He took dowry by force after I said ‘No’ to marriage


Not many Kenyan women are hesitant about marriage, and so a confession by a city mum about her reason for rejecting a proposal sticks out.

I met my husband 12 years ago. I really didn’t want to formalize anything, and after nine years together and three children, he took the cows by force. He had to call my parents and take them there.. Personally I’m not a fan of formalizing

What’s the big deal you ask?

Weddings to the woman’s family are a big deal and in her case a proud dad’s moment to see his daughter walk down the aisle is about to be crushed.


She told Maina Kageni on Friday that

‘I don’t think I care for it’.

But what then are her expectations in the relationship?

I think I will be comfortable at 50 because as a woman we should also learn to value ourselves because formalizing is like tying me putting me in a prison

couple pics
couple pics

When it comes to getting married, there’s no right or wrong answer since every person has to choose what’s best for them.

Fellas, here are other reasons some women choose to remain unmarried:

  • Maintaining a sense of independence
  • Freedom
  • Control over one’s one life and finances
  • A lack of desire to have children
  • The lack of belief in “The One.”

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Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay! Kenyans shout after Kikuyu dowry list goes viral


A list of the requirements a man should pay for a bride according to Kikuyu customs has upset KOT.

Meet Joho’s beautiful niece whose dad asked for only Ksh 250 as dowry

The list is outrageous according to KOT who say in these harsh economic times, a wedding is an expensive affair. Read the breakdown of what it would cost to marry a woman from the house of Mumbi.

ruracio details
Kikuyu dowry list on Twitter

Man offers his kidney as dowry for DJ MO’s stunning sister

The list has elicited debate and KOT are quite clear they are not ‘boarding’.

Check it out below and drop your comments, while also reading those shared by Kenyans on Twitter.

Wangui Martha.. My opinion is parent should never ask for anything from their kids they should bless them to have a good stable life kids should only appreciate a parent but not be given conditions so many marriages are failing coz of such conditions

Samuel Mburu Chege… Never unless 18years and a virgin plus very beautiful with a God fearing family and a family lineage that produces twins and triplets and very humble with a low tone .

REVEALED: President Uhuru postpones paying of dowry

Nimo Gathogo-DeBor ..I can’t allow this kind of thing to be done. Some cultural practices are just being exaggerated In the wrong way, for my daughter I want nothing but love & respect from the person she ends up with.

Lucas Kibuchi …This is not fit for a daughter from the mountain, too high 😂

Lorenzo Lawrence ..This is daylight robbery and total madness..
Is she avirgin?

Ngugi Isaac… And you ask why there are so many single mothers. Women who never got married in their life.

Rhoda Love… Someone handsome should pay a quarter of this tuoane😂😂😂

Terry Wanjuguna …Total is 170k you wife’s one month or few months salary plus your parents blessing. What are you people complaining about

Sam May B Artlis …Not big deal…provided unabuy nani…sikifagio ya kila mtu….always my cupcake b mine whether nko near or far but how do i know?? Nigute

Patrick Bor… Ikae,then after a month,mnaskia filing divorce?

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