‘My baby daddy killed my daughter and left me disfigured’ – Thembi

A South African woman has shared her story on how she survived domestic violence that left her disfigured and her daughter killed by her baby daddy.

Thembi Maphanga is now an activist has not had life easy. She says

I lost my father at 18 my mother at 19. Lost my son at 30 then my daughter at 33 and I also lost my looks.

‘Yes I was burnt by my baby daddy Yes he killed my daughter Yes he took away my career But above all I choose 2 rise.

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A past photo of Thembi Maphanga before the accident with her daughter.

On a different post she shares a photo of her late daughter with the caption.

I miss this little soul so much This is one pain I will never get over Which is loosing her…..coping though.

Thembi Maphanga's daughter who was killed by her dad.

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In another post she advises people to accept themselves no matter the situation.

Love yourself the rest will just align. Stop pitying yourself.

U cannot go on comparing ur path to others …It’s only yours to travel…

Keep moving no matter how slow ur pace is ur vision must be to fulfill ur mission. Keep pushing we are all here to leave a mark somehow.

In another post she shares a throw back photo of her while she was admitted in hospital captioned.

It Mark’s exactly 9yrs though it feels like yesterday!!

Below are her photos at the moment.






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‘He beat and raped me after I refused to shave my hair’ Cries woman

Courageous Kenyan women have come out to narrate their harrowing tales at the hands of their abusive husbands whom they loved but not anymore.

Fatuma has long, lustrous hair, her crowning glory. Her husband ordered her to shear it off, saying other men stared and smiled seductively at her.

He feared she would run off with another man.

Fatuma (not her real name) refused. He battered her, bashed her with a gas cylinder and sexually assaulted her.

She was rushed to Mombasa Level 5 Hospital where she was treated and discharged,Her husband has not been arrested, still walking free in Kisauani.

Another survivor narrates

When her husband John failed to leave money for food on February 25, Mary reached out to their neighbour Jay for help.

She borrowed Sh50 to buy food for her three-year-old son. Jay didn’t have cash but asked Mary to accompany him to an M-Pesa shop where he withdrew cash and gave her Sh50.


John was at the shop and saw Jay handing the money to his wife. That is when all hell broke loose. John pounced on the wife.

“He slapped, kicked and rained blows on me. When we got home, he threatened to smash the boy’s head with a bottle,” Mary said.

She bit his hand and the bottle fell. “He said he was going to kill me and my son.”

The 21-year-old mother has been married to John for four years. She is HIV positive and persistent battering and poverty have left her weak.

She can barely stand on her own and frequently is in pain. Her father died and her mother got remarried. They lived in Malindi.

But Mary’s matrimonial home in Kisauni has been hell. She says her son has witnessed all the assaults inflicted by the father.

“He cries whenever he sees his father. At one time, he told me, ‘Mummy, don’t leave me alone. Daddy will kill me’.”

The death threats persisted. On February 28, John hit Mary with a club on the head, hips and shoulder.

When she recovered, Mary said John wanted to attack his son.

“I had to shield him. So I continued to receive the beatings,” she said. She was giving her testimony on Tuesday to Muslims for Human Rights.

Source:The Star

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‘I began by hitting them with a weighing machine before stabbing them’ Mishomoroni man who killed his two kids confesses

The man who killed his six and four-year-old daughters in their house in Mishomoroni, Mombasa County, made a confession in court on Friday.

John Maina Wang’ombe noted, however, that he was under the influence of alcohol, and therefore not in the right state of mind. Police said he had spent all of Thursday, when he killed the children, drinking in the house.

The suspect, who cried uncontrollably during the confession, said he began by hitting his children with a weighing machine.

According to Daily Nation Maina committed the crime shortly after calling them into the house to give them mangoes. His wife was at work at the time.

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One of the girls was stabbed in the chest and the other in the neck,Mr Maina then sat on a jerrican next to the bodies of his children, Angel Wanja and Grace Wangui, for about an hour.

“It is true that I killed my daughters. I was drunk … I only realised [later] that I had committed an offence,” he told Senior Principal Magistrate Diana Mochache at a Shanzu court.

The magistrate ordered that Mr Maina undergo a mental evaluation before a formal charge is preferred against him.

She also allowed police to detain him at Nyali Police Station for seven days to finalise their investigations.

In an affidavit, investigating officer Billy Onyango said statements were yet to be recorded.

In his prayer for Mr Maina’s seven-day detention, Mr Onyango added that it would take time for postmortem exams will be carried out and for the motive of the crime to be established.


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After their father called them to have mangoes, the children dashed into the house unaware of the danger that awaited them.

A neighbour, Mrs Lina Righa, who usually gave them lunch in the absence of their mother, went to check on them when they did not respond to her calls.

It was then that she and other neighbours learned of their deaths.

The case will be mentioned on December 17.

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‘I have murdered my wife and I am about to commit suicide’ Haunting last words of Nakuru man who committed murder most foul

Grief engulfed Mawe village in Rongai, Nakuru County after a 30-year-old man stabbed his wife to death before committing suicide.

Robert Nyakundi, a father of one reportedly stabbed his 26-year-old wife Wietar Kerubo seven times in the chest before hanging himself in their house on Wednesday night.

According to Peter Rukwaro, a neighbour, the couple was last seen entering their house on Wednesday evening and appeared to be in good terms. According to the residents, the two have been having differences since September and occasionally fought with each other but the elders and relatives intervened and talked to them.
At around half past ten in the night, Nyakundi is said to have called one of his brothers who lives in a different area. He told him that he had already murdered his wife and was planning to commit suicide. The brother immediately called an elder, Alfred Rono and told him to check on the couple.
The residents were shocked to find the house messed up a sign that they had fought before Nyakundi murdered the wife.
Rono said that
“We immediately rushed to the house which was locked from inside. After breaking in we found that the wife’s body lying in a pool of blood while the man had already died. He had hang himself.”

Nyakundi was an employee at a neighbouring flower farm while Kerubo worked for another family in the neighbourhood as a house help. The couple had sent their four-year-old daughter to her aunt’s place for the December holiday.

Confirming the incident, Rongai OCPD Japheth Kioko said that no suicide note was left behind by the man and their bodies had been taken to Nakuru County mortuary.

“We have launched investigations into the matter which we suspect could have been fueled by domestic issues. Their daughter was not at home at the time of incident,” said Kioko. The area has recently seen an upsurge in crime rates involving robberies with violence.