Former TV Presenter Unveils Her New Mzungu Boyfriend

Her life is an open book, known for speaking her mind the best way she knows how. Elizabeth Irungu is not new to controversies, it is something she knows too well about from getting conned and almost being left penniless to coming out in public admitting being a victim of assault.


This former TV siren is at it again. She is currently touring Europe and it seems she got lucky and has found love, this comes weeks after mentioning names of her boyfriends who assaulted her physically.

But Why Are Men Always Threatening Me’? Former TV Anchor Talks Of Being Threatened By Boyfriends

In a post on social media she introduces her main man but she made it clear that this time is different from what she is used to:

 My main boyfriend (si wale wangu wa kawaida wa Kenya wenye mumezoea kuniona na hao ama kusoma kwa tabloids) the main squeeze in my life right now,used to play for a football club in Germany and later England but is currently retired from professional football and presently works as a boss at an International bank in Europe so don’t expect me to ever put his pics on my public social media! NOP NEVER! I simply won’t

She talks of how a boyfriend has to go through her hotel’s back door dressed in sunglasses and a cap to minimize the attention from the paparazzi. From the look of things he is not just anybody.


She went on and gave hints to the ‘wadakus’ as she called them. Let’s hope the few guesses we have can unmask this mystery man.

1. He was in FIFA news a few years back for hurting his knee in a tournament which led to his retirement from professional football forever!

2. He is known to be a humble guy within the football community! Jamaa down-to-earth doesn’t like flashy things. Sio show off kama mimi

3. He is close friends with an English footballer who later became an actor!

4. He is aged between 35 and 48

5. Some silly American magazine once featured him in 2013 as ‘hunk of the month’ coz ‘tufisilets’ over there find him hot or handsome or wareva! Lol!

She went and said that her dad was the only one in the family who knew about him, not even her siblings. Her dad advised her to keep their private lives off the public eye and never to post pictures of bae and her, but we all know ‘sweetie’ is really good at keeping secrets.

She shared photos of her latest catch and covered his face using emoji’s



They usually say out of sight out of mind, but Irungu holds onto memories and took her time to give a special shout out to her ‘Tuboyfriend’s’

As or my Kenyan beaus,TUKO PAMOJA! Msijali!Tano tena! Solidarity forever wapenzi!Kaeeni chonjo my baby beaus back home! Tuboyfriends twangu twa home sijawasahau As for my Kenyan beaus,TUKO PAMOJA! Msijali! Tano tena! Solidarity forever wapenzi! Kaeeni chonjo my baby beaus back home!Tuboyfriends twangu twa home sijawasahau

‘But Why Are Men Always Threatening Me’? Former TV Anchor Talks Of Being Threatened By Boyfriends

Elizabeth Irungu is not new to controversies. The former TV siren came out just the other day and said how she was almost left penniless. Weeks later, she talks of threats by her ex lovers.


Sweety, as she commonly refereed to, is known for speaking her mind and her life is an an open book. She once came out and publicly ashamed her boyfriend who assaulted her physically.

She took to social media to vent her disappointment and even shared photos of the unfortunate incident.

 Former TV Presenter Reveals How She Was Conned

She is current in Europe and just like what many celebrities do, she is taking photos and captioning the special moments. It looks like her boyfriend is not happy following a photo she took dancing the mountains in Europe.




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My boyfriend has just said to me on WhatsApp ati nikirudi home atanichapa anirushe kwa pit latrine na ajengee cement floor hapo juu aiiiii He just watched the video of me dancing in the mountains of Europe!

But why are men always threatening me? 

I mean mimi sijawahii sema nitachapa mtu yoyote kwa maisha yangu! My ex-lover Abdie for instance just 2 wks back said to me ati atani kanyagia chini! Aiiii Unaeza aje kanyaga mtu surely?! Unakanyaga mtu na viatu?!!!

My other ex Feii said last Friday ati atanirusha kutoka kwa balcony yake nianguke from 3rd floor! Aiiiii urushe mtu kutoka 3rd floor??? 

Eish why are some people always thinking of such extreme things to do to someone else?YA’AL NEED SOME JESUS IN YOUR LIVES!!! I particularly i’m always getting threatened by boyfriends!

*Pic was taken in Dubai right before I left for Abu Dhabi that night.”




Former TV Presenter Reveals How She Was Conned

Desperate times for desperate measures and this is one thing a former tv girl is learning. I guess it’s due to the hard economic times that people  (conmen) are using all manner of tricks to make some mulla.

A former TV presenter Elizabeth Irungu has found herself almost penniless after a conman swindled her.



The controversial presenter wrote a long post on social media explaining how she fell a victim to con-men and asked her followers what they would do if found in a similar situation:

Here’s what she said:

What a day! So today morning i called up my curio supplier and he didn’t pick up my calls! After many attempts,i decided what the hell,si gikosh ni hapa tu Eastleigh;just two mats away! I decided to hop on a mathree and just go there myself directly to his shop coz afterall jamaa hashiki simu zangu and i need supplies ASAP!

Kufika huko i found a stranger in the shop,said hi to him and asked where my usual guy is! He’s like,”mgani huyo?”…I am like,”si mwenye hapa!” He’s like,”me ndio mwenye hapa! Mwenye hapa mgani tena?”

SHOCK ON ME! Kumbe last 3 years or so,i have been dealing with a random broker tu 😂 So now i bought directly from the actual shop owner auuuuuwwwwiiiiisema PRICE INFLATION!!! Yaani vitu me hununua hapo na 40k is actually about 18k worth of stock 😮 Kitu me huuziwa na soh ni 30bob 😂 Ai Ai Ai sema watu kujua survival hii Nbi! LOL!!!

A part of me is mad at the guy for this but another side of me is secretly proud of his wits! That he can be sooo smart like that and not go to bed hungry in Nbi lol! Afterall i also take the stock for profit.

Guys what should i do when he finally calls me back? Ungekuwa mimi ungedoo nini mtu kama huyu aki??? 😅 Aiiii NAIROBI HII IKONA WENYEWE!!!

Here is the advice and comments on her sad situation:

Ken Ogweno Hii ni Nairobi bana,akili mjini nguvu kijijijni ama namna gani my fren????😂😂😂😂😂

Oranjo Sonko jamaa ako tu sawa. Aliongezea tu za ferare

Ina Rukaaw Struck deals with this guy…survival tactics amezimaster vidangerous😅make him your loyal ally

Sev Muriithi Hahahaaaa! 😀 #Liz mark him as your hero juz 4 sometime…….. Ako juu….

Mohamed Mohamud Alass He only outsmarted you what a survivor he never did anything wrong it was your fault not t be extra careful with business dealings

‘Sweetie’ as she is commonly referred to is known for speaking her mind and giving zero chills to the haters. Despite the awful incident she is thankful that she was able to save a lot of money.


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