Fascinating facts about Eliud Kipchoge you didn’t know

Eliud Kipchoge made Kenya and the whole proud after he became the first man to run a marathon in less than 2 hours in the Ineos challenge.

Below are some interesting facts about Kenya’s greatest athlete;

He lost his father when he was young
He is the last born of five siblings and has no memory of his father as he died when he was very young. He and his siblings were raised by his mother who was a nursery school teacher.

His childhood was marred by poverty
Eliud’s mother struggled to fend for the family and often the family went through some tough times. Eliud would have to run almost six kilometres every day to get to the nearest primary school.

The athlete running
The athlete running

His first job was as a milk vendor
When he left high school in 1999, he got a job where he was supposed to collect milk from the villagers and cycle for 20kilometres to Kapsabet town. He would get paid one shilling for every one litre that he transported. After five months, he had saved enough to buy his first pair of running shoes and sporting gear.

Athletics legend Patrick Sang played a huge role in his success
After his first major win in a 10km marathon, Mr. Sang gifted him with a stopwatch, training gear and most importantly, a training program which was instrumental in helping him develop the discipline and dedication he has.

He is doing it for mankind – Maina admirably says about Eliud Kipchoge

He is still a young man
Looking at his face you might conclude that he is an old man, but he is just 34 with a beautiful wife and three children. Kipchoge refers to himself as an old soul.

The athlete posing with his pacemakers
The athlete posing with his pacemakers

His Net Worth
Eliud has won 11 of the 12 marathons he has entered. He has won at the Olympics and broken the marathon record by 1min 39secs. His on-track net worth is estimated to be Sh 250 million. Below is the prize money he has earned after winning some major races.

Berlin marathon (2013, 2015, 2017, 2018)- 20 million Kenya shillings.

London Marathon won all races – 16.5 million shillings.

He is humble
Eliud Kipchoge has remained as humble despite his success and fame. He is soft spoken, holds the Kenyan flag and the people in high regard and has managed to stay away from trouble despite his celebrity status.

His training regimen

He is extremely inflexible-After an easy morning run (16km in 1hr10mins) with a group, most of them are fairly flexible in the hamstrings while he couldn’t keep up.

Warm ups/cool downs-Eliud rarely runs more than 15mins (approx 3km) and often closer to just 10mins (approx 2km). It appears that Kipchoge’s training squad to not put any emphases on adding mileage to warm ups/cool downs.

eliud kipchoge wins london marathon

He rarely pushes himself to the limit-It certainly seems that Eliud rarely pushes himself 100% in training. Three times per week (Tues, Thurs, Sat – see training week for more details) he ran hard, but he rarely pushed himself to the limit.

He ran his long tempo runs of 40km+ on an empty stomach-Every morning at 6:10am, they start their morning run. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays it’s a hard workout and on the other days, its easy-medium.

He drinks a lot of tea (with lots of sugar)-Eliud drinks a lot of tea. Before training, after training, and at least two more servings per day of tea, with at least 15g of sugar in each serving with no reason behind it.

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Details of Eliud Kipchoges thrilling Sh2million ride with Lewis Hamilton


Athlete Eliud Kipchoge lived out his fantasies in Abu Dhabi this past weekend.

The ‘no human is limited’ star was among Kenyans invited by Mercedes MAG F1 to witness the thrills of the Grand Prix.

Eliud met world champion Lewis Hamilton and was among the lucky ones to be taken for a lap on the track.

The experience is referred to as hot lap, and isn’t cheap according to our research.

Pirelli, Global Tyre Partner of Formula 1 offers such an experience.

It costs from 15,000 dollars for a lap in the circuit with an experienced driver.

If you have deep pockets, you can get to ride the Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz and McLaren supercars you will be required to sign a waiver, should any crash happen.

Next you will handed a helmet, belted in then taken through what will happen on the track.

Those with cash can also pay extra to rub shoulders with the elite. for instance Pirelli charges Sh700,000 for a three-day pass that includes indulging in all of the lobster, champagne etc.

That could cost a coll 22,000 dollars, or better yet Sh2.2million.

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Yvonne Okwara recounts how Saint Kipchoge aided in her grieving

Yvonne Okwara is one of those women who is well respected in the media industry for her hard-hitting and take no prisoner’s journalistic style.

Yesterday, the charismatic Citizen TV anchor showed a softer side as she shared an inspiring tale on the impact that Eliud Kipchoge’s record-setting run on Saturday had on her.

The marathoner smiling as he crosses the line
Eliud smiling as he crosses the line

Eliud Kipchoge is becoming like the man who can do no wrong! Can he also cure cancer? Yvonne confessed to her fellow news gang presenters about how she was forced to delay her late brother’s memorial to celebrate Kipchoge’s sub-two-hour INEOS 1:59 Challenge in Vienna, Austria.

Check out how Yvonne Okwara is effortlessly slaying at 36 – Photos

She explained that her family had converged to commemorate her brother’s one-year passing. ‘This is a very personal moment for me. I lost my brother a year ago and Kipchoge’s feat found us at the most unlikely place. I will get emotional but I’ll try and tell this story. On Saturday, October 12, we had a memorial for my deceased brother by the graveside, but we had our phones with us. We literally delayed the occasion as we were to start it at 11 am, same time as Kipchoge’s special moment.’ Yvonne related.

The anchor looking great
Yvonne Okwara

Even during such a sorrowful moment, the anchor recalled that the heroic moment had given her and her family a moment of joy. ‘My uncles, aunts, mum, and cousins went wild with celebrations after Kipchoge won. We were literally celebrating by the graveside,’ Okwara stated.

The marathoner running
Eliud Kipchoge

Her family then went on with the planned memorial after witnessing the historic record being set up. Okwara said that they were not the only family that interrupted their mourning to watch Kipchoge run. She recalled that the other family came by our side to celebrate then went off to pray. ‘One guy shouted 1: 59 twice in honour of Kipchoge and then recited The father, Son and Holy Spirit and they walked away celebrating. That was a simple hilarious prayer in an unlikely place around the graveyard,” Okwara narrated.

Yvonne Okwara in blue
Yvonne Okwara in blue

Okwara isn’t one to get a favour without giving out appreciation, telling Eliud, ‘I want to thank Kipchoge for making such a hard moment that easier.’

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Mkenya halisi! Eliud Kipchoge flies using KQ despite shade from Zari

Eliud Kipchoge is the man of the moment, a man who can do no wrong after his heroic and historic run this past weekend where he run a marathon distance in under two hours.

Since his record-breaking fete last Saturday, Kipchoge has been on the international media circuit being the toast of the town, with bigwigs like CNN hosting him.

The marathoner smiling as he crosses the line
Eliud smiling as he crosses the line

But he finally is back in Kenya! His mode of transport back into the country will most likely irk Zari Hassan who complained bitterly about Kenya Airways yesterday.

Read Eliud Kipchoge’s sweet message to his wonderful wife

The mother of 5 derided the airline for the suffering she has endured using them. She wrote;

‘So disappointed in Kenya Airlines. I’ve been loyal, but you always do me wrong. The other times I’ve ignored, but not today. All my perfumes i received as gifts from my friends in Dubai just disappeared. What am i supposed to wear for my meeting?” wondered Zari. Let’s not ignore the fact that your flights are always delayed and no explanations is (SIC) given to passengers, still I ignored. I’ve never been on a KQ flight that is on time. Shame on you. @officialkenyaairways you have my return date better make sure someone finds me in the lounge and return what belongs to me. I didn’t travel for free, you set me back $2440, now i want what’s mine back Periodt! And we will end this relationship in peace,” she lamented.

The socialite with blonde hair
Zari with blonde hair

But Kipchoge is a proud patriot and used our esteemed and much-maligned airline to come back home! Kenya Airways should thank him as his actions might help the airline staunch the bad publicity the popular Ugandan unleashed yesterday.

Eliud Kipchoge
Eliud Kipchoge on the start line

Check out more of the pictures below;

The marathoner on the plane
The marathoner on the plane
Eliud Kipchoge on the plane
The marathoner on the plane

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List of athletic records thought impossible to break

Eliud Kipchoge made Kenyans and the whole world proud this past weekend when he became the first man to run the marathon distance in under 2 hours.

This achievement was thought of as impossible by most including legendary great Paul Tergat. He did it with his winning mantra being, ‘no human is limited!’

Below are some records that some have considered albeit unbreakable but may soon be broken with Eliud’s recent achievement. They are;

Wilt Chamberlain-The basketballer snatched down an incredible 55 rebounds in a game against the Boston Celtics.

Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points in a single game-To have the skill to score 100 points in a game is a rarity in itself. Also, Chamberlain had a distinct advantage with what defenses were allowed to do back then. Also, his height and power helped too.


Pelé’s 1,281 career goals-If you include all the goals Pelé scored on international tours with the New York Cosmos, Santos, and the Brazilian armed forces, his career total in goals is an insane 1,281.

Florence Griffith Joyner, 100mts, 1988-In the U.S. trials in Indianapolis in July she blitzed the world record with 10.49 seconds.

Florence Griffith Joyner, Women’s 200metres, 21.34 secondsThe American broke it in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul and then, in the final, produced a stunning run, blasting clear of the field in the second half of the race.

Florence Joyner winning the race
Florence Joyner winning the race

Marita Koch, Women’s 400 metresMarita Koch (East Germany)-The brilliant East German had already broken the record five times before she set what remains an unbelievable mark of 47.60 in Canberra, Australia in 1985. The fact that East Germany were later revealed to have been operating a state-sponsored doping program has cast obvious doubt over the legitimacy of Koch’s time.

Jarmila Kratochvilova, Women’s 800 metres-The Czech was 32 when she broke the record in Munich in 1983, knocking almost a second and a half off her previous best, set three years beforehand. Kratochvilova set a mark that no one has got within seven-tenths of a second since.

Revealed: Eliud Kipchoge’s diet at training camp before his 1:59 attempt

 Galina Chistyakova, Women’s long jump-Chistyakova competed for the Soviet Union and managed to break a record held by Heike Dreschler before going on to set a mark of 7.52. Though the margin of her advantage of the next best is not huge, no one has jumped within 10centimers of her record since 2002.

Man explains why Kalenjin men don’t hug or live with wives

Tradition still plays a big role in the life of athlete Eliud Kipchoge as described by a close family friend.

A man, called in to the Classic morning show to dispel rumors why Kipchoge didn’t hug his wife with as much enthusiasm as expected by Kenyans.

It’s a small thing, you must realize this, Kipchoge was running at 21.4 km per hour, this is a human being he does not have breaks, how was he to slow down, was it through the hug? He could have knocked down the wife, and we didn’t want casualties.

Nagging and Clingy: Why Kalenjin men dump wives in ushago

What exactly does this have to do with his culture?


Kipchoge comes from the Kalenjin community, a sub tribe called Nandi, clan called Talai.Talai people do not live with their wives. They are not supposed to stay with their wives In fact if it were not for that plan given by the billionaire which came directly to Kapseret because the wife had the chance to get a free lift to Vienna the wife could not have gone to Vienna with the children. Even the mother to Kipchoge remained at home she was watching at home so in this case you are only blaming us for nothing surely about this hug, It is the custom first of all this was the first marathon the wife watched live, she is not supposed to accompany (in our tribe we say) when you are going to war there are two things we are not supposed to do: you are not supposed to accompany yourself with a wife, that one is a bad omen or when you go to war and then you find a woman in your way you are supposed to run away


The things a Kalenjin man will do for a baby boy (AUDIO)

Is this really a thing in this century asked Maina in disbelief?

Kipchoge was in line with the customs and that is why he has gone that far If Kipchoge could have been accompanying with the wife this long he would be nothing

‘Worth making a comeback for’ Jacque Maribe makes mysterious return to social media

What does he mean when he says that men from that clan don’t live with their wives?

Did you ever hear of Nandi freedom fighter Koitalel Arap Samoei? That was a very superpower clan in our community. Kipchoge by the way can even know if he is going to win or not. That is why the INEOS 159 challenge was so obvious to him. So those people when they are doing their own thing (I don’t want to disclose too much) they are not supposed to stay with their wives.

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Read Eliud Kipchoge’s sweet message to his wonderful wife

Eliud Kipchoge did something no human in recorded history had ever done! The man run a marathon distance in less than 2 hours.

The father of three completed the 42 km marathon in 1:59:40. Sir Jim Ratcliffe a British tycoon whose company sponsored Eliud Kipchoge’s Ineos 1:59 Challenge was also present.

The marathoner hugging British Billionaoire Jim Ratcliffe
Eliud Kipchoge hugging British Billionaire Jim Ratcliffe

After touching the finishing line, Eliud Kipchoge first hugged his wife, Grace Sugutt who was eagerly waiting for him at the finish line.

Fascinating facts about Eliud Kipchoge you didn’t know

Although some dramatic Kenyans were not impressed with the manner in which he embraced her after his record-setting run, the athlete was of a different opinion, showing how much her support meant to him.

The marathoner smiling as he crosses the line
The marathoner smiling as he crosses the line

His Instagram post was short and succinct, an ode to the woman who knows him very well. His sweet message read, ‘the greatest feeling.’

The marathoner hugging his coach, Patrick Sang
Eliud hugging his coach, Patrick Sang

His fans and followers on his page were excited and enamored with the manner in which he described his love and affection for his wife. (Fun fact, the athlete’s Instagram page has gained close to 400k followers from Friday last week!)

The marathoner smiling as he crosses the line
Eliud smiling as he crosses the line

At the finish line, the athlete had made a point of speaking about the impact his wife and his 3 kids ( Lynne, Griffin, and Jordon) had on him and his performance.

‘My wife and three children have given me a lot of support and I’m glad that they flew in to witness the history. I’m happy they came. They have also made history.’

This man is really a paragon of virtue and accomplishment. Truly no man is limited!
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Twins?! The Late Ken Okoth’s lookalike spotted cheering Eliud Kipchoge

There are those who believe that in this world of close to 8 billion people, that there must be someone who resembles you. The term used is doppelgänger.

Apparently the late Kibra Mp, Ken Okoth’s doppelgänger has just been found! The man was seen in Vienna, Austria cheering on Eliud Kipchoge as the marathon legend on his quest to become the first man to run the distance in under 2 hours.

Revealed: Eliud Kipchoge’s diet at training camp before his 1:59 attempt

The man, who has since been identified only by his Twitter name Sitati, was spotted among a team of Kenyans in Vienna, Austria, cheering on world marathon record holder Eliud Kipchoge during the INEOS 1:59 challenge.

The late politicians doppelganger
Ken Okoth and his doppelganger

Sitati was seen in various photos taken by Kenyan dignitaries who had travelled to Vienna on behalf of the government to show support for Kipchoge.

The photos excited Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) as a section of them even wondered tongue in cheek whether Mr. Okoth was still alive while some jokingly asked him to resume his duty as Kibra MP.

Ken Okoth's doppelganger
Ken Okoth and his doppelganger

The man has finally come out to speak saying he is neither Ken Okoth, nor is he related to the late lawmaker in any way.

With one and only @DonaldBKipkorir @EliudKipchoge @INEOS159 @makaumutua @ahmednasirlaw @vienna Vienna was epic. For the record am not Ken Okoth pic.twitter.com/08FrBz9AJX

— Sitati (@amolaken) October 12, 2019

The interesting thing about both the photos is that apart from Sitati, someone more popular was always in them. In the first photo, Ruto is greeting Kenyans, while in the second one Kenyan born cyclist and 4 time Tour de’ France winner Chris Froome was in the second!

Ken Okoth holding his son
The late Ken Okoth holding his son

But everyone could only see Okoth! What an impact the man had!

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Revealed: Eliud Kipchoge’s diet at training camp before his 1:59 attempt

They laugh; they make fun of one another and tell stories to pass time. But beneath this aura of fun and laughter is a rigorous training schedule and a meticulous diet that forges upcoming athletes into marathon world-beaters.

Among this group of upcoming athletes at the Kaptagat training camp is Eliud Kipchoge— the man of the moment who etched etch his name in marathon history books this morning by becoming the first marathoner to run 42km under two hours.

Eliud Kipchoge
Eliud Kipchoge on the star line

The menu at this athletes’ camp does not have luxurious and mouth-watering foods, such as beef, chicken, sausages or french fries. Instead, rice, potatoes, porridge and beans constitute the diet of Kipchoge and company ahead of INEOS 1:59 Challenge in Vienna today.

In view of the energy-sapping training regimen that runs from Tuesday to Saturday, this diet is necessary to replenish the body with the strength that Kipchoge needs in a bid to surge towards the pinnacle of world marathon.

According to Patrick Sang, Kipchoge’s coach, the training schedule is integral to moulding athletes into tip-top condition. Thursdays and Saturdays are usually intense training days during which marathoners run for long distances and at a fast speed. “Saturdays is often a tough session. then the cycle begins again,” Sang reveals.

The athlete running yesterday
Eliud running yesterday

Kipchoge echoes his coach’s sentiments adding that the training process in the camp is no walk in the park. After spending one month in the gym, he has been training on endurance and running in the camp. “What has changed when I came into the camp is that it is now all about speed and total endurance. It’s all about running,” Kipchoge states. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays are recovery sessions coupled with muscle exercises.

Fascinating facts about Eliud Kipchoge you didn’t know

How does it feel to train with a man who is possibly the best marathoner in history? According to Augustine Choge, an athlete at the camp, Kipchoge is a humble person who is always encouraging upcoming athletes to strive towards their goals. “He is one guy who always wants to take us along despite what he has achieved. He always encourages us to do this or that if we are to be successful,” Choge says.

The athlete running
Eliud Kipchoge running

Likewise, Sang speaks of how his relationship with Kipchoge has evolved over the years. From being a mentor and coach to Kipchoge, Sang admits that he has learned so much from his student that he believes the roles have reversed.

“Up until 2017, I was his teacher. The roles have somehow changed because I’m beginning to be a student and he’s somehow teaching me,” explains the 1992 Barcelona Olympics 3,000m steeplechase silver medallist.

The athlete with his pacers running
Eliud Kipchoge running

Kipchoge’s influence transcends the boundaries of the camp into the local environs where he attracts large crowds of onlookers whenever he joins other athletes for a run. Sang describes the 34-year-old as one who is ever ready to mingle with the local kids. “Every morning when he goes out there, the school kids they always shout his name. He inspires them,” Sang says.


The Star

‘Worth making a comeback for’ Jacque Maribe makes mysterious return to social media

Eliud Kipchoge’s sub two hour history making moment has had a big impact on former Citizen Tv’s Jacque Maribe.

She has for the first time returned to social media and it all has to do with Eliud Kipchoge. Maribe has been off social media for months now.

Moments after breaking the barrier in the Ineos 159 challenge, Jacque wrote

thank you, for sharing this moment with us. For allowing us to witness history. For showing us that we can teach our children that no human is limited. We are proud. I am proud. Kenya is proud. Thank you. 
You are worth making a comeback for.

Many of her fans noticed her quiet return and praised her for it, noting how happy they were to have her back online.


Maribe’s fans were excited she has made a comeback to social media, after taking a hiatus during the trial in the murder of Monica Kimani murder.

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BREAKING: Eliud Kipchoge becomes first man to run sub 2 hr marathon!

Eliud Kipchoge broke the marathon record by running the distance in 1:59:40! Kenya once again has shown the way..breaking barriers.

Former world marathon record holder and NOCK president Paul Tergat wrote;
Eliud has given us another iconic mark. Personally, I am proud, excited and delighted as a Kenyan, former marathoner and sports leader.

This is what we always say..Kenya is the hub of talents and our athletes and young people just need an outlet and support to shine.

Hongera Kip. Well done. Let’s first absorb this and make reflections later. Monumental achievement

Pictures from the feat are below;

Eliud Kipchoge 5 Eliud Kipchoge 6

Eliud Kipchoge running
Eliud Kipchoge running
Eliud Kipchoge running
Eliud Kipchoge running
Eliud Kipchoge running
Eliud Kipchoge running

Clubs cash in and offer Sh159 beer for Eliud Kipchoge viewing

Eliud Kipchoge is the man on everyone’s lips today. The world marathon record holder is trying to achieve the impossible (?) as he tries to become the first man to run a marathon distance in under 2 hours.

And everyone is trying to cash in on the fame that he has generated including the likes of Safaricom who even changed their M-Pesa logo to correspond to his world record attempt.

Now the buzz has spread to clubs that are also trying to get their share of the historic feat with some of them offering viewing bouquets for the attempt that will take place at 7 a.m.

The common offer is the Sh159 beer at the establishments. Check out some of the offers below;

The posters for the viewing party
The posters for the viewing party
The posters for the viewing party
The posters for the viewing party


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He is doing it for mankind – Maina admirably says about Eliud Kipchoge

Maina and King’ang’i spoke about Eliud Kipchoge today morning and his heroic attempt at breaking the 2hr marathon record. Maina and his co-host were impressed with the feat that Eliud would try to achieve.

Mwalimu even enthused that Eliud was taken by a private plane on his way to Vienna.

‘He was come for by a private jet(owned by British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe) that costs Sh.4 billion. Imagine he was at Kaptagat where he was washing his own clothes! You there you keep on disturbing women to wash for your clothes.’

Eliud at the airport
Eliud at the airport

Maina was fascinated by the great thing that Eliud was about to accomplish. He said,

‘He is going to do something special for mankind, for our species. This is a task that is being undertaken by a Kenyan. He will be doing something that no human being has ever done.’

He then asked the audience whether they could see him pulling it off? All of the responses were optimistic and believed that he could do it.

Congratulations: Eliud Kipchoge wins fourth London Marathon

One lady said,

‘He is doing for mankind. Please don’t miss it as he doing something that no human being has done before. You will do it, you will change mankind forever. It is like going to the moon. He is the idol that our children need. He is a national icon.’

Eliud at the airport
Eliud at the airport

The Classic105 duo even spoke about the recent haul that Kenya achieved at the Doha World Championships finishing second behind the USA.

King’ang’i remarked that we Kenyans had become indifferent to their athletic teams doing well,

‘Those are the real shujaas. Na tumewazoea. They will beg given mursik and it will be over. Do you know the celebrations that they were given in Uganda when they went with two gold medals? They (Ugandans) will now be given shambas and houses.’

King’ang’i also advised Maina that he should seek out Arsenal fans to help him deal with the loss Man U are undergoing this year.

‘This is the last time we are talking about Man U. People are throwing themselves. You need to get used. It is never that serious. Stay with the people of Arsenal and ask them what they are taking. Get used to losing because It will not end soon.’

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Congratulations: Eliud Kipchoge wins fourth London Marathon

Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge ran the second fastest marathon in history to win the London Marathon for a fourth time as Britain’s Mo Farah finished fifth.

Kipchoge, 34, who broke the world record in Berlin last year, triumphed in two hours two minutes 38 seconds. Kenya’s Brigid Kosgei, 25, became the youngest female London winner.

Ethiopia’s Mosinet Geremew and Mule Wasihun finished second and third respectively behind Kipchoge, who finished 59 seconds shy of his world record of 2:01:39.

“I’m happy to win on the streets of London for the fourth time and to make history,” Kipchoge told BBC Sport.

“The crowd in London is wonderful and that spirit pushed me. From the first kilometre to the last, everybody is shouting. I’m happy to cross the line.”

Asked about his next race, he said: “As usual, I do not chase two rabbits— I only chase one and that was London. I have caught that rabbit so I will discuss with my team what follows. The second option is still open.”

Briton Mo Farah finished three minutes, one second behind Kipchoge. Farah’s time of 2:05:39, although outside his personal best, is the second fastest by a Briton.

He was dropped by the leading pack around the halfway mark as the men’s field started to string out with Kipchoge dictating the pace. Farah was involved in a row with double Olympic champion Haile Gebrselassie this week but said it “didn’t distract me at all”.

“I felt great with my start,” the four-time Olympic champion, 36, told BBC Sport. “My aim was to follow the pacemaker, but after 20 miles when he dropped out, the gap opened up and it became hard to close. “My aim was to try and reel them back but the wheels came off and I was hanging in there.

“Congratulations to Eliud and the better man won today. He is a very special athlete and he is humble. “If Eliud can run those sort of times it just gives us another level of possibility. It’s a different mindset chasing someone and it takes the pressure off me.”

In the women’s race, Kosgei beat defending champion and compatriot Vivian Cheruiyot to win for the first time in London. She crossed the finish line in 2:18:20, almost two minutes ahead of Cheruiyot as Roza Dereje of Ethiopia finished third.

The top three had left three-time London Marathon winner Mary Keitany behind at the 30km mark. She finished fifth, two minutes 38 seconds behind Kosgei.

Kosgei is 25 days younger than Aselefech Mergia when she won the 2010 race.