Tips On How To Leave An Impression On The First Date

When you want to make an impression on the first date, it’s always important to remember that everything counts, from your dressing to the way you conduct yourself. All of these things are vital to either make or break the impression.

These tips come handy for women at times when you want to impress your date.

Perfect dress – If you decide on wearing a dress, make sure it is not too revealing as that may give out the wrong signals. Being classy and wearing something that suits you well reflects on you as a person.

Bags – They speak for you. Be it a clutch or a tote, make sure it is shut at all times since you do not want your things to pop out and look clumsy. You certainly do not want to come across as someone who overlooks these minute details.

Statement tops It’s great to put on a t-shirt that speaks what’s on your mind (no profanity, of course). Additionally, it makes for a great conversation starter.

Shoes Wear shoes that are not just great-looking but also comfortable in order to avoid any sort of awkwardness that you may be confronted with. Remember, great-looking though, since a lot of times what’s comfortable may not necessarily be good-looking.

Accessories Don’t go overboard when it comes to accessories. Wearing something too jazzy may look boisterous. Remember, less is more.


Ladies: How To Dress For The End Of Year Party

It’s that time of the year when corporates are holding their end of year/Christmas parties. Some companies have year-end themed parties while others don’t. In as much as you want to let lose, you should remember that it’s still the “office” so you need to maintain the same level of decorum you would at your work place.

Remember you need to look decent, especially the ladies who are notorious for showing up in skimpy clothes. When choosing a dress, make sure you pick out something that is decent, fitting and non-revealing. If the dress is a mini-skirt, let it cover the bust area and if it shows the cleavage, let it cover the thighs, you cannot expose both the top and bottom. 

That being said here is a pictorial of outfits that you can dress in:

The Africa lookThis look can go from red carpet to wedding to a picnic…get that dress out of the wardrobe and rock it!


The Little black dressYou can never go wrong with one.


Playful lookThis look allows you to play around with your outfit, you can throw in a belt, jewelery, plaid shirt among other things. Plus it can also pass off as a classic look.


The red carpet lookThis is one elegant look and can be worn to different occasions because it’s versatile.


Reasons Why You Should Fit Your Clothes Before The Wedding (Photos)

On your wedding day the last thing you need is to have a dressing mishap that’s why you are always advised to fit you dress a week or two before the grand day. This is in order to ensure that your dress fits well and if there are to be any adjustments that can be done on time.

Not many go with that school of thought and end up embarrassing themselves with ill fitting clothes as was the case with this particular bride. Her dress and those of the bridesmaids all seemed to be ill fitting and ended up leaving their boobs exposed to all.

The photos have been doing rounds on various social media sites many terming it as a very unfortunate and embarrassing situation. 

naijabrd2 naija brd

Photocredits: Lindaikeji


Chinese Restaurant Offers discounts for women in short outfits

A restaurant in China called Jinan hot pot is offering steeply discounted meals to women who wear skimpy skirts.

Female customers whose hems are measured to be 33 centimeters (12 inches) above the knee by the restaurant are being offered a 90% discount on their bill.

In contrast, women wearing skirts or dresses revealing a modest 8 centimeters (3 inches) are only given 20% off their meals.
In what is seen as attention-getting promotions a few restaurants in China have gone far beyond the pale.

One hot pot restaurant in Zhengzhou used a panel of judges from a local plastic surgery clinic to give away free meals to attractive people.

Another eatery in Chongqing offered heavily-discounted and free meals to overweight men. The heavier the men weighed, the higher the discount offered. The promotion flipped the script for women, however — females that weighed less than 34.5 kilos had their meals comped.

Skirt measures china



How a woman should dress for a date

When invited for a date you should endeavour to dress appropriately no matter how long you have known your date.

Different kinds of dates as well as the venue and time should dictate how and what to wear.

Lets us sample the different settings for  a date.

1. Dinner – Know your body type and what works for you. If you are going to a fancy restaurant the ideal outfit would be a nice simple dress with a little bit of accessories. Make sure that what you wear is comfortable and does not reveal too much, if the dress is short make sure  you are covered at the bust. If it’s showing the cleavage, make sure the bottom bit does not have slits, ensure the length is appropriate.

Your shoes will depend on what works for you, but stay away from sandals unless you have a medical condition. Your heels should not be too high that you will be uncomfortable to walk in them. The key thing is to be comfortable.

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2. Picnic – In this case it will depend on where you are going, could be hiking, the park, the beach etc. When going for a hike, make sure you wear comfortable flat shoes, also depending on the terrain as some places are extremely rough, you might be required to wear boots. This is something that you should ask beforehand.

If you are going to the park, you can wear  a pair of jeans, a light vest and comfortable rubber shoes. You should also carry a jacket just incase it becomes windy.

picnic wear
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3. Coffee date – If you were at work then got called for coffee, just retouch your face with make up and go. However if the date was pre planned, you can wear jeans and a fancy top or a skirt and a nice top with accessories.

Lauren Conrad Visits The Salon
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Why the whole internet is talking about one dress

Kim Kardashian might have tried to break the internet but turns out she just needed one thing: a dress that appears to change colour depending on who’s seeing it. Ever since it appeared in a Tumblr post on Wednesday, the whole internet has been beside itself debating its “real” colour. The fierce debate began when user Swiked shared a picture of her purchased item, and was baffled after her friends saw different colour in the image.

Since then thousands of people have taken to Twitter and opinion is divided into two camps, with one side passionately arguing the dress is gold and white and the other vehemently stating it is blue and black.

Here’s her original post:


So, what’s the truth? And why does it seem that there are two, or even three options of colours when looking at the dress? Basically, it’s all down to science. For starters, it’s important to consider the way in which our brains interpret different colours.

When you see a “white shirt bathed in yellow sun, for instance, it needs to subtract the yellowness of the sun so that it can see the whiteness of the shirt – and it normally does”, writes Andrew Griffin for the Independent. But, due to the confusing nature of the background in the picture, how you view the light surrounding the dress will determine what colour you see it as.

Some people look at the dress and get rid of the blue part because they see the surrounding light as nighttime, so they see it as gold and white. Others get rid of the gold part because they see the surrounding light as a sunny day, so they see it as blue and black.

Which is why different people can see different colours. In fact, you might see the dress one way earlier on today, and come back to it later and see it as a totally different colour. However, despite all this useful scientific explanation, that doesn’t get around the fact that everyone is losing their minds over what colour they see dress.


The original dress has been found and it is blue and black. But don’t let that change your minds.


Signs that your style annoys him

The way you choose your outfits and how you dress speaks volumes about your individual style.

No one likes to be criticized especially on sensitive matters like dressing whether it’s by a friend, colleague and worse when it comes from your partner.

But sometimes your partner may not like the way you dress since they know it would hurt you if they say it, they give subtle hints.

Here are some of the signs that your partner doesn’t like how you dress.

1. Compliments – Who doesn’t like compliments? Everyone loves them because they make you feel good. In your case you don’t get these from your partner but you will hear him occasionally compliment other people and also show you random people on the streets who he thinks look good. Well honey, take a hint he’s showing you styles that he thinks will look good on you or how he thinks you should dress.

2. Shopping – No man ever wants to accompany his woman to shop ever! This is because women tend to fit each and every cloth that they will find and sometimes take ages to decide. If your man takes you shopping it’s really not about love, it’s more about helping you to style up.

3. Chooses your outfit – If you are going out and you choose an outfit to wear or selects one for you to wear, it could be an indication that he doesn’t like your choices and would rather see you in an outfit that atleast makes sense and looks presentable to him.

4. Complaints – If a man is constantly asking you about your dressing he has a problem with it, and he intends to see you change your wardrobe.

5. Comments – If a man constantly asks you about your outfits and is makes negative or sarcastic remarks about them, well it’s time to change your wardrobe otherwise he will not be walking around with you for fear of embarrassment.


The Author, Ms. Chituyi is a relationship writer.

Clergy urge women to dress decently

The debate on the striping of a woman in Nairobi continued Sunday with a cleric urging women to dress decently.

Bishop Edward Mwai of Jesus Winner Ministry condemned the recent stripping of a woman in the Nairobi’s CBD last week, but said women must observe decency.

“I strongly condemn the act but please our sisters consider what you wear,” Mwai said.

He was speaking during a Sunday service in Roysambu.

Deputy President William Ruto on Saturday condemned the action and termed it barbaric.

Ruto said it was against the woman’s rights. He said she had the right to dress the way she deemed fit and those who undressed her in public must face the full force of the law.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Grace Kaindi condemned the incident and ordered a probe. Police has asked the woman who has not been identified yet to record a statement in the nearest police station.

Kilimani Women are also planning a miniskirt protest to condemn the humiliation of the woman on Monday.

– The Star

Denim Dressing

After a marginal win against procrastination I finally made a trip to Goodwill to donate some items that I no longer wear. After the donation I convinced myself to step into the store just to calm my curiosity, not to purchase anything. After all didn’t I just give up at least 25% of my closet only 20 seconds prior? Of course I lied to myself yet again. I walked out of the store with two denim dresses, one worn here. Sigh! It wasn’t my fault; I was high on conquering procrastination, a semi organized closet and the joy of donating. Oh and the $8 price tag for both dresses didn’t hurt either.



Despite the basic design this dress is incredibly challenging to style. I think that’s because it has a “dated” 70’s vibe to it. Also the length and full button-down makes it way too conservative. However it’s an awesome denim shirt dress (made from the softest, most comfortable cotton), which makes it a perfect (and welcome) rival to denim pants dominated casual wear, if you ask me.