‘We vowed to stay best of friends’ Eric Omondi reveals how he met Maribe

Eric Omondi was interviewed this week by one of the radio stations in Kenya, with the man revealing a lot about his past. One of the things he talked about was his relationship with Jacque Maribe that has become the talk of the town after the revelation that he was the father of her son.

Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and their son
Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and their son

How did he meet the former Citizen TV presenter? He divulged that the two met while they were working at Radio Africa. At the time, he worked for Radio Jambo while Maribe was a reporter at Kiss TV.

‘Tulikutana na Jacque Maribe akiwa anafanya hapa. Mimi nilikuwa nafanya Radio Jambo, yeye alikuwa anafanya Kiss TV. Alikuwa reporter Kiss TV. Tukapatana tukakuwa marafiki sana. Tukaenda date pale Java Sarit Center,’ he said.

Eric-Omondi and Jacque Maribe together in the past
Eric-Omondi and Jacque Maribe together in the past

The comedian explained that the first date that the two had was at the Java at Sarit Center with their friendship growing overtime, even after they both left the media Group for other jobs.  ‘Tukawa marafiki na mimi nikatoka hata yeye akatoka akenda Citizen. Since then were tight.’ he added.

Eric-Omondi and Jacque Maribe kissing
Eric-Omondi and Jacque Maribe embracing in a file photo

Jacque has a way of getting the very best out of her male friends and Eric is no different. The comic revealed that the two decided to remain best of friends no matter what happens,

‘We’re the best of friends na sisi tunajiambia kila siku whatever happens, we’ll remain best of friends. Tunajikumbusha kila siku. She’s a true friend,” said Eric Omondi.

Na Jacque Maribe!? Eric Omondi says he speaks to Chantal everyday

In the interview, Eric also talked of his friendship with poet laureate Dennis Itumbi stating that they are very good friends. They are such good friends that when Jacque revealed that Zahari was Eric’s son, Dennis (who had been rumoured to have something for Maribe) was quick to congratulate the pair.

Dennis Itumbi and the journalist
Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe


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Na Jacque Maribe!? Eric Omondi says he speaks to Chantal everyday

Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe have been exciting Kenyans recently. Why?  Jacque confirmed that Eric was the father of Zahari her son, and they have been sharing a few images showing themselves in a state of bliss and familial love.

Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and their son
Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and their son

One would not be mistaken to assume that they were a happy nuclear family. And now comes the interesting twist for those who might have wanted the two to get together?

Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi and Zahari in front of their airplane
Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi and Zahari in front of their airplane

Chantal Graziano, Eric’s long-time fiancee’ and now ex might still be in the picture to scuttle those plans. What do I mean? The comedian was recently interviewed by Dr. Ofweneke who asked him whether he still misses the Italian national.

‘I was married’ Eric Omondi says about his relationship with ex, Chantal(exclusive)

His response shocked many with the comic saying that he didn’t. That would seem harsh for him to say especially for a woman that he dated for many years before they split.

Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli
Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli

But there was a twist, he said he didn’t miss her because he still spoke to her on a daily basis! Not only that! Eric went on to call her during the show to prove his words.

I don’t miss Chantal because I talk to Chantal. Yeah every single day. Let’s call Chantal I hope she’s on,” said Eric. The entertainer, however, refused to clarify whether the public breakup was real or just a stunt.

The comedian with Chantal Grazioli
Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli

For a long time, the two who were the image of love but had a mutually agreed break-up earlier this year. This was despite Eric claiming last year that he would be marrying Chantal in 2019.

Sad…At least he has a son and a co-parent for company.

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Jowie analia Kamiti! Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi holiday with their son

Jacque Maribe has made the month of October the month where she will live her life loud and proud, and that is on her Instagram page!

The former Citizen TV presenter who hasn’t posted on her page for more than a year started off by congratulating Eliud Kipchoge on his historic feat, then from there, it was off to the races with the posts.

Eric Omondi with his son
Eric Omondi with his son

Her second post went viral with confirmation of the news that her son Zahari had been sired by Eric Omondi. That news was well-received by both the star’s followers and friends.

Eric Omondi with his son
Eric Omondi with his son

Even poet-laureate Dennis Itumbi celebrated his ‘best-friend’ Jacque’s wonderful news! And she isn’t done yet, Miss Maribe decided to post images of herself, Eric and Zahari on holiday at  Emayian Luxury Camp that is located in Narok.

Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi and Zahari
Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi and Zahari

The images show Eric, Jacque and Zahari having the time of their lives(apart from his Congolese-looking beard!), one would even think that they were a nuclear family(which they are technically!)

Is she dating Eric Omondi, Itumbi or Jowie? Jacque Maribe comes clean

Some of the comments from their ecstatic followers are below;

lylchii Beautiful family

megmelvine Nothing beats family🙏🙏

jacklinemoriki Asante kwa kutuachia Jowie. We can eat him as you watch. Forward ever backward never😂😂😂 Fisilets tukutane nyuma ya tent

kahigaa6 Thats how you spoil your kid.. The day he will never fotget🔥

achieng_official I miss you😭😭😭😭when are you reading news again?

naominjima God has your final say gal….much love😘😘😘


Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi and Zahari in front of their airplane
Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi and Zahari in front of their airplane

Could the two have rekindled their love or is this just a holiday of co-parents? What about Jowie, Jacque’s previous ex, who is languishing in Kamiti while life moves on? I wonder what is going on in that brain of his? I think-only thoughts of joy and peace about Eric and Maribe, of course!

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Is she dating Eric Omondi, Itumbi or Jowie? Jacque Maribe comes clean

Jacque Maribe has a lot to say and she is doing so on her Instagram page. Don’t forget that the former Citizen TV anchor had not posted on her page for one year since her arrest in connection with the murder of Monica Kimani.

But now Jacque has decided to speak up and has stoked a lot of interest in her page after revealing that Eric Omondi is the father of her son, Zahari.

Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and their son
Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and their son

What has ensued is a slew of questions from fans and followers curious as to who she was dating? Was it Eric Omondi, was it poet laureate, Dennis Itumbi or did her former fiance Jowie have a place in her heart.

Dennis Itumbi and the journalist
Dennis Itumbia and Jacque Maribe

Jacque was very patient but categorical with her answer replying, ‘Nilitangaza hukuona. Niko single AF. Those are my friends.’

Symbol of everlasting love? Jackie Maribe engagement ring missing

A cheeky follower even asked whether it was ‘friends with benefits’, to which Miss Maribe denied. Check out the screenshots below;

Jacque Maribe screenshots
Her screenshots. Courtesy/Urbannews254
Jacque Maribe screenshots
Her screenshots. Courtesy/Urbannews254

Apart from Dennis, Eric and Jowie, there are two other men who have been linked romantically with Jacque.

David the Student

The comedian who was found conning people last year was rumoured to have dated the T.V anchor. There is a photo of the two together in a very very very friendly pose.

The screenshot
The screenshot

There is also a prominent journalist who was linked to Jacque but the rumours were never substantiated.

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Symbol of everlasting love? Jackie Maribe engagement ring missing


Jacque Maribe’s addressing her relationship status with ex boo Jowie.

Jowie proposed to Maribe on July 30, 2018, in a surprise moment witnessed by her best friends. They served us couple goals until last September when the devil visited their relationship.

Jacque Maribe

Both Maribe and Jowie were arrested in connection with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani and put behind bars. But after several court hearings, Maribe was granted bail while Jowie, the main suspect in Monica’s murder, was taken to Kamiti.

‘I panicked and ran back into my bedroom’ Jacque Maribe narrates how Jowie came home soaked in blood

Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe crying at Milimani Law Courts

Before she was even released on bail, Jacque removed her engagement ring, a clear sign that the gloves of love had fallen off. She even went ahead to delete photos from her engagement party from her Instagram page.


Well, the former Citizen TV political affairs journalist, who publicly revealed that Eric Omondi is the father of her son, is a happy soul.

‘I met Jowie at a Jubilee party’ Jacque Maribe narrates

She shared a photo seated next to the comedian in a public area and captioned it,

The king himself @ericomondi comedy is you. You done did it!

Eric Omondi and Maribe
Comedian Eric Omondi with his baby mama Jacque

Fans flooded her comment section and one claimed that she had seen her still wearing her engagement ring.

As zoomers association unadhani hatujaona engagement ring ya Jowie? Main husband ni nani?’ the fan wrote.

Maribe responded saying,

Am I still wearing it?

Jacque Maribe ring

The ex-TV girl’s latest photos clearly show that she no longer wears the engagement ring, but normal rings just for fun.

Did Kirigo Ngarua warn her buddy Jacque Maribe that dating Jowie was bad news?Here is the proof

Check out more comments from Jacque’s fans

douglas_kiplagat Who is your friend? then who is f***k mate? then who is husband 😎?… Unatusumbua akili

carol.muturi Lazima child support 😄thou ni itumbi ama ni Eric

ras_abu_msafi Unazunguka kwa wanaume kushinda trolley ya supermarket

marrionfayh What about joe

sandra So it’s not jowie or the other one..it’s now Eric omondi? Si watu wanajua kutafuta😂😂@jacquemaribe

mtelemsiah @jacquemaribe second born tumengoja sana

cllr_junior Please don’t betray our Boy @dennisitumbi kindly…. He made us fall in your wings.


Take care of your son first! Itumbi told after supporting Maribe’s family

Dennis Itumbi has re-emerged and yes, he has done so after the news that Zahari is Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe’s love child. The man who doesn’t miss an opportunity to celebrate anything Maribe related, decided to take the opportunity to write another poem about his favouritest person in the world.

Jacque-Maribe-Dennis-Itumbi in the past

The poet laureate wrote a lovely message on his Instagram page. People, please take notes, the man bursts some serious lines. Check it out below;

Congratulations – The Omondi’s.

Zahari’s graduation is a great statement of your solid guidance.

May your bond last for an eternity and more.

To both of you my friends, God’s blessings!

Bishop na pia President walisema, “Wanaosema, wacha waseme!

Au sio?

Jacque Maribe visiting Dennis Itumbi at the police station
Jacque Maribe visiting Dennis Itumbi in a file photo

The man was viciously attacked for his statement

galempress Jackie’s cheerleader
cherrie_bunch I know you’re having a bad day. Mwanaume ni kumove on. Now take care of your child. Your baby mom doesn’t have to fight u in court. Be a gentleman. Take responsibility baba be a present father
cherrie_bunch @terrymwangangi ask him he knows about his court case in children’s court
queen__essy Sawa waziri😂😂😂
kalekachali Inauma but, itabidi uzoee
joan_ondisa @kalekachali mbona unasema ukweli 🤣🤣
dianaliboso Haya😱 ulitoka boyfriend zone ukaingia friend zone sasa uko congeats zone😂😂.. But you are a good friend.
ruthymoenga Haiya kwani Jackie is not pregnant🤔

Dennis Itumbi sued for child support , accused of wanting the lady to abort

This isn’t the first time that Dennis has shown support for Jacque and an ex of hers. Last year, when the former Citizen T.V anchor was in throes of her court case due to her presumed involvement in the murder of Monica Kimani, Dennis was there showing support to both her and her then-fiance Jowie Irungu.

Itumbi, Jacque and Jowie
Itumbi, Jacque and Jowie

At least the man is consistent in his shocking ways.

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Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe finally reveal their son’s face

Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe finally made public what had been suspected for a very long time. What? That Maribe’s son, Zahari, had been sired by the comedian.

Video of Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe ‘flirting’ gets Kenyans excited

The two put up concurrent posts on their social media pages in a well-coordinated move. The image showed the family posing in their son’s school as they all looked proudly into the camera.

Eric-Omondi and Jacque Maribe together in the past
Eric-Omondi and Jacque Maribe together in the past

Jacque’s caption read;

Family first. Happy graduation day Zahari. We, mum and dad @ericomondi are proud of you!!

The comment was momentous as it revealed two things; Zahari’s face which she had always hidden and that Eric was the father of her son, which had never been confirmed.

Eric-Omondi and Jacque Maribe kissing
Eric-Omondi and Jacque Maribe embracing in a file photo

The reaction from fans, followers and other celebrities were ecstatic with many celebrating the news. Some of the comments are below;

eunieeunice Beautiful.. see you at Cah…let’s celebrate
demolahkimanzi Lovely😍😍Congratulations Zahari❤️
suzannaowiyo Lovely 🔥🔥
kabusimon Kikohozi kikohozi ✋✋✋
lols897 Yes mambo kama Haya ule chant akae Italy
moraahjewels Finally 👏👏👏👏 Your blood will always be your blood!
estheratsango Beautiful family ❤️❤️❤️❤️
oscarthejuggler Looking good bro 💥💥💥💥
itsbryoo Beautifulness tupu (insert Lonyangopuo’s voice) 😂😂😂 lakini hebu mfanye harusi mtulie sasa alaa
maxarika Awesome people 😍😍😍
galempress I wish mnaeza rudiana….❤️❤️❤️❤️

A close and anonymous source who spoke to Mpasho.co.ke revealed that the two had been co-parenting without issue over the years. ‘At the moment, Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi are in very good terms and they are co-parenting.’

Jacque Maribe's son
Jacque Maribe’s son

The source also clarified, ‘I don’t think he would have posted that photo if they are not in good terms and if Jacque hasn’t given him permission.’

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Tanasha’s cute first words to son as Eric Omondi asks Diamond to be godfather

Tanasha Donna is over the moon after she was blessed with her first child. Chibu’s son was born coincidentally born on his birthday and the two even celebrated this fact at the hospital.

Tanasha at the baby shower
Tanasha at the baby shower

She went on to share her birth experience saying that she laboured for 17 hours before her baby arrived. Her message to her son was nuanced but one could feel the joy and mirth in her heart. Tanasha described him as the best and most beautiful gift. She wrote, ‘Happy birthday to my son. God is good. ❤️🙏🏽’

Tanasha's message
Tanasha’s message

She wasn’t the only one celebrating the birth, funny man Eric Omondi decided to throw his hat in the ring as a potential godfather for the youngin.

His reason was simple, as his and Diamond’s Eric business relationship had bloomed and become a friendship, it should also blossom to into the family realm.

Rayvannys wife’s sweet message to new parents Tanasha and Diamond

He went ahead to poke the Dangote’s with a cheeky message that is below;

“Happy Birthday Bro and congratulations on the birth of your Prince, wishing you quick recovery bro, kunywa maji mingi. I know you guys have been calling me nonstop, texting me, Whatsapping and DMing me requesting me to be the child’s Godfather, please stop, it’s enough. I’ll be his Godfather

Eric and Diamond at a past event
Eric and Diamond at a past event

The comedian has been supporting Wasafi’s music by doing renditions of their songs. In June, Diamond appreciated Omondi after he released own version of the hit song ‘Kanyaga’. In his message, Chibu said that he respects him for his efforts to unite East Africa.

Diamond holding his son
Diamond holding his son

Eric hosted their baby shower last month, an event that was held in the Best Western Coral Beach Hotel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The baby shower was an all-white themed event attended by some of their close friends and family members.

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Is he competing with Octopizzo? Eric Omondi shows off new look

Eric Omondi has surprised many after debuting his new hairstyle. The comedian, who is Kenya’s reigning Instagram user with 2.2 million followers used his page to show off his new look.

Not only that! The man has even pierced his ears! The comedian’s left ear was pierced and adorned with a trendy, golden crucifix earring.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi in his old look

The look is like a re-imagining of Octopizzo’s signature hairdos. Eric shared his new look in a video on his Instagram page showing that not only is he fashionable but that his style can be bold and daring.

‘I was married’ Eric Omondi says about his relationship with ex, Chantal(exclusive)

The locks he rocked made him look like Shakes Makena from the popular Nation T.V comic pull-out called Shakes that the newspaper had in the past. Watch the video below of the excited comedian;

Some of his fans were tickled and excited by the enterprising comic’s new look. Some of their comments are below;

dollarbunnie_ I tell yaahh…my buddy is going places🙌🔥
diblodibs_dibsentertainment 🎤@ericomondi all da best the PRESIDENT of COMEDY in Africa my prayer you will be the PRESIDENT of the world in COMEDY wakilisha bro welcome Narok STADIUM

Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli 5
Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli 5

Eric is in Dubai for a show and I must say that the man has been in sterling form since his break-up with his long-time girlfriend Chantal. Indeed a break-up, can either break you or make you. Eric is proof that it can motivate one to greater heights.

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‘We didn’t spend our childhood together’ Fred Omondi opens up about late brother


Eric and Fred Omondi’s brother died within hours of being discovered alive heavily addicted.

Fred, in an interview on Tuesday September 10th, revealed that

the last time Eric saw him was two years before he died, and was called to a lodging where our brother had OD’d, and sadly died in the room in that lodging, 


His family was tipped off about his location in downtown, and Eric asked the person to ensure his brother didn’t leave and was as comfortable as could be

the same night is when he died when Eric was going to pick him up to take him to hospital

after confirming and leaving to make hospital arrangements, he found him dead

Fred said the family had tried to help him out of his addiction, sadly he kept running away

It’s been 1 year since his death, we went through a lot, this is somebody we didn’t spend time growing up with, he would disappear coz of mihadarati, so from high school he would disappear, and my dad being a policeman would look for him and find him, and he would disappear again, and we would miss him. It affected Eric and my sister alot.

The brother died in 2018, and a year later Fred reminisced his death

it’s a good lesson. I am a witness that if you have the chance to stop this kind of life, stop it….

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‘I was married’ Eric Omondi says about his relationship with ex, Chantal(exclusive)

Eric Omondi is normally very candid in the interviews that he gives. I spoke to him this week and he opened up about coming back to Churchill Show after a hiatus of 5 years.

He revealed that going back to the show was excellent for him as he considers Churchill to be his father in comedy. Eric has surely ascended the heights of celebrity and even had Kisumu County name a street after him.

Eric Omondi has grown a lot since he broke up with Chantal
Eric Omondi has grown a lot since he broke up with Chantal

He said that the street naming was an honour for him and hilariously added, ‘It is one of the greatest things to happen. I can go to that road to build, sleep there and even drive there without alcoblow.’

See Eric Omondi meet Seth Meyers on the ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

The past two months, the comedian has been on a tear releasing video after video with many going viral.

He said;

 I also realised that I was taking too long to chuck comedy. Why should I take two months or 3 weeks to release something good. It should be daily! Uhuru Kenyatta is president daily, pastors are pastors daily. Comedians should be on fire daily.

Eric Omondi
Eric is back with a vengeance

Eric added that he did not suffer burnout as comedy refreshed him. He said that when he wasn’t doing comedy, he felt like he was working. A paradox, I know.

Was it possible that his break-up with Chantal was also fuel for his comedy? He responded by saying,’ It could be possible as when you are married…Maybe it contributed like 30%. You know your wife can ask you why you are doing a certain brand of comedy and it can bring problems for you.’

Eric Omondi leading Chantal on a horse
Eric Omondi leading Chantal on a horse

At this point, I interjected and asked him when (if) he had gotten married to Chantal. He said;

Bro, I was married. Kwani what is marriage? You know I have never understood. You know that there is a difference between a wedding and a marriage. A marriage is when a man and a woman come together and usually they live together.

Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli
Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli

He added that a wedding was a one-day ceremony, something that people were conflating with marriage. Eric said that he had lived with Chantal for more than six months and that according to Kenyan law, that qualified as marriage.

‘We are still friends and will always be no matter what happens’ Eric Omondi speaks on relationship with Jacque Maribe

I asked him then if that meant that the two had divorced after the break-up. He cheekily finished off by saying, Hapo umneipata!

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Emirates offered her a job! Eric Omondi reveals about Chantal (exclusive)

Eric Omondi had a wide-ranging interview with me this week. He spoke about his career, his relationships and what he has been through so far.

Different times Eric Omondi and Chantelle served some couple goals

One of the things that people care most about the comedian is his relationship with his ex, Chantal. This week Chantal posted an Instagram message and some wondered whether it was a cryptic missive at Eric. She wrote;

A strong woman loves, forgives, walks away, let’s go, tries again and preserves…
No matter what life throws at her

Chantal Graziano, Eric's ex
Chantal Graziano, Eric’s ex

I asked him what he thought about the message? He said that it wasn’t about him and that Chantal was referring to strong women in general and not herself.

‘We created the best of moments together’ – Chanty to Eric Omondi

Eric also divulged that he and Chantal were still on speaking terms, saying he had just spoken to her a few minutes before this interview. He said they were still good friends because their break-up had been amicable.

Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli 3
The couple in the happy past

And what could the ex-lovers be speaking about? He said topics like her wanting to go to back to school and how her mother was doing? He also added that she was pondering a job offer that she had received from Emirates airline.

Could the artists move on if he was still talking to Chantal? He said it was possible as that ‘Is the way life is’. That prompted me to ask whether he had already moved on? He was a bit cagey with his answer but said that at the moment he did not have anyone.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi

He even asked me wittily whether I could forward him any suggestions I had for a woman? Did he have any advice for people in relationships? He resignedly said, ‘The world had become very complicated. 2019 is not 1994. Relationships are becoming more and more difficult. I can meet a woman today and in the evening we are in a total relationship.’

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7 Years Later: Eric Omondi reminisces meeting Churchill

Speaking at a Churchill Show event on Thursday night in Naivasha, he surprised the godfather of comedy by making a cameo appearance at the show, after seven years.

“In 2006, while I was a second-year student at Daystar, I was an MC at an event which Churchill attended,” Eric said.


“He was impressed by my skills. I was to ask for his phone number later, but he asked for mine. I waited for two years before he called me in 2008 to inquire if I was ready to perform.”


Eric also recounted how he met Churchill, who taught him how to perform.

“I have never told this story to anyone anywhere. People keep asking me how I met Churchill,” Eric said.

“I used to MC at events and people would later tell me that I made them laugh. They kept on asking me to conduct other events. Then one day, when I learnt that Churchill, who was prominent at that time, would attend an event in the school, I got excited.

“I did not want to propose myself to MC the event. So I waited. However, I was given the chance and so I really did my best. I performed narratives and poems,” Eric said as the crowd cheered on, while Churchill happily stared at him.


After the event, Churchill got hold of Eric and described him as a skinny MC.

Two years later, Churchill called him and inquired if he had been watching the shows.

“He asked me to watch 12 episodes of the show and to get ready to perform at the 13th episode. That was my breakthrough,” Eric said.

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Blessed Njugush kicked out of his home by wife Celestine

Njugush is in a spot of bother with his wife. Why? This past weekend he went to support his wife’s BFF, Neomi Nganga at the much publicised Miss Kenya Plus World 2019 at Garden City Mall.

But the result has been friction in his marriage as he was caught on camera (by his wife nonetheless) ogling at the beauties strutting on the runway. Not only that, he was seen screaming as he saw the curvy models stream by.

Njugush with Celestine 1

Njugush posted the video on his Instagram page saying;

When you are caught cheering a favourite in a #missplusworldkenya pageant 😭😭😭. keep me in your prayers guys.


The drama did not end on Instagram, or at Garden City, it carried on to their home as his wife he locked him out of the house that Saturday night.

Njugush with Celestine 1
Njugush with Celestine

Njugush had no option but to humbly ask his wife for forgiveness;

I am here to ask for forgiveness. mosquitos have really bitten me all night. and the boys club are laughing at me.

Trying to win her back, Njugush, of course, had to flatter her, talking about her beauty but Celestine was in no forgiving mood. She responded by telling him;

Stop distracting me away from the problem. what were you doing at a plus size event? And then what made you scream so loud at the event?

Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda
Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda

Njugush defended himself saying, he did not even notice the girls, his cheering was purely inspired by the splendour of the decor and the lights.

Some of his followers like Khaligraph Jones did not feel any sympathy for him and told Celestine not to relent with other posters taking Njugush’ side.

Check out the video below;

View this post on Instagram

It has bitten each other guys

A post shared by NJUGUSH (@blessednjugush) on

While this might seem serious, I think this was an elaborate spoof like the one’s Eric and Chantal used to pull when they were together. They are funny and entertaining nonetheless.

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Bob Collymore’s Whatsapp message to Eric Omondi about his [email protected] swim stunt video


Early this year a video of Eric Omondi went viral. KOT were unhappy with it because Eric was swimming in his birthday suit with small boys. Many commented that it was inappropriate and sent the wrong message.

Eric apologized and has now opened up about the consequences of his actions.

He has written it on the day that Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore is being buried.


So on the 3rd day of March 2018 a video of me Swimming in River Turkwel in Turkana surfaced online and went viral. A few people found it funny, Majority were extremely offended. I apologized for the Video. A few corporates that were in line to Sponsor my inaugural Stadium tour which was in two weeks time were all over sudden not returning my calls.


At around 12:46 PM Bob Collymore sent me the text above. He then called me and asked me to see him in the morning, I did and after along conversation about so many things he stood up suddenly and Said “Eric I have a meeting, I will Sponsor the Stadium tour forward me the proposal NOW!” This came as a complete surprise since we barely discussed Sponsorship

Here is the private message Bob Collymore wrote to Eric Omondi after he apologized to Kenyans.


Eric Omondi and Chantal split was a blessing in disguise for him (opinion)

Eric Omondi is one person who has revolutionised the comedy industry in Kenya. How so? He has embraced the power of social media and brand power in popularising his comedy. Something industry stalwarts have been slow to do.

He is the first Kenyan entertainer to cross the 2 million followers mark on his Instagram page, reaching that benchmark this yesterday.

Last month was a tough one for the comic. with Eric and his long-time girlfriend Chantal breaking up. Although he took it like a champ soon afterwards, his friend Joe Muchiri told Chantal that the comedian was drinking too much after the break-up.

Don’t forget that he had spoken of marrying Chantal this year, so the split might have been terrible for him.

Eric Omondi leading Chantal on a horse
Eric Omondi leading Chantal on a horse

While we can’t know if his message was facetious, what we can see is the after-effects of the change on Eric. I believe the split has reinvigorated him, especially in pursuing his art form.

Why would I say such a scandalous thing? Hear me out;

Have you seen the amount of work Eric has been putting out since his break-up with his sweetheart? Videos with Jacque Maribe and Vera Sidika this week are just a sample with many episodes for DSTV, just to name a few.

Eric Omondi
Eric is back with a vengeance

The one that really caught my eye was that he released a spoof video trolling Diamond’s ‘Kanyaga’ barely24 hours after it was released! Video drops the video today, the next day Eric drops his own cover! To say I was impressed is an understatement!

The man has been working like there is no tomorrow. It is like his drive in life is to prove to Chantal that she lost out on a good thing. He is a man on a mission; To erase his biggest personal failure to date with his most formidable work yet!

Eric Omondi looking presidential
Eric Omondi looking presidential

This has happened in the past with other men. Just like the phenomenon of the revenge body, some times when men have a bad break-up they not only hit the gym but they also get very serious with their careers.

I will encourage Eric with this statement, Chase money and not women and the women will chase you.

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Eric Omondi taunts Tanzanians using Vera’s blessed behind(video)

Eric Omondi has come out with yet another humourous video. The singer who has been on a roll this week has released a video where he taunts Tanzanians using Kenyan socialite Vera.


The reason for his taunting is the much-anticipated AFCON game between Kenya and Tanzania that is taking place today night. Kenyans will be hoping that it could be the game which perhaps offers Migne’s side a lifeline in a group which features two AFCON favorites – Algeria and Senegal.

Video of Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe flirting gets Kenyans excited

In the video, Eric can be seen getting handsy with a giggling Vera at her beauty parlour offices. We also get to see Vera in her most voluptuous form as Eric turns her around and we see her twice blessed behind. The comedian then goes ahead to tuck his hands inside Vera’s trousers as if reaching out to grab her derriere.


His caption was also a playful dig at our East African counterparts telling them that he knew that they had Wema Sepetu but Kenya had Vera! She, in essence, is the standard of beauty. He said in the video;

We have Vera, you cannot deal with her. We have a queen! Tanzanians, what do you have?

Kenya and Tanzania have an interesting relationship with each other. The stereotype is that Tanzanians view us Kenyans as aggressive and rude people who take their jobs, while we view them as meek, slow and lazy.

‘Use of contraceptives is for lazy people’ Magufuli declares 

Funny thing is that our celebrity women and their celebrity men are getting cozy at the moment. Just look at Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz or and Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol.

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‘Remember Eric Omondi,’ Kenyans warn Chipukeezy about his relationship

Chipukeezy unveiled a new lover late last year.

This was a couple of weeks after publicly ending his engagement to longtime girlfriend Vivian Mandera alias Empress Kerry.

Chipukeezy-and-Vivian in the past
Chipukeezy-and-Vivian in the past

Since then the comedian has been showing in increasing degrees that he is falling more and more for the socialite, Kibanja. Yesterday he posted an image showing the two in an intimate pose.

Chipukeezy with Kibanja
Chipukeezy with Kibanja

He captioned his Instagram post with the word, ‘Amour’ which for those who don’t understand, is a French word that means love or in their case, lover.

His ‘lover’ responded in the comments saying,

I love you ♥️ my partner in life 💞

Chipukeezy with Kibanja
Chipukeezy with Kibanja

Many of his followers were not impressed with the declarations of love. Some of them warned him that his relationship would end like that of fellow comedian Eric Omondi. Some of the comments are below;

mulamwah; @kibanja_ ata sisi tulianza tu ivi 😌😌
calisters_masombo; “si ningekua na pesa pia mimi nipate kama huyu” says the guy at the back
ostinallan; Kuachana ni lazima kama ericomondi aliachwa wewe ni
slaggydonn; Mtawachana tuprettydiana2019’s profile picture
prettydiana2019; Hey mshow asikunyonge bado tunakupenda
robie.kebut; @kibanja_ invest vizuri from that guy ndo mkiachana at least you will have legacy
amos_480k; Flash back your friend @ericomondi and the Royalties💦🇰🇪 Mapenzi ndani ya Nyumba💦
konlethal; Sioni mkikaa sana haha!!
ley_photograph; Mapenzi ya shosho’media haidumu kaka brazza😂😂😂😂
catekanini; Slay queen na kucha mreeefu ataosha mtoto kweliruth
stevo8025; Mtawachana tu vile mliwachana na nyakisii 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
dorcasnyambz; Beauty and the beast!😊
wagallaisabell; Ile macho iko hapo nyuma???Huyu lazima akuache chipukeezy,,,mtaachana tu hii mwaka coz ata wewe hiyo kiss haujaipenda umeshikwa na mshtuko
kimothomilkah1; 😂😂😂Kama ericko aliachwa 😂😂😂😂mtaachana
hulbernus; Hpo sawa bro na usifanye kaa omondi hatutaki aibu

Chipukeezy with Kibanja
Chipukeezy with Kibanja

Another trait in the comments section is that many want the relationship to end. Why is that? It can be explained by a German term called schadenfreude; meaning, the pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.

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