Exclusive: I had to explain to my 14- year-old why I cheated – Eddy Kimani

Former media practitioner Eddy Kimani has talked in detail about why he cheated on his wife and the repercussion it has had on their marriage so far.

Speaking exclusively during an interview heard by Classic 105, Eddie says he is to blame for all the marital problems.

“When the video of my journey came out on ‘Engage’ most people assumed that my marriage had completely fallen apart but that is not the case.

It was falling apart but I have made efforts and we are still together.

I was working in Nakuru after I decided to take up a job so that I could go back home, by the time I was leaving the media, I had been in it for 18 years.

I went with high hopes that I would go with my family but I was not able to so I went without them. As a man there are so many things you do to fulfill responsibilities.

I took a pay cut so I decided to take up other things to compensate for the cut. I took loans, ventured into a wrong business and it reached a point where all my money started going into paying the loans.

The stress started streaming, infidelity came in and I could not even afford rent nor take care of my personal needs.”

Eddy Kimani on his wedding day

He adds

“My wife found out that I was cheating I did not come out to tell her,  the good thing is that I did not have kids outside marriage.

At age 39 I had to go back to my mum.

That is when I learnt that family is key. Me supporting my friends when I was financially able also helped when I was kicked out of my house.

As men we tend to run away from problems and we should not do so. Pride blinded me not to accept my mistakes so I thought I should be treated as a celeb.”

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Eddy further narrates

“I went to Ukunda thinking that I was running away from my problems. I was living in a place where I would pay Ksh 500 a day.

Feeling lost and hopeless I decided to take a walk around Ukunda and it is then that I met someone who recognized me and that man’s name is named Peter Mwakuona, a bakery owner.

Peter is a man who turned around so many things in my life, at a point when everything was going badly.

While in Ukunda my wife called me  and asked me if I could go back to Nairobi and attend my son’s parents day at school despite us not talking for two months.

The voices in my head were telling me not to go, after speaking to Peter he convinced me to go, he is the first person I opened up about the problems I was going through.

After attending the parents meeting I never went back to Ukunda. My wife and I decided to start things afresh.”

“I had it all, fame, celebrity status, before everything came crumbling down’ Former TV host Eddy Kimani narrates

Eddie Kimani

In conclusion Eddy says

“I forgave myself we live a life where we forget to forgive ourselves. I have also changed how I look at life, my priorities have changed.

I am not the man I was a year ago, to my kids I would say People fall but they always rise up.

I had to explain to my 14 year old what happened because my kids had questions on my whereabouts about when I would come back, so I owed them an explanation.

It’s a process so we are still work in progress.

If you feel that your marriage can be salvaged feel free to visit a counselor and share what you are going through, it is therapeutic.”

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“I had it all, fame, celebrity status, before everything came crumbling down’ Former TV host Eddy Kimani narrates

Former media personality Eddy Kimani has finally opened up on how infidelity cost him his marriage in a candid talk on Engage.

He was loved by many during his hey days, not only for his good looks but for his charisma when presenting shows on TV.

Kimani who got a job as a communications director for Nakuru County in 2014, thought life was on the up.

Eddy Kimani
Eddy Kimani

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Little did he know that at the age of 39, he would be alone and living with his mother after separating with his wife.

“For 15 years I enjoyed a good run in the media career,” Kimani opened up at the Engage Talk last week.

I had it all, fame, celebrity status and a career that I dreamt of, it is also in this 15 years that I also met my wife, Nyambura and we were blessed with two kids,” he added.

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Eddy Kimani during his wedding
Eddy Kimani during his wedding

According to Kimani, it is the new appointment in Nakuru County that weighed him down because the income was less than he was used to getting thus he couldn’t relocate with his family.

While in Nakuru, he took a loan with the aim of setting up a business which was to supplement his income but it failed and debts piled up.

“I was kicked out of my rented apartment twice and my items were auctioned once.”

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Eddy Kimani
Eddy Kimani

It is during that time that he also cheated on his wife and when she learnt of his deceit, his marriage fell apart.

“One thing led to another and I betrayed my marriage and I separated with my wife and this killed me every single day. The consequences were dire and I felt broken,” he said.

“I told my mum that I failed, it was extremely painful and several times I wanted to let go but my mum stood by me, she was the beacon of my life,” he said.

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At this time, all of his friends deserted him. In 2017, after his stint in the county came to an end, Kimani moved to Diani, Mombasa where he met Peter who owned a bakery and he describes their meeting as his “Damascus moment.”

“It is Peter who prayed and kept on pushing me to go back home which I eventually did, after my wife who I had never spoken to for a long while asked me to attend a school meeting for our firstborn.”

He now says that he is back at home and working at reconciling with his wife and family.

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Eric Wainaina bashes Brand Kenya for this reason, and he is justified

Eric Wainaina has joined fellow artistes to slam brand Kenya for doing very little to market the magnificent Kenya to the outside world.


In a video posted on twitter he wrote

“It’s chilly in but that doesn’t mean we can’t serve some burn!  What have you done today? #brandkenya #tingamusical2018 #TingaInNY @shebahirst @squirecurtis @Totsvi @Eddykimani @karimirimbui @squirecurtis @tetushani @KendiNkonge @alvangatitu @TingaMusical”


Brand Kenya Board is a state corporation established in March 2008 in accordance with the State Corporations Act (CAP. 446).

It is tasked with the responsibility of identifying and refining the key attributes of Kenya, that contribute positively to the image and reputation of the Nation. Their goal is to enhance these characteristics and create an authentic, credible brand for the country that establishes our uniqueness in the global arena.

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Chapia: Wanashughulika na leyla sahi……

Point: By the way! Ukweli tuu!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Proud of y’all 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

Theveon: Draggggggggggg them till the knees on their denim wears off!

Tim: Congratulations on Tinga 🔥🔥🔥… Yall have done us very proud.. . This rant on #BrandKenya though is an several own goals. Folks that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones – Kamlesh Pattni

Below are some of the comments from Kenyans regarding the issue

Replying to To be honest I don’t think they have any idea how to go about …..tried to do a proposal for them and was met with . Congratulations to your team for making it to you wil do us proud.

Replying to Congrats for getting to Broadway. With the right support we could generate next @TheLionKing cc: @Disney @BrandKenya @DiazChrisAfrica @tunajibu @KenyaAirways

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