‘Cut the drama’ Anerlisaia Muigai advises Eric Omondi


Comedian Eric Omondi is giving musicians sleepless nights criticizing their art. He referred to the music industry as dead. ‘we have lost our glory Gengetone is dead and buried …let’s get our musicians storming other countries’

eric gengetone dead

They have been each responding individually to his comments, bashing him for his opinion.

‘Eric Omondi has no authority to speak on the Kenyan entertainment scene because he’s never built an enterprise in Kenyan art’ Sauti Sol’s Bien-Aime Baraza reacted.
Eric has also been the topic online after his drama with baby mama Jackie Maribe and fights over being a dead beat dad.

On Saturday at the Adenkunle concert, Anerlisa Muigai bumped into Eric at the VIP section where she scolded him about his behaviour.

She shared Instagram videos of the two of them in a deep chat, where she was gesturing at him to ‘cut it out’

Heiress Anerlisa told her fans that she told Eric ‘to ‘cut hizo scandal’.

Eric Omondi didn’t look too happy but Anerlisa walked away. He also walked off before looking back at her.

Will he listen?

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Jose Chameleone supports Eric Omondi in music industry debate

Jose Chameleone has shown his support to Eric Omondi after the comedian stirred a music industry debate asking Kenyan creatives to wake up.
The comedian sent a message on Instagram describing how the ‘Tubonge’ hitmaker refused to perform at a Ugandan event where Nigerian star Wizkid was headlining;
“In 2017 Jose Chameleon refused to perform in a Heavily Advertised Concert in Kampala after a Billboard in Kampala City had a HUGE Wizkid Image and a Tiny Image of Chameleon beside Wizkid. It’s called Subliminal Messaging!!!” wrote Omondi

“Such attitude is very demeaning and disrespectful towards the players who keep the industry flourishing to be placed as underdogs before their own.

I can guarantee to you such a manner happens only in this region where the host artists are only used as bait to submit their fans.

If you are drawn as small on an advertisement that to me means you are better off staying home or in-studio to do your work than being misused.

Well, I hope your message reaches out to the concerned. It’s such a pity that greedy fellas are rooted in our darling industry without passion. Bless you, bro.”

jose chameleone army

This debate came after comedian Eric Omondi termed the Kenyan entertainment industry as dead. His sentiments have received reactions from artists among them Femi One, Jua Cali, Bien, Savara among others.

Jose Chameleone speaks after recovering from critical illness

Jackie Maribe begs to be left alone ‘I can’t do this anymore’

A day after reconciling with Eric Omondi following the intervention of Simon Kabhu, Jackie Marie has issued another apology for her online drama and asked to be left alone.

She indicated on Friday that she is leaving social media over cyberbullying -above-, and on Saturday morning wrote another plea to be left alone.



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Eric Omondi exposed as deadbeat, he responds

Eric Omondi says he has impregnated former Saldido signee Miss P. But fans aren’t having it as many believe that this might just be another stunt.

Omondi shared a photo that showed him holding Miss P’s “Baby Bump” and wrote’

“I met this Beautiful Woman 5 months ago in an event I was hosting. Whatever happened and I promised her I would take every Responsibility.

Children are a blessing from God,”

Media personality Jacque Maribe who sired a son with Omondi took a jab at the comedian;

“Responsibility? @catewamaribe come I can’t speak.  7 years of responsibility?”

Jacque’s sister Cate went ahead to reveal that he (Eric) tried to call Maribe, while live on air.

“Eric Omondi, now you have been exposed you are calling my sister while live on air thinking she will play along,” she wrote in part.

She added;

“Umemuanika kama nguo baridi kwa fence ya sengenge (you’ve aired him on a clothesline to dry)…good job, mama. Do not use our baby to chase clout.

Baba ni ule analea si sperm donor (fathers are responsible ones, not just sperm donors). PS bado nangojea umalize kupark gari unitumie fees ya mtoto wako (I’m still waiting for you to park your car and send your son’s school fees), oh sorry, was that last year?”

Jacque Maribe explains why she is an over protective parent to son Zahari


Co parents Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi gushed over their son on Sunday in a cute Instagram moment.

Jacque recalled the difficult pregnancy she had with son Zahari admitting it’s the reason she is an over protective mum.

She tagged Eric in the comment and asked him to organize a family vacation because they need it.

“One day, while in South Africa, a good friend of mine @brianbaraka told me “uko na mood swings kama za mtu ako na mimba.” We laughed but to be honest it was the hardest trip I did, I was throwing up literally all the time. But I didn’t think I could have been pregnant. Because baby’s daddy @ericomondi had said we wait a while.

Then I came back home on my birthday. @wamboshiks my childhood bff had organised rieng pale Rafikiz Langata. Even included my mother who came for me and took me to the spa for nini nini.

Kina @ericomondi
Were there busy throwing raos. @catewamaribe
@njeripriscathy were busy dancing and showing love. Then May 2014. See, I had gone through miscarriages. During this pregnancy every single day was a blessing. I chose 14th, and boom, this cute child of mine came.

I am very particular about my son. I am so invested in his well being. I am his mother not for the name but for his life. So many times I would have lost him during that pregnancy. So when you see me being an overly protective mum, you know. And anyone who harms my child is the devil reincarnated.”


Jacque asked Eric if another vacation was possible like the last one they took as a family “another vacation loading, no?”

Dad Eric Omondi responded with a heart emoji captioning “MY PEOPLE” assuring Jacque.

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Eric Omondi, Amber Ray wine and dance with Anerlisa


A huge entourage surrounded Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai at  Onyx club Friday night 30th July as she hosted a gig along the Ngong road club.

From Eric Omondi to Amber Ray and Phoina the makeup artist, many came to show support for Anerlisa as they danced and drank to music.

The A listers were spotted trying major dance moves as Eric Omondi got ticked that rich kid Anerlisa was struggling to dance. He cheekily wrote ‘anerlisa and eric omomndi (1)

Anerlisa seemed to have had a fabulous time as Amber Ray gushed over her tiny waist, telling her the secret to being this tiny.

Prior to that Amber Ray had shown of bundles of notes that she keeps in her Jeep, and she told that the stacks were for her weekend hang out.anerliaand amber (1)

She captioned the videos “Are you even ready for me? Mko tayari”

Adding “Blessed weekend ahead and my weekend is sorted. Always make sure you secure the bag” Sher finished dancing along and counting the stacks of money.amber cash ekekdn (1)

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Eric Omondi back to being skinny months after body transformation

Comedian Eric Omondi surprised many Kenyans late last year when he showed his new muscly body. The father of one  made sure he went all out, even doing a photo-shoot all oiled up and glistening showing his gains.

But it seems that all those muscles have atrophied with recent videos of the man showing the Eric we had all come to know-the skinny one.

A possible explanation for his weight loss is his poor eating habits which he talked about shortly after his marvelous muscle reveal.

“Naturally, I hate food and I have very poor eating habits so I was ingesting, not eating. I was on a mission and it takes a lot of discipline to move from 47kgs to 72kgs. I had even begun a community, ‘skinny people united’ which I have since left but it takes a lot of discipline and time and that is why from January to February, I kind of disappeared from the public scene.”

His muscle loss most likely means that he has backslidden on some of the habits that helped him have impressive muscles.

During his interview on the Trend with NTV’s Amina Abdi last year, Eric explained how tough the journey to gain muscle had been for him saying,

“Do you know how many times I gave up? Between February, March, April… I was in and out. Constantly looking at myself and wondering why I couldn’t see any muscles plus I was in so much pain.  But because of the point, I had gotten, I couldn’t go back. This has been 8 months of consistent work. I got a trainer and a nutritionist end of March, beginning of April. I started seeing results two months after that,” he added.

It seems that the motivation to keep the muscles on his body has left the wily comedian and now he is focused on his craft and wardrobe.

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“Ringtone, don’t steal my wives!” Eric Omondi begs while praising singer’s new song “Fagia”

Ringtone Apoko loves controversy. In fact, I don’t think that there is an entertainer in Kenya who thrives on it like him. Scratch that. Come to think of it, Bahati is another.

But I digress. There are times where the controversy seems to chase the singer and this is one of those rare cases. The “Zoea Mawe” singer was the subject of Eric Omondi’s recent Instagram post today where he begged the singer to leave his potential wives alone.

In his message, Eric posted a snippet of Ringtone’s new song called, “Fagia”, going on to plead with Mr. Apoko not to fagia(slice him of those women). He wrote;

“The PRESIDENT will always support good music. Huyu Kijana ako na a higher calling and a gifting from above…Shida tu ni awachane na mabibi zangu…Am about to bring some of the most beautiful women in this Continent to Kenya from ETHIOPIA, RWANDA, SOUTH SUDAN and NIGERIA bwana CHAIRMAN tafadhali usiwafagie because this time lazima nipate wife. Naomba 🙏🙏”

Ringtone himself responded to the comment saying that he had no business stealing Eric’s women. What is interesting is that just two months ago, Eric attacked Ringtone, labeling his stunts boring.

The self-proclaimed president of comedy praised Tanzanians saying that they had far surpassed the Kenyan showbiz thanks to their kiki.

Speaking to The-Star, Omondi went on to slam Ringtone for being so old fashioned in his stunts

“….They (Kenyan celebrities) are predictable and doing normal things. You recently saw Ringtone pretending he has been arrested. That is old fashioned. They should be creative,” he said.

Funny how a few months can make a difference in one’s opinion. Huh…Clearly, there are no permanent friends in showbiz.

Anywho, check out Ringtone’s new song that has made impressed Eric so much so that he has praised Mr. Apoko. The song is below;


Eric Omondi defends Betty Kyallo and himself from claims he conned Kenyans

Comedian Eric Omondi has defended the Big Quiz show that he hosts alongside TV queen Betty Kyallo. In an exclusive interview with Mpasho’s Kalondu Musyimi, Eric said that they do not owe the winners of the game any money since they are only employees.

Eric Omondi in his new outfits
Eric Omondi in his new outfits

“That show does not belong to Eric Omondi and Betty Kyallo. And anyone who has to be paid is paid by Big Quiz Limited. We are hosts, Betty and I were contracted to host the show. There is a confusion, nimeona people are saying Betty and Eric scammed Kenyans of millions. We are employees, we have not chickened out, all our phones are on,” Mr. Omondi said.

He responded to these claims after some anonymous Kenyans reached out to blogger Edgar Obare, accusing Betty and Eric of being cons.

Comedian Eric Omondi has lost 21 Kgs since his ‘Wife Material’ show began

Some of the winners of the Big Quiz show alleged that they had not received the millions of payments promised on the game.

The show has since been halted, but Eric said that it will be back in no time. “Itarudi tu, it had some technical issues. the show is live, people are playing live. It will be back sooner than you think,” he said.

In the interview, Kalondu Musyimi also asked the comedian if he had recovered his pairs of boxers that Shakilla had taken during the shooting of Wife Material Season 1 show.

“She stole my boxers. She said it has my warmth and her warmth. Boxer yenye Shakila amevaa na hajafua, naweza buy ata 300k. They are expensive because mimi na Shakilla tumeivaa.”

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A new outfit everyday for 8 months! Eric Omondi spent Sh 6.2 million on new wardrobe!

Eric Omondi has really invested in his craft. In a recent confession, the comedian revealed that he had spent Sh6.2 million on his new outfits.

The comedian explained that the reason he changed his outfits was that he had had the same image for 13 years and felt that people had got bored of it.

“Unaamka unavaa tu jeans na unatoka na wewe ni msanii. That is not what I want for my next journey. I am very keen to know why Bongo artistes and Americans beat us. Those guys know how to look good and they have different styles.”

Eric added that showbiz is not all about comedy or music. “It also involves how you look, how you smell. What shoes do you wear, among other things? I am a star and I need to look like my brand. I want to feel respected as a star while leaving my house.”

I don’t like fish. You will never find me eating fish! Eric Omondi reveals (exclusive)

He said his new look is unique and inspired by late singer Prince and other American singers.

“My new look will be unique. Every day I will be in a new look for the next eight months. I will also not be repeating clothes. I have taken my time with my designers and stylist to make all these clothes.” Eric told Word Is.

He said he took his time with his stylist and designers (Diana Chanzu and Gold Melinda) to import and design all the clothes he needs for that duration of that time.

“Kenyans are not ready. So far, have you seen those clothes and materials in Kenya?” he asked. “Before I started wearing them, I had planned sitaki wakenya waanze kunichekelea, asking me luku ilienda wapi? Anyway, I will take them slowly so that they understand.”

He also clarified that it wasn’t Michael Jackson who had inspired his look rather many other things.

“My look has been inspired by so many things and not Michael Jackson vile watu wanasema. I do not want to be ordinary. I decided to work on my body, my hair, dress code, shoe and also my comedy. I am changing my dress code.”

And how much did he spend?  Eric said the budget of all he needed was Sh6.2 million for the eight months.

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I used to get angry…Eric Omondi on being mentioned in stories about Chantal and Maribe

Eric Omondi might be a brilliant comedian, with a lot of fresh content that gets Kenyans excited but it seems that Kenyans will bring him up more for issues surrounding his personal life than that fact.

The man who has a son with Jacque and also dated model Chantal Graziano, features more in the news about his exes than for his career, something that he has resigned himself to.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

In an interview I did with the comic recently Eric explained that this fact used to surprise him at first.

“I think I gave up on that. I think that it will happen forever. Initially, I used to get surprised and get angry but I realised that when Chantal is brought up Eric Omondi will always be brought up, same as Jacque Maribe.”

Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi
Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi in the past


“So when that happens nowadays, I just usually enjoy and say that is how blogs operate. Sometimes something happens that I didn’t even know about, until I get to know when I am mentioned. Pengine hata sikua najua ilihappen. It becomes news to me.”

Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli
Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli in the past

“It will always happen,” he maturely finished off. Listen to the star speaking below:

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7 akorino girls get Eric Omondi excited about wife material show


Comedian Eric Omondi’s heart got racing with many ideas about his Tv series after spotting several beautiful Akorino girls singing and dancing along to Zuchu’s song ‘sukari’.

Yes we are over that trend, but a video of the Akorino has excited many after Churchill shared it on his Instagram

The women from the video appeared to be celebrating a birthday and in usual Kenyan style a song is played and we do the online challenge for it. This time round it is the song ‘sukari’ by Tanzanian singer Zuchu.


Eric cheekily noted that this is his next target for his Tv show Wife Material. Personally, if they did I would watch it.

He said “Baaaas mwalimu hawa nitawapata wapi?Hawa ndio season 3 ya wife material”

Others were just as excited seeing the women sing along as they are rarely seen doing such things.
Wakorino walisha haribika 😂😂😂😂

Tangu yule mukurino sarah namu aamue kuinua nguo kutuonyesa punyeto that’s when I lost confidence in these people.

The most underated group 😂😂😂

They seem high on fanta..

Civilised wagithomos😂😂😂😂, go go girls,hii life Haitaki watu serious. Enjoy life 😂😂😂 it’s short anyway

Ule wa black pale back left anaxitoka mbaya sana🤣🤣🤣🙌🙌

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Definitely an upgrade! Fans tell Miss Chanty they approve of her new bae


Miss Chanty, Eric Omondi’s ex girlfriend is winning hearts on Instagram after showing off her new man.

Fans have told her she has taken upgrade to a whole new level as her ex continues to mess around on his TV show.

Despite having seen himself settling down with Chanty, Eric wasn’t ready and left her.

Miss Chanty has gone on to find love in a new man who seems to adore her to bits.

The Italian-Kenyan has settled with and seem to be doing better without Eric. Chanty and her new man make such a cute couple, here is the latest picture of them together to celebrate this new found love.




Her fans have told her she has upgraded in these comments below:
jes.billy…At least he look better than our community husband Eric omondi

queen.healer_..Finally a normal, decent man👏👏

muthoni_mbai…Husband material S1E1

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“Your publicity stunts are boring” Eric Omondi tells Ringtone


Comedian Eric Omondi has termed Kenyan entertainers as boring. The self proclaimed president of comedy says Tanzanians have by far surpassed the Kenyan showbiz thanks to their kiki.

Speaking to The Star, Omondi went on to slam Ringtone for being so old fashioned in his stunts

“….They (Kenyan celebrities) are predictable and doing normal things. You recently saw Ringtone pretending he has been arrested. That is old fashion. They should be creative,” he said

He went on to praise Rayvanny and Harmonize for their recent scandal;

“What Harmonize and Rayvanny are doing is showbiz. Kenyan artistes should wake up,” he said.

“These two are using a created beef to promote their new songs yet our artistes here are sleeping and boring. Yaani everyone is talking about Tanzanian artistes. They are earning billions from those kinds of beef.”


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

He urged Kenyan celebrities to be diverse in promoting their content

“Stop being boring, entertainment is not all about singing. We know Rayvanny and Harmonize can sing but they are now being diverse. They are adding flavour to their songs. That is where Kenyan entertainment is failing.”

Omondi has been known to be one of the celebrities who loves using publicity stunts that barely anyone believes anything he does is true.

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I don’t like fish. You will never find me eating fish! Eric Omondi reveals (exclusive)

Eric Omondi seems to have no creative limits. The comedian, who has been on the scene for the last decade-plus, has been evolving his craft since his days doing stand-up comedy on Churchill Show.

Since then we have seen Eric become one of the most successful entertainers in Kenya, even boasting the most popular Instagram page in Kenya-which is a metric of success in this day and age.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

And while he might have many fans, Eric is not infallible and has had run-ins with the Kenya Film Commission Board (KFCB) run by the indefatigable, Ezekiel Mutua.

Mutua has always been a proponent for clean content on the airwaves, something that has made him clash with numerous media personalities the last few years.

Winnie Mukami and Papa Shirandula are the closest that Covid has hit me – Eric Omondi

Earlier this month, Eric run afoul of Mr. Mutua, with the KFCB chairman taking him to court, something that caused Eric to settle his account with the government autocrat.

In a recent interview with Eric, I asked him whether his issues with Mutua would make him reconsider changing the controversial content on Wife Material season 2? His answer? Not one bit!

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

In fact, he used an analogy to describe his confusion with the hate and dislike he was receiving from people who didn’t like the show.

“If you don’t like the show, leave it alone! What’s wrong with you? See you leave the show alone!? I don’t like fish. You will never find me eating fish. Siipendi! I don’t like the smell, I don’t like the taste. Because when I was growing up I ate so much of it. My mom used to have a hotel.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

When I pressed him on the issue particularly considering that fish is arguably the official food of the lakeside, Eric then clarified saying that he still eats fish but not at as much as he did before. “Yes, I eat it but not as much as before. It’s not my cup of tea,” he concluded.

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Winnie Mukami and Papa Shirandula are the closest that Covid has hit me – Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi had an eventful start of the month after Ezekiel Mutua decided to descend on him with all the force and power of government watchdog, KFCB.

Eric Omondi and his cast for Wife Material season 2
Eric Omondi and his cast for Wife Material season 2

Since then, Eric has focused on his other project with Betty Kyallo, the primetime show the two co-host on KTN. In a recent interview with the comedian, I asked him about the trending topic this week-the new wave of Covid-19 deaths and infections that had hit the country.

Eric Omondi says he is not our children’s role model and should he be?

He told me that he had a suspicion that he himself might have been suffering from the virus the week that had passed.

“Even last week, I suspect that I might have had Corona,” he said. “For the first time in my life, I have felt Corona. My friends, family members, colleagues, people I know…It has hit home. I just used to hear about Corona from afar. This third wave is a problem.”

Eric Omondi with his mentor Chiurchill Ndambuki
Eric Omondi with his mentor Chiurchill Ndambuki

Had he lost anyone close to him? “I haven’t lost any family but I lost a former colleague in Winnie Mukami,” he answered.

Adding, “She was a colleague and a friend. Winnie Mukami and Papa Shirandula were the closest that Covid has hit me personally.”

Winnie Mukami
Winnie Mukami

He said that he was cognizant of the responsibility he had to ensure that participants on Wife Material season 2 worked in a safe and healthy environment.

“Even as we finish shooting Wife Material season 2, we are taking precautions. Everyone responsible for the show will be tested, all relevant protocols will be followed as we take precautions to ward off the disease. We will be more vigilant,” he finished.

Eric Omondi posing
Eric Omondi posing

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“…it’s going to be worse!” Eric Omondi says candidly about Wife Material’s new content

Eric Omondi had arguably one of the toughest weeks in his career earlier this month when he became an enemy of the state. (pardon the pun).

The man became the subject of controversy after his Wife Material castmates were filmed behaving poorly at a certain club in Nairobi.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

The ensuing backlash captured the ears of KFCB chairperson Ezekiel Mutua who descended on Eric with all the available power that his cushy job can provide him.

The moral cop forced Eric to do something many hadn’t anticipated – apologize to the masses for his creative content. This week I spoke to the popular comic about the incident.

Winnie Mukami and Papa Shirandula are the closest that Covid has hit me – Eric Omondi

Eric informed me that many Kenyans didn’t realize that the show would still go on, despite the wide belief that it had been canceled after falling foul of government censors.

“The show will go on with the same cast. We only canceled for two days, then when we were about to start it again, John Pombe Magufuli passed on. We thought that it would be a bit disrespectful to proceed considering his death.”

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

And what had been Ezekiel Mutua’s exact problem with the show?

” Where Mr. Mutua was right and what his issue from the get-go, was that children were able to watch the show considering we had not put any ratings for it.”

Adding, “His point was very simple. If the show isn’t targeted at kids, why don’t you rate it? Even Hollywood movies are rated. That’s the only point he made that got me hands down. I am always ready to fight him. He also told me to get the relevant licenses which I have since done.”

And would the content on Wife Material change considering the backlash he got from some quarters? “I have got a feeling that it’s going to be worse,” he said contemplatively.

“There is nothing like dirty and clean content. Don’t be lied to. Each and every content has its own target market. There are family shows, comedy shows, action shows, political shows, religious shows, even children’s shows out there. Wife Material is not a family show! That’s what people aren’t getting. By now everyone knows what it is and what it entails. What are you doing watching Wife Material if you aren’t comfortable with it? Nini mbaya na wewe? Si uwachane nayo!”

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

And are he and Mutua on good terms? “Yes, we are. He had a point, we agreed and moved on,” he replied.

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Eric Omondi says he is not our children’s role model and should he be?

Comedian Eric Omondi faced the full wrath of KFCB chairperson Ezekiel Mutua this past month. Eric, who had been belligerent while dealing with Ezekiel, changed tune after the KFCB boss took him to court showing him the power that comes with state machinery.

Now the comedian is singing the tune of Ezekiel preaching and proselytizing the importance of clean content after his Wife Material debacle.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

Eric Omondi was arrested on Thursday of March 11 for allegedly producing and distributing unauthorised film content, the Wife Material reality show episodes.

The father of one was apprehended jointly by the KFCB’s compliance officers and detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Eric Omondi should have fought against KFCB, now Wife Material is done and dusted

After his apology tour, it seems that Eric is not happy becoming the defacto role model for kids recently revealing this gripe saying his calling is to entertain.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

Thus was not ready to give in to the pressure of being deemed a ‘role model’ to other people.

“I am not your child’s role model. Why or how would I be a role model yet I do not have a CV for that…Parents should love me, watch my content, laugh at my jokes but do not leave your children to me…” he said.

He added that parents had failed by letting their children access harmful platforms on the internet only to later shift blame onto others which according to him was not right.

Is Eric right? Should entertainers be responsible for raising kids and being their role models? It’s a hard question. Opinion is split about what role a celebrity should have in society outside their art, craft or sport.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

The issue at heart is whether a celebrity should use their fame and platform to promote and speak about social issues or just focus on their art?

For promoting social issues

A few years ago, Collin Kaepernick, the American football quarterback who started kneeling during the singing of the national anthem, was blackballed in the league after this act of defiance.

He has never worked again in the sport and opinion is still divided as to whether Collin was right in using his platform to advocate for black rights.

Against or indifferent

Michael Jordan, the famous former basketballer, on the other hand, has kept his opinions on social and societal issues secret, famously being quoted as saying, “Even Republicans buy my shoes,” as a defense to his stance.


My opinion is that this will come down to a celeb’s personal choice. Every celeb will have to look at whether supporting a cause/becoming a role model works with their brand and doesn’t interfere with their career because life is full of compromises and trade/offs.

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