‘Being locked up in the bedroom to be beaten is horrifying’ Doreen Gatwiri reports assault by husband Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi

Mwingi Central MP, Gideon Mulyungi’s marriage seems to be on its last legs. His wife, former Ebru TV personality Doreen Gatwiri just took to social media in the quest to seek KOT’s help against her abusive husband.

She took to Twitter to state her safety was in jeopardy after she reported the assault at Karen Hardy Police Station. Doreen opens up that she was seriously assaulted last night at 9.50pm at their Karen home where she sustained head injuries at the back of her left ear which is now numb. One can only imagine that this must have been a very violent fight.

Doreen Gatwiri posing
Doreen Gatwiri. photo credit: instagram/Doreen Gatwiri

Doreen told Kenyans that she is safe in Kileleshwa as she is not sure of her safety. She said that her husband locked her up in a room in their home in Karen and beat her up luckily she created an opportunity to escape and reported the case.

She also explains that this is not the first nor the second time this has happened and that he has threatened her enough times and he only stayed in the name of protecting her home and out fear of his anger management issues.

Gideon Mulyungi is known to be a harsh and vocal person to a point he even insulted the Kenyan president saying he has a bigger Mkuki than the president and he was arraigned in court for that case.

Here is an image of the case reported and OB number:


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Lola Hannigan Showers Her Stunning Mom With Beautiful Birthday Wishes

Ebru TV’s Lola Hannigan did not hold back when it was her mom’s birthday. She dedicated 4 special posts for her gorgeous mom. Irene Sedina as she fondly calls herself has been fodder for local blogs for her striking beauty and resemblance with her popular daughter.

When the two go out, you’d confuse them for sisters. They are always goofy and unreservedly happy together. They are literally inseparable.

Anita Nderu Explains Why Y’all Should Chill About Her Pregnancy

Irene’s birthday was yesterday. Her daughter did not mention how old she was turning in the posts, but what we can tell she is beating ageing. What could be her secret to staying young and all cool? I should probably ask her baby girl.

Happiest of Birthdays to the Queen of my Heart!!!!! I Love you so much Mummy ❤️ and may you continue to age like fine wine ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @irene_sedina 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

Last one I promise 😊😊 To a mother I could never live without. To a mother who has stood by me in every single thing in my life. You are strong mummy, and the most loving person anybody could ever meet. Happy Birthday. And to many many more. I Love you more than you will ever know. ❤️

Her fans also joined her in the birthday wishes:

Lola H
azmamponda …hbd

jagon2k ..Awww, sweet

irene_sedina ..rosyn1 … happiest birthday irene_sedina

mwaniki_edna …Gosh you are a full 3 course meal in that dress

suzianna …lovesYour shoooooeees

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Kamene Goro Exclusively Reveals Why She Quit Ebru Tv, Spills The Beans

Kamene Goro has called it quits at Ebru TV. The screen siren has revealed to us that she quit the station last week to seek greener pastures.

“I quit two weeks ago. I left, heading to greener pastures, I just felt like Ebru wasn’t the Ebru that i fell in love with, it was a career and at the same time, it was becoming a bit difficult working there.”

Asked whether, the station had been facing problems with its employees, Kamene was reluctant and did not want to answer this writer

“I don’t believe any work place is perfect but one of my colleagues Doreen also left.”

We can confirm that Kamene will be gracing the TV screens once again and is set to make her debut in one of the biggest TV stations.

A close source told us that employees there have been underpaid which has led to some of them calling it quits.

People are highly underpaid over there, when that isn’t enough, there are problems, there are a lot of things that are happening within the station. A few problems in the working environment can make it a bit difficult….Its not all rosey,” Our source whispered.

Our source says this problem is not affecting the entertainment productions like Pierra Makena’s Lets Talk show.

Ebru Tv swahili anchor Doreen Gatwiri quits her job (Photos)

Ebru Tv host Doreen Gatwiri has quit her TV job.

Doreen is one of the hottest TV personalities in Kenya who commands a large following on social media just two years after she joined the media industry. She was hosting the swahili news segment plus a current affairs show dubbed Tujadiliane.

Mpasho has gotten hold of a leaked complaint letter which Doreen had written to Ebru’s human resources, expressing concern about her work conditions at the media house. In the letter, the tv personality points out that on Monday she went on air without make-up and her preparations for the show were affected due to unnamed issues that went round.

Efforts to reach her via phone have failed.

Here are photos of the TV girl;






Has Kamene Goro Been Dumped Like Trash? See The Hot Babe Her Tanzanian “Lover” Is Showing Off

Ebru TV presenter Kamene Goro has always left many envious of her. The well-endowed lass, who was once engaged to a Tanzanian man, broke up with him two months ago



And recently, Kamene introduced a new man by the name Gnex_thebaddest, a presenter at CloudsFM in Tanzania, who many speculated that they were dating.

The two media big wigs went ahead to share photos of each other on their respective social media accounts accompanied by sweet messages but it seems their affair didn’t last for long.

Gnex has been parading photos of other women among them Nairobi D’s socialite Stacey Pendo and model Tanasha Donna. Also, the popular presenter shared photos partying with a Kenyan chic named Josie leaving many talking for days.











Josie replied to one of the photos with this message: “Words can’t tell how much I miss you darling😘💝…Love you babe @gnex_thebaddest” leaving Instagramers speculating that he had dumped Kamene Goro for this lass.

We called the curvaceous TV girl to clarify if she was dumped by G-nex and she said that they were never an item.

“I don’t know who thought I was dating him.  I just came out of a very long relationship. I’m not seeing G-nex. He admired me and shockingly I have never met him. I don’t think I posted anything in the regards that I’m dating G-nex. He is just someone I have interacted with over the phone. He is really a cool guy, I think he admires what I do. I can’t really talk for the nature or intention with which he was posting, but I think what I posted it’s evident that there’s nothing between us,” she exclusively told Mpasho on phone.

Kamene went ahead to say that in case he gets into another relationship, she won’t keep it a secret.

“If I was dating someone people would know JUST BY NATURE OF HOW open MY SOCIAL MEDIA IS.”

The sexy lass denied that G-nex was the reason she broke up with her husband and when asked if she would ever have a problem with her partner posting photos of women on his social media accounts and partying with other chics, Kamene Goro Replied;

“It’s not a big deal. Most of my friends are men. So it will be highly hypocritical of me to set a precedent like that for my significant other. I’m not really intimidated by anything much.”