Exposed: Father to Dusit D2 attacker is a KDF Sergent

Ali Gichunge, a KDF sergeant, has told investigators that he was last in contact with his son  Ali Salim Gichunge alias Farouk  in 2015 only to see him on tv.

He was shocked to learn that he was among the six riverside attackers,The attack claimed 21 lives.

The father of DusitD2 terrorist Ali Salim Gichunge, alias Farouk, lost touch with his only son four years ago and had no idea he had secretly joined al Shabaab.

Born and bred in a strict Muslim family in Isiolo, Farouk had great ambitions of becoming an engineer. He never missed his madrassa classes at his rural home in Isiolo where he grew up.


‘I did not know that I was saying goodbye ‘ Friends mourn slain Dusit front office manager

His father hailed from Isiolo, his mother Salma Gichunge came from Majengo in Nyeri.

After high school in 2011, Farouk went to stay with his maternal grandparents in Nyeri’s Majengo slums.

Yesterday Farouk’s father told investigators that his son had big dreams when he sat his KCSE exams at Isiolo Barracks High School in 2011.

He revealed his son’s character and personality in police statements.

Gichunge described his son as a brilliant calm and collected person who brought joy and laughter to the family.

He suspects his son could have lost focus in life after he separated from the boy’s mother in 2010.

Farouk loved drama and occasionally took part in drama competitions at his school and during madrassa classes.

However, Farouk did not attain grades that allow him to join university where he could study engineering.

His father said he kept in touch with his son, even after separating from his wife, and According to Farouk’s father, he kept in touch with his son even after separating from his wife and supported financially until 2015 when he lost contact.


Here are things you did not know about Dusit including who owns it

“I could no longer find him on the phone and had no idea where he was,” Gichunge is reported to have told the police.

After failing to join university, Farouk stayed with his mother at their home in Isiolo where did menial jobs such as selling miraa in the estates.

He later left Isiolo for Nyeri and in 2015 went to Mombasa where he planned to study and teach Islamic religion at a mosque in Majengo area of Mombasa.

And as soon as Farouk left Nyeri, he cut links with his father but remained in constant communication with the mother and her two sisters who are still in school and living in Isiolo. His mother, Salma Gichunge was due to record a statement last evening.

The father says in his statement that he had called his estranged wife several times to ask about his son, who had also changed his cell phone number.

He complained that the mother had told him that she also did not know his son’s whereabouts but he doubted this. He concluded that the mother wanted to lock him out of his son’s life. Thus, he decided to concentrate on raising his new family with a second wife.

dusit employees running 3

Willy Paul narrates how he escaped death at DusitD2 Riverside attack

The father further told investigators that he was in shock to see images of his son circulating on social media during the DusitD2 hotel complex terror attack on Tuesday.

The KDF sergeant suspects his son could have been radicalised while studying at a Mombasa mosque where he was also a part-time madrassa teacher.

“He was tapped from Majengo in Nyeri, then taken to Mombasa where he could have been radicalised,” the father said.Yesterday Nyeri county commissioner Fredrick Shisia told the Star that a multi-agency team was already on the ground to investigate Farouk, his upbringing and associates.

Nine people have been arrested following the attack. The Red Cross yesterday said that the 50 people who had been reported missing have been accounted for.

One suicide bomber blew himself up, five other terrorists were killed. A seventh man is on the run.

Source: The Star

Willy Paul narrates how he escaped death at DusitD2 Riverside attack

Willy Paul has every reason to be thankful after he survived death by a whisker in the Riverside Drive, DusitD2 attack which has left the country in shock.

The gospel star said that the scramble for safety saw some people end up with broken appendages. This happened when they were trying to leap over a fence to save their lives.

“We exited through an the emergency exit, although at that time It was already jam packed with people who want to get away in a frenzy. Once we got outside, there was a fence.

Everyone rushed toward the fence but we first had to go through an open area. The fear of dying got my adrenaline pumping I tried helping some ladies but they were too many.”

dusit employees running 1

“I sympathized with some of them because the fence was too high for them,” Said Willy Paul

Adding, “People broke their arms there. I mean it was a bad experience,” he said.

After making it out of DusitD2, Willy Paul took a bodaboda to town where it finally hit him that he had escaped death.

“I even left my car there. I was so confused I have never had such an experience. My knees were shaking by the time I got to town in a bodaboda. Even if I don’t find it after all this, It is okay, those are things that can be replaced.”

Hostages trapped in building in suspected 14 Riverside terror attack


He continued,

“I have not gone back for the car, I will have to wait until the place is safe. Right now, that doesn’t even matter, life is precious, I got no injuries from the ordeal and my God is great and he has good plans for me. Right now I don’t know how to give thank God because it is a miracle that I am alive.”

Yesterday, Willy Paul took to Instagram in put up a post detailing his ordeal at DusitD2 in 14 Riverside Drive.

‘He died on the eve of his birthday’ Larry Madowo mourns friend who died in the Riverside attack

Willy Paul wrote:

“Today, I’ve seen how much God loves me!! He’s given me another chance to live. I hope everyone survived the attack at DusitD2.

I’ve never come across such a thing in my life!!! People have been injured and some have lost their lives!!”

The police should dig deep into this issue because the kind of weapons that we’re used a few minutes back are not usual!! Someone somewhere is supplying this people with this weapons.

“While in my meeting the first thing I heard was a blast from a very powerful explosive, the second thing that followed were gun shots. I can’t believe I’m here typing, I just survived this horrific incident. Thank you Lord. I will never get tired of thanking you and serving under you!!!”

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Here are things you did not know about Dusit including who owns it

Dusit has been on everyones lips for the last few days, but what many are left wondering is who owns the hotel. a favorite hangout for many.

Well here are a few things you need to know in regards to Dusit

1. Founded by Thanpaying Chanut

Known as the Dusit Thani Group of companies, it was established in 1948 by Thanpaying Chanut who is currently the honorary chairman of Dusit Thani Group.

2. Thailand Stock exchange

Dusit has been on the stock exchange of Thailand since 1975 although its shares are not actively traded.

RIP: Dead victims of riverside attack identified (photos)

Dusit Hotel,Nairobi

Exclusive Photos of current situation at Riverside drive,Westlands

3. Has 29 or more properties

As of 2016, Dusit International has 29 properties in Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, United States, China, Maldives, Philippines, India, Egypt and Kenya.

4. Other brands include

Its brands include Dusit Thani Hotels and Resorts, Dusit Princess Hotels and Resorts, dusitD2 Hotels and Resorts, Dusit Residence Serviced Apartments, and Devarana Hotels and Resorts.

In November 2006, Dusit Thani added a brand extension, the Dusit Lifestyle Collection with dusitD2 hotels and resorts.

dusitD2 is the second generation brand of Dusit Thani Hotels and Resorts.

5. Dusit headquarters are in Bangkok,Thailand.

Below are photos of Dusit, in Riverside Nairobi


Dusit massage palour

RIP: Dead victims of riverside attack identified (photos)

Dusit Hotel ,Westlands




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‘He died on the eve of his birthday’ Larry Madowo mourns friend who died in the Riverside attack

Larry Madowo is mourning the death of his friend James Oduor, who lost his life in the Riverside attack.

Oduor worked with LG whose offices are located at 14th Hannover – an adjacent block to the D2 Hotel.

Heartbreaking: Relatives of the Dusit attack victims arrive at Chiromo mortuary for body identification

James Oduor

He also ran an online football television – Wadau TV.

He died on the eve of his birthday.

“My friend from university was killed on the eve of his birthday. This was his last tweet. He was one of the nicest, happiest people I’ve ever met. Rest well, Odu, nind maber. The world is better because you lived.
James Odu Cobra @Oducobra Waaaah. What’s happening at 14 riverside fam? Any news from out there? ”


He was among the LG staff who held a meeting with the Sports Journalists Association of Kenya officials at the company’s offices yesterday, shortly before the terror attack.

Here are his photos

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-16 at 10.04.03-1 WhatsApp Image 2019-01-16 at 10.04.02

Grab some tissue: Viral photo of woman serving breakfast at 14 Riverside Drive

James Oduor




Below are some of the condolence messages from his friends expressing their shock.

Sandra Camara: Noooooo no no no not you James Oduor Cobra my heart is bleeding,my heart is heavy,am in pain…. Return if possible odu

Akiteng Deedee: So sad,may his soul rest in peace

@lindahoguttu: I am so sorry Larry….may he rest in peace and may God give his family strength.

@catherinemwalo1: May his soul rest in peace

@BethMunyua: Rest in Peace Jaymo. He was a close friend to my desk mate

@EmmanuelIgunza: Devastated. He brought so much joy everywhere he went! He will be missed!

AkokoMary: May his soul RIP .rest easy comrade

@ChristineBetina: May his soul rest in eternal peace . it is well

Hostages trapped in building in suspected 14 Riverside terror attack

Police on the scene at Dusit have described it as a terror attack and say there might be hostages in the building. which has been cordoned off.

The building has been heavily surrounded, as it is said four terrorists are holding hostages on the second floor of the building.

According to dome tweets, it is said that 2 NTV journalists are trapped in the building.


Further reports suggest the terrorists came with a Toyota fielder with bullet proof vests, gas masks and bullets. They bombed the cars at the gate before they forced their way in.

Sounds of gunshots can still be heard.

14 Riverside Drive: Here is the timeline of the terror attack

Here are photos of the situation;

Riverside attack

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-15 at 16.21.54

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-15 at 16.39.31

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-15 at 17.01.39

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Exclusive Photos of current situation at Riverside drive,Westlands

A loud blast and gunshots have been reported in 14 Riverside drive in Westlands, a source has told the Star leaving many in panick.

The gunshots could be heard from all quarters on Tuesday afternoon.

“Its in the same compound with Dusit D2 and commission for revenue allocation. For the past 15 minutes. Started with an explosion. We are lying on the floor in our offices can’t look out,” one of the workers said.

There is an on-going police operation along that road and motorists are encouraged to avoid the area.

One of the people in the area only named Ronald said they were under attack from unknown people.

“Kumekuwa na bomb blast.. we are not safe..if I die please tell my children that I love them.. call the Israel Embassy and recce squad,” he told the Star amid whisper.

Three vehicles could be seen burning in the area.

National Police Spokesperson Charles Owino said they have sent to the scene and cordoned off the area.

“We were informed of the shooting incident around Dusit Hotel. We have dispatched officers from the Terror Unit and the DCI to the scene. We should be able to know what is happening there in the next few minutes.

Below are photos of the situation on the ground.


14 riverside 1

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-15 at 16.10.26 5144688c-b916-48ef-9d26-5b6bfedb6fc0

Riverside Attack 14-Riverside