Njambi Koikai’s message to cons extorting money using her image!

Njambi Koikai has been in the lime light as warrior who has battled Endometriosis but the lass is not happy and we will tell you why.

She recently took to her social media to call out cons who were using her pictures to extort money from people.

In her post she went ahead to say

I have been tagged by many people and informed of some people using this picture of mine on Facebook to extort money from people.

Firstly, we’ve reported it on Facebook and the posts haven’t been pulled down.

It’s quite sad that as I share my painful, excruciating journey others see it as an opportunity to con others.


‘People I called friends walked out on me, I cried so much’ – Jahmby Koikai


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She’s recuperating in Atlanta and all we can wish her is a speedy recovery.

Her prayer was that no one would end up in a situation like her especially those coning people using her picture.

All she wanted was to raise awareness on what endometriosis could do to ones body – she says.

Her message continued

My prayer is that they never end up in a situation like this.

I shared this pic to show the world the extent of Endometriosis and it’s adverse effects.

Thoracic Endometriosis affects the lungs, chest, diaphragm and ribs.

This is what I’ve been suffering from. I thank God for @centerforendocare for helping me get back on my feet.

‘My case was one of the worst ever seen’ – Njambi Koikai amidst recovery



In conclusion she says,

I am currently undergoing therapies and treatment.

I hope that my journey will help women to seek help and not be ashamed of a biological function that we have long been shamed for.

Period pain is not normal and women’s pain is valid.

Menstruation should be normal and painless but it’s not so for close to 200 million women.

This is my story about this silent killer disease, Thoracic Endometriosis.

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