Avril attacks Eric Omondi after bragging about his reality show, he responds

Eric Omondi has threatened to take over the industry with his reality show ‘Wife Material’

This is after his recent episode which he alleged to have wedded Band Beca member Carol and the video is still trending on YouTube.

In a post on Instagram, Eric called out afew artistes saying they are no longer making hits.

He mentioned Sauti Sol, Bahati, Khaligraph Jones saying they are nowhere in the trending list.

Check out his post which he also used to attack controversial singer Ringtone calling him names like ‘Streetboy’.

‘WARNING TO ALL KENYAN MUSICIANS⚠️!!!! We (COMEDY) are officially taking the steering wheel. WE ARE NOW IN CONTROL!!! WE WILL LEAD AS YOU FOLLOW!!! My Video has been TRENDING at number ONE for 5 DAYS in a row!!! And this is going to be the TREND for the rest of the years to come.Naona @bahatikenya aki STRAGOOO hapo chini yangu at number 2 anajaribu kuingia number one but nampiga tu MANGOTOOO…Sioni @khaligraph_jones anywhere on the whole trending list ni MDOMO tu mingi…@sautisol nikama walioa wote @willy.paul.msafi nitafute niku advise bro…@ringtoneapoko ni Chokoraa man’gaa, Msanii chapashtua POKO Chairman ya MALAYA wote Kenya. I am calling upon all COMEDIANS to rise up…IT IS OUR TIME!!! WE ARE RUNNING THIS CITY!!!’

‘I love you deep,’ read Ben Pol’s sweet birthday message to wife Anerlisa Muigai


Well, his post attracted attention from fellow artiste among them Avril who suggested that should stop doing the same jokes, then fans are okay with him taking over the industry.

So long as you don’t keep saying the same jokes we are okay with you trending.’

Eric responded by referring to the Chokoza hitmaker a former artist.

‘ Who is this, I was to musicians not former musicians.’

Avril posing in red
Avril posing in red

I want to do what Trevor Noah did for South African comedy – Eric Omondi proclaims (exclusive)

Eric Omondi hasn’t been a big online presence this year as he was last year after his break-up from Chantelle Graziano. The Kenyan comedian who has a large following of 2.5 million Instagram followers has done that on purpose.

It isn’t laziness for those who might think that the entertainer had been slacking off.  I recently spoke to the comedian about this and many other topics.

Eric Omondi looking great
Eric Omondi looking great

The reason he was posting much less, he said was that he was working on a project that he needed to focus on.

“There’s something cooking for April. My plan was to play that game of not being on social media. When Eric Omondi is quiet everyone should be scared. What I am doing is very me and it will surprise people. It is very me! 2020, the idea was to go of social media for 3 months but that didn’t work as bills have to be paid and contracts to sign. This year will be the biggest.”

I have spoken to both Tanasha and Diamond – Eric Omondi reveals (exclusive)

And why was he taking on the yet unnamed challenge? Because he felt that the Kenyan comedy industry has somewhat stagnated.

That is why Tanzania is beating Kenya in the entertainment scene. They are offering more value. And that is what I want to offer Kenyans. I want to take Kenya to the global stage the way Trevor Noah put South Africa on the map.”

Eric Omondi posing
Eric Omondi posing

I also asked the comic his age as he had recently celebrated his birthday this past week? He refused to answer the question telling me I was trying to “chomea” him. “If I told you my age, you would say I am not supposed to be a comedian.”

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Kenyans confused as Eric Omondi and Chantal unleash intimate bedroom video

Eric Omondi and alleged ex Chantal Grazioli set the internet ablaze when they posted a video getting cozy in the name of promoting Chantal’s new business.

The video which was put up on Eric’s Instagram page shows him and Chantal in bed. In the one minute clip, the comedian is seen caressing Chantal while lying comfortably on her chest, as they jam to Otile Brown’s new song featuring Sanaipei Tande “Aiyana”.

The video has prompted Netizens to question their break-up that went viral about a year ago.

Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and Chantal Graziano
Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and Chantal Graziano

Other’s wondered whether they were just clout-chasing with their break-up and nobody should take them seriously  because the bond between the two after the alleged break-up was still out of this world.

iam_ayew_bc “@gracey_jioms hii kitu haitaki makasiriko 😂😂”

chrisleeambalo “Sisi wakenya tumezoea kuchezewa akili mukiwachana tena mutatwambi😂😂”

sharonkb60 “Kwani huyu dem hana mafeelings???? Wah mi nishikwe adi thighs na nilenge kweli enyewe nobody can stop reggae if u no u no😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

Kenyans react to video of Eric Omondi grinding on Akothee and Vera

willyloding “Kurudiana ni lazima….hyo long distance relationship Imeweza….Hii advertisement ya Chanty imeweza😂😂😂🤗🤗🤗.”

mumbe_muthui “Hii ni zone gani ya EXs ….ile siku ntafka hapa nta address the nation 😂😂😂me ni wale wa kuenda nkiendanga 😩”

Eric Omondi leading Chantal on a horse
Eric Omondi leading Chantal on a horse

In November last year, the comic made a U-turn on his alleged break up with girlfriend Chantal Juliet Grazioli, stating that they were still together.

“Me and Chantal we never broke up in the first place if you read what I wrote and what she wrote. She was going to school and also to do some other things. So we have not broken up and we are not on a break and we are not separated. So we never broke-up and she is coming for Christmas by the way, so mngoje akikuja mtauliza hizo maswali zingine,” said Eric Omondi.


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Sweet Love!! Check Out The Hottest Interracial Couples In Kenya


Interracial relationships and marriages are no longer frowned upon unlike before.

Some of our local celebrities have found love outside their race and even gone ahead to get married and have kids, proving to haters that Roho Hukula Inachotaka.

Check out the hottest interracial couples:

1. Eric Wainaina

Eric Wainaina known for his song ‘Kitu Kidogo’, is married to Sheba Hirst, and together they have two daughters, Seben and Neo.


2. Jeff Koinange

The celebrated media personality who captures ladies attention with his deep voice, is married to Shaila Koinange and together they have an adorable son Jamal Mbiyu Koinange.


3. DJ Moz

Born David Mathenge but known by many as DJ Moz, is a perfect example of a perfect marriage. He is married to Deborah Kimanthi.

The two have been married for almost 9 years and together they have three adorable kids. They are a proof that marriage should not be based on a person’s skin colour. After all nowdays watu wanatoa tint.


4. Wendy Kimani

The beautiful and talented songstress Wendy found love in Denmark, where she currently lives with her husband Marvin Onderwater and son.

The two tied the knot in 2014 and even though she relocated to Denmark she is still loved by Kenyans for her singing prowess.

They have a son.


5. Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi is a house hold name for his talent when it comes to making us laugh. He was dating an Italian, Chantal, before they broke up.

The two seemed like the perfect couple.


6. Annabel Onyango

Celebrated fashionista Annabel Onyango is married to Marek who is Sauti Sol’s Manager. They recently became parents after official getting married in an invite only wedding in 2015.

THeir son recently celebrated his first birthday.


Never: Eric Omondi reveals why he won’t marry his bae in a white wedding

Comedian Eric Omondi says his fans should not expect him to hold a white wedding with Chantal Grazioli, better known as Miss Chanty.

Speaking during an interview with Word Is Eric says

Wedding is a scam, have you not seen people who hold a big wedding and separate after a week’s time?

Photos of Fatuma Zarika’s grown up daughters Sophia and Halima

This was triggered after he posted a photo of his Italian ‘girlfriend’ and captioned it:

Thus says the Lord. I will send you an Angel to go ahead of you, to Guard you, to watch over you. Thank you, Lord, What more could I ever ask for?

Five years and counting. My wife my life miss Chanty. Every day Every Wednesday.


Asked if she has already paid dowry, Eric said Caucasians don’t take dowry.

Caucasians don’t take dowry and that is why I did not pay her. Marriage is not papers but two human beings who come together and build a home.

Marriage and dowry is a tradition for Africans only.

The two met at Kasarani Stadium, when Kenyans were celebrating 50 years of independence.

Omondi formally proposed to Grazioli while on a Valentine’s Day getaway.

The comedian has been dating the model since 2015, and he went down on one knee at a beach in an undisclosed location and popped the big question a year later.

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Different times Eric Omondi and Chantelle served some couple goals

Eric Omondi and Miss Chanty are serving us some spicy couple goals. In case you didn’t know, Miss Chanty is Eric’s Italian-Kenyan fiancée.

On different occasions, Eric Omondi has left Kenyans in shock simply for the way he shows love to his girlfriend and here they are;


Eric Omondi surprise

Eric welcomed his fiancée with a sweet note on a billboard when she arrived from Italy. Kenyans definitely reacted and said he was setting the standards too high, but in my opinion, that act was very thoughtful.

The Kenyan based comedian, also took to social media to express his love and wrote;

“God gave me an Angel without wings and as sure as HE lives I will buy her these wings… One day. “

Eric Omondi surprise 1

Daily glass of orange juice cuts the risk of deadly stroke

Once again Eric Omondi set the bar high, he gifted Miss Chanty a car on her birthday. Goals upon goals.

Eric omondi Motherinlaw

Miss Chanty and her fiancé took a vacation together with her mother. This is total goals because they seemed to enjoy the family vacation together.

Eric Omondi 1

The two love birds travel and explore corners of this world together.

Eric Omondi

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‘I’ve seen an angel on earth and that’s you’ Eric Omondi gushes over bae

Comedian and TV personality Eric Omondi has turned into a hopeless romantic thanks to his bae Chantal, who has left him cupid struck, going by his posts.

He took to his instagram to describe his bae as an angel adding that was he to go to heaven he wouldn’t be shocked to miss an angel as he had already met one.

The comedian posted a picture of his gorgeous fiancée, Chantal Grazioli. who is a Kenyan model who is based in Italy.

Tedd Josiah reminisces wife’s death and raising a child alone

 Shantel Grazioli.

Eric Omondi’s girlfriend Shantel

He shared the photo and captioned it;


This is not the first time the comedian has gone all out when publicly portraying his affections for his beloved

Aaaw:Diamond opens up on why Tanasha makes his heart skip twice

Last year, Eric caused an uproar on social media after he posted a photo posing next to his fiancée Shantel and half-naked mother-in-law, wearing a one-piece bikini.

He shared the photo and captioned;


Many claimed that he had broken the African taboo that a man is not supposed to see his mother-in-law’s nakedness.

‘Kenyan men are only good at impregnating women’ Shouts city woman

Eric also brought Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to a standstill last year, when he welcomed his fiancée back home.

The Italian lass was out of the country for quite a while and after jetting in, Eric was at the arrivals terminus with a band that played music as she made her way to a car that was waiting.

Eric Omondi and Chantal
Eric with fiancée.

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Gods finest: African celebs whose wives and girlfriends are drop dead gorgeous (photos)

We take a look at some of Africa’s celebs whose wives and girlfriends are a sight to behold.

Most of them are mothers which goes to show that you can all be yummy mummies.

1. Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone and his wife Daniella Atima are considered among the top celebrity couples in Uganda, having been married for more than 10  years.

Celebrating their anniversary this year, the two penned lovey dovey messages to each other leaving us envious.

‘Didn’t know that was the last time of hearing your laughter,’ Emmy Kosgei mourns

Chameleone took to his instagram to express his love to his wife  with this caption

“I celebrate 10 Years in marriage today since 7th | June 2008 we flew helicopters in showcase!!!!!!!! @andreon_atim thanks for accepting me the way I am. I am human and nothing beyond that. God has blessed us abundantly that even my mistake with yours have been lessons for us to grow and celebrate. Many things have changed amidst the way but one thing for sure that never changes is my love for you.”

Jose Chameleone

2. Eric Omondi

Eric has got taste.

He is dating Chantal Grazioli, the two are not yet married but have been dating for years.

Eric is not shy to shower his bae with love and he does so even in public. Isn’t she a lucky woman ?

image-2018-12-17 (16) (1)

3. AY

The Tanzanian artiste married Munyana Remmy Reheema in an invites only wedding.

The ceremony was held at the shores of Indian Ocean in Dar es Salaam on February 24, 2018.

He later welcomed his first child in August.image-2018-12-17 (18) (1)

4. Bebe Cool

The list cannot end without us including Bebe Cool, who is married to Zuena Kirema for the last 16 years.

For some one who has given birth to six children, we think that Zuena is all sugar and spice.

image-2018-12-17 (19) (1)

‘I just collapsed onto the help…’ Rosemary Odinga on discovering she is partially blind

5. Dbanj

The Nigerian artiste is married to Lineo Didi Kilgrow, and they had a son who sadly passed away this year after drowning in the the pool at home.

Not much is known about the damsel as she keeps a very low profile.

dbanj celebrating sons birthday

6. Steve Mbogo

He is married to the beautiful Swabrina Jamal and together they have two daughters.

5. Davido

He is a father of two but separated from the mum. He is currently dating Chioma.

In an earlier post, her mum said that Davido had turned her daughter into a materialistic girl and she was afraid.


Commander-in-love: Photos that prove President Uhuru Kenyatta is a natural romantic

6. Rude Boy

The former P-Square member is married to Anita Okoye and together they have a set of twins.

Even with all that we still think she is gorgeous.


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Viral Kings! Top online comedians to watch out for in 2019 from Kenya

The world is moving to a digital era and these comedians are also moving with it. Not only do they appear on our TV screens or perform live shows, they have also put their content on social media which has pulled a lot of viewers making them even more famous.

They are the viral kings.

This year was wonderful for some of the comedians who posted their content online as some of them have even won awards.

AS a result they have garnered truck loads of fans. Will 2019 bring more foryuned for them?

Below are some of the online comedians who we foresee to have a great 2019.

1. Eric Omondi


Vera Sidika adopts a new look that has got us drooling (photos)

2. Paul Kimani aka Jusper Murume


3. Henry Desagu


Kenyan Actors you didn’t know had quit TV forever (photos)

4. Timothy Kimani aka Blessed Njugush


5. Vines of Africa


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This what your Favorite Kenyan Comedians were doing before they became famous

Nobody wakes up and just makes it in life. You have to work hard and smart to get what you want. These Kenyan comedians have really hustled their way to the top although some of them still don’t believe they are there yet.

Here is what some of your favourite Kenyan comedians were doing before they were famous,

1. Paul Kimani Njoroge aka Jasper Murume

Immediately after he finished high school he started selling oil and was also a boda-boda driver. He later came to Nairobi to audition to be in Churchill show but lost it twice. He then went back to practice sales and marketing.

It was later that he discovered that there were Churchill show auditions in Meru and he took the next bus to Meru to audition and his big break started when he was invited for his first show at Churchill Raw



Ngina Kenyatta and Nana Wanjiku partying in South Africa (PHOTOS)

2. Timothy Kimani aka Blessed Njugush

He was an actor at Kenya National Theater. His big break came in 2013 when Abel Mutua saw a play he had done in 2011 and he called him because he wanted to cast him in a show he was starting called ‘Hapa Kule’. It gained popularity on YouTube before it became a shown on a local TV network.


3. Eric Omondi

While at Daystar University, he was the drama club chairman. He also declared himself the varsity’s unofficial emcee and also did standup comedy when he got the chance. In 2006, he met Daniel Ndambuki AKA Churchill, who at the time was doing Red Corner. Eric was emceeing an event at which Churchill was to give a motivational talk. Churchill discovered Eric’s ability to do comedy, took his number and promised to get in touch.

His big break happened after two years when Churchill called him back and invited him to perform at the Churchill live show. It was at this show that Eric’s rise to fame and success began. He left the show early 2017 to pave way for upcoming comedians.


Parents, here is the criteria being used for Form one intake

  4. Carolyne Wanjiku aka Teacher Wanjiku

Wanjiku started the character of Teacher Wanjiku in a Heartstrings play called 43rd Kenyan tribe in 2007. She received critical acclaim and went ahead to take part in other set book plays and worked on more than 30 plays.

Her big break was when she started doing stand up on her first performance at the Churchill Show in 2013 getting more than 200,000 YouTube views and more offers thereafter.


5.Herman Gakobo Kago aka Proff Hamo

He was in theatre groups where he performed set books and got a chance to do stand up comedy.  He auditioned six times before he finally performed on Churchill on the Road Nakuru Edition.

His breakthrough came in when a performance of his during Churchill show was uploaded on YouTube and it went viral.


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Kenyan celebrities you didn’t know were siblings

Not many Kenyan celebrities show off their siblings, however for those who do, fans love it.

Here are some Kenyan celebrities you did’t know were siblings.

1. Joey Muthengi and Holy Dave

Joey was an artist specifically rapping. She’s however dropped it to become a great TV Presenter, MC and host while her brother Holy Dave is an artist and presenter in the Kenyan gospel music industry.


2. Madtraxx and Dj Stylez

 Madtraxx is part of the Kansoul, he was an independent artiste dropping one hit song after another. While his brother DJ Stylez,  has been in showbiz for a long time now as a DJ and has built his entertainment and motorbike empire.


3. Kid kora and Lenana kariba

Kid Kora is a performing artist who is one of the Kansoul’s members while Lenana Kariba is an actor who is taking the entertainment industry by storm and leaving ladies wanting more.


4. Victoria Kimani and Bamboo

Both have taken Kenyas music industry by storm. Bamboo started way back paving the way for his sister who has outdone herself.

5. Rufftone and Daddy Owen

Both brothers are big artists in the gospel industry and have massive hit songs

6. Scott the violinist and Dj Protoge

Scott is a diverse violinist who has been received well by Kenyans. He’s work has been seen in many artist music and events. While DJ Protege created his niche as one of the top electronic music DJs in the country.


7. Eric Omondi and Fred Omondi

They both are Comedians who both got a breakthrough at Churchill show.

8. Collins Injera and Humphrey Kayange

Both brothers took up Rugby as a passion and are flying Kenya’s flag high

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‘We are still friends and will always be no matter what happens’ Eric Omondi speaks on relationship with Jacque Maribe

Witty comedian Eric Omondi has finally opened up on the kind of relationship he has with his ex and Citizen TV reporter Jacque Maribe.

In 2015, the comedian admitted that he was in a relationship with Jacque Maribe but the two were no longer an item, and he had since moved on.

‘He will turn you into a sugar mummy’ Fans advice Vera after she buys her new bae a car(photos)

During an interview with Massawe Japanni, Eric narrated how he met Maribe

“The question has been asked by so many people, but me and Jacque, we are good friends.

I met Jacque Maribe when we were both employees at Radio Africa Group, and our friendship grew from there. We even went for a date at Sarit Centre and had some tea. Since then our friendship has been so tight.

Till now we are still friends and every time we tell ourselves that whatever happens, we will still remain friends. I chat her on messages but I will not say if I visited her when she was incarcerated.”

He has however remained mum on the delicate issue of whether he is the dad to Jacque Maribe’s son.

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This is why these 8 are the top celebrated comedians in Africa

African comedy has showed immense growth over the past years. Just like musicians and actors, comedians are becoming celebrities in Africa and beyond. We have African comedians traveling the world to perform in big crowds and others winning big awards.

Some of the celebrated comedians include,

1. Trevor Noah


Africa’s most famous comedian, Trevor Noah is well known for his unapologetic approach to race, apartheid and politics. He is a South African Born to a Swiss father and a Xhosa mother. He’s struggle to identify to a one specific stereotype makes him a genius when it comes to comedy.

Trevor was the first South African comedian to sell out a one-man show and has continued to break records ever since. In 2015, Trevor took over as host of ABC’s “the daily show” from Jon Stewart, becoming Africa’s biggest comedy export of all time.

2. Eric Omondi


One of the most common faces on Kenyan Television, Eric Omondi is a comedian and an activist who does not like to be called an entertainer. The comedian, who started out as a noise maker in class, made his breakthrough when he appeared on Kenya’s well known TV show, The Churchill show.

It was there that Eric became a household name and a comedy power force in the region, even performing at big events such as the African Kings of Comedy Festival in Nigeria.

He recently won an award as the Best African comedian at the African Entertainment award.

Fashion: Blankets and Wine celebrates ten years

3. Anne Kansime


Referred to by many as the ‘Queen of Africa Comedy’, Anne Kansiime is a Ugandan comedian  entertainer and actress. She first broke into the scene with the YouTube Series, Minibuzz, in which she made fun of Ugandans’ experience in daily public transport.

Her stand-up shows have sold out arenas and auditoriums in major cities including London, Kuala Lumpur, Lilongwe, Gaborone and Harare. With more than 15 million views online and a YouTube silver play button.

Anne continues to entertain people across the continent through her online videos and stand up shows.

4. Bright Okpocha Aka Basket Mouth


Born and raised in Abia State, Nigeria, Basket mouth, is a comedian whose resume one cannot simply ignore. The first African to ever host a show at the Apollo in London, he has continued to set trends performing at events like Lord of the Ribs, Comedy Central Presents and the Basket mouth live at the 02 arena in London.

5. Daliso Chaponda

Gurus of African Comedy

Daliso Chaponda is a UK based Malawian comedian well known for his versatility and “quite on the edge” jokes. A good example of how versatile of a performer Daliso can be is how he performed a “filthy set in silhouettes strip clubs in Birmingham and about two days later did a family show at the 2007 greenbelt Christian festival.

Daliso has performed all across the world in cities like Cape Town, London and has made appearances on the BBC’s “The world stands up”. He annually hosts a show in his hometown of Lilongwe called “laughrica” where he invites different local and international comedians for a one-night comedy event.

22-year-old woman arrested for strangling her baby to death

6. Daniel ‘Churchil’ Ndambuki


Churchill from Kenya is a well known and respected comedian who has been in the business since 1996. Kenya produced a living legend in Churchill and 20 years later, he continues to crack up Africa. He is the host of the Churchill Show on NTV Kenya which is recorded live on Thursdays at the Carnivore Restaurant. It has a viewership of over 11 million and is the highest rated East African programme.

7. Michael Blackson



Michael Blackson is a Ghanaian who is well-known for his dry jokes which are always good enough to make his audience reeling in laughter. He is actually the oldest of all the comedians in this list: he was born in November 1972. He is popularly known as the African King of Comedy. He got his inspiration from the comedy of Eddie Murphy.

8. Emmanuella Samuel


The Nigerian comedian/actress is one of the special talents under the mark angel comedy cooperation.

In 2016, she was awarded the Best New Comedian and Princess of Comedy at the Afro-Australia Music and Movie Awards in Australia. She is also the first African to have one million subscribers on her YouTube comedy channel.

She is set to feature in a Disney Hollywood film.

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Is Eric Omondi going to marry Jacque Maribe? He responds

Popular comedian Eric Omondi has been taken to task by his fans on why he did not step up and marry Jacque Maribe after he got her pregnant.

This issue came up after he posted a photo of their son with the incarcerated TV anchor on his Instagram.

One fan wrote,

“I hope you are helping the kid. Let the peace flow in that house.”

Exposed! Here is why Jacque Maribe’s fiancé Jowie stole ‘mtu wa mjengo’s ID to murder Monicah Kimani


Another added,

“Why post the child now, though? Right attention, wrong timing… May justice prevail for Jacky, Jowi and Monica in Equal Measure.”

When called for comment on the issue, Eric was cagey on the whole paternity issue. Nor would he comment on if he has custody of the son, since Jacque Maribe is currently incarcerated at the Langata Women’s Prison.

He told Classic 105,


“I don’t want to speak about Jacque Maribe. I am in Bungoma for a stadium tour.”

Asked what he thinks of the various comments taking jabs at him, Eric said,

“Sioni watu wakitroll (I cannot see anyone trolling me). I have read the comments and I don’t see any troll.”

We then asked him if he had plans to marry Jacque and what happened.

Eric responded, “Story ya kuoana (on that story of getting married), call me after one minute.”

In a recent interview with sections of the media, Eric denied being the father of Jacque’s son, and instead promised to reveal who it is.

A list of 5 African comedians and their partners (Photos)

We all deserve a good laugh after a long week of studying, and putting in those hours at work, to help ease our minds and souls.

Africa has one of the bests comedians all around who thanks to their trade make all the worry slide away, and they also have this way of making our everyday lives relatable in the way they tell jokes.

Some comedians are not afraid to make jokes of their families and even their wives to help people relate with their lives.

Here are some of the top African comedians who have let us into their private lives and shown us their spouses.


eric omondi

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi and his wife Chantal Grazioli. Eric and Chantal have been dating for quite sometime, and Eric is famously known for his skits on his social media.

basket mouth

Nigerian comedian Basket mouth with his wife Elsie Okpocha. Bright Okpocha, better known by his stage name Basketmouth is a Nigerian comedian and actor. He has organized popular stand-up comedy concerts like Basketmouth Uncensored across the globe.



Ugandan comedian Patrick Salvador and wife Daphine Frankstock. He made it to the finalists of a competition held in Finland to find the worlds funniest person. He once featured in the Churchill show.


Zimbabwe comedian Carl Joshua and wife Nelsy Mugadza. Carl has been breaking barriers to bring Zimbabwean stand up comedy to the world. Most noteably he has performed in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, USA,  Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia , Ivory Coast and South Africa. He has been a part of a number of festivals on the African continent namely Nite of a Thousand laughs , Johannesburg International Comedy Festival , Harare International Comedy Festival , Soweto Comedy Festival , Africa Laugh Festival , Presidents of Laughrica , Africa Laughs and Stand up Africa.


Nigerian comedian Bovi and his spouse Christabel have been married for over six years. He is also a director, producer, actor, and writer from Delta State, Nigeria. He has organized popular stand-up comedy concerts like Bovi Man on Fire across the globe.


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Money Talks!! Check Out Some Of The Top Earning Comedians In Town

Comedy as a career has been on the rise in Kenya. More and more people are coming out to try their luck in comedy and the society has been welcoming.

While some are still trying their luck, there are those that are already making it big; living lavish lifestyles, driving good cars all thanks to comedy.

Check out some of the comedians in Kenya who are making it big just by cracking our ribs:

1. Churchill


He has been in the fore front in promoting local talent through his comedy program Churchill Show which airs every Sunday on NTV. The funny comedian who started his career years ago, is living life to the fullest.

‘Raped as a three year old and as a teenager I knew i would inspire someone somewhere someday’Confesses Jamatah,Mrs Kenya Tourism Queen International 2018

2.Eric Omondi


He is one of the best comedians in the country and he goes to great lengths to be funny even if it means thinking outside the box.

Eric Omondi is largely popular from his appearance on Churchill show, although he is now doing his own comedy based on doing renditions for songs and everyday life events.

He is clearly not shy to show that he enjoys the best the things life has to offer.



The comedian whose real name is Felix Oduor, seems to be eating life with a golden spoon.

He came into the limelight after acting in a local program “Papa Shirandula” on citizen TV. His star has shone brighter with each day and he is a jack of all trades as he has many titles to his name.

It was painful but i forgave her.”Dan Makataya speaks up after surviving an acid attack by his wife leaving him blind

4.Mc Jessy


The witty down to earth comedian hosts Churchill Raw on NTV. Known by many for his funny dance moves while on stage, this comedian has created a name for himself and thanks to his wit, he is now living large and is among the top earning comedians in Kenya.

5.David The Student


He is the famous Churchill show comedian famed for his Kalenjin accent jokes. Away from comedy, he is a model and an MC.

Thanks to his comic side, he is able to enjoy the best life has to offer. He owns a Subaru and a range rover sport. Pesa Otas!!

He recently came under public attack after being accused by people of conning them using his ‘celebrity’ status as a camouflage.

Top Kenyan female celebrities slaying after losing weight



He is a witty comedian known for his Kamba accent, where he tells tales from his Kamba relatives when he joined the Churchill show family. His comical nature did not go unnoticed as he is now doing his own shows on you tube.

He now runs a show on Ebru TV alongside being Director of NACADA.

7.Oga Obinna


Obinna is a local comedian largely known for his Nigerian accent. He has been on Churchill Show but is currently running his own show on Ebru Tv. He is among the best comedians in Kenya who are raking it big.



Famously known as Shirandula’s wife, Wilbroda is arguably the only female comedian and actress standing today as the most successful in this industry.

She has been in the show Papa Shirandula for years now, where she plays a crucial role.

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Kenyan celebrities you did not know were related despite being in the limelight

There are some little known facts about your favorite celebrity that you may not know, for instance their siblings who are also famous int heir own right.

1. Joey Muthengi and David Muthengi

This two were definitely born for the screens. The brother and sister duo are not only TV presenters, but are also talented artistes with David going by the stage name Holy Dave.

Joey can rap but prefers not to do it professionally and concentrate on other things

joey muthengi and holy dave


2. Victoria Kimani and Bamboo

Victoria who is among the most celebrated female artistes locally and internationally. She is sister to Bamboo who used to entertain us back in the day.

victoria kimani and brother, bamboo

3. Bonnie and Antoneo Soul

The two are brothers  and both are artistes, the only difference is the genre of music they do and the fact that Antoneo Soul is a solo artiste and Bonnie is a member of P-Unit.


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4. Eric Omondi and Fred Omondi

The two comedians are brothers and despite the two of them being in the limelight not everyone knows they are related.

eric and fred omondi

5. Dj Kim Nikckdee and Ruffest DJ Moh

You have probably listened to mixes from Nick Dee but what you might not know is that he also has a sibling who is also a DJ himself.

Nick Dee is brother to spin master Ruffest DJ Moh.


Female artistes who rocked in the 90’s and still do two decades later: Who is your favourite?

6. Madtraxx and DJ Stylez.

The two brothers are a force to reckon with, with Dj Stylez having been in the industry for more than 15 years. Madtraxx is a member of Kansoul whose other members are Kora and Mejja.

madtraxx and dj stylez

7. Size 8 and DJ 7

Size 8 reborn is known to many but her sister DJ 8 has managed to keep a low profile and not many know that the two are actually related.

size 8 and DJ 7

8. Mercy Masika and Chris Masika

Not many people know that the ‘Mwema ‘ hit maker has a brother and one who is following in her foot steps through music.


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See Eric Omondi meet Seth Meyers on the ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

Seems like Eric Omondi got to meet American comedian, political commentator, actor, and television host Seth Meyers.

And guess what? He got to do a bit of stand up comedy.

He took his Instagram and posted what went down. Here it is:

Eric Omondi tells men not invest big in chicks when they are not sure about the relationship

Seth Meyers hosts ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ that airs on NBC.

He is known for his signature monologue and sharp newsy segments like ‘A Closer Look’.

eric omondi2

Meyers hilariously breaks down the day’s biggest stories and takes the current political circus head-on.

eric omondi

He interviews Hollywood’s most beloved A-list guests.

seth meyers1

eric omondi3

seth meyers

And it’s not just celebs, he also features political figures and other interesting newsmakers.

#IfikieAkothee: Eric Omondi kills it with this funny video imitating Akothee

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