Eric Omondi’s ‘wife’ Carol talks of her fathers reaction to fake wedding


Carol Kamweru from Band Beca finally addressed the elephant in the room. How did her family react to her not so real marriage to Eric Omondi?

Talking to Massawe Jappani, Carol said her family heard about the wedding from neighbors and friends who called them.

“My dad and brothers called me very concerned about the matter. They asked, what is the rush? What is happening? Wouldn’t he have come to see us first even paid dowry?”

Her mother knew what was happening though and that she had to keep it a secret for it to look real.

“My aunties would call and I would tell them, the wedding is legit. We had to keep it real. I had told a select few of my family members including my mother about the show. The whole show was choreographed and we talked about it beforehand.”

So many people judged Carol for the decision she made to portray such a life especially after involving her parents. But she has no regrets at all.

“I knew what I was doing.” She told Massawe

Asked if she has a boyfriend, carol said,

“No comment. My nonexistent boyfriend…there were many people who felt entitled to me. When the wedding happened, many hearts were broken.”

Well now we have the full story. But my question is, was her parents paid for this?

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Is he K?! Jacque Maribe comes clean on whether Eric Omondi might be new lover

The past weekend has been hell on earth for Jacque Maribe. It all started with an innocuous post that she made on her Instagram.

The former Citizen TV journalist shared a black and white branded mug written “Mrs.K” with the post’s caption, reading “Taken” to insinuate that she was in a new relationship.

The resulting interest in that post has forced Jacque to clarify that Kenyans shouldn’t read too much into her post, saying that she could have been speaking about a show, for all its worth.

But it seems that people have ignored her numerous requests to stop the speculation and have gone as far as to theorize about the identity of Mr. K.

I have never received so many calls/texts – Jacque Maribe after announcing she is taken

They have gone as far as saying that the man might be her baby daddy, Eric Omondi something that she decided to address last night.

In her long Instagram post below, the mother of one denied the rumors and said that the two love each other as co-parents. Read the message below;

Yes. To all the questions on call and my messages and DM’s. Ati are you back with Eric and are you upset with Eric? I do have a child with @ericomondi and we love him to the end of the world. We speak a lot, for hours. We have chosen to raise our beautiful son in our way not excepting anyone to understand us. We love each other as parents. Leo tea is just tea. Imwagike

And she didn’t stop there, signing off on the whole affair of who her new man was with by defiantly saying, “We have finished our tea. What a weekend that was. Tulisema udaku haipendi uvivu. Mrs. K drops mic.”

Will her latest statement stop the constant speculation? I don’t think it will but what do I know…

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Do you agree with Eric Omondi calling Avril a former musician or Avril claiming Eric repeats his jokes? (Poll results)

Last week Eric Omondi and Avril Nyambura were involved in a back and forth that raised temperatures in the entertainment industry between comedians and musicians.

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A post shared by Avril (@theavieway)

It all started when Eric shared a post warning Kenyan musicians that comedians were now taking the steering wheel in the entertainment scene because his fake wedding video to Bandbeca member Carol had dominated the streaming charts.

Avril responded to the post with a dig at Eric, saying she was fine with him trending as long as he told different jokes and didn’t stick to the same ones. “So long as you don’t keep saying the same jokes we are okay with you trending,” she wrote.

Eric hit back with a nasty jibe, taking a screenshot of her comment, hilariously labeling Avril as a former musician, “Now who is this? I was talking to musicians, not former musicians,” he replied.


The whole back and forth prompted me to ask the question to our Classic105 fans, who was right in their assessment, Eric or Avril?

The results are in and most people agree with Avril that Eric recycles his jokes. Check out a screenshot of the results below:

Poll results-Eric Omondi vs Avril
Poll results-Eric Omondi vs Avril


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I have never received so many calls/texts – Jacque Maribe after announcing she is taken

It seems that Jacque Maribe has discovered the way to get a lot of press – hint at a new love interest. The media personality stirred the pot this week when she posted an image on her Instagram page which read Mrs. K.

And Jacque is shocked, shocked I tell you! Shocked that she is receiving lots of calls and text messages after going public with information that she is taken.

On Thursday, the former Citizen TV news anchor put up a photo of a mug (now deleted) written Mrs. K, with words of affirmation that she is off the market. She also made sure to lock the comment section of the photo in question.

That post has elicited a lot of reactions from her fans and followers prompting the former Citizen TV journalist to come out with a new update.

“I have never received so many calls and texts any January of my life 🤣🤣🤣 because of a mug written Mrs. K. Hahaha aki I now believe udaku haipendi uvivu. Still taken, hehehe 🥰” said Jacque.

In an interview with True Love magazine last year, Jacque explained that she wouldn’t get back with baby daddy, Eric Omondi.

“No, that ship sailed. We will keep the friendship, but he doesn’t believe it though, to be honest. A few days ago, he made a joke and said You are single and I’m single, we were meant to be single so that one day we will get back together, but I was like No. that ship sailed.”

“I think I came to know another side of him and I keep telling him we kinder messed crossing the line because we were very good friends, from the beginning and I don’t know why we thought that maybe it could work. If we were able to collect ourselves again, I don’t think I will ever cross that line again” said Maribe.


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Poll – Do you agree with Eric Omondi calling Avril a former musician in bitter exchange?

Eric Omondi ended 2020 with a bang! His wedding show, “Wife Material” was a hit with Kenyan audiences reminding them that the man with the largest Instagram following was still a force to reckon with.

But it seems that with his increasing clout and success from the show that his cockiness is showing. The man who has been on a honeymoon since marrying Carol of Bandbeca got the time to show off his boastful side with a challenge to Kenyan musicians. something that got Avril hot under the collar.

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A post shared by Avril (@theavieway)

It all started when Eric shared a post warning Kenyan musicians that comedians were now taking the steering wheel in the entertainment scene, writing;

This was due to his wedding video appearing at the top of YouTube trends for almost a week, something that the comedian found inspiring and note-worthy.

Avril responded to the post with a dig at Eric, saying she was fine with him trending as long as he told different jokes and not stick to the same one. “So long as you don’t keep saying the same jokes we are okay with you trending,” she wrote.

Eric hit back with a nasty jibe, taking a screenshot of her comment, hilariously labeling Avril as a former musician, “Now who is this? I was talking to musicians, not former musicians,” he replied.

Some might think this is a publicity stunt, as Avril was involved in a bitter spat last year with Naiboi before the two released a song together, proving that the feud might have been pre-planned.

This beef between Eric and Avril feels real to me and I have to ask, who do you think is right? Is Eric right that comedians are taking over the industry or is Avril’s dig that Eric keeps on repeating jokes an accurate response?

Simply put, whose opinion do you think is right, Eric or Avril? Please vote in the poll below:

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Even if Eric Omondi’s marriage is fake, we should still praise him (opinion)

“When humor goes, there goes civilization.” –Erma Bombeck.

Comedian Eric Omondi got married this week in a highly-dramatised wedding to Bandbeca member Carol that concluded his Wife Material show. The wedding featured some shenanigans as socialite Shakilla tried to stop the ceremony but she was bundled out and eventually went on without a hitch.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

In a video, the two exchanged wedding vows in an event that was graced by his family members and a few of their close friends. Eric had written;

“I married the LOVE of my life❤❤❤❤… Carol @bandbeca I promise to Love and Cherish you for the rest of our lives. I couldn’t imagine doing this life with anyone else.” wrote Eric Omondi.

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A post shared by The Band Beca (@bandbeca)

On the other hand, Carol wrote “Guess what!!????!!! 👰👰👰 I’m officially married to the love of my life @ericomondi ♥️♥️♥️ Fairytales really do happen…”

But while it might have been a happy ending for Eric some Kenyans didn’t see it that way with many not doubting the authenticity of what they had just witnessed.

Eric Omondi and Chantal split was a blessing in disguise for him (opinion)

Many were quick to dismiss the wedding, terming it as a mere publicity stunt aimed at capturing people’s attention and help the stars (Omondi and BandBeca) remain relevant.

Others pointed out that Omondi is out to give BandBeca a big push in their music careers, as they are about to drop new songs.

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A post shared by The Band Beca (@bandbeca)

An analysis of the wedding video, will tell you that Omondi and Carol might be taking Kenyans for a ride as the wedding was not even officiated by a clergyman and there was no signing of papers.

Again, the affair was well choreographed to include Shakilla’s drama, who supposedly argued that she should be the one getting married to Omondi.

While I understand Kenyans being upset with what they consider a publicity stunt, I actually support Eric. What!? Why!?

Simple, the man is a comedian who is tasked with pushing the envelope. Part of being a comic is going where most entertainers can’t, pushing the Overton Window like Dave Chappelle has been doing the past couple of years with his brilliant stand-up shows for Netflix.

And while some might be unhappy with Eric doing so with the wedding, I applaud him, his antics along with his castmates have been a source of wonderful, escape-inducing entertainment and pleasure.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

And what’s the difference between his antics and those of say, musician Bahati? One is a comedian and the other is a singer. I expect Eric to do/say silly/crazy things to entertain me while Bahati is supposed to sing, something he has become less-known about since he teamed up with Diana Marua.

But what do I know, I could be wrong…

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Eric Omondi’s new wife reveals what body-part she likes mostly about the comedian

Eric Omondi is one happy man at the moment. The comedian announced the search for a wife was over declaring that songstress Carol of Band Beca had won his heart.

The beautiful Carol recently hosted a Q and A with her fans and followers during her bridal shower where she spoke more on her relationship with Eric.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

She admitted that some of the things that attracted her to Eric were his humility and his funny nature. Carol said that she loves it when her soon to be husband calls her “baby” because “It makes her feel like a child and she loves it”.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

The one area that surprised many of her fans was when she revealed the favourite part of Eric’s body. And yes, despite Eric bulking up in 2020, Carol felt that his lips were the thing that really got her going about him.

“.. I think his lips because I haven’t explored that so far,” she answered when asked about his favorite body part by the girls.

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A post shared by The Band Beca (@bandbeca)

Carol also explained that her relationship with bandmate Becky would go on despite her getting married to the comic and that their music group would go on despite her matrimony.

“Before Eric was there, I have my best friend Becky. My first love was Becky… Bandbeca for life.”

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Anaball! Fans react as Eric Omondi spotted comforting Shakilla in hospital (video)

Eric Omondi has been hosting his highly entertaining and controversial show, “Wife Material” the past couple of weeks. The comedian who has come under serious fire for his antics on the show has nonetheless pushed on and is still getting the publicity that a show like his thrives and lives on.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

Yesterday, the comedian revealed that the most famous contestant on his show, the famous Shakilla had fallen ill. He posted a video of him comforting the ailing Shakilla in the hospital.

Some of the comments from concerned and highly critical fans are below;

Kwanini hukumpea attention wewe😁… Sasa ona

Remote imeisha battery kwani????

Hadi kufikia sahii Nimegundua Erico unampenda Shakila.. Wale wa streets mikono juu 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Ni ball😂😂

Are sure sii mimba yako😂😂

Mwongeze remote si maji😂😂😂😂😂

Pia huyu anakuanga mgonjwa😍😂

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

Uko sure hujapiga kuni akashidwa kupumua 🤣

shidake ni gani… ni kama hajazoea kupendwa huyo akogonjeka…. 😂😂

Waah unakonda banaa

Maybe she’s pregnant

Aaaaah…..huyo amekulwa na wengi kuliko dhambii imefanya😂😂😂

Kwani ulimpeleka bedsitter 🥴🥴🥴🥴😂😂😂😂

Kwani aliingia bed sitter

Ati love of my life ang’owa 🤣🤣🤣

Waaaah the comments 😂😂😂wakenya aki hamna huruma😂😂😂🙌🏼🙌🏼

Kalimix mnazi na viceroy😂

Maskini Shakila😂

quick recovery shakilla

Mimba dogo husumbua sana poleni hongereni

😂Shida za ku deal na under age🤦‍♂️.

Imekua soap kabisa

I love Shakila … she’s just an adorable baby 🤣

Nguo za mtumba zilimsuffocate😂

Erick kuwa na stock ya P2 kwa hio nyumba.See now

Jana was traumatized na nguo za mtumba😂😂😂😂

she must have slept in a bed sitter ..🤦🏿‍♂️

Kwani alilala kwa bedsitter😂😂

Ako na stress juu ya competition😂

Kwani alilazwa kwa Bedsitter 😂😂🙌smh😩😂🔥

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Twitter debates if Eric Omondi is the GOAT after landing 9 women to date


Comedian Eric Omondi has certainly attracted the attention of Kenyans with the girls he is flaunting on his social media for his wife material show.

There is debate if indeed he is the GOAT, with some online users slamming him for taking things a little too far, but at the same time he has won admiration from sections of Kenyans who are impressed he can have all these women.

Here are some comments about his shenanigans that have landed him on the radar of morality CEO Ezekiel Mutua.

@YouthAdvocateKe…Eric Omondi Doing Or*ies in the Name of Wife Searching! But who am I to Judge!

Lakini imewahit that after this show #wifematerial @ericomondi_
atakua na 8 exes in less than 2 months
aaaah!! anyway me niko ready kucastiwa season 2.Imagin that show with a touch of tomboy ama mtasema huku sio majuu

@Trickythoyah…#ericomondi is making a real kingsh*t In his episodes,,Thumbs up for this Prezz

@shadrack_muttai…What Eric Omondi is doing is KINGSH*T

@boujee__queen…Fr fr y’all watch that Eric Omondi show!?!?!

@WuodOchelle_…I just wonder how Eric Omondi has managed to cohabitate NINE GROWN LADIES at ago and they’re just okay.

@KuiKaringithi…But what is this show Eric Omondi is doing? We’ve now normalised whatever that is and decided its entertainment? I think I’m too old…

@romiakol…Ericomondi outchea making history.hes the only nigga I know who’s Fv**ing 9 women and they know each other #wifematerial .

Real hustlers won’t down play what Eric Omondi is doing
controversy kidogo inaongeza views pale YouTube

@MarkoShaka…Mad respect to Eric Omondi for defying normal, irrespective of what people think. What he is pulling off with ‘wife material’ is unlike anything that has ever been seen in Kenyan content.

@guru_voke…Eric Omondi knows how to stir Kenyan entertainment like a pro.. Huu jamaa mnahate but he knows what he’s doing, its not all about sijui analala na nani, wee si ulale na shakila tukupee pia likes..

@R_selekt…Only one man is enjoying his best life and it’s Eric Omondi.

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Eric Omondi mocked for picking ‘messy’ girls as ex Chantal seemingly shades him


Eric Omondi’s Italian ex girlfriend Miss Chanty shared a thirst trap photo where she captioned that moment with weighty words. She wrote  ‘If there is one thing am willing to bet on.. it’s myself!’ as a Monday motivation thought.

Kenyans responded under the comment section by tagging Eric Omondi and blasting him for picking ‘nyangarikas’ – messy girls – over hottie Miss Chanty.

Now KOT have been following Eric’s wife material search online and the antics with some girls like socialite Shakila has many talking and telling off the comedian.


@bedankinuthia couldn’t resist and tagged Eric expressing frustration at Eric’s choices. He wrote….Yaani @ericomondi uliacha mali safi ukimbizane na nyangalika huku inje

Another person dag in at Miss Chanty, but she ignored the person. @kush_critics wrote..Unafeel aje ukiskia Ex wako anatafuta bibi😂😂

But she did respond to one @jinyangala who asked her if “Eric seems not to know what he lost. He degenerates into confusion each day” Then added laughing emojis.

Chanty responded saying “Well believe it”.

Whew chile.

A slew of comments followed this, and you can read below.

Erick omondi uliwacha hii chakula sasa unahangaika na kina shakila

Ukajua vile Erick omondi anafanya huku wah …..githurai hatukai na amani ameteka Hadi mama mboga wote🤣🤣🤣

From such a cutie to some rachets like Shakilla😂😂lakini pesa lazima itafutwe tu

Dear Classic 105 fam, are people too deep in their feelings about the two exes?

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Mnashare hadi ngotha! Fans react as Eric Omondi calls Shakilla, “Wife material”

Eric Omondi isn’t playing around. The comedian who revealed a new and improved physique this past month is looking for a wife.

The man is so serious that he has launched a reality show in the vein of the famous American show “The Bachelor”.

The only difference is that the name of his show will be called, “Wife Material”.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

The show will feature 9 women who will battle for the heart of the entertainer.

Eric has been promoting the new show on his Instagram page and the teasers have his fans excited.

And not only for the show but because of one of the contestants.

Wueh! Shakilla talks dirty while praising Eric Omondi’s new muscular body

Who might that be? The controversial socialite Shakilla will be one of the women who will take part in the show.

Eric who knows how to milk the most of a story decided to add more fuel to the fire after he posted an image of Shakilla wearing jogging pants that bore his name.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

His caption as usual read, “Wife Material”, which is interesting to me as Shakilla is the only woman among the 9 contestants that Eric has posted more than once already.

What’s so special about her?

And his fans noticed that too. Read some of their hilarious comments below:

The only man that managed to keep Shakilla busy🤣🤣🤣thanks jo..the streets are peaceful hata tutaruka mwaka kwa usingizi tu. Hakuna kelele

Naona hii kitu ushamanga aki, anachukua unaweka WAAAAAH

Mshaanza kushare boxers😭🤣

😂😂si umependa huyu msichana

My gal😩😩 apewe hii chance

Anakaa muturaa

Shakilla all the way🔥🔥🔥🚀

😂😂😂 Hatimae umempata sasa

The eric omondi underwear😍😂

The winner🙌🙌

Mnashare Hadi ngotha🤣🤣🤣

enyewe was wondering what’s happening kumbe shaks hayuko kwa streets😂😂😂

Am waiting for you guys to mess up with her 😉 drama after drama😂😂😂🤣🤣

ametekwa mateka huko kwa bush🤣🤣 the streets are very fresh. Aekwe mimba na huko ndio akirudi kwa streets ni kulea tu sasa🤣

Introduction ingekuwa shakila from the streets😂😂

the bedroom works must be lit🔥🔥🔥😂

Ndo maana nataka waoane mm 😭😭😭aaahhhh😭😭😭

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Eric Omondi and Chantal split was a blessing in disguise for him (opinion)

Eric Omondi is one person who has revolutionised the comedy industry in Kenya. How so? He has embraced the power of social media and brand power in popularising his comedy. Something industry stalwarts have been slow to do.

He is the first Kenyan entertainer to cross the 2 million followers mark on his Instagram page, reaching that benchmark this yesterday.

Last month was a tough one for the comic. with Eric and his long-time girlfriend Chantal breaking up. Although he took it like a champ soon afterwards, his friend Joe Muchiri told Chantal that the comedian was drinking too much after the break-up.

Don’t forget that he had spoken of marrying Chantal this year, so the split might have been terrible for him.

Eric Omondi leading Chantal on a horse
Eric Omondi leading Chantal on a horse

While we can’t know if his message was facetious, what we can see is the after-effects of the change on Eric. I believe the split has reinvigorated him, especially in pursuing his art form.

Why would I say such a scandalous thing? Hear me out;

Have you seen the amount of work Eric has been putting out since his break-up with his sweetheart? Videos with Jacque Maribe and Vera Sidika this week are just a sample with many episodes for DSTV, just to name a few.

Eric Omondi
Eric is back with a vengeance

The one that really caught my eye was that he released a spoof video trolling Diamond’s ‘Kanyaga’ barely24 hours after it was released! Video drops the video today, the next day Eric drops his own cover! To say I was impressed is an understatement!

The man has been working like there is no tomorrow. It is like his drive in life is to prove to Chantal that she lost out on a good thing. He is a man on a mission; To erase his biggest personal failure to date with his most formidable work yet!

Eric Omondi looking presidential
Eric Omondi looking presidential

This has happened in the past with other men. Just like the phenomenon of the revenge body, some times when men have a bad break-up they not only hit the gym but they also get very serious with their careers.

I will encourage Eric with this statement, Chase money and not women and the women will chase you.

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Don’t ever use my name again!-Eric Omondi says as beef with Ezekiel Mutua escalates

Eric Omondi and Ezekiel Mutua are having a slight beef at the moment. Say what!? The comedian and the KFCB boss are at each other’s necks at the moment.

How did it start? The kerfuffle started after Ezekiel criticised Eric for what he termed as inappropriate content.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

He asked Eric to put a disclaimer on some of the videos he has been sharing on social media, as well as put some respect on his name if he want to be addressed as the President of Comedy in Africa.

“People are doing all manner of staff, including some people like Eric Omondi, Unashangaa huyu ni mwendawazimu gani, kuna heshima gani unajionesha kwa video kwa njai ambayo haifai na wewe ni mtu mzima. Na unasema ati wewe ni King of Comedy Afrika. Sasa King of comedy, si ujiheshimu basi, king of comedy si uwe na heshima kwa Watoto na hizo vitu ufanye then you put a disclaimer ni za watu wazima” said Ezekiel Mutua.

Looking at what the science says about Eric Omondi’s impressive muscle gains

But Eric didn’t take the criticism lightly and responded immediately in kind telling Ezekiel to stop using his name for publicity stunts.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

He added that he has never seen him support the entertainment industry yet he is always quick to criticize.
“DR. Ezekiel Mutua. This is your last warning. This is not the way to address the PRESIDENT of an entire Continent. Stop using my name for these cheap PUBLICITY stunts😡😡😡…I have never understood exactly what you do for a living. You have not helped the Entertainment Industry in any way.”


“So you flew all the way to Mombasa to do this Press conference, hiyo pesa ungenipatia niongeze nazo Cameras Kwa Studio zangu so that we shoot more videos for young talented Kenyans. Please Visit Eric Omondi Studios and see what we are about to do to help young and upcoming TALENTS. Don’t ever address me or use my name again. You don’t know my story!!! You don’t understand my process!!!” wrote Eric Omondi.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

But while many times Eric’s posts get overwhelming support from his fans, many of them actually agreed with Ezekiel on his take.

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Looking at what the science says about Eric Omondi’s impressive muscle gains

Eric Omondi broke the internet last week after debuting a new look to his fans. When people described Eric’s physical appearance in the past, words like skinny and thin predominated.

But not anymore. The comedian’s new body has been giving many female fans sleepless nights with words like buff, muscles and hunk to now describe him.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

And from before and after photos one can see that it isn’t hyperbole. The hype is well-earned. Eric, you see, used to weigh 48 kgs some 7 months ago.

That was until bosses from a local milk company challenged him to pack on more muscle, something he has since been able to accomplish. He revealed this through his Instagram page where he wrote;

So lato.milk gave me a challenge Seven months ago!!! I was only 48 KGs…Challenge was to build Mass and Muscles😊😎😎Challenge was accepted and the Journey is on!!! I am challenging myself to go further…

He still hasn’t revealed how much he weighs right now but I am willing to wager that he has gained between 10 and 15 kgs of muscle in his recent photos.

Jacque Maribe’s admission about Eric Omondi calls into question why she got a kid with him

The question is how did he do it? I know! I know! My question sounds redundant to some. He just went to the gym and ate more. True. But that is a simplistic answer.

Here’s the more in-depth one below

Eric’s body type from my scanning of his original photos is that he is an ectomorph. An ectomorph is a typical skinny guy, characterised by;

  • More narrow shoulders and hips in respect to height.
  • Relatively smaller muscles in respect to bone length.
  • Naturally fast metabolism makes it difficult for many to gain mass.

How to train for ectomorphs

Due to the numerous factors previously mentioned, most ectomorphic clients have developed bodies with highly active metabolisms and “lanky” bone structures, making it hard for them to put on mass and keep it on.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

For this reason, exercise techniques for hypertrophy and maximal strength should be prioritized, with a greatly-reduced focus on cardiorespiratory training to reduce overall energy utilization.

To accompany the mass gain-focused resistance training, ectomorphic bodies should eat a mass gain-focused diet. These individuals tend to burn through energy sources faster than most, so ample calories will be needed.

Low-carb, fat-loss focused diets are not recommended here, and in some cases, it may be prudent to recommend that ectomorphic clients even incorporate “mass gainer” nutritional shakes into their diets.

Ectomorphs need high levels of protein too. 1.2 to 1.6 grams per kilogram bodyweight of daily protein has been shown to be optimal for muscle growth, with some individuals requiring up to 2.2.

In short

  • Maximize muscle gain using lower-intensity hypertrophy and maximal strength resistance training with longer rest periods.
  • Consume a high-protein diet with balanced carbs and fats that maintains a positive energy balance.

So there you have it but I could be wrong and it was the milk Eric was drinking that made all the difference.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

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Jacque Maribe’s admission about Eric Omondi calls into question why she got a kid with him

Jacque Maribe recently had a deep interview with True Love magazine. She revealed some intimate information about her relationship with Eric Omondi.

She said that they had had a great relationship with each other for 5 years before they made the decision to start dating.

Jacque admitted that she got pregnant shortly after she began dating Eric but was unsure about what he would do/say.

“By the time we realized that we were expecting, I was very excited. I really wanted a baby and had gone through all the motions of trying to get one. I was at a space where this was what I wanted and was genuinely actively working towards it.”

According to Maribe, at the time Eric had been juggling his career and women – something Maribe was not ready to put up with. That wouldn’t be the worst of her troubles with the father of her son, Zahari.

Eric would later deny that he was the father of her child after one of his friends blurted it out after much speculation about the identity.

While many might empathise with Jacque here on this terrible situation she faced with Eric, I don’t. Why? Simple. She chose the father of her child.

The two had known each other for more than 5 years, plenty of time to vet a potential husband and father of your children.

Most men would sleep with anything ( a sad admission I must admit as a man) and the decision on which man’s seed will propagate (under normal circumstances) is left on the woman.

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A woman decides the man who will get to pass his genes. She can either not sleep with a man or abort the child if she doesn’t want the child.

In Jacque’s case, she knew what she was getting into when she started dating and sleeping with Eric-It didn’t come as a shock when he acted out who he was. A man who still wasn’t ready to be a father at that time, although that publicly changed last year (lucky for Jacque)

While I might sound harsh on Jacque my reason is simple-Women should choose their husbands and fathers to their kids with wisdom-Men who will not only participate in bedroom gymnastics but also provide, protect and stick around afterwards.

And why does this matter? Don’t deprive your child of a father because you chose poorly for a mate-A deadbeat who only knows how to pump and dump.


But what do I know?

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“It was tough” Jacque Maribe opens up about suffering two miscarriages

Journalist Jacque Maribe has stepped up to share a story of heartbreak after two miscarriages in her pregnancy journey.

Maribe shared with Carol Mandi how her journey to motherhood wasn’t easy as she miscarried two pregnancies that led her to take a break in South Africa.

“I had almost gotten a baby before but I got a miscarriage. It was tough at the time, it was all new to me then we tried again then we had a miscarriage. Then they discovered I had a septum where the uterus had a hole in between, so were were lucky we found out early. I was told to have surgery and give myself a period of time and wait, and I remember I panicked and said I’m not gonna do this and I can’t remember how long it took, and so that was in 2013. I traveled to South Africa for work, and I remember I got so  at the time I had gone on assignment and my colleague was liek kwani you are pregnant? Then I came back home and went to see the doctor. He announced that I was pregnant.”

Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and their son
Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and their son

Jacque now has one son with Eric Omondi and she wants another child as she also revealed.

She spoke about plans for baby number two

“My son Zahari is a miracle baby. He was delivered early. When I found out i was pregnant with him I told three special people, my father, my mother who is a prayer warrior, and my sister who lives in Dubai. After Zahari came I had the surgery the doctor told me”

“I want one more child. Zahari means God remembers and literally God remembered me. Zahari makes me happy”

She concluded

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“That ship has sailed” Jackie Maribe tells Eric Omondi about dating again

Comedian Eric Omondi has been sending baby mama Jacque Maribe signals that he wants to date her again, as she revealed in an interview with Carol Mandi of True Love magazine.

In a video shared online, Jacque reveals to Carol that Eric asked her for a second chance.

She said

“I told him that ship sailed. We will keep the friendship but he doesn’t believe it. To be honest a few days ago he made a joke about how I’m single and he is single, so we should, but I was like ,no bro that ship sailed and I think I came to see another side of him . I don’t think I would ever cross that ever”

Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi
Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi in the past

Bu doesn’t she feel just a tiny thing to want to get back with him?

“No that ship has sailed” she insisted again

She also recalled how he broke up with her just when she thought things were getting serious for them, leaving her hurt

“Sometimes I don’t know what is wrong with men. I think it’s something I wanted, but he was in a space where he wasn’t ready. I think we were in both different places and right now Eric is my friend today. At the time we were together, he still wanted to have the girls and the groupies and he was blowing up and we would go places and girls would literally ignore me, but he would be respectful enough and tell them say hi to my girlfriend. I was tying him down being in a serious relationship, his star was busting and shining and then now the baby situation comes and I said this is what I want for myself and we agreed to go our separate ways and we remain friends”

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Mulamwah and Eric Omondi’s relationships-The tragic case of putting women on a pedestal

Mulamwah announced his break-up with his girlfriend Carol last week. His message to her was a sob story that reminded me slightly of Eric Omondi’s own message to Chantelle Graziano after they broke up.

Mulamwah’s and Eric’s messages each read like love letters from men who weren’t comfortable with their respective relationships ending.


Compare some snippets from their respective break-up letters below.

Eric Omondi’s is below:

I have known you for 4 and a half years, shared and created some of the best moments in life with you. You changed my life completely. As you move into your new phase in life with or without me, I want to wish you all the best, my love. 

I pray to God Almighty that He may keep you. May He lead you. May He watch over you. I want to let you know that I will always be here for you any time, every time. As you fly away my love may you glow, shine like an Angel that you are. I will miss you every moment. Every single moment you are the best thing that happened to me!!! 

And Mulamwah below:

Dear SONIE , 💔 I always wished to have a cute girl but God gave me an exquisite one , more than I had asked for . It has been real , the love … the fun and everything else we did together. I can’t recall all but honestly it has been the best time of my life . I always carried you on my shoulders ; I don’t know what you saw ahead 🥺 while was too preoccupied making sure that you remain at the top . I always believed that when you elevate your woman she will stand in for you when you are at your worst , and for many others in society too. That’s all I ever wished and still wish for you , the very best in life , and in all aspects. 

As one can see both messages express an unrequited yearning and a feeling of adoration by both men for the women who aren’t together with anymore.

I think Mulamwah was dumped like a piece of trash by his lover Carol. Here’s why

Although I do believe break-ups should be amicable, the way both Eric and Mulamwah do theirs is very odd for me. Their messages to me express a pedestalization of the women that they were in relationships with.

One famous relationship quote I love goes as such, “Treat her like a celeb and she will treat you like a fan”. I think this is what might have happened in the two respective relationships.

Does it make sense that these men are still praising and worshipping women who clearly didn’t want to stay in relationships with them? Is that normal? I don’t think so. I see it as an unattractive behaviour that ultimately hurt both their relationships.

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A woman respects a man who wants her in his life and doesn’t need her. This distinction is important in that it shows that she made a great choice in her mate selection-A man that can lead her.

But what do I know?

Article shortened for the sake of brevity.

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