‘I think back to how unhappy I was,’ croons Maureen Kunga on weight loss journey

Singer Maureen Kunga of the famous trio, Elani, is embracing the new self after her weight loss journey, citing that she is happier and feels more beautiful.

The beautiful songbird has always addressed the insecurities she has had with her body and the measures she took to change it instead of wallowing in self-pity

However, she says that she stopped pitying herself and in 2016, she started the journey to weight loss.

She took to her social media sharing a self-love post that said,

Sometimes I look at this grainy photo and it really shocks me 😊 Not because it’s such an “amazing transformation” and “inspirational story”. But because I think back to that girl on the left and remember how unhappy she was sometimes.

61625198_138748757213127_7501060489952521455_n (1)

Maureen opened up on her struggle with weight loss on various occasions and how it impacted her self esteem but is finally learning to accept herself throughout the whole process.

She has in the past spoken about how she had tried different methods and regimes that she thought would help her lose weight faster but did not work.

The Kookoo hitmaker also continues to say,

Unhappy, not because she was overweight, but because she had allowed her weight to define her. I could not see myself as the talented, beautiful, intelligent, funny, strong, wonderful human being I am because my weight had become the one thing that I saw.

The crazy and bizarre traditions associated with Kenyans

Don’t get me wrong, I had good days, but most of my time was spent obsessing and struggling and talking down to myself.


I am not a skinny person, nor do I ever really expect to be – I’ve actually put on a little weight from the photo on the right 😂 I mess up and I do unhealthy things sometimes, but I feel beautiful, and a million times happier.

I am free of so much baggage! I’m headed in the right direction. And life is more than a number on a scale. #BeFree#BeYourself #BeAwesome! #OwnYourCrown

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New Music: Elani makes amazing comeback with new hit single ‘Heartbeat’

Elani fans were surely thrilled and excited by the new hit single ‘Heartbeat’ that dropped on Wednesday.

‘Heartbeat’ is the first release off Elani’s new album ‘Colours Of Love’.

Elani Heartbeat


The band of three consisting of Maureen Kunga,Wambui Ngugi and Bryan Chweya released the single on the 8th of August.


It’s so evident that Elani and their music were truly missed;

The fans’ response and feedback to the new music was and still is positive and can’t wait for more.

The Kenyan popular group are also known for their other awesome melodies namely;Barua Ya Dunia, Hapo Zamani, Milele and more.



New Music Alert: Elani set to release first single off new Elani album ‘Colours Of Love’

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This is how the Terminal Weekend Concert went down over the weekend

Nairobian’s were treated to a fan filled weekend at the KICC during the terminal music weekend concert which full of electrifying performance .

The much anticipated concert brought together local and international artistes together something that is very rare in Kenya.

Among  those in attendance include Nana Gecaga,Jaguar Member of Parliament Starehe, Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja,Elani ,Phy and Olive Karmen.

Here are photos of how the event went down

Kaligraph Jones
Elani members Brian Chweya and Wambui Ngugi
June Gachui
Bobby Valentino
Starehe MP Jaguar and Chipukeezy
Horace Brown
Kagwe Mungai
Keri Hilson
Habida Monroe


Steph Kapela.JPG
Steph Kapela

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New Music Alert: Elani set to release first single off new Elani album ‘Colours Of Love’

In a recent video post on social media, Elani, Kenyan pop group, announced that they are set to release their first single off their new album.

The new album is entitled ‘Colours Of Love’.

The album is set to be released on August 8th this year.


In the past few days, Elani has created a hashtag ‘#COL’ for the fans to keep up with the updates about their latest album.

Days of the year 7/20:Celebration of International Chess Day


This group that we love so much has been quiet for a while-not releasing new music.

But this will be a great treat for the fans who will be literally counting down the days to finally get a taste of some more of their tremendous music.


Which is your favourite Elani song?

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Meet Maureen Kunga’s sister. Her beauty will leave team mafisi drooling

Maureen Kunga is known by many for her singing prowess and her beautiful looks which leave many dying to have a piece of her, something that will remain a dream.

The law graduate is a member of the Kenyan group Elani, together with Bryan Cheya and Wambui Ngugi.

The curvaceous Maureen is a true definition of beauty and brains given the fact that despite being in the limelight she has managed to create a  different career for herself as an advocate.


‘I was turned down from a job for being dark skinned’ – Cindy Ogana

She recently introduced her beautiful sister, in a TBT photo posted on her Instagram page, and we can’t help but notice how beautiful she is, an indication that beauty runs in her family.


Her fans could not believe it as well and were full praises on the two.


private19_ent..Double daamn! 🍾


mrnkinge…🔥 🔥 slay on queens!!

lsimbi…OMG.. Dang!! the sister!

You are about to get dumped if he/she does this…

lushmarasport…@maureenkunga ❤️❤️

beatricenjoroge…Wueh!!! Faya!!! 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

pjumbo4…Naona tumaithoo tunafanana…supuu sanaa

jmavhaty…You are the most gorgeous women I have ever seen in years.

lastiefrank…R you twins ????lovly

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‘It’s Been A Decade Aki!’ – Fans React As Elani Set To Drop New Jam Soon!

Kenyan African pop group, Elani have already got music lovers on their toes after they announced that they will be dropping not only a new jam but also a fresh visual soon.

Is Kenyan band Elani Set To Release New Album?

The trio which consists of Wambui Ngugi, Brian Chweya and Maureen Kunga have been silent for almost an year having not released any project since dropping ‘Sirudi’ which featured Honorable Charles Njagua, back in July, 2017.

The fans favorite took to their Instagram to announce their new project with a photo of them overseeing the editing of their up coming video, with a caption that read, ‘‘Video edits… Are you ready!???”

elani new

As expected, the ‘kookoo’ hit makers received a wide range of positive reactions from their loyal fans who have waited patiently for their projects.

Read some of the comments below.


  • ndonyo_kamau. Am so waiting, its been decade akii.
  • conscious_godwin. I realy loves your songs, you guys mnajua sana, love from Tanzania.
  • lanoi_nairesiae. Let the songs come through soon😆.
  • purity_njuguna. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  • donnybee_kaps. Been waiting for so long my people, hopefully issa hit.
  • arturomemes. Nimengoja album hadi Avicii akadedi na haijakam😫😫.

Elani Fans! Your Favorite Trio Are Up To Something Big

Their beautiful voices attract the ears of their listeners.Related image

They are outstanding and always do it to their best ability. Elani is among the most adorable groups in town with a huge number of fans.

‘Love you’ which is their most recent song got everyone falling in love as it talks about the journey of being in love once one finds the right person. Most of us, if not all want to find that person we can call our lover at some point in life. This was a great hit.

Image result

Their beauty and passion is encouraging and inspiring to anyone who aspires to join the music industry. The fact that they have worked in unity way since they began singing is a great and unique move as many would expect them to part ways just like the other groups. Despite having other occupations to work on, the three have worked without failure to ensure their game stays up in the industry.

Their collabo with various artist including Jose Chameleone from Uganda and Jaguar have never been disappointing and so far so good they are doing great.

They promise to drop a new album soon which will definitely be a big bang. We all are looking forward to this one.

‘High School Crush Motivated Me To Start Singing’ Singer Wambui Ngugi Admits

Wambui Ngugi is a member of Elani which is among the best bands in Kenya, the trio band also compromises of Brian Cheya and Maureen Kunga.

The trio came into the limelight for the debut album Jana Usiku and since then they have been gracing our screens with their melodious voices.

Wambui is both beauty and brains. She is not only gifted with good vocals but with good looks that would drive any man crazy.


During an interview with Daily Nation Wambui opened up on her singing career, she started singing by default after going for an audition because of her crush.

She said; “All along I used to be an admirer of singers because my sister had once told me I wasn’t gifted with the singing talent. I couldn’t sing, not until I met this two, who used to sing from way back in high school.”

She continues; “When I met them (Brian and Maureen) for the first time, just before I enrolled at a university, there were auditions for a (singing) competition called Spotlight Kenya going down at the Alliance Francaise.


Spotlight Kenya would audition singers, produce and package an album for them and then take the groups for musical tours in Europe. The idea of touring Europe made my heart skip a beat, but I knew I couldn’t sing.”

Due to earlier discouragements, Wambui had no plans of going for auditions but she went anyway.

She adds; “It just happened that I had tagged along with my friends who were preparing for the auditions. There was a voice teacher taking them through a song for audition purposes. After teaching the song, he asked us to sing, mistakenly thinking I was also part of the group. He started by pointing me out, asking me to sing what he had just taught.

Related image
I was shocked, because he didn’t know why I was there and that I couldn’t sing. When I saw he was getting agitated that I wasn’t responding, I went for it, and to my surprise, everyone loved it”

On being asked why she went for the auditions if she had no interest in singing she says; “Honestly, that wasn’t the reason I went to the auditions with Brian and Maureen. The truth is, I was there because Brian had a close friend, Patrick, whom I had a crush on. We had met before (in high school drama festivals). He is the one who had actually invited me. Clearly, my agenda there was a side agenda. But it happened that I also sang and everyone loved it and kept encouraging me to keep going. It’s at that point that I started singing.”

So ladies don’t ignore your crushes, they might be the key to your future career.

WCW: Wambui from sensational music group Elani

Wambui Ngugi is one of the ladies in Kenya’s top 3 member music group Elani also comprising of Brian Chweya and Maureen Kunga. They recently brought down Nairobi at Impala grounds for  their ShareTheLove concert. Elani’s genre of music is Urban Afro and the very talented and beautiful Wambui is our WCW for today. Check out her photos below. Photos courtesy (Elani.com and Elani Facebook)

  • Wambui1wambui2elani4wambui9wambui10wambui11wambui3