Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei’s hubby turns 63 years today

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei and her pastor husband Anselm Madubuko are aging gracefully.

The couple which is so much in love is envied by many especially on social media.

She shared a photo of her husband and revealed that her husband has clocked 63 years today.

She then asked her fans to help her celebrate her husband’s birthday.

‘Help me celebrate my himself❤ the thiefer of me ❤ a man who I love and respect so much…the apostle general! A man with a golden heart ❤ a lover of JESUS ❤❤❤ @amadubuko #happybirthday darling…I join the heavens to celebrate you! Many many more years of ease,grace and impact!”

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Emmy Kosgei with herhubby

Emmy also celebrated her birthday this week.

The tycoon husband doesn’t shy away to spoil her with most expensive things around such as Cars, Handbags and watches as he wish.

He also treats her to a memorable birthdays every years since they tied knot in a Lavish white wedding.

During her birthday this year, he was on the forefront in making sure she began the day with a big smile by treating her to a bouquet of flowers and gifts.

In her instagram account she posted a short video receiving the flowers from him and she captioned;

“♥️♥️🔥 from himself♥️” and flaunted a beautiful cake and flowers.

In the video she couldn’t hide a slow but sure blushing while camera men were taking pictures of her.

In another clip she flaunted a beautiful cake with some crying emojis hinting she couldn’t hide her tears of Joy for wonderful gift.

Why Emmy Kosgei wears tight clothes

Emmy Kosgei shocked many when she decided to settle down with her much older Nigerian husband. For a lady who could still land an eligible bachelor, why would she settle for what we term as an ancestor-husband?

Emmy Kosgei and husband
Emmy Kosgei and husband

But it turns out the gospel musician was very much in love with her pastor husband. So much so that her dress sense is also affected by his preferences. She revealed this information to Parents magazine.

The Ololo hit-maker said that her hubby, Anselm Madumbuko loves seeing her in figure-hugging clothes while at home leaving her with no choice but to don them.

Emmy Kosgei

In the interview Kosgei said she loves flowing clothes specifically when on stage performing but usually slide in tight clothes at home so that her hubby can enjoy the view of her perfect African curves.

She divulged:


Emmy Kosgei

Emmy had been responding to questions on how to manage and stay in a solid marriage. Her revelation will most likely leave a number of her fans in surprise considering the stereotype that a Christian marriage is very conservative. And conservative is not sexy, or is it?

I think Emmy speaking up about a taboo subject in the church like desire and desire aroused should be commended. Desire and sex go hand in hand. Sex and sexual practices in the confines of marriage are rarely if ever spoken about in the church setting that she comes from.

Emmy Kosgei and Pastor Madubuko
Emmy Kosgei and Pastor Madubuko

As if Christians don’t cohabit.

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Some relatives may never like you…’, Emmy Kosgei speaks about toxic in-laws

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei Madubuko has sent a heart-warming message to couples who are going through tough issues in their unions.

In a long post on her Instagram, Emmy prayed that such couples would feel encouraged and receive protection from external attacks.

Among the things she touched on in her post is about people who wish that some people separate.

She also talked about any shameless man or woman hitting on someone’s who is married.

Emmy also talked about in-laws from hell who may never like you. She advised couples never to change or succumb to their pressure and frustration.

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Emmy Kosgei with herhubby

Check out her post;

Dear couples, my prayers are for you this afternoon! May God strengthen your unions, receive protection from internal and external attacks, (spiritual and physical)
may God give you the wisdom and grace to sustain it. 

Receive grace to pull through stormy seasons infact may you come out stronger… We render powerless every stray word from naysayers, envious people, home breakers in JESUS NAME!.. receive discernment on any wicked agents around you, snakes and wolves in goat skin 🤣 some in the name of friends/counselors/besties … wasemi wa mtaachana tu🤣 wataaibika ! may you discern before they manifest! 🙏 any man or woman waiting for you to fail or break up will wait in vain! Sowers of discord will sow in vain ! Their wishes will come to naught in JESUS NAME! Any shameless man or woman hitting on someone’s marriage receive a permanent ☄🌩 ehh sorry visitation. 

Emmy Kosgei

She added;
Some in-laws from hell 🤣🏃‍♀️ ati amekonda🤣 umechukua nyota🤣ati hakuji tena home 🤣 listen some people even relatives may never like you but don’t change or succumb to their pressure and frustrations .. receive grace and wisdom to handle such and build your home
#Niguse #inlaws ama niwache tu 😀😅 🤣🏃‍♀️✍ tuwaombee eti eh 🙏😇😜May your marriage receive fresh dew,freshness,bliss, may your love and joy be full ! Marriage is from #God..  no marriage is perfect but #ability to sacrifice,understand,love, build,humble, forgive,overlook, protect, enjoy is intentional. . Prayer is key! Receive divine assistance.

Kenyan celebrities whose parents you did not know are pastors

It is hard to imagine that some local artistes both in the gospel and secular sector have parents who are pastors given the fact that some of them do not talk about it.

Well here are some local celebrities you did not know are children of pastors

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1. Pitson

Known for his hit song ‘Lingala Ya Yesu’ ‘Wanajua’ ‘Niache Niimbe’ among others comes from a Christian background. During an interview with Parents magazine, he said it was not easy.

“There was a lot of pressure and stigma as a pastor’s child and little room for mistakes or normal reactions to a situation such as anger or hatred. I found myself wishing my dad had an office job like other parents,” says Pitson who says his heart broke one time when his father gave him Ksh 30 to go buy himself a shirt while his friends traipsed all over town in the latest trendy attires.”


2. Amani

Amani who is now a gospel artiste strongly stated that despite her being secular artiste before, her parents were Christians and her mother a pastor.

In a post she explained that at some point she had to learn to ‘share’ her mother with other peole after all pastors are considered as ‘mum’ and ‘dad ‘ by their followers.

“As a pastors child I had to learn to share my mum…she always put her family first but had to pastor many.’’ The post read in part.Pastors have a lot to give and their kids are always surrounded with a lot of love but they have to learn how to share their parents with others for they are considered parents by many,’’


Kenyans who have died mysteriously leaving their families in anguish years later

3. Emmy Kosgei

Emmy who is loved for her indigenous gospel music is a child of a pastor, her father. She recently shared a photo of her father preaching in Dallas, expressing her excitement at the fact that he was now comfortable and did not have to struggle as he is physically disabled.

He lost the use of his limbs after a polio attack.

My lovly daddy in Dallas doing what he is called to do …. ! Thank God for technology 🙌🙌🙌 now he has custom made electric chair for ease ,comfort,mobility and ability to speak comfortably at his age! Praise be to God🙏🙏”



4. Rev Natasha

She is an affirmation that the apple does not fall far from the tree as she has followed in her mothers footsteps of spreading the gospel.

Natasha is a minister at Oracle Of God while her mother is pastor with Maximum Miracle Center, and she is pastor Esther Wanjiru.


5. Andrew Muiru

Many might remember him for his energetic dancing performance back in the day, he is son to Maximum Melodies Pastor Pius Muiru.

What many do not know is that he is also a pastor himself, following keenly in his fathers foot steps.

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‘I love and celebrate you today,’ Emmy Kosgei’s husband turns 62 years

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei Nigerian husband Apostle Anselm Madubuko turned 62 years.

Apostle Madubuko shared a photo taken just before he cut the cake and wrote;

‘O what a day! Thanks Jesus!!!!’

In her message, Kosgei sent love to him.

‘AWWWW SEE WHOSE BIRTHDAY IT IS @amadubuko HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUSBAND OF ME 💝♥️ I love and celebrate you today and always !’

‘Today, I pay tribute to my on-screen partner,’ read Wilbroda’s emotional message to Papa Shirandula

Emmy Kosgei with her husband
Emmy Kosgei with her husband

Emmy celebrated her birthday few days ago.

She turned 40 years.

To celebrate her birthday, she shared her photo on social media, thanking God for taking care of her.

She captioned it,

“Hello, 40! Happy birthday to me. What shall I render to Jehovah?”

Her husband celebrated her, saying,

“Happy birthday my Nubian Queen! I love u plenty! Keep increasing on all sides of Jesus love.”

Emmy got married to the General Overseer of Revival Assembly Church six years ago.

Emmy says her husband loves her genuinely and that gives her more reasons to stay in love with him.

Check out youthful parents of your favorite celebrities (Photos)

We take a look at how youthful parents to our favorite Kenyan celebrities despite the fact that some of them are in their 70’s and others in their 50’s.

They say that the apple does not fall far from the tree and looking at these photos one can easily understand that saying given that a majority of the celebs have picked up the ‘good looks’ gene from their parents.

1. Nick Mutuma

Hard as it is to believe Nick Mutuma’s mum is 53 but looking at her one would easily think she is in her 30’s.

Celebrating his mum Mutuma says “53 looks great on you mama❤️😊” and it sure does look good on her.

Nick Mutuma

2. Emmy Kosgei

Emmy Kosgei and her mum

3. Lucy Natasha

The flamboyant pastor Natasha is a replica of her mother Pastor Esther Wanjiku, a senior pastor at Maximum Miracle Centre.

Rev Lucy Natasha and her mum

4. Janet Mbugua

Janet Mbugua’s dad is past 70 but he is still enjoying his youthful looks. Looking at Janet one would understand where she got her genes from given that she is sexy and classy with very little effort.

Janet Mbugua and her dad

5. Marya Prude

Willis Raburu’s mother in law is also ageing graceful. She would easily pass for a woman in her 30’s yet she is long past that age bracket.

Willis Raburu's mother in law


6. Willis Raburu

Willis Raburu’s dad still looks youthful despite the fact that he is past his 60’s. He celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary in 2018.


7. Sheila  Mwanyigha

They say like mother-like daughter and going by this photo the saying is true. Sheila and her mum would pass for sisters.



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‘Didn’t know that was the last time of hearing your laughter,’ Emmy Kosgei mourns

Emmy Kosgei is in mourning after losing her grandmother, the artiste who is based in Nigeria took to her social media platform to mourn her gogo.

She wrote

“Just the other day we spoke on phone 😢 didn’t know that was the last time of hearing your signature laughter… Rest with angels gogo tabaes ! 😢 😢 @naomichebet_ rem this🙌”

‘I don’t receive double money’ Akothee warns designers who want to exploit her

Emmy Kosgei

Babysitters reveal worst things they’ve done after being left in charge of children

Emmy is among celebrities who have lost a love one in the last few weeks ago, Timeless Noel recently lost his father who was admitted in ICU.

His dad is yet to be buried due to a pending medical bill, he has reached out to Kenyans to help him out so that he can give his father a befitting send off.

Her fans took the chance to send out their condolence messages and here are some of them

sambu_john: Mutyo missing Emmy… May her soul rest in peace

sophiejames7597: May she rest in peace

carolynemakan: Rip grandma (in Libya kukhu) till we meet at Jesus feet

emmblessed: My heartfelt condolences to you and your family….May her soul rest in peace.

tiraswaiyakithuku: My condolences. May see rest in peace.

nilohamitic: Always nice to honor the voice of the Holy spirit He’s the one who led u people to have that last talk,may her soul rest calmly

We at classic 105 send our condolence.

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Emmy Kosgei narrates how Paul Tergat saved her career

Emmy Kosgei ametoka mbali, this is despite the fact that today she commands attention even in foreign countries such as the US.

Creating and building her brand to what it is now has not been an easy journey.

That is why, it is hard to fathom that at one time, she struggled to pay 50,000 so as to have her video produced.

Emmy Kosgei

In a candid Instagram post she wrote

#myTESTIMONY 🚨This is a major #tbt launch of #TAUNETNELEL at St. Andrews church nairobi.This album was birthed with lots of tears!!😭😢I waa broke I couldn’t afford to pay one off for the production so I had managed to pay 250k to my video producer then #princecammedia,I didn’t have the balance of 50k so agreed that I pay it after the album launch.we went ahead and planned.. on friday I remember vividly I called to find out on the vcd/dvd copies progress… my producer then #paulmukoma told me he is out of town and the company is under new management! They can’t release the master if we don’t pay the balance!”

Emmy Kosgei
Emmy Kosgei

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She goes on to add that despite her tears and begging pleas everything seemed to have hit a  dead end until her knight in shining amour appeared.

“I begged and begged with no help.. this was evening,1 day to the concert,adverts are out..I couldn’t sleep,I cried helplessly,my parents were out of town,on Saturday morning I tried to beg but no luck, my dad sent cheque through his office the producer said the won’t take cheques🙉 he is in thika and we shouldn’t call if we don’t have cash😢😭😭 #God sent an angel,one of my big fans #paulTergat who called to find out if all is set for the concert!”

Emmy Kosgei

She adds

“I cried he asked why? I told him what happened he came to my rescue🙌🙌he told me to wait where I was,he went to the bank and gave me the cash 50k. Now I didn’t get my master till night,we produced copies in my house till 5am with my team! We were so tired,no sleep 😂😂we ministered at #npcvalleyroad 1st n2nd service! They bought all the DVDs …we headed straight to the concert. It was whaaat ! A major success! The hall was filled to the brim! God did it for us!! That’s why this album is unstoppable! #TAUNETNELEL bshp.#obonyo presided over and prophesied nations! See  what the lord has done today!”

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‘I didn’t get married just because I wanted kids’ Confesses Emmy Kosgei

Gospel artiste Emmy Kosgei has opened up on why she is not in a rush to have her own biological kids with her hubby five years after their marriage.

In an interview with Parent’s Magazine, she opened up about her marriage, revealing that compassion and love and some of the reasons she married the apostle.

According to Emmy, she did not get married just to have kids. However, she revealed that she is open to having kids someday as there is a lot of pressure imposed on her over getting her own babies.

“I didn’t get married just because I wanted to have kids. Relationships are about unions and destinies. If you are attached to the wrong person, it can affect your destiny permanently. I’m also very busy but yes, I do hope to have my children someday.”

‘We are not in a rush to get babies, we are still learning’ Mark Masai admits

According to Emmy, she does not regret her decision to marry the apostle and appreciates him for loving her genuinely and giving her reasons to stay in love.

Months ago Media personality Mark Maasai also opened up on why he and his wife have not had any kids yet despite the fact that they have already been married for three years.


He says

“We are still learning the ropes of marriage,We are not in any rush when it comes to babies, but I can assure you my soldiers are marching and as soon as the baby is here we shall let you know,”

Kambua has also on a few occasions tackled the children issue as she is also under ‘societal pressure’ to get kids. Sadly what most people do not know is that God is the giver of life and only him can decide when to bless you.

DJ Soxxy Opens Up About His Miracle Baby After Wifes Battle With PCOs



She said

“Motherhood is a calling. A great one. But it’s not the only one. Stop all this kosokoso of making people feel “less than” because they’re not mom’s, by choice or by circumstance.

it angers me when people keep being intrusive on issues such as when are you getting kids it upsets me because people don’t know what you are struggling with, people don’t even know whether you want to have children or not.

People don’t know if you can actually get children or not, There are so many women who are fighting infertility and I would wish that people be sensitized on this issue. It’s such a shame that we have become a down shaming society.”

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‘I am still amazed at how my mum overlooked my dad’s physical disabilities and married him’ Says Emmy Kosgei

Emmy Kosgei is speking out on how her mum is an inspiration.

During an interview with Malkia Africa Production, Emmy says that being in Nigeria has taught her a lot of things and she has also had to adapt to some things she was not used to.

“Nigerian fashion is very complicated given that they like heavy jewellery and accessories and coming from a place where people like keeping it cool i had to adapt.Nigerians like showing much by their dressing,their cultures showcase their women such that just by looking at someone’s wife you can be able to determine where she comes from and the kind of woman she is married to.”

Emmy Kosgei

Vera Sidika and other Kenyan celebrities whose breakup left many in shock

My motto in life is that Nothing is impossible with God. I have walked the journey of faith ever since I started my journey in music everything I have done in life is all about God.

Emmy goes on to strongly state that her mum is her biggest inspiration and she looks up to her in all possible ways

“My mum is my inspiration, I have grown to see my mum achieve much having brought us up having been married to my dad who is physically challenged.

I am still amazed at how she was able to overlook my dad’s physical disabilities , and marry him  even with the pressure from the society and his family on what she had seen in such a man.”

The artistes nostalgically describes how her mother stood by her dad until he cleared school

“She  married him and she has stood by him even as he studied at the university, we were also in school but she has been there through it all”

Emmy Kosgei’s parents

Meet the most celebrated DJ’s in Kenya and their kids: Photos

Emmy Kosgei’s mum

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‘I love you now and always’ Emmy Kosgei celebrates hubby on his birthday

Recently Kenyan gospel artiste Emmy Kosgei celebrated her birthday and this week she celebrates her husbands birthday as he turns 60.

Her husband Anslem Madubuko celebrated her with a beautiful message that left most of us envious given that the only messages we receive on our birthdays are reminders from Safaricom asking us to clear Mshwari loans.

The message read

“Happy birthday my love;u are one great girl with an incredible heart•May your years be long and easy, I will forever love u”

Emmy Kosgei cutting her birthday cake along side her husband
Emmy Kosgei cutting her birthday cake along side her husband

‘He deserves his privacy’ Avril says on exposing her son to social media

As we all know love is a give and take affair, you must put something in so that you will receive something in return. Emmy Kosgei has cultivated love in her marriage and as her husband celebrates his birthday, here is his wife’s message to him.

“Very happy birthday to mi love! My husband!My pillar!my cover! My pastor! My king 👑 ! The king of my kingdom! My man of God! @amadubuko A father to many.. God’s general! #apostletonations You are the best thing that happened to me! As you celebrate your big day today I celebrate you .. the person you are💋❤️ may God grant you many more years of grace! #impact #health #wealth as you take nations for Jesus! I love you now and always!❤️❤️❤️❤️ #happybirthdaylove❤️💋🎂🎊🎉


Classic 105’s Mimmy Khamis treated to a surprise birthday – photos

Here is a video of how they surprised him on his birthday

Madubuko’s followers also took the chance to wish the man of God  a happy birthday

salbaibe…Eh hiyo yote ni ya mtu mmoja jameni kupendwa raha happiest Birthday to your better half @emmykosgei
ladykorir….Happy 60th birthday General Apostle @amadubuko . May you grow from day to day in strength, wisdom and knowledge as blessings overtake you and grace and mercy follow you.
angelavladimirskay…Happy birthday dearest man of God! Be bless more and more 🔥💥🔥 @amadubukorevvictoradeyemiI salute God’s general Apostle Anselm as he turns 60 today. Your life has been a HUGE blessing to the world and to our ministry. I truly honor and celebrate you. May you keep soaring from glory to glory in Jesus name.
jullezkenei…Awwww….. Powerful message a very happy birthday to him may he have a very long life full of good health and blessings upon him be filled and flow over.

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‘Happy birthday my love’ Emmy Kosgei’s husband pens down sweet note on her birthday

Kenyan gospel artiste based in Nigeria Emmy Kosgei celebrated her birthday over the weekend with her hubby pastor Madubuko and friends and family.

Emmy had been excited about her big day and finally it came to pass and she couldn’t be more grateful than she was as her loved ones came together to celebrate it with her.

Emmy Kosgei


‘I pray you live longer to see what you put me through’ Huddah pens to jealousy ‘friends’

She wrote

“It’s my birthday hurayyyyy!!!!!!! 🎁🎂🎈🎉🍰💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼Thank you Jesus for the new year! New age! I’m so grateful for the gift of life … so greatly to Yeshua

Among those who celebrated her with sweet birthday messages include Pastor Madubuko the love of her life.

“Happy birthday my love;u are one great girl with an incredible heart•May your years be long and easy. I will forever love u!
Do join me to wish her same.”

Close pals Kambua and DR Ofweneke did not forget her big day.

Emmy Kosgei

Here are more messages from local celebs and her fans

“drofwenekeTHE EAGLE | My Mommy!! The purest at heart of them all! I celebrate you Ma’ As you celebrate you birthday I pray that you future days will be better than you past days.God shall come thru for in ways you couldn’t imagine. Know you are treasured and loved.Happy Birthday @emmykosgei Bragadoziaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

Emmy Kosgei cutting her birthday cake along side her husband
Emmy Kosgei cutting her birthday cake along side her husband

“kambuamuziki*Birthday Alert* Mrs. Madubuko! aka Emmy wetu aka gorgeous Queen @emmykosgei . Happy birthday!! May this be a GREAT year for you. Expanded territories and all that your heart desires! Nakupenda and I celebrate the woman that you are. HAPPY BIRTHDAY  #2018 #birthdaylove #Julybabies #aliveinHim “

jadigiuseppe….Happy birthday beautiful, may you always shine under Gods name and protection

judie_daimond…@emmykosgei Happy Birthday Mama Emmy Kosgei. May the lord cont to bless you queen with all your hearts desires.

lilyronoh_waweru…Happy birthday Tete may the new year bring with it good tidingsms_estaHappy birthday Mama Emmy! Our own African queen. keep winning

lovelynagbor…Happy birthday. God bless your new age.

terryrehem_…She is a gemstone blessed of the Lord today and always. Happy birthday Emmy . More grace

vivian.augustine.18…Happy birthday my queen i celebrate u nw and always

kageha_amayoti…Happy happy birthday Mama!!

ksbeautymakeover…Happy birthday ma wishing you all the best in life with gud health in Jesus Name Amen

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‘Thank you for always being there for me’ Emmy Kosgei praises hubby

It is said that he who finds a good wife/husband finds favour before the lord and this seems true for our own gospel artiste Emmy Kosgei and her husband.

The couple, who tied the knot in August 29, 2013, seem to be going strong despite constant attack by nay sayers over their marriage. During a recent concert enkayliveinconcert2018 Emmy (below) took the opportunity to celebrate her husband who has been by her side.

‘I ordered for Ruth but I got a Jezebel’ cries man who married slay queen

Emmy Kosgei

Here is the sweet post she wrote to the love of her life pastor Madubuko

“Thank you darling for always being there for me and giving me 1001%support! Despite your busy schedule and your status… my growth,excellence in my gifting has always been your no.1 interest,I have for sure grown and still growing..


thank you for allowing me use my brand and my brand name .. I don’t take it for granted… love you always! Nkem ❤️❤️❤️❤️💋 @amadubuko Dr.ApostleGeneral”

Emmy Kosgei is well celebrated both in Kenya and in Nigeria for her uplifting gospel music which she mostly sings in her native language and her undying zeal in wanting to spread the gospel.

Recently Kenyan gospel artistes have been under harsh criticism for singing songs that many have termed as ‘lacking in content’ making many doubt the motive of the artistes.

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Emmy Kosgei’s Prayer On Marriage Will Make You Resist Married Men

Award-winning gospel singer Emmy Kosgei and her pastor husband Apostle Anselm Madubuko, the General Overseer of Revival Assembly Church are madly in love with each other.

The power couple, who never shy away from displaying their affection for each other in public, always post pics on their social media to the annoyance of many. Despite their age difference, they have managed to sail through and recently, Emmy Kosgei wrote about something that left her fans speculating if there was problems in paradise.

“..What God has put together let no #man #woman #child #uncle #friend #etc put a sunder! .. ❤ till death do them part! Let them be jarre😂😂😂 anyone coming in between two that God has put together catch fire! 🔥🔥🔥🔥die ooooooo. .naombea ndoa zote… Ni hayo tu!” read Emmy’s post accompanied by the photo below.

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei ‘on her knees ‘ in show of humility to husband

Emmy Kosgei and her husband
Emmy Kosgei and her husband

In another post she wrote;

“Sometimes in life its those small things that matter! They make alot of difference… relationship is gud when we don’t complicate it, enjoy it and make it work ..make it suit you, it’s not what society/relatives say.. it’s what the two of you want! You either make it or break it!..compromise, make room for each other, aspire to make each other happy! To be happy is a choice 😍😍😍😛😜 God should always be the centre!”

Emmy Kosgei
Emmy Kosgei with her husband Apostle Anselm Madubuko

Emmy Kosgei and Madubuko got married in 2013 and it seems their love is still strong. They are a perfect match made in heaven.

Emmy Kosgei
Emmy Kosgei with her husband Apostle Anselm Madubuko

“Humility is never a weakness in life.. pride as they say comes before a fall, it doesn’t hurt to humble yourself, it doesn’t take anything out of you it actually adds! You remain a rib and helper to him regardless of your status financially or otherwise, must you be right always? Must your point come through always? Must you announce your contribution in your marriage? Must it be known that you do all things? Learn to tame your character, learn to bite your tongue. Treat him like a king👑 that he is, love and honor him…. some little acts look foolish but it adds value! Do it out of love! Wisdom is profitable! Step down from 7th floor,” she added.


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Daddy You Are Priceless! Emmy Kosgei Pens Down A Moving Message To Her Dad

Emmy Kosgei is among the most celebrated Kenyan Gospel artistes but moved to Nigeria when she got married. The Taunet Nelel hit maker is living a happily married life to her Nigerian Apostle Anselm Madubuko whom she got married to in 2013.

Emmy Kosgei

She has been doing well in the gospel music industry despite her living in Nigeria and she recently came back to her mother land for various interviews and dropping her new song.

Emmy took her time to go visit her father Bishop Kosgei of the World Wide Gospel Church and also managed to take pictures with her young looking father.

Emmy Kosgei

The two seemed happy together and many would say that Emmy really enjoys her father’s company.

She wrote a moving message to her dad captioning a picture together saying:

Emmy Kosgei

My bestfriend my daddy my mentor my icon my man ofGod my pastor my cover trailblazer record braker historymaker you have re written history..my world! Daddy you are priceles!!! I love you to the moon and back! You are the best daddy in the entire world… hats off LEMBUSINNOTI KIBETUORIGINAL 🙌🙌🙌 💋💋💋❤❤❤❤😗😗😗😗🙌🙌🙌”

Check out reactions from fans:

Ndungu: Wow great pastor God bless him

Anita: Awws dis picture is everything👌❣❣❣❣❣💋💋

Liz: May God bless and continue to keep till eternity. More grace and strength in Jesus name

Rachael:  please pass my greetings to my favorite person here…your Daddy. You both might not know me but I do. Such a humble man and a blessing. He reminds me of serving God faithfully and never giving up👏🙏🏿

Kosonei: Wow, that’s great happy to see that Great minister of the Word


Here Are Photos Of Emmy Kosgei And Her ‘Ancestor’ Husband That Will Leave You Dying Of Jealousy

Talented gospel singer Emmy Kosgei broke the hearts of many Kenyan men after she got married to Nigerian tycoon Apostle Anselm Madubuko in a colourful wedding ceremony at Windsor Golf Club in 2013.

The award-winning singer then moved to Nigeria where she is currently staying. The power couple, who are always globe-trotting spreading the gospel, have become the envy of the town.

Mapenzi Mubashara! Emmy Kosgei And Tycoon Hubby Celebrate 4 Year Anniversary

Apostle Anselm Madubuko, the General Overseer of Revival Assembly Church, is in love with his youthful wife and he always shares photos of her on his social media account.

Their love is a true definition of the saying that age is just but a number.

Here are romantic photos of Emmy Kosgei and Apostle Anselm Madubuko that you must see


Emmy Kosgei


Emmy Kosgei


Emmy Kosgei






Emmy Kosgei


Emmy Kosgei









Emmy Kosgei


Emmy Kosgei


Emmy Kosgei


Emmy Kosgei


Emmy Kosgei


Emmy Kosgei


Emmy Kosgei



Emmy Kosgei

Mapenzi Mubashara! Emmy Kosgei And Tycoon Hubby Celebrate 4 Year Anniversary

Emmy Kosgei and tycoon husband Apostle Anselm Madubuko are celebrating 4 years of marriage.

On 31st August 2013, Kosgei walked down the aisle to the love of her life, who is a Nigerian preacher and since then, the two have been showing off their love life on social media as they enjoy wedded bliss.

Their traditional wedding was one of the most expensive ones ever experienced in Kenya which was then followed by a white wedding in Nigeria.

The Man Of God took to social media to celebrate his queen:

“Happy anniversary bae…. U are my best forever my Nubian queen. Great heart. Great person. I love u!”

The two are yet to get kids but from what we know, they are a happily married couple:

Here is Kosgei’s newest song Papa:

Emmy Kosgei’s hubby Pastor Madubuko does something sweet for Kenyans

Emmy Kosgei is a renowned  gospel artist known for her hit song such as Taunet Nelel and O’lolo. She comes from the Rift Valley Province. She jetted in with her hubby, Apostle Anselm Madubuko ahead of the elections tomorrow.


She joined in prayers for the country for a peaceful election, the leaders and Kenyan’s at large at the Kiserian yesterday hosted by Apostle Anselm.

This comes at a time when everybody is praying and asking for peace all over and urging one another not to shed blood or hate on each other despite of whoever one will vote for.

Elections will come and go and people will go back to their normal activities and at the end of the day, Kenya will remain being Kenya.

Taking Kenyan’s into the hands of God, the said musician was also part of the prayers.

Emmy wrote on social media, “We continue with prayers for Kenya! Lets connect this powerful prayer and declaration for elections by apostle Anselm Madubuko yesterday in Kiserian! Kenya shall be safe, there will be no bloodshed. Kenya will not burn, we decree any satanic sacrifices, satanic alters and manipulation will not take anybody to the throne of Kenya!”

She added, “Satanic covenants will fail those that have done it, those that have bowed to foreign gods…those that have compromised with blood to rule, may your mighty power be stretched now, you will fight them! Disappoint the demons of blood, we feed them with the blood of Jesus, they will not drink innocent blood! We super impose the prophetic purpose at this time for Kenya! Blood of Jesus over any sacrifices offered on blood of innocent people! We allign the entire leadership, president, deputy president, all houses to the will of God!”