Ellen DeGeneres’ mother, shares her regret on daughters’ sexual abuse by her step dad

Ellen DeGeneres’ mother has told of her regret at not believing her daughter when she confided in her she was being raped.

At age 15 Ellen confided in her mother that she was being sexually abused by her stepfather.

Ellen, 61, made the claims on Netflix’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman where she said that her stepfather groped her breasts several times when she was a young teenager by claiming to be looking for lumps.

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Her mother Betty, who is a breast cancer survivor, did not initially believe her when she told her and stayed with him for 18 years.

She did not name her stepfather during the interview.

In 1973, when Ellen was the age she was when she says the attack happened, her mother married Texas salesman Roy Grussendorf. He died in 1997.

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 On Friday, Betty shared a statement urging other parents not to do what she did.

I know now that one of the hardest things to do is speak up after being sexually abused. 

I love my daughter, and I wish I had the capacity to listen to her when she told me what happened.

She adds

I live with that regret, and I wouldn’t want that for any other parent.

If someone in your life has the courage to speak out, please believe them,’ she told NBC

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International celebrities who have visited Kenya in 2018 (Photos)

This year has been quite good for the Kenyan tourism industry. Many international celebrities have graced our mother land for different reasons and some of them have made sure to have made some impact while at it.

Below are some of the international celebrities who have visited Kenya,

1. Rita Ora

2. Ellen Degeneres

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 3. Naomi Campbell


4. Richard Quest

5. Obama

6. Melania Trump


7. Keri Hilson


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Ellen Degeneres meets Rwandan President Paul Kagame (Photos)

American Tv host Ellen Degeneres’s visit to Kenya was pretty low key and we were all caught off guard when she posted pics on her Instagram

Well, she has since left Kenya and is in Rwanda. She paid a courtesy call to Rwanda President Paul Kagame, who was overjoyed to meet her and wife Porscha.


She is in Rwanda to oversee the initial stages of the construction of the Ellen Degeneres campus that will be dedicated to the late Dian Fossey’s work in Rwanda.

The campus will support conservation of mountain gorillas.

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Michelle Obama, Kevin Hart And Other Big Celebs Surprise Ellen DeGeneres For Her 60th Birthday

Globally acclaimed comedian Ellen DeGeneres recently turned 60. On her show yesterday, several celebrities showed up with sweet surprises on the show. These included Michelle Obama, Kevin Hart and Channing Tatum. However, the highlight of the show was when her wife made her cry.

Ellen’s actress wife Portia de Rossi gave her what is arguably the best gift of the night. If you are the comedian’s number one fan, you can tell that she loves animals. Her wife set up a foundation for wild animals in her name – The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund.

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“It’s your 60th birthday and this gift had to be really special and it had to represent who you are and what you really care about,” Portia said. “Not just now, but what you’ve always cared about. What you were influenced by and what has made you the amazing person that you are today. So, I combined that and questions when we first met like, ‘Who’s your idol? And what would you do if you weren’t a talk show host?'”

This made Ellen burst into tears as the screen in the background beams with the gifts.

Watch the video:

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Ellen DeGeneres Reveals She Was The Victim Of Bullying In Hollywood When She Came Out In 1997

She’s been happily married to wife Portia de Rossi since 2008.

But Ellen DeGeneres has opened up on the cruel bullying she faced from some of her Hollywood peers when she first came out as gay back in 1997,

The chat show host, actress and producer, 59, revealed she feel into a ‘severe depression’ as she struggled to cope with the attention surrounding her personal life during a new interview with the September issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.


Ellen explained: ‘The bullying I endured [in Hollywood] after I came out made up for the lack of it during my childhood. I can’t believe I came back from that point.

‘I moved out of LA, went into a severe depression, started seeing a therapist and had to go on antidepressants for the first time in my life.

‘It was scary and lonely. All I’d known for 30 years was work, and all of a sudden I had nothing. Plus, I was mad. It didn’t feel fair – I was the same person everyone had always known.


‘I can’t believe where my life is now. I don’t know what people are saying about me, and I don’t want to know, because I don’t care. My motto is, “I do my best. You can be with me or not”.’

As one of Hollywood’s most powerful women, Ellen learned at a young age that it was easy and important to practice kindness.

She added: ‘I grew up in a pretty religious family, and the one thing I heard every Sunday was “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you”.


‘To me, still, that’s the golden rule to live by, and it’s not something to work at, either. It’s just the way we should live.

‘If we don’t, it’s chaos… Anger and aggression weaken you, because they take so much energy to hold in place, but kindness is a strength [that] makes you more serene.’

DeGeneres married actress Portia De Rossi, 44, in 2008 after nearly four years of dating.

‘Scandal’ Promotes Portia de Rossi to Series Regular for Season 5

If you are a Scandal fanatic I am sure you already caught up with the finale episode of season 4 (if you haven’t yet watched Shonda Rhimes just redeemed the series). The final episode that came out Thursday revealed that Portia de Rossi has been promoted to series regular on the ABC political soap. Her character was bound to take a major turn at the end of the season and now she will be a regular in season 5.

According to Hollywood reporter De Rossi’s character was described as an “arc” at the beginning of season four when she came on board playing Elizabeth North. She was serving as the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee and most recently when the show was about to end, she served as the campaign manager for the first lady Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young).

In Thursdays show(spoiler alert) Portia was appointed president Fitzgerald Grant’s (Tony Goldwin) chief of staff after replacing Cyrus(Jeff Perry) who was fired. “I think Elizabeth’s end game is that she wants what is best for her country,” de Rossi told The Hollywood Reporter during a set visit earlier this season. “She is a patriot. She is careful. She really cares about her party, keeping her party together and she believes that she’s doing the right thing. That’s what makes her such a complex character — she genuinely believes that even if she has to play a little dirty, it’s worth it for the end goal, for the overall betterment of the country.”

For Scandal, adding de Rossi as a regular comes after a season in which the series formally said farewell to Columbus Short — whose character was killed off in the season three finale after Short was charged with domestic abuse following what he called a struggle with drugs.

(Additional information:hollywood reporter)