‘My son could no longer recognize me’ Janet Mbugua on why she quit TV

TV personality Janet Mbugua has said one of the reason she stopped working as a presenter was because her son Huru had stopped recognizing her.

Janet who has worked with Capital FM, Citizen TV among others was speaking during an interview with Betty Kyallo.

She said

‘I was going through a lot when I decided to take a break. I was going through burn out. I also did not have a relationship with Huru.

Yes I would interact with him but the nanny did most of the stuff. There is a day I wanted to hug him but he turned away from me.

He was more familiar with the nanny that n he was with me.

For six months I put my projects in order and made sure I had projects that would sustain me for two years even if I left TV.’

Ivanna wouldn’t accept! Betty Kyallo rubbishes pregnancy claims

Janet Mbugua with Eddie Ndichu and their son
Janet Mbugua with Eddie Ndichu and their son

On marriage

“Take our time and make sure you are ready. This is because you can be good being in love but you don’t need to be married.

Sometimes it’s not easy.”

On friendship she said

‘I keep my circle of friends small and intimate and that is how I like it.’

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‘Its tough out there,’ Janet Mbugua’s husband addresses break up rumors

Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu has finally addressed the delicate topic of whether they are still a couple. Word on the street is that they have broken up.

Janet, unlike other celebrities, loves keeping a low profile.

Recently, Eddie Ndichu was celebrating his mothers birthday as she turned 60 and it is then that a concerned friend inquired if the two are still an item.

‘Happy birthday my darling,’ Tina Kaggia gushes over Maina Kageni

janet mbugua

‘I was dumped for being too nice,’ cries Classic 105 host Terry Muikamba

The friend asks,

Eddie, bloggers wanasema mmeachana na Janet Mbugua,Oh God how I wish it’s a lie juu nawapenda sana.

To which Eddie responds,

Wanatafuta maclicks mbaya ni kunoma streets….hakuna jobs….nawapenda bado

The friends further adds,

Oh thank you sijui ningefanyaje. God bless your family.

Below are screenshots of the entire conversation.


WhatsApp Image 2019-06-29 at 15.05.52  WhatsApp Image 2019-06-29 at 15.05.52 (2)

‘It had been years of pain’ Janet Mbugua speaks on battling endometriosis

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-29 at 15.05.52 (3)


As if to emphasize that they are still a couple Eddie went on to share a photo of him and Janet showing off their newly acquired watches and the responses are hilarious.

#Retro type of weekend! Thank you @retrocasio_kefor the delivery! Brilliant pieces!

Below are some of the comments

julietwairimu:Heheee wadaku mtaambia watu nini ….God bless your marriage❤️❤️

just_ngigi:Kamati ya roho chafu watasema nini sasa? Napenda hii couple hadi naumwa😍😍❤❤❤

robimasero:A family that Casio’s together stays together 😍😍….#Casio #Timex

moreentsav:Vile naona kamati ya Roho chafu wakikimbia kwa the other twin wahakikishe udaku😂😂😂Hapa it’s confirmed Mambo Ni shwariiii….kule kwingine vipi?

leahnaimo:May God bless you both

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Celebrities show off their ageless transformation in the #10yearchallenge viral hashtag

The #10yearchallenge is the first viral hashtag of 2019 where people are sharing photos of themselves from 10 years ago and their current one.

Your favorite celebrity has joined in, sharing their before and after pictures.

Pinky Ghelani gushes over her hubby as they celebrate 12th anniversary


The pictures comparing their looks over ten years are quite interesting.


1. Janet Mbugua


How hard did aging hit you: Kenyan celebs do the first viral challenge of 2019

2. Avril


3. Zari Hassan


4. Nelly Oaks


5. Holy Dave


‘Pardon my poor English, I skipped nursery school’ Begs governor Waititu

6. Eddie and Paul Ndichu


7. Prof Hamo


You can also share with us your #10yearchallenge photo on the comment section.

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Janet Mbugua and hubby celebrate as they hold their son’s dedication

Today is a special day for Janet Mbugua and her hubby Eddie Ndichu as they dedicate their son Huru to God something that should be emulated.

Eddie took to his social media platform to share the photo of his family on this special day with the following caption

“#Thankful Today we dedicated Huru to the Lord…”


This is how the Terminal Weekend Concert went down over the weekend


‘Happy 57th birthday Barrack Obama’the world celebrates Obama on his big day as he also celebrates the first Barack Obama Day

Here are comments from his fans complimenting him for this wise decision
kilogram_254The best thing a parent can do to a child coz if God doesn’t watch over a child you as a parent will be doing nothing
michnjiruAmen. The Lord shine his face upon you all and fill you with grace..
dottyokeyoLovely….blessings follow him all the days of his life
sawyermungaiMay He grow up to be a God fearing,Loving and blessed young man 💚
ruth_iminzaThee best decision. Wish everyone would understand how it is important to dedicate your child to God.
alukwe_wetendeRight step in the right direction🙏🏾
mercynatoThis is a family that prays together @officialjanetmbugua ,,you are blessed gal. I always look up to you,, you are my inspiration
carolyneoneyaWow this is so nice.He will grow to be a sign and a wonder to his generation in Jesus name AMEN.
joy_thetchaAwesome @officialjanetmbugua always admiring this fam
triza_wainaina😂huru face inakaa fake smile 😃😃😃so handsome

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Who is who? fans ask Janet Mbugua as she celebrates her hubby and his twin on their birthday

Today, Eddie Ndichu, husband to media personality Janet Mbugua and Paul Ndichu ex husband to Grace Msalame celebrate their birthday.
The identical twins leave many confused and drooling at the same time for their good looks. Well early last week, Paul was treated to a delicious birthday cake by his employees to get him into birthday mood
He wrote
“My Team @interswitchke got me an early birthday cake! Yey! Much Love …Thanks Team! It’s Birthday Month People! @eddie.ndichu #myworld #Fintech @interswitchke @interswitchgroup”

Janet Mbugua took to her Instagram to celebrate her hubby and his twin with this sweet caption followed by a photo of the twins which left many confused as to who is who.

She wrote

“Today I am especially #thankful to God for his favour and blessings in my life! I remain faithful to completing His purpose. Happy birthday @mwaurasworld and everyone else born in this day! Have a great one! #YouthBracketExit #DO2”

Janet Mbugua

Eddie Ndichu also took the chance to celebrate his twin brother and other people out there who celebrate their birthdays on the same day as them.

He wrote

“#HappyBirthday to my bestie @eddie.ndichu (right) and my brother @mwaurasworld (left). True story! Here’s to a year filled with more milestones, blessings and love #HBD #DO2”


Catherine Kamau lands lucrative nomination as a mentor for Blaze BYOB Mombasa edition

Here are birthday wishes from their fans and it is obvious that these men do confuse many

missmariah_….Happy Birthday to them.I share a birthday with them, awesome!!

tweenybently…I thought it’s a mirror image, happy birthday to them…

sandie_chic…The one on the left has a longer neck than the right or his just taller

rispermbenson..Wueh! @officialjanetmbugua are you sure you never confuse them?

sky.6403…Happy birthday to them

adelaide_nene…The only thing that convinced me that it’s not a mirror reflection was the shirt sleeves otherwise I thought this was one person

janemumbikam…Happy birthday to them

am_gina_gee…Who is who ata akuna diffrence…. Happiest birthday to both of them

asking this. I’ve always wondered how kids of twin parents manage to differentiate them

sonia_muchemi…I literally thought this was a mirrored picture lol

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‘It is automatic’, Janet Mbugua explains how long it took her to conceive her second pregnancy

Janet Mbugua is in her final trimester before she delivers.

Well, throughout her pregnancy journey, she has been revealing a lot about herself and family at large. Recently she revealed that she’s getting ready to deliver, opening up on what she’s doing to complete her journey.

“I deal with my own anxiety and confusion and some times I struggle so much about mums guilt, which has really consumed me so much and I cry a lot . I am doing a parenting class which I know it is helping me especially when it comes to disciplining my child.”

Meet Janet Mbugua’s dad looking like a teen as he turns 70


In her Vlog, a friend asked Janet if she had planned for the second pregnancy.

“This pregnancy was planned but it was not as easy as one would have expected because we took like 9 months before I conceived. I realized that it is not automatic that a couple can plan for a baby and conceive the same time adding that she did CS for her first child because she had a breech birth.


Of late you will also have noticed that she is dressing up baggy clothes unlike the Janet we have been following who wears tight clothes

“My son looked at this outfit and told me, “Mummy you haven’t finished dressing”. Verbatim 😅 I think the tights made the look seem incomplete to him but these are one of the few outfits that are comfortable enough at this point! I’d wear a bedsheets if I could.”


Check out some comments from her fans;

rispermbenson..Lol..i would feel like putting on a lesso to work. Very limited options.

nya.kweya..wueeh,i can relate on the bedsheet bit..nowadays,i always ‘thank’ the person who invented deras

veevyenY..ou look amazing son’s have a way of watching what mum wears mine tells me “mum your top is short” and pulls the back to cover my bum🤦🏾‍

rahelombaka🤣….surely! But preggersStruggles are real in this town! Comfortable but swanky outfits are a rare find.

ndungu8713…woow,the man in him,that shows that you ave a responsible man in future


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Does Janet Mbugua son know that he is getting a sibling? She reveals

Janet Mbugua’s son (Huru) is a treasure to the family.

The boy is three years now and his wisdom is inevitable with the way he communicate with his parents.

On his first birthday, the enviable couple got Baby Huru a doting baby elephant.

When Janet’s friends asked to know what they bought him for his first birthday, Janet wrote;


“Some of you have asked me what we got #BabyHuru as a birthday gift? We adopted an elephant for him named Ambo, from the @dswt in Nairobi. I hope one day he understands the importance of #ElephantConservation.”

Janet Mbugua reveals she has been losing her close friends after she became pregnant

Janet is pregnant with her second child and in her vlog, she reveled that her son knows he is getting a sibling. Meaning he is going to be the first born and of course big brother.


“Huru has totally changed especially at the beginning after we explained to him about it, I noticed that there is a difference and he constantly wanted to be with me. I tried and explained to him so that he does not get too shocked. Although I was told that the transition would be a bit tricky and that at the first few months there may be a little bit of jealousy so what I should do is include him in washing the baby and even changing her diapers.”

Janet Mbugua

The couple want their son to be knowledgeable and this is how they go about it.

“We speak to him like an adult and he has really become independent which is helping him a lot. We have also made sure that when he ask a question we try as much as possible to explain to him about that.”


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Relationship Goals! 8 Kenyan power couples worth emulating

At the rate marriages in Kenya are ending, one would wonder whether there are couples worth emulating?

Today we share with you a list of Kenya couples who we think should inspire you in your journey.

From Size 8 to Wahu here are the most celebrated couples in Kenya;

1. Cathy and Allan Kiuna

Pastor Allan Kiuna with his wife Cathy Kiuna

2 Janet and Eddy Ndichu

Janet Mbugua with her hubby Eddy Ndichu taking a stroll in Paris

Former Nairobi D cast member Risper Faith accidentally reveals she is pregnant

3. Mercy and David Muguro

Gospel artiste Mercy Masika with hubby David Muguro

4.The Murayas

Size 8 Reborn with hubby DJ Mo

Be sensitive! Isaac Mwaura’s wife pleads with people asking hurtful things about son

5. Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla

Citizen TV presenter Lulu Hassan with hubby Rashid Abdalla and son

6. Joyce Omondi and Waihiga Mwaura

Joyce Omondi with hubby Waihiga Mwaura

7. Nameless and Wahu

Nameless and wife Wahu
Nameless and wife Wahu


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Fashion trends pregnant women can copy from Janet Mbugua

Janet Mbugua is setting the trend when it comes to  creating her own fashion during this pregnancy period as she anticipates her second child with hubby Eddie Ndichu.

The couple are currently in Paris to celebrate their three year marriage anniversary and they seem to be having the time of their life going by their Instagram posts. She remains amazingly beautiful and glowing something not many women can keep up with in this pregnancy journey.

Teenage mothers more likely to have early menopause, new study reveals

Janet and hubby taking a stroll in the streets of Paris
Janet and hubby taking a stroll in the streets of Paris

Among other local celebrities who are expectant include Lilian Muli, Lulu Hassan and former Nairobi D cast Risper Faith who is to be a first time mother after tying the knot to her hubby Brian in a private ceremony

Janet Mbugua is not only a force to reckon with for her top notch fashion but also for her philanthropic heart which pushed her to open Inua Dada Foundation which helps girls in marginalized part of the countries to live decent lives.

Be sensitive! Isaac Mwaura’s wife pleads with people asking hurtful things about son

Janet, who has not been shy to share her pregnancy journey with her fans, is  killing it with her top notch fashion sense and here are a few  styles pregnant women can borrow.









Allan Wanga shows off his daddy skills with his cute daughter








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Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie opens up about being a dad

Former TV giri Janet Mbugua announced her pregnancy news in a sweet video, showing a growing baby bump.

Janet is expecting baby number two, and has been sharing her journey to motherhood once again.

‘I am 12 Weeks Pregnant!,’ Janet Mbugua Reveals She Is Expecting Baby Number Two

Her cute hubby, Eddie Ndichu, is also opening up about the pregnancy, as he shares his journey through fatherhood as well. The power couple are the envy of many who describe them as marriage goals.

He said;

Becoming a father and husband is the best decision of my life. The responsibility opened up a part of me I never thought existed. Seek more responsibility to find and better know yourself!


He also shared an intimate family picture as they prepare to see their new addition in the next six months.



The proud dad seems to be excited o be adding to his brood, with baby number two.


Janet Mbugua didn’t wear a bra on her wedding day for this reason

In May 2015, celebrated media personality Janet Mbugua and her husband Eddie Ndichu exchanged vows in a colourful wedding ceremony that took place at Chaka Ranch in Nyeri.

The classy wedding was attended by family members and close friends only, among them DJ Lite, Jacque Maribe, Edith Kimani, Grace Msalame, Dj Adrian just to mention but a few.


Photos of Janet Mbugua’s nuptials were posted on social media by some of the guests but all didn’t go well. Many especially women, criticised the former Citizen TV presenters big day claiming that ‘it was the worst’.

A picture of Janet showing off her ‘saggy breasts’ left many wondering who the gown designer was and they took to social media to troll her.


See what they said






Well, in an interview with Kalekye Mumo on Talk Central, Janet Mbugua revealed that she was pregnant and that’s why she didn’t wear a bra on her wedding day.

“I had those…what do you call them? Cup holders, it’s like there is barely any balance!”


“Again I didn’t care because I was pregnant. Even my hair had to be a certain way because I couldn’t retouch it because you can’t retouch it when you are in the early stages of pregnancy. There were so many things I had to consider around my pregnancy that I was like, ‘I know it looks a bit funny, but it’s all right my child has to be healthy”.


Janet also revealed that she is a strong woman and cannot be moved by trolls.

“Trolling doesn’t do that much to me because.. I just feel like you are just projecting stuff that you feel about yourself on me. I feel that when you come at me it’s not really about me, I think it’s something you are dealing with.”

There you have it, haters!

Incredible! Meet The Lady Who Looks Like Janet Mbugua’s Twin Sister (PHOTOS)

Media personality Janet Mbugua Ndichu is known for her amazing personality; a talented and outspoken TV news anchor and journalist, who always keeps viewers glued to the screens.

The beautiful former TV queen is also a loving wife to banker Eddie Ndichu, after walking down the aisle back in May 2015 in a colorful wedding ceremony at Chaka Ranch.

A few months later after their much-talked about wedding affair, the loving couple were blessed with a bouncing baby boy, Ethan Huru Ndichu on the 26th of October 2015.


“NO, YOU ARE TOO PRETTY” Janet Mbugua Reveals Why She Never Wanted To Date Her Now Hubby Eddie Ndichu, And How They Met

The former Citizen TV journalist has been focusing on her personal projects which include her role as Lifebuoy Help A Child Reach 5 Ambassador and as Red Cross Communications director, as well as her blog where she shares her experiences as a mother after quitting her job.

Janet Mbugua is also a mentor to a lot of young mothers, and mothers-to-be, on her I Am Motherhood series, where she talks about all things  motherhood and experiences in the same.


Recently, she introduced a young mother who believes in breastfeeding in public and surprisingly, most of her fans confused her with Janet Mbugua, because of their uncanny similarity.

“At 22, Cheche’s baby face makes a lot of people do a double-take when she breastfeeds her daughter in public,” she captioned the photo. Some of the fans actually thought it was Janet Mbugua.

HAPPY FAMILY: Janet Mbugua Has This SPECIAL Message For Her Hubby And Cute Son As She Celebrates Mother’s Day


that__kikuyu__bebe For a moment I thought it was you then I realized it wasn’t…. She looks so you in this picture

swahilifood She is! Had to look twice!

the.w.a.ka.s.a @officialjanetmbugua yes she does!!! I was like “why is Janet breastfeeding someone’s baby girl???” I was already like am sure something happened during one of your sessions and you had to do a “boob job” on behalf of a mum, was getting ready for a story 🙌🙌🙌 Yes, maybe you could shed some light on wet nursing too? Thank you!! Good job 👏

camreylissa Omg she looks more like you very pretty

tinybol_photography_kenya @officialjanetmbugua seriously I previously thought it was you. You really look alike I dint even to look on who was behind the photo.

sameeramerllahi @officialjanetmbugua especially the previous post! I was wondering when you had another one!

Janet Mbugua also took time to share her comments regarding the similarity with the lady;

Fair to say that @cheche254 is somewhat of my doppelgänger? 😆It’s refreshing to meet young mothers who are parenting best as they can, including breastfeeding their babies despite what some of their peers may say.

When Osborne was taking the photo of her Breastfeeding, even I freaked out for a while! I was like ‘that looks like me’!


Twinning All The Way: Janet Mbugua’s Hubby Eddie Ndichu And His Twin Brother Celebrate Their Birthday In Style (PHOTO)

Janet Mbugua is happily married to the love of her life, Eddie Ndichu and the two are blessed with a cute baby boy, Ethan Ndichu, who will turn two years in October.

The love birds have since been flaunting their love on social media and there’s no doubt that they are happy.

Eddie Ndichu is a banker and is the head of digital financial services and mobile Payments at KCB Bank Group. The hunk also has an identical twin brother by the name Paul Ndichu.


Paul Ndichu is popularly known as Grace Msalame’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her two adorable and sweet twin daughters, Zawadi and Raha, who recently graduated from Kindergarten.

OMG! These Never Before Seen Photos Of Paul Ndichu And His Elegant Wife On Their WEDDING Day Will Blow Your Mind Away

The two are very civil and co-parent well, as Paul Ndichu recently walked down the aisle with his lover and now wife, Evaline Momanyi, in a colourful wedding in May 2017 at the Limuru Gardens.


Evaline and Grace Msalame are good friends and both play the role of mothers to the cuddly and pretty twin girls and take time to appreciate each other.

The family seems to be blessed with the twin DNA, as Janet Mbugua also has a twin brother by the name, Timothy Mbugua, who is currently dating former KTN presenter, Edith Kimani.

“NO, YOU ARE TOO PRETTY” Janet Mbugua Reveals Why She Never Wanted To Date Her Now Hubby Eddie Ndichu, And How They Met

Janet Mbugua

Okay, back to the twins, Eddie and Paul Ndichu. The brothers turned a year older and to celebrate the big day, their families came together for a gathering, with a beautiful cake for the two.

“#HappyBirthday,❤” wrote Janet Mbugua alongside a photo of the hubby and the brother.

Earlier, she put this up for her main man; “#HappyBirthday to my lover and friend ❤ God keep you.”


Paul Ndichu also shared a picture with his twin sibling, with this sweet message; “Family made it a great weekend…happy birthday bro 👊🏾🇰🇪😎to many more!”

On the other hand, Eddie Ndichu shared a photo of the cake, with a simple caption that read; “More Cake!!!! #BirthdayWeekend #BirthdayMonth.”

Evaline Momanyi shared this loving message to her hubby on the big day; “It’s my husbands birthday!! 🎊🎉🎉🎊🎊!! Happy birthday @mwaurasworld Love you forever bff 💚💚💚 And happy birthday to bro @de.bank.ed …. we love you all and appreciate you!! May God bless you with many more!”




Urembo Tu! Meet The Elegant And Exquisite Sister To The Wife Of Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy, Evaline Momanyi (PHOTOS)

Grace Msalame’s baby daddy Paul Ndichu married the love of his life, Evaline Momanyi, back in May 2017 at a colourful wedding held in Limuru Gardens.

The colourful and elegant wedding affair was attended by their friends and family, including his twin brother and Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu, as well as Janet’s twin brother Timothy Mbugua.

TOO ROMANTIC! Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy Speaks Up After Grand WEDDING To Elegant Wife Evaline

aul Ndichu and Evaline Momanyi

There’s no doubt that the family has a history of twins, which is why Grace Msalame and Paul Ndichu were blessed with the cutest twin daugters Zawadi and Raha who recently graduated from Kindergaten.

Aaww! Check Out Grace Msalame’s Children Looking ADORABLE At Their Father’s Wedding (PHOTO)

Despite the fact that Grace Msalame and the father of her children are separated, they have managed to co-parent well and have both moved on with their lives.


The best part is how they are able to be so cordial, and mature about everything. Grace Msalame and Paul’s wife, Evaline Momanyi are good friends and respect each other with no drama and complications.

‘He Has Never Been a Dead Beat Dad ‘ Grace Msalame Sets The Record Straight

Babies got their kindergarten Diploma today!! Don’t joke!! So proud of my love babies and so happy to be part of this day! @mwaurasworld and @sowairina …..great job on the babies!!! Sasa ….twende kazi,” wrote Momanyi as she congratulated the twins.


Now, away from that, Evaline Momanyi recently unveiled one of her beautiful sisters as she congratulated her on her Masters Graduation in South Africa, sharing a pretty a photo of her with this sweet caption;

Congratulations my beautiful sister on your Masters Graduation from UCT! Very well deserved!!! For now…..y’all enjoy Capetown!! #Graduation#Vacay# RewardYourself#FolksHoliday#MyFamily

There’s no doubt that cuteness and beauty runs in their family. Check out photos of her stunning sister below. Note the resemblance.






Thighs For Days: Janet Mbugua Shows Off Her Sexy And Gorgeous Legs In Rare PHOTOS

Janet Mbugua Ndichu is one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya, not just because of her beauty but her hard work and achievements.

The former Citizen TV news anchor is doing just fine after quitting her job at the media house, to focus on her side hustles and motherhood, and I have to say, it totally suits her.

Janet Mbugua is currently helping mothers and mothers-to-be by sharing her experiences after welcoming Baby Ethan Huru back in October 2015, which has been received well by women and even some men.

Sweet! These Heart-Warming PHOTOS Of Janet Mbugua Spending Quality Time With Her SON Will Melt Your Heat


The TV girl has a personal blog, where she shares her motherhood journey, that includes her struggles highlighting issues that women are afraid to talk about. She shares her stories to encourage others to open up.

Other than that, Janet Mbugua is also currently working as Lifebuoy Help a Child Reach 5 Ambassador, a campaign encouraging Kenyans to regularly wash hands to cut infant mortality.

“NO, YOU ARE TOO PRETTY” Janet Mbugua Reveals Why She Never Wanted To Date Her Now Hubby Eddie Ndichu, And How They Met

Aside from being a working mum, Janet Mbugua is a doting mother who finds time for her son Ethan Huru, and her banker husband, Ethan Ndichu.


The cute couple recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary, and other than the few photos they share on social media, they keep their private lives under wraps despite being in the limelight.

Janet Mbugua is a down to earth woman who hasn’t let fame get to her and keeps everything about her life, decent.

Janet Mbugua Reveals How Some People Find Her Boring Because She Doesn’t Love Drama Or People That Come With It

So recently, she was spotted wearing a black blazer dress, donned with black and leopard prints ankle boots, which revealed her toned and sexy legs.

Janet Mbugua has amazing legs and fashion taste and the comments just tell it all.

missnailantei Stunning
sarahkery7632 Dazzling
gee_msweet That’s an awesome outfit
miskey_abass You are my role model
justinenyambura Looking very pretty
dalma_auma Awesome look
listaz_b_the_first_lady Awwwwwww!! beautiful janet
owittijuliet Legs for days!
edilliakawira Preety lady
shixkapienga Love the look Ma’

Check her below, isn’t she lovely?


Janet Mbugua (right)
Janet Mbugua (second from right)

Sweet! These Heart-Warming PHOTOS Of Janet Mbugua Spending Quality Time With Her SON Will Melt Your Heat

Former Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua is a force to reckon with, not only is she a top, celebrated media personality, but also a brand ambassador, and a doting mother and wife.

After quitting her TV job, Janet Mbugua has been focusing on her new deal, after she was appointed the Lifebuoy Help a Child Reach 5 Ambassador and talking about motherhood on her blog.

Janet Mbugua Reveals How Some People Find Her Boring Because She Doesn’t Love Drama Or People That Come With It

Away from the spotlight, Janet Mbugua is a caring and loving mother to her cute son Ethan Huru Ndichu and an amazing wife to banker Eddie Ndichu.


Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu have been married for 2 years now after walking down the aisle at a beautiful ceremony attended by friends and family who came out in large numbers to support the two as they started the new journey.

HAPPY FAMILY: Janet Mbugua Has This SPECIAL Message For Her Hubby And Cute Son As She Celebrates Mother’s Day

In October 2015, the beautiful couple welcomed their first child, Baby Ethan, and the new mum expressed her happiness saying; “The heir is born! We thank God for the safe arrival of our son.”

Well, the motherhood journey has been fun for Janet Mbugua, but not without a few challenges. Recently, Janet Mbugua revealed that she went through a period of post-natal situations that she didn’t know about;

#MaternityPads; no one really tells you how much you’ll need them post-birth. I learned the hard way! Ever heard of #Lochia? I experienced it in a salon


She then went on to ask fans to share their experiences and solutions to this, giving women a lot of courage to share sensitive details about motherhood and challenges they have experienced.

“NO, YOU ARE TOO PRETTY” Janet Mbugua Reveals Why She Never Wanted To Date Her Now Hubby Eddie Ndichu, And How They Met

All in all, Janet Mbugua is a proud mother who loves her son to death, and has severally admitted that motherhood has made her see life in a different angle and made her a better woman.

She recently shared cute photos while feeding her son, which goes to show that she always finds time despite her busy schedule. Check them out below, aren’t they just adorable.





Janet Mbugua’s Hubby Eddie Ndichu Is His Wife’s Biggest Fan After This Special Shout-out

Former Citizen Tv presenter Janet Mbugua has achieved a major milestone after President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law, legislation that will see girls in public schools get free sanitary wear.

The sexy media personality is running an NGO dubbed ‘Inua Dada’, that seeks to get support for under-priviledged girls. If you follow her on social media, you will read about her other girl-child initiatives.

Kenyans on social media praised the move saying this will ensure girls don’t skip school because of lack of pads during their monthly menses. Uganda re said to now be contemplating following this move.


Well, her hunk hubby was so excited for her noting how much of a role she has played in opening up discussions on girl-child issues. Eddie Ndichu took to social media to appreciate his wife Janet, with the most heart-warming message a husband can give his wife for her advocacy initiatives.


 ‘After 3 years of advocacy and lobbying I am only too proud of officialjanetmbugua inuadada now onto execution…’

There is no doubt the two are one of the hottest couples in showbiz and compliment each other. The two got married 2 ears ago and are proud parents of a cute son Ethan Huru.

Check out photos of the Ndichu’s that will make want to run to the aisle.

jan r


jan 3







OMG! These Never Before Seen Photos Of Paul Ndichu And His Elegant Wife On Their WEDDING Day Will Blow Your Mind Away

Grace Msalame’s baby daddy Paul Ndichu recently married the love of his life Evaline Momanyi in a colorful private wedding at Limuru Gardens.

The wedding affair was filled with pomp and colour with their friends and family attending the magical ceremony to show support to the love birds who finally became one after years of dating.

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Paul Ndichu is the father of Grace Msalame’s twin girls, Zara and Raha, who turned 6 years old in April. The two broke up years back but are amicable and have been co-parenting since then.


Paul Ndichu also happens to be the identical twin brother to Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu. Twin DNA seems to run in the family as Janet Mbugua also has a twin brother by the name Timothy Mbugua, who is dating former KTN news anchor Edith Kimani.

Grace Msalame did not attend the wedding but her adorable daughters happened to be the flower girls, looking all cute in little gowns with a green bow on the waistline.

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According to a source, Evaline Momanyi loves and treats the little girls like her own daughters, which explains why she has such a good friendship with Grace Msalame.


Now that the wedding is over and the couple are back from their honeymoon, it’s back to the grind for them, but they are still loved up as usual. I came across a few photos from the wedding that most people haven’t seen.

Evaline looks so elegant and stunning in her wedding gown and evening dress, and there’s no doubt that Paul Ndichu is one happy man for having such an intelligent and stunning beauty in his life.

Check out the breathtaking photos belows: