu, tu-sign documents na kazi ianze kufanywa.”

Miss P, however, appreciates the role the comedian played in featuring in her ‘Baby shower’ music video.

Omondi catered for all the costs in the video.

“Kila kitu Eric Omondi alisimamia mwenyewe. Which is why I’m still very grateful for what he did, kusimamia msanii kila kitu it takes a lot.”

Responding, Eric Omondi told Mungai Eve that Miss P does not push herself.

“Even after the Baby Shower project, she did not push it. I used to post the song and she repost yet am not an artist. And I even told her that and she was like, ‘You know am not a social media person.”

What Eric is doing is historic! Guardian Angel challenges musicians to release content

Gospel singer Guardian Angel has challenged Kenyan musicians to release enough content so that theyy can get the 75% airplay in our local media outlets.

Speaking to NTV, the veteran gospel musician praised comedian Eric Omondi who is pushing for a petition to have the bill passed.

He said he felt challenged to release more songs so that when he tells a DJ to play his music, they will have enough content on their list.

“What Eric did is historical, he is a comedian and he was fighting for musicians. He was pulled from a truck fighting for us. I don’t care on what he is gaining from it and whether he is clout chasing, but he has a point,” he said.

VIP! Anerlisa Muigai set for club appearance in Tanzania

Eric Omondi in his new outfits
Eric Omondi in his new outfits

Guardian further added;

“What he is doing is a challenge for us. My challenge this year was to build 100 songs so that when I tell a DJ to play my songs, he has enough songs to play for a whole day without repeating.

What if i ask him to play 75% of my songs and I don’t have, what will he play? I have to release enough content and tell him, now here is my music, play 75%.

At some point we have not given them enough.”

On Tuesday, the comedian presented his bill championing for 75% of local music to be played on TV and Radio stations to members of parliament where he tasked Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino and his Starehe counterpart Charles Njagua aka Jaguar to table the bill in parliament.

‘Most West African music promotes immorality,’ says Sanaipei Tande

Songstress Sanaipei Tande does not agree with Eric Omondi that West African music beats Kenyan music.

Speaking in an interview with NTV, Sanaipei who is currently promoting her EP said she is not easily moved by trends.

“I guess the reason I still do music is since I can write a song that really helps someone. I love when I can come up with a verse that gets deep to someone. I have a family that keeps me grounded.”

She added that she is proud of artistes who make money from their music in the right way.

“Let’s not pretend that it’s not about money since you put in money to get the songs out and we appreciate the money that comes with it. Legit money. I think I continue doing good music as long as there are people who appreciate it and its clean music. I am good to go.”

Alaaniwe! Rose Muhando curses controversial Kenyan preacher


Responding to Eric’s claim that Tanzanians and West Africans beat Kenyan artistes in their music, Sana asked;

“Who is he comparing to us? There is an issue with the appreciation of Kenyan artistes by Kenyans. I don’t know why but I think the system doesn’t allow artistes to be as big as the West Africans but again it comes down to content.”

She added;

“You are comparing us to Tanzanians and West African and half of their content is promoting sex, partying, and alcohol.

I probably would not be the best to talk about it but content-wise, I don’t think they are good. The beats comes in and then the sexual connotation that is there. As much as they are well packaged, what impact do they have on the youths and society?

I don’t feel Eric’s vibe and it doesn’t affect me since I know I am doing good music and I know I’m touching people’s souls. I write about what I feel and that which is helping someone out there.

I don’t sit and think about doing a hit song.”


Uliniokota ukaniosha! Comedian Eric Omondi celebrates Churchill on his birthday

Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki is celebrating his 44th birthday today.

The godfather of comedy in Kenya took to his page to thank God for the new year.

Churchill attributed his journey and success to God and the fans who have held him all through.
“It’s my birthday today. Thanking Almighty God for His Grace in my life over the years. Thanks for being part of that journey too,” he wrote on social media pages.
Among those who wished him well on his birthday is Comedian Eric Omondi who referred to him as his mentor.
Eric narrated how grateful he is for Churchill who mentored him in the industry.

Churchill with Eric Omondi

Here is Eric’s message to Churchill;

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY FADHE🎂🎂🎂 There would be no Eric Omondi without you. Uliniokota pale Athi River Ukaniosha ukanionyesha Njia and I am Forever grateful Mwalimu. Wewe ndie ulinijenga. Lakini ile shida uliletea wakenya ni wewe tuta ku blame juu huyu mtoto wako ANASUMBUA NCHI NZIMA Siku nenda Siku Rudi. Happy BIRTHDAY. Wacha nikutafute tufanye ile kitu.”


Classic 105 wishes a happy birthday to Mwalimu Churchill.

Comedian Eric Omondi reveals he charges over 500k for his performances

Comedian, Eric Omondi has revealed that he charges, Sh.500,000 for a performance with a shirt on and Sh.750,000 for a performance without his shirt.

Omondi is such a household name and a darling to many in the comedy world.

He wrote, “The rates are back. Performance with shirt on sh 500k. Performance with bare chest, 750k.

The comedian started doing comedy professionally when he was signed by Daniel Ndambuki, who is the founder of Churchill show, which is a local comedy show.

He later left the show and wanted to do comedy single-handedly.

King Kaka’s wife says their firstborn stopped breastfeeding after three months

Eric Omondi in his new outfits
Eric Omondi in his new outfits

Omondi surprised many Kenyans in November last year when he showed his new muscly body.

“Naturally, I hate food and I have very poor eating habits so I was ingesting, not eating. I was on a mission and it takes a lot of discipline to move from 47kgs to 72kgs.”

”I had even begun a community, ‘skinny people united’ which I have since left but it takes a lot of discipline and time and that is why from January to February, I kind of disappeared from the public scene.”

Eric Omondi angry with KFCB boss for attacking him during a press briefing

Comedian Eric Omondi Saturday called out Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss over his recent comments that were somewhat targeted towards him.

The two have been in constant disagreement for a while with Omondi getting arrested one time over what was termed as explicit content.

Addressing the media, Ezekiel said that Kenyans are not selling their culture but are using the Rally as a ‘venue of absurdity and immorality.’

The KFCB boss said;

“In 50 years, hakuna mtu atajua Eric Omondi alikuwa msanii wa kusikika. Naomba wakati huo atakuwa anajivunia vitu alikuwa anafanya wakati huo.”

This statement rubbed the comedian the wrong way and was forced to respond on his social media.

Eric said;

“Lakini Jokes aside ni nini niliwai fanyia huyu mzee honestly. This statement is very archaic. The work of a Creative or any Serious Comedian like myself is to simply Mirror the society, I reflect our behaviour as a people so that we not only laugh at ourselves but pick a lesson or two. Bwana Ezekiel please wake up these things are happening in our Society and we need to ask ourselves why? Recently you strongly defended a politician who was caught in a similar situation but today you Strongly Condemn a Comedian for Joking about the same.”

Comedian Omosh says money can not sustain him, begs for a job

Eric Omondi in his new outfits
Eric Omondi in his new outfits

He added;

“You are like a Parent who finds his children sweeping the house and asks them to keep the dirt and garbage under the Carpets instead of taking the trash outside. Hiyo nyumba bado itanuka tu. I challenge you Sir to stop making these statements from the Comfort of your office in Nairobi and come down to Naivasha and experience and Witness the beauty that is Safari Rally. Anyway mimi ntakua Kazini pale Barons Sports Club Delamere Naivasha nikichekesha Wakenya Pamoja na Mejja na DJ Joe Mfalme. Tupatane huko. Daktari you Invited,” finished Omondi.

Comedian Eric Omondi has lost 21 Kgs since his ‘Wife Material’ show began

Eric Omondi has lost 21 Kgs since he started the first season of Wife Material show.

Before the show started in December last year, the comedian showed off a new look with some abs and a ripped body after putting a lot of time in the gym and fixing his diet.

The muscles have since disappeared.

Sharing on Instagram, Eric claimed this was due to all the women he had to please during his famed show, hence losing a lot of energy.

“At the beginning of #WifeMaterialOne I weighed 78 Kgs and was extremely muscled up, by the end of #WifeMaterial2 I am 57Kgs with diminished muscles (Handling 23 Women is not a joke).”

Guardian Angel’s girlfriend Esther Musila pays moving tribute to her late mum

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi

He further noted he was getting back to work and wanted to go back to 80kg.

“Now I have to get back and go all the way to 80 Kgs of pure, lean muscles before #WifeMaterial3 and maintain it forever… let’s goo.”

He shared a video showing off some of the nutritional supplements he was to use and also food such as chicken and fish and a room in his house which he has turned into a gym for an easy workout at home.

‘Jacque Maribe was a friend with benefits,’ Eric Omondi reveals details

Comedian Eric Omondi says his relationship with former Citizen TV Jacque Maribe started as being friends.

Speaking in an interview with Massawe, Eric was asked what caused their separation.

“We were friends and things happened.”

“Friends with benefits?”

Massawe asked which he replied,

“There were benefits, and we were friends.”

“So now you’ve nothing to write about me?” Zari mocks trolls

Jacque and Eric friendship grew at their former workplaces.

Eric was a presenter at Radio Jambo Jacque was a news reporter at Kiss TV.

He says he asked her out for coffee to which she agreed.

The two their love story a secret until 2019 when Maribe posted photos of them together with their son at school and on a holiday.

During the interview, the comedian also revealed that he will be getting married and start a family.

“My birthday is on the 9th of March, but that is too soon. I took people through a lot of rollercoasters; some people were mad for some reasons. This time let me thank the people by giving them a wife, children and a family,” he said.

Avril attacks Eric Omondi after bragging about his reality show, he responds

Eric Omondi has threatened to take over the industry with his reality show ‘Wife Material’

This is after his recent episode which he alleged to have wedded Band Beca member Carol and the video is still trending on YouTube.

In a post on Instagram, Eric called out afew artistes saying they are no longer making hits.

He mentioned Sauti Sol, Bahati, Khaligraph Jones saying they are nowhere in the trending list.

Check out his post which he also used to attack controversial singer Ringtone calling him names like ‘Streetboy’.

‘WARNING TO ALL KENYAN MUSICIANS⚠️!!!! We (COMEDY) are officially taking the steering wheel. WE ARE NOW IN CONTROL!!! WE WILL LEAD AS YOU FOLLOW!!! My Video has been TRENDING at number ONE for 5 DAYS in a row!!! And this is going to be the TREND for the rest of the years to come.Naona @bahatikenya aki STRAGOOO hapo chini yangu at number 2 anajaribu kuingia number one but nampiga tu MANGOTOOO…Sioni @khaligraph_jones anywhere on the whole trending list ni MDOMO tu mingi…@sautisol nikama walioa wote @willy.paul.msafi nitafute niku advise bro…@ringtoneapoko ni Chokoraa man’gaa, Msanii chapashtua POKO Chairman ya MALAYA wote Kenya. I am calling upon all COMEDIANS to rise up…IT IS OUR TIME!!! WE ARE RUNNING THIS CITY!!!’

‘I love you deep,’ read Ben Pol’s sweet birthday message to wife Anerlisa Muigai


Well, his post attracted attention from fellow artiste among them Avril who suggested that should stop doing the same jokes, then fans are okay with him taking over the industry.

So long as you don’t keep saying the same jokes we are okay with you trending.’

Eric responded by referring to the Chokoza hitmaker a former artist.

‘ Who is this, I was to musicians not former musicians.’

Avril posing in red
Avril posing in red

I want to do what Trevor Noah did for South African comedy – Eric Omondi proclaims (exclusive)

Eric Omondi hasn’t been a big online presence this year as he was last year after his break-up from Chantelle Graziano. The Kenyan comedian who has a large following of 2.5 million Instagram followers has done that on purpose.

It isn’t laziness for those who might think that the entertainer had been slacking off.  I recently spoke to the comedian about this and many other topics.

Eric Omondi looking great
Eric Omondi looking great

The reason he was posting much less, he said was that he was working on a project that he needed to focus on.

“There’s something cooking for April. My plan was to play that game of not being on social media. When Eric Omondi is quiet everyone should be scared. What I am doing is very me and it will surprise people. It is very me! 2020, the idea was to go of social media for 3 months but that didn’t work as bills have to be paid and contracts to sign. This year will be the biggest.”

I have spoken to both Tanasha and Diamond – Eric Omondi reveals (exclusive)

And why was he taking on the yet unnamed challenge? Because he felt that the Kenyan comedy industry has somewhat stagnated.

That is why Tanzania is beating Kenya in the entertainment scene. They are offering more value. And that is what I want to offer Kenyans. I want to take Kenya to the global stage the way Trevor Noah put South Africa on the map.”

Eric Omondi posing
Eric Omondi posing

I also asked the comic his age as he had recently celebrated his birthday this past week? He refused to answer the question telling me I was trying to “chomea” him. “If I told you my age, you would say I am not supposed to be a comedian.”

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Kenyans confused as Eric Omondi and Chantal unleash intimate bedroom video

Eric Omondi and alleged ex Chantal Grazioli set the internet ablaze when they posted a video getting cozy in the name of promoting Chantal’s new business.

The video which was put up on Eric’s Instagram page shows him and Chantal in bed. In the one minute clip, the comedian is seen caressing Chantal while lying comfortably on her chest, as they jam to Otile Brown’s new song featuring Sanaipei Tande “Aiyana”.

The video has prompted Netizens to question their break-up that went viral about a year ago.

Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and Chantal Graziano
Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and Chantal Graziano

Other’s wondered whether they were just clout-chasing with their break-up and nobody should take them seriously  because the bond between the two after the alleged break-up was still out of this world.

iam_ayew_bc “@gracey_jioms hii kitu haitaki makasiriko 😂😂”

chrisleeambalo “Sisi wakenya tumezoea kuchezewa akili mukiwachana tena mutatwambi😂😂”

sharonkb60 “Kwani huyu dem hana mafeelings???? Wah mi nishikwe adi thighs na nilenge kweli enyewe nobody can stop reggae if u no u no😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

Kenyans react to video of Eric Omondi grinding on Akothee and Vera

willyloding “Kurudiana ni lazima….hyo long distance relationship Imeweza….Hii advertisement ya Chanty imeweza😂😂😂🤗🤗🤗.”

mumbe_muthui “Hii ni zone gani ya EXs ….ile siku ntafka hapa nta address the nation 😂😂😂me ni wale wa kuenda nkiendanga 😩”

Eric Omondi leading Chantal on a horse
Eric Omondi leading Chantal on a horse

In November last year, the comic made a U-turn on his alleged break up with girlfriend Chantal Juliet Grazioli, stating that they were still together.

“Me and Chantal we never broke up in the first place if you read what I wrote and what she wrote. She was going to school and also to do some other things. So we have not broken up and we are not on a break and we are not separated. So we never broke-up and she is coming for Christmas by the way, so mngoje akikuja mtauliza hizo maswali zingine,” said Eric Omondi.


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Sweet Love!! Check Out The Hottest Interracial Couples In Kenya


Interracial relationships and marriages are no longer frowned upon unlike before.

Some of our local celebrities have found love outside their race and even gone ahead to get married and have kids, proving to haters that Roho Hukula Inachotaka.

Check out the hottest interracial couples:

1. Eric Wainaina

Eric Wainaina known for his song ‘Kitu Kidogo’, is married to Sheba Hirst, and together they have two daughters, Seben and Neo.


2. Jeff Koinange

The celebrated media personality who captures ladies attention with his deep voice, is married to Shaila Koinange and together they have an adorable son Jamal Mbiyu Koinange.


3. DJ Moz

Born David Mathenge but known by many as DJ Moz, is a perfect example of a perfect marriage. He is married to Deborah Kimanthi.

The two have been married for almost 9 years and together they have three adorable kids. They are a proof that marriage should not be based on a person’s skin colour. After all nowdays watu wanatoa tint.


4. Wendy Kimani

The beautiful and talented songstress Wendy found love in Denmark, where she currently lives with her husband Marvin Onderwater and son.

The two tied the knot in 2014 and even though she relocated to Denmark she is still loved by Kenyans for her singing prowess.

They have a son.


5. Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi is a house hold name for his talent when it comes to making us laugh. He was dating an Italian, Chantal, before they broke up.

The two seemed like the perfect couple.


6. Annabel Onyango

Celebrated fashionista Annabel Onyango is married to Marek who is Sauti Sol’s Manager. They recently became parents after official getting married in an invite only wedding in 2015.

THeir son recently celebrated his first birthday.


Never: Eric Omondi reveals why he won’t marry his bae in a white wedding

Comedian Eric Omondi says his fans should not expect him to hold a white wedding with Chantal Grazioli, better known as Miss Chanty.

Speaking during an interview with Word Is Eric says

Wedding is a scam, have you not seen people who hold a big wedding and separate after a week’s time?

Photos of Fatuma Zarika’s grown up daughters Sophia and Halima

This was triggered after he posted a photo of his Italian ‘girlfriend’ and captioned it:

Thus says the Lord. I will send you an Angel to go ahead of you, to Guard you, to watch over you. Thank you, Lord, What more could I ever ask for?

Five years and counting. My wife my life miss Chanty. Every day Every Wednesday.


Asked if she has already paid dowry, Eric said Caucasians don’t take dowry.

Caucasians don’t take dowry and that is why I did not pay her. Marriage is not papers but two human beings who come together and build a home.

Marriage and dowry is a tradition for Africans only.

The two met at Kasarani Stadium, when Kenyans were celebrating 50 years of independence.

Omondi formally proposed to Grazioli while on a Valentine’s Day getaway.

The comedian has been dating the model since 2015, and he went down on one knee at a beach in an undisclosed location and popped the big question a year later.

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