Abomination! Rose Muhando Reveals How a Pastor Wanted Her To Do ‘Dirty Things’, Debunks Rehabilitation Rumours

Renowned Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Muhando has faced a lot of controversy over the last couple of months, from accusations of being a drug addict to being involved in witchcraft.

The Nibebe hitmaker has over the years become a household name in the East African gospel industry, is known for her electric performance and songs that inspire people from all ages and backgrounds.

However, Rose Mhando has been rumored to have been on a music hiatus as a result of drug abuse a few weeks ago, rumors she later dispelled, revealing that it was her industry rivals who were tarnishing her name.


The Swahili singer has been confronted with several personal issues over the last 2 years, from undergoing surgery back in 2014, to falling critically ill leading to rumors that she was on her death bed.

Tanzanian Gospel Star Rose Muhando Denies Allegations That She’s On Her Death Bed And Quitting Music

The Bongo artiste has admitted to being ill, but not to the extent of the sickness being fatal, and just when we thought that the dust had settled down, there are new reports appearing to suggest that managers from a popular rehabilitation center ‘Safe House’ were looking for her.

This came after a source revealed that she had run away from her home in Dodoma after experiencing hallucination from drug addiction and other reports that a pastor was to settle the rehab fee.


Indeed the pastor had made a request for Muhado to be admitted to the facility but to Muhando, however, revealed to E Daily that the pastor had bad intentions, claiming that he wanted her to do dirty things with her but said she would give the details at the right time.

When asked whether Sober House was looking for her, Rose Muhando revealed that she was not hiding and that being a superstar, she wouldn’t be able to hide. She went on to add that she was at her home practicing with her choir members in preparation for her music video.

Muhando claimed that nothing will break her spirit, even the false stories will not hold her back at all.